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Confidence 101: The 7 Step Ultimate Guide to Unstoppable Confidence!

teacher avatar Vaibhav Nahata, Champion in Making

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Myths about Confidence- 1

    • 3. Myths about Confidence- 2

    • 4. Change the Language

    • 5. Comparison Syndrome

    • 6. Challenging oneself to become Champion

    • 7. Demo of Success & Super Success Log

    • 8. Self-Approval

    • 9. OQP, OQT and OQW

    • 10. Increasing Competence

    • 11. Designing the room of confidence

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class

You might be super skilled, specially talented, unbelievably good at your craft but at the end of the day if you cannot be confident about  your craft, you might be the greatest craftsman but the world will never be able to make it big because you are not confident to show it to people. You are a masterpiece and this course is about helping you bring our the masterpiece that already exists within you!

There might be many reasons for any person reaching the very top, but one major among as research say is  the "skill" of confidence! Its important to understand that confidence is not a talent but rather a skill which is learnable and this course is all this course is all about learnable skill

You Will Learn-

-Myths about Confidence

-7 Ways to develop confidence

  1. The Language Change Method
  2. Cutting through comparison syndrome
  3. Challenging oneself to become Champion
  4. Using the power of Self-Approval
  5. OQP, OQT and OQW
  6. Increasing Competence
  7. Designing the room of confidence                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         It is through these techniques that when you apply, you'll be able to craft your confidence!

