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5 Videos (14m)
    • Brushes Intro

    • Brush Basics

    • Round Brushes

    • Variety of Brushes

    • Closing

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About This Class


As the first part of the Confident Watercolors Series, Amarilys opens the conversation about brushes. These simple, mystical tools don't need to seem so mysterious. From wide to long, sharp to floppy, cheap to exhorbatant, brushes abound in variety. And yet they all hold several linking characteristics. Know the basics about your brushes and you'll feel more confident approaching your paintings. 

The goal of this class is to empower students with knowledge and a visual rolodex to paint bolder watercolors!

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The Basics and abilities of the different brush shapes for watercolor. Good basic knowledge. Quick Class.
Sandi Keene

Show Art Who is Boss!

Quick & Informative. I have been learning with beginner brushes and just started upgrading my brushes thank you for the insight I look forward to more of your classes
Katie Mahanes

Things that make me happy? YOU!

Very knowledgeable about brushes. It is a good to watch this if you are just starting out in watercolors.
Deborah Kobelski Robertson

Creative Visionary





Amarilys Henderson

Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker

Hey there! I'm Amarilys. I process on paper and I problem-solve with keystrokes.

As a commercial illustrator, I've had the pleasure of bringing the dynamic vibrance of colorful watercolor strokes to everyday products. My work is licensed for greeting and Christmas cards, art prints, drawing books, and home decor items. My design background influences much of my recent work, revolving around typography and florals.

While my professional work in illustration is driven by t...

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