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Confidence Life Coach Certification & Confidence Blueprint

Joeel and Natalie Rivera

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70 Lessons (5h 58m)
    • 1. Welcome and Getting Started

    • 2. What Confidence Is and Is Not

    • 3. How to Take This Course

    • 4. Why the Growth Mindset is the Core of Confidence

    • 5. Confidence Through Growing Your Brain & Neuroplasticity

    • 6. Develop Confidence Through a Growth Mindset Part 1: Awareness

    • 7. Develop Confidence Through a Growth Mindset Part 2: Perspective

    • 8. Develop Confidence Through a Growth Mindset Part 3: Action

    • 9. Neuro-Coaching: How does coaching Rewire the Brain? Intro to courses on coach

    • 10. Emotional vs Logical Confidence

    • 11. Developing Awareness: What does confidence look like? (Coach)

    • 12. Developing Awareness of Your Own Confidence

    • 13. Role Modeling and Mirror Neurons

    • 14. Power Dynamics

    • 15. Identifying Solutions (COACH)

    • 16. Helping vs Supporting in Developing Confidence

    • 17. Assessing Client Confidence (COACH)

    • 18. Identifying Areas of Low Confidence (CLIENT)

    • 19. Getting to the Real Confidence Issue (COACH)

    • 20. Identifying Specific Problem Areas where Confidence is low (CLIENT)

    • 21. Analyzing Alternatives (CLIENT)

    • 22. Feeding the Brain (CLIENT)

    • 23. Creating a Confidence Coaching Plan (COACH)

    • 24. Asset Inventory (COACH)

    • 25. Establishing Outside Accountability to transform Confidence (COACH)

    • 26. Helping Your Client Overcome Self-Doubt to create true confidence (COACH)

    • 27. Hesitating

    • 28. Hiding

    • 29. Hypercritical

    • 30. Helplessness

    • 31. 5-Second Decisions to Boost confidence

    • 32. Creating Momentum through Action (COACH)

    • 33. Confidence through “Quick Wins” Getting started

    • 34. Immediate massive action which create confidence

    • 35. Building Competence with Your Client: the key to confidence (COACH)

    • 36. Exposure/Zone of Proximity

    • 37. Little Steps and Developing Related Areas

    • 38. Implicit vs Explicit and Repetition

    • 39. Developing Social Confidence (COACH)

    • 40. Building Confidence Through Role Playing with Your Client (COACH)

    • 41. Dealing with OTHERS/other people’s opinions

    • 42. Social Facilitation and Confidence

    • 43. Stop Putting Others on a Pedestal

    • 44. Developing a Different Character You Play That Empowers Your Confidence

    • 45. Worst case scenario—FEAR SETTING

    • 46. Helping a Client through Fear of Change, Failure or Risk (COACH)

    • 47. Situational vs Psychological Fear

    • 48. Fear of Change and its Power to Limit Confidence

    • 49. Change and Confidence Resume

    • 50. Failure is a Good Thing and Can be a Powerful Confidence Builder!

    • 51. Defining RISK and BRAVE

    • 52. Brain Confidence Training with Your Clients (COACH)

    • 53. Creating Awareness—The Power of Journaling (COACH)

    • 54. Reframing Your Thoughts to Empower Confidence

    • 55. Self talk & Affirmations that Lead to Confidence

    • 56. Uncovering the Lies

    • 57. Daily accomplishments/Brag Sheet to BOOST Confidence

    • 58. Body Language and Incantations: The physiology of Confidence

    • 59. The Power of Visualization

    • 60. NLP Exercise: Anchoring 5 Confident Emotions(Bonus)

    • 61. Providing Tools for Expression that Lead to Confidence (COACH)

    • 62. Improving Communication Skills that Lead to Confidence

    • 63. Improving Listening Skills that Lead to Confidence

    • 64. Overcoming Stage Fright to Feel Confident as a Speaker

    • 65. Use an Exposure Ladder to Build Confidence

    • 66. Encouraging Self-Care (COACH)

    • 67. Confidence Boosters

    • 68. Put the Oxygen Mask On Yourself First (Bonus)

    • 69. Fill Your Own Cup (Bonus)

    • 70. Conclusion and Next Steps


About This Class


This  course is a accredited life coaching course which you will receive a certification for at the end of the course. We will explain how to obtain the official certification and marketing logo you can use to market your coaching practice as a certified coach in the course projects.  