Meet Your Teacher

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Vaibhav Nahata

Champion in Making


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1. Introduction: You might be the greatest craftsmen in the world, but because you are not able to present it, the world will never be able to know about it. My dear friends, you add a masterpiece, and this course is all about helping you bring out the masterpiece in view, there are hundreds of doctrine your tongue. But why is it so that we know five to ten of them only, or maybe even fewer. There might be singers all across the country. But why are five to 10 among them, the top and the most famous? And why among thousands of tools, walmart stands out also via among thousands and lacks of CEOs. This one Steve Jobs that everybody talks about. There might be many reasons, but a leading reason among them is confidence. As for research, hi, this is Babylon the heart. I am the CEO of successes site international and transformational in Spanish speaker. And I am in a mission to help people become confident about who they are. Have you ever InVideo friend being super-duper, confident and human like, I have a hard time talking to people. I am damn knows whammo am not good being around people. Well, if all of these do happen, this course will come out to you as a masterpiece, as a game changer. Because over here, we're not talking about ideas and thoughts only, but practical strategies and Brando action plan to implement them in our life to become more confident inside and outside. 2. Myths about Confidence- 1: So welcome back into the course. I've promised you have a great time together right now in the second video, might be a fence. You're going to, first of all, you know, before learning about what confidence is and how we implemented, we need to understand what it is not. So we're going to debug the biggest, the largest myths about confidence. So that going forward, when we tried to learn about strategies, we can learn that this is how it does not work. Okay, So let us get started. Number one myth that we are debunking is that confidence is not a certain specific. Well, what does that mean? All confident people don't behave the same way, greed the same. We have the same physical appearances. They might have some physical similarities in gestures. But in the wholesome day, all the people who seem to be confident have their own way of being confident. The communication style and a thought process is always different. You see Steve Jobs as well as Barack Obama, both amazingly confident people. Yet the way they present themselves, the way they talk, the way they discuss, the way, the way they present themselves to the other people is completely different, yet both of them are amazingly confident. So confidence is not. Okay. This is the mold. These are the characteristics you need to follow if you want to be confident. That's not how it works to put into specific analogy contributes is not a specific type of fruit, like it's lot of Kashmir Apple, but food in a wholesome law, even if Apple from India or an apple from Europe will be completely different, yet they might be both very testy. In fact, there are 7500 types of Apple around the world. Yet all could be pasting their own way. So it is with confidence that every 7.5 billion people on the world can be different, yet amazing and fantastic in their own way. They can be tasty all differently. We can all be different than PST, just kidding. You know, I mean, all of them can be confident in their own way, right? Debunking the myth number 2. My dear friends confidence aimed about being perfect. I want to see it this way. All of us possess countless imperfections. I can't resist playing with toys. I'm not lying. I often miss out on deadlines. I have issues with my strategic planning in business. I still cakes and chocolates from the fridge at night. Yet confidence lies in believing that I am amazing just the way I am. It's not about being perfect, but approving of being who we already up. I might have flaws, but except of them. I might have some scarce, but I accept of them. I might have limitations. I accept of them. I might steal chocolates and cake at night, but I accept of them. Unfortunately, my mom does not. Anyway, never mind. It's that we accept of movie out and realizing that we do have imperfections. But these imperfections, what makes us beautiful? Let me take you through a very quick exercise. I want you to remember who'd that one. Okay. Are you ready about it? I won't go ahead before you vary the AM. One simple question for you. Whenever I see the word confident celebrity with style with celebrity comes to your mind. Just take us again to think. Okay, is it Tom Cruise, is it Amor, can't whoever that is, you got that amazing. But I have a question for you. Do you think they have some flaws within themselves? Do you think they have some issues that they have an app ping or in their life that you know, as simple as that, that's a proof that continent people are not always perfect. In fact, everyone's imperfect and that's what makes them beautiful and confident. You know, I read the other day that, you know, how do the diamond experts telling the first landscape for diamond is yellow or not? Well, it's simple. If the diamond is perfect, it is weak. If it has, has some perfections, imperfections, it turns out to be real interesting, isn't it? The third myth, my dear friends is some people are bond more competent and others. I mean, have you ever seen them little baby? Of course, yes. Right. I mean, you might have a baby yourself. Now, every time a baby sees someone new is like, oh, it's just wondering about what's happening over there. I let him kindergarten. Almost every single kid is most excited, most speaking, most engaging, almost equally participative and super-duper, damn confident. Never understand what being nervous actually means. Now let's go on to be overoptimistic. Get devo length. As we grew, so much of our confidence is shared by the people around us and what they think of us, but we can yet rewrite it. And v are definitely going to talk about that in this course. So my dear friends, we have three to four volts widths that we have to talk about, but I'll share all of them to you in the next video. 3. Myths about Confidence- 2: Myth number 4, you have to be extraverted to be confident. I mean, are you kidding me? Many times I've seen people criticizing the introvert behavior and emulate what Albert Einstein was an introvert, Rosa about Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Newton, Mark Zuckerberg, Gandy, Hillary Clinton, Larry Page, JK Rowling, Michael Jordan, Charles Darwin, Barack Obama, E1, Elon Musk is an introvert. You know, the psychological definition of confidence. Person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than external things, which is rather helpful in confidence because you can less of what people think of you, what is not, okay though, is letting that intro word ness, I don't know that word. Letting that into Word behavior turn into shyness and nervousness. These are two completely different things. You can't let sinus and nervousness take over possible and potential opportunities, right? Debunking the myths number 5, view, hard to be successful, to be confident. I don't know where this confidence comes from. So I don't have a way this whole process come from the media. They are literally playing with us. If you have any deodorant, baby length, if you buy this diol range, you will be corporate gender. If this car will make you more respectable, this drink, we'll wait a few more sassy confidence and success might have some relation. But again, success is such a subjective idea. And as such, it's objective concept for a mother's success is a good education for child, for other mother, it's to feed her kids with three meals of food despite poverty or one entrepreneur, it's to make a billion dollars and post somewhere else. It's sending human tomorrow and for someone else it's exits to pay regular bills and have a good living. So we can choose ourselves to be successful in the way via, yet grow further ahead. We'll talk about this later in the course, but I just wanted to give you an initial impression that confidence doesn't have to come from big, massive, heavy success on realizing within that you're successful, enforces the belief in you to become more confident. Mid numbers six, confidence is constant, That's not true. Down do you see someone in front of your confidence and poised and completely perfect and, you know, amazing. Well, you never know if they're dying from inside and totally sad. You know, they might be having depression and you have no idea about it. And even if they are confident authentically, the confidence is most likely contingent. What do I mean by that? Let me explain. The contingencies could be the police and time very often a C, you can be perfectly confident in front of his employees and teammates are often customers, but you might be very, very nervous in front of his board of directors right after wrong decision that could happen in the bold when you have to become accountable. This MOOC constant about confidence and it keeps changing according to place and time. The people we talked with, there's so many valuables by debt. We'll talk later in this course about how we can make it least. We can at least make it a constant up to some extent right? Now with tackles me come to the final method that we're going to debunk. And that is that confident people are not afraid. I mean, the ad is super humans are the superheroes, Batman and Spiderman. No, right, these are people, buy them and also personnel. Anyways, it's funny that people consider that continent people fear less and less in the quest of infinite goal or something like that. They think it all is about supernatural reality. That's not true. Some beaches it rather, some researchers show that confident people are rather more invulnerable. What is yet interesting is they can play with the same fear and nervous. They can reconstruct fear to be processed in brain as a more feasible option to consider, right? And we'll surely talk about this further. And I also have a course on Skillshare about how to find a field that you can watch later. But for now, I'll see you in the next video where we talk about a force strategy might be a fence about how to fight the V0 with a punch in its phase. So excited to see you in the next video. 4. Change the Language: Okay, So finally, welcome to the third video media friends over here. Right now, we're going to talk about a very powerful tool to build confidence and use it to leverage. Amazingly now length, so the language we're talking about, the tool we're talking about, if the language twist, what does that mean level? Well, that's what we want to talk in this video, might be a fence before we get started, I have a question for you. What do you think are the two most powerful words in the English language dictionary? This thing for a second, Is it I love, is it I think what do you think in Tokyo set of two words that is most powerful in the English language. Take a moment to think, right? Research shows and very firmly what I believe is the most powerful words in the English language. I am, because what comes after 9AM is shaped is what shapes who we are, who we want to become, what we think of ourselves and all of those terms. And we see the world as a preview of our thought patterns, right? You getting my point. Let me give you a very quick example. Do you remember the last time was super-duper annually? What is going on in your head? Just think for a second. You know, when you're angry the last time when you notice closely, you'll find out that human thinking that, you know, you had your IAM statements such as, I am messed up, I am freaked out. I am pres, damn sad, am sorrowful, and all those, if you watch closely as a mental impulses that are going on in your head, it is very closely related to the, you know, the reason of anger. But furthermore, whenever we are depressed, the statement that we give to ourselves that I'm not perfect. I am phage entering. I am, I am 5'8 am full of imperfections and all of those thoughts and those are the thoughts that crushes. But simultaneously, my dear friend, when we are joyous, we have those, those items like, I am happy, I'm, I'm successful and adventurous. I am feeling task sick, really awesome or whatever that I M is. The point I'm trying to say is everything we think on most of the time is shaped by IM. And here's the most fun part. We can rewrite our I am, so as humans we have a liberty to choose our high amps. So let me give you a very quick example and case study of what I'm talking about right now. So in 1987, a Big History was made in the history of NBA. It was simply unthought. Well, what happened battle? Then? The