Life Coaching: Help your clients develop TRUE Confidence  

Have you ever had a client who had great potential and ideas, and maybe even a great plan, but who didn’t follow through? In life coaching it is normal to have this experience with your clients.  

Maybe you’ve even experienced this yourself! The truth is, we are often our own worst enemies. We know what we need to do but we don’t do it. We procrastinate. We talk ourselves out of it. Our inner-critic goes on the attack. We develop self-doubt. We become paralyzed. These are all symptoms of lack of confidence.  

We created this life coaching program because we have seen so many life coaches try to help their clients boost their self confidence by unintentionally giving terrible advice. Life coaches try to boost their clients’ self-esteem so they feel better about themselves. They encourage them to focus on their abilities and affirm that everything will turn out great. However, that is not what creates true confidence. Unfortunately, all this does is make the client feel good in the moment, but it doesn’t develop true confidence.  

You see, having to feel good about yourself discourages you from stepping out of your comfort zone which holds you back from developing true confidence. Needing to feel confident in your abilities makes you avoid trying anything you might be bad at.  

In this life coaching certification we’re not going give you some secret formula or quick fix for giving your clients an ego boost, because that is not what confidence is.  We’re going to deep dive into the most up-to-date leading edge research into the psychology of success and what creates genuine, long-term, unshakable confidence.  

This life coach certification program will help you understand the limiting beliefs and behaviors that lead to self-doubt and low-self confidence. As a life coach it will give you a blueprint of proven processes for creating a Confidence Life Coaching Plan that meets each client’s unique needs, whether they’re trying to feel more empowered, overcome procrastination, make a big life change, express themselves better, overcome fear, or improve their competency in any skill.  

You’ll help your life coaching clients to:  

  • Develop the #1 core underlying belief that unlocks genuine confidence—the growth mindset   

  • Stop self-sabotage and procrastination by overcoming the 4 traps of self-doubt to create true confidence   

  • Stop feeling socially anxious and dependent on the positive judgment of others in order to feel good about themselves so that they can develop true confidence   

  • Feel deeply confident even in the face of rejection and criticism   

  • The confidence to feel good about themselves in a way that doesn’t get knocked down by failure or judgment   

  • The confidence to stop being crushed by failure and shrinking back from risk   

  • The confidence to actually reach the goals they set for themselves   

  • The confidence to turn challenges and setbacks into the fuel they need to ignite their life   

  • The confidence to stop holding themselves back due to fear and develop such a strong belief in their potential that they feel unstoppable  

Having a structured life coaching confidence coaching program to follow will give you the tools you need coach your clients to success, but even more importantly, you’ll develop TRUE confidence as a life coach by applying what you learn in this course to your own life. You’ll find that having a solid plan is fantastic, but knowing that you can trust yourself to be flexible, learn, and adjust as different needs and desires arise during the coaching process is the TRUE confidence that both you and your life coaching client are looking for.  

If you are ready to transform your confidence and the confidence of your life coaching clients then register today!  

We look forward to seen you in this course.

So, who are we?  

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera, life coaches, serial entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and educators. We’ve learned how to develop the confidence to cliff dive into a life as entrepreneurs, including the uncertainty that comes with it. We’ve learned to use failure as a catalyst and no longer fear risk. We’ve learned how to stop doubting ourselves and holding ourselves back because we know that we’re meant to make a difference and that hiding from our greatness harms the people we are meant to help. And, we’ve learned that everyone has latent potential, including you, that will transform their lives if they develop the confidence to be their authentic selves. 

Plus, we have over a decade in the field of psychology and life coaching to back it up! Plus, we have 70,000 students from 190 countries.   

And we know that the insights we share in this course have the power to change the way you look at your own potential and empower your clients to do the same.