Washington Bullets, now known as the Washington Wizards, drafted the tallest player in the NBA history. It was Monty Ball who was seven foot, seven inches, and also simultaneously the shortest NBA player of all time, Tyrone bogus, who was 53, right? So when Monty ball had the leverage from all ends, Muncie bogus or Tynan bogus had been ridiculed and bullied from the very beginning in the basketball career. And you know, the reason is quite obvious. Now, even after the drought, people laughed at the Washington Bullets born had all the leverage in the world. But here's what happened. By the end of the time both of them retired, you will be literally freaked out about what happened. You know, Monte voles average points per game where 2.4 blue, this is our methoxy brothers average where 7.7 before injury, you know, balls SS where 0.3 while bonuses assess where 7.6. Just giving you a context, Michael Jordan's average assist, 6.1 only. That's how big of a player monk see bogus. Well, you know, we talked very little about him, but let me explain. Monkey bogus or Taiwan Burgers had all the reasons in the world to feel depressed, to feel sad, you to feel down and to not pursue basketball at the topmost level possible, right? Because the whole world is saying that we're not tall enough, that you're not good enough, that everything in us really wired right throughout all the time when they said that you cannot put the basket, he said, I shall write when these it will be very easy to block you. He said I'll run faster and the self-talk is reinforced work ethic, which resulted in how, which resulted in better performance, which resulted in more points, and which resulted in the reinforcement of confidence in form of feedback of data points. You getting my point on credence, my dear friends has an origin point. And that is something as simple and obvious as our self-talk. There was easy and you know, why buy all their time? Muhammad Ali used to shout out, I am the creators plan the best because reinforces believe in themselves. You know, later you also admitted when he was having his biggest fight, the mumbling the jungle, the famous fight, he said I was known as before the fight, right? But it was there, the reinforcement of self-talk that was making what the difference? I'll tell you what we have 50000 thought impulses every single day. And the pattern of these thought patterns is actually what builds us or what kills us. You getting my point. Everything comes out in form of perceptions, which is built through these 50000 self-talk that we do to ourselves. And every word that's coming out is actually playing around the head before that, right? And a very few among them comes out in the form of words. Nikola Tesla one said, if you want to find the secrets of this universe, you need to start thinking in terms of vibrations and energy. There might be a reason EC2, because these taut impulses are electronic. These are built by our brains and we have a choice to build it on our own. You getting my point. Now that's enough talking. Let's mixin action plan. You know, if you are over here, I just want to remind you that there is an action plan game book with you that you can, you know, with this course, I want to download it and keep it with yourself because we're going to do a lot of stuff with it, right? So let's get started with this. This was made by Elissa, full steam, Aaron Beck and David books. You know, the chemo, this cough came up with this wonderful concept to eliminate negative self-talk. And the coiled it, killing your ads and your maps. Don't kill your nuts. That, that's not literal, right? What do you mean by nuts and ends? Let me explain. Just give me a second. Okay. So what do you mean by the ants? And then that's, let me explain. The ant stands for automatic negative thoughts and the nuts stand call negative unconscious thoughts. So what is the difference level? But let me explain. These automatic negative thoughts are actually what's killing or building your most often. That's, that's the general state of your mind in a few words. And if it's negative, automatic negative thoughts, it's negative, then boy, it's killing you 70 to 90 percent and a shed I repeated, it's actually killing you nothing less. So every time just to give you a quick example, every time you say, I am introverted, I can talk to that person or not lucky, I don't deserve it. That's a deme Postman of your ads, right? The other thing might be offense than that. These are the negative unconscious thoughts. Very often, these other internal kind of feelings that we even don't know very often that exist within us, right? So these are some thing more deeper than hands. I hope you're getting the idea of what we're talking over here. The ants are more visit Valley discoverable while the nuts are more alert, pick when you go deeper analyzing, that's how you learn about it. Now I want you to open the game plan shit. And what we wanna do is use the power of affirmation to reprogram our aunts and nuts. I hate seeing that. Now I want you to look back to a time when these ads are nuts stopped you from achieving anything small or big in your life. Just try to recall the moment. And this could be an incident as back as something that happened five years ago or in your childhood right? Now, what I want you to do is to visualize and create defensive mechanism to it, a rebuttal to that same thought patterns. What does that mean? Affirmation to the ads that not so if there's an affirmation or an aunt or not, I cannot make friends. The opposite of that is going to be a fence easily. People mumble around me, write the other could be anything is right for every negative thought pattern over there, try to present a rebuttal. I want you to visualize with as much clarity as possible. Say, it's friends, it's friends. You say, I communicate with people very easily and you're visualize yourself talking to people all around you, right? And you'll see it to this, to yourself again and again and again and again, and that's how you reinforce it. Now this might seem a very, very small idea, but you have no idea how this will work. This changed my life and I believe it can do the same for you as well. So I wish you the best piece. Make sure you do this app. I'll see you in the next video right there. But if you talk about another amazing technique that I learned, which I think is a very, very major problem and we talk about confidence issues. I'll see you in the next video, guys. 5. Comparison Syndrome: Welcome back. Right now I hope you made your entries into the game plan notebook, how you've decided to do it later. Now, what do we want to talk about right now, my dear friends per second, a wonderful tool is to find the comparison syndrome. The world might be making clear for you, but let me explain. You know, 0 Shou once said that all of us have beautiful flowers. The only problem is that we are different. Someone's levy, someone's are noticed, someone's a beautiful rose. The challenges, the rules wants to become the lotus. The lotus wants to become the lily and the lily wants to become something else. And that's how we fall into a rat race. Trying to become someone who we are not most often write V are living in a constant state of comparison. We're comparing ourselves to someone else all the time, but we need to understand that life is so subjective evidence coming from a different place, from a different background or different ethic and values. And then we start comparing ourselves and that's when the disaster happens. I cannot stress this enough. So what I'm seeing is constantly comparing yourself is an insight to who you are and who you are meant to be. Let me show you a very quick story that I heard the other day that's so specific to the situation that we're talking about, this story about Peter Barrett. And just be a kit for a minute and try to listen to this. Okay, This is something really amazing. So Peter pilot was sad and very, very upset and confused. What's wrong? His mother asked, I hate my stupid big wheat or blurted, why do you hate your beak? I mean, it's a beautiful ride. The mother said reassuringly all of the other birds, how much cooler beaks rates? Sammy, the spoon bill, family, pelican, Harry the hall, Freddy the Finch. All of them have much better peaks. And here I am. Now Peter's mother sat silently for a moment. He may be right. She thought to herself, didn't have very cool beaks, right? So you should go and see major Macau. He'll know what to do. Here's the wisest of the paddocks and lives in the tallest tree in the forest. Years. You'll do that. Respondent. Peter's mother, you know, she said so. So Peter palette few to the tallest tree to find media Macau, excuse me, Major, I have a problem or deal. What can it be asked though? Vulnerable Macau. Now I have a stupid beak wetland to have a cool beak like, you know, the Sami, the spoon bill or tammy, the pelican or Hadi, the AU per freely the Finch. You're right, said Macau. They do have cool beaks than me be done. Do you like eating worms and cruises n'ts York? That would be disgusting. Responded meter. That's what spoon bills because designed for. What about fish? I couldn't think of anything worse, said Peter. So per the pelicans be it would not work either. Well, what about rabbits and mice? Okay, So you maybe you shouldn't aspire to be a hawks beak as well. How about small beads? There's not so bad, but my favorite ones are the Brazil nuts. In Peter's salivating at the thought. That's lucky. I have a few here. Would you like one? Asked manger, Peter's eyes lit up. Yes, please visa or tell me, Peter, if you had the beak of a spoon bill, a pelican hawk or finch. Do you think that you would be eating the Brazil lacked just not eaters seed with a mouthful of the brother-in-law, you see young pattern. You have been designed in a certain way with certain skills, attributes, and tastes, don't waste your life envious of capacity of others. Just make sure that you know what you're good at and why you are here. Now, Peter nodded in the understanding and through black home with much more content. You know, he had understanding right then. You see you, we're all like Peter, the Padlet V are all designed for a purpose. It's not worthy to compare ourselves with someone else and ask if V I'm good enough because we add the fact that we are alive means that we have a purpose over here. Well, well, well that makes sense. I shouldn't compare myself, but how I compare myself all the time, Let me explain. But comparisons sometimes can be something good and uplifting as well. I'm modes wasn't eager, constantly compared himself to Joe Wilder when genius is often compare themselves to other people, right? But these are different. So there are two types of comparison. The first one is the building comparison, and the second one is the killing comparison. Well, what do you mean babble? Let me explain. Key, the killing comparison is something like that. You know, you play, play basketball today, you pay really well. You hit basket of a basket and you're doing really good. And then you see a senior who puts out an amazing dog right into the basket. And UV light and level be able to do that. Right? And it's also my dear friends. You know, they are too smart. I don't have these qualities. These are all the self-talk that the killing comparison has. You know, because you playing with the mindset of you're not enough. You can't do that as you grow further in the sport, you won't be able to be the best of it, right? The problem is simply that you are comparing someone's Chapter 10 to your Chapter 1 right there also, when you don't nobody playing basketball, some bank, Then they started hitting shots like you. And where they are today is a result of the whole process, right? Not building comparison is more like, Wow, that guy just hit the done today. You see, I'll be hitting a dog leg that very soon. I don't know when that Zoom is, but very soon I'll get there and how we even better, you don't want both filled with such comparison. When young Mike Tyson was trying to learn about basketball, he was envious of Muhammad Ali, but he was learning from him all the time later became his mentor as well. Due to social media, the ideas of comparison are literally amplified and multiplied. You see with all the post like life isn't perfect. But here it is, with people posting their pictures with the best of the cars, the best of the best of the surrounding and all that stuff. It is natural to feel envious because someone is at this stage, you admire to be or you wish to be. And due to this comparison, they so much of challenges that we're facing at mental health level. It is so important that we acknowledge about the comparison center. And right now, you know, awareness is so important because once you understand that this is just a comparison syndrome, the next time you watch it and the initial, the feelings of comparison come in, you can just stop by and realize, oh, we add this as just a comparison. This is not what is true. This is not me, but this is just a comparison that I'm doing due to my, you know, my brain structuring. And it is so important to realize, especially for young people, because, you know, we take wrong decisions based on those Instagram pictures of people showing hash type, I am super damn successful, which very often might not be too. So as you go ahead, I want you to realize that this comparison syndrome that you see with social media, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat of lipid hero, people living the perfect life, you know, quote-unquote, amazing life might not be what it is in reality. In fact, many a times research after research Today's show that what people show up themselves over social media most often is not aligning towards the reality of their life. And if you do the same, you might, you know, create an illusion of you being super successful, but very often that might not be true. And once people know about the genuine you, that's really, really hampers your personal brand right there. I highly, highly recommend you this wonderful, you know, Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma, which talks about this comparison syndrome and how social media is playing with her life and with us as an individual. So damn well. You know, many of, you know, wonderful tech giants have themselves talked about it like the founder of the Like button himself talked about how it impacts on stuff. Very highly recommended. Good, Check it out. And yeah, you'll understand more about how the comparison centrum is playing around with you. And what I wanted to do next is to open your game plan notebook and write down the name of peace specific people who are actually some somewhat better at that scale we are talking about right now. Whom you compare yourself with NPV, NBS, and note down next to it the qualities. What makes them, you know, qualities that make you compare them to you. And then let's try to make a plan about how we are going to develop the same quality, right? Because a champion is all about quality, right? I'll see you in the next video. And we talked about another amazing technique might be offense. This is one of my very personal favorite, favorite amazing stories and specific game plan like DES one. And see you in the next video. 6. Challenging oneself to become Champion: So my dear friends, welcome back. I'm so happy to see that you're using the tools and I'm sure that this will help you get to the top level till the time we complete this whole course. So my defense, the fourth tool we are talking about today is challenge fighters. What does that mean? I'll tell you in a very single line. Ok. Michael Jordan's father once said that if you want to do anything, simply tell him that he cannot. So the point of even talking about this older confident people, all the champions often are in all and in love with the challenges. These are the elements that helped them build and grow further. I'll tell you what happens when you take challenges. You want to know, you grow as simple as that, but why babble? Let me explain. Every time you win a challenge, your beam considers the idea of self-worth increasing, and this is what keeps on happening, taking challenges now and then is such a powerful tool to grow yourself. Every time I want to do something, I kick a challenge 24 hours, no social media, seven days, no junk food. And when I complete those challenges, I feel like boy, this man got something right. This is what happens when we take challenges regularly in our life. And when we went over it, we have a feeling that we are something and feeling of worthiness that we have done something. And you know, they so much more that we can do. It's like an upside down transformation when you start winning over your challenges to build your self-worth. Now, in this course, because you already understand what the whole idea that we are talking about this. Let me give you a very quick example we're going to do to action seats in this specific part of the course. Let me talk to you about that in just a minute. The others really powerful tool, my dear friends that I use and I believe you must do is the success log and the super success log. Let me explain once again. Ok, so what does success look? Every time you do something significant in your life, anything worthy? I take my notebook, I write down of what that achievement is, and then I have a three to five line of expansion. I put out the gate over there, and I've been doing this since the last three years and this has always Dean Post, we know minivan down. I can open up my success log and see, okay, I've done this, I've done that. I have overcoming this. Why cannot I do this as well, right? Success log is an amazing tool to reinforce your belief in yourself in the worst of times. But along with that, the second even more amazing to my dear friends is the super success long, what is the super success club? Even more interesting though, every time we feel down, every time we fall down, every time we do a mistake, every time we fail in an exam or no competition, or don't have an active meant that we were working hard for a time. You put that they're super successful, interesting rate. So what we are doing, the success super success log is have pants off my failures and I have an, a commitment that okay, this happened and I'm sad about it, but this is what I want to turn around. And my dear friends, you have no idea how all of most of what I thought went into super success three years back. Actually the manifested themselves to, in a positive sense like this has not happened and it happened back to me in a little different way. And I believe this can be an amazing too low. Why do we have to write this down web or let me show you this OK, writing down makes you feel serious. You know, you talk about something and you write it down. It's a difference of opinion, the difference of seriousness when we do so, and then you do it seriously are vain, considers it more important. Ten, all of the neuroscience stuff that we have talked about a little bit in the past part, mighty champions who have no idea how powerful this tool is. I want you to open your game plan right now at this very moment, right down of what we talked about. Maybe take a copy to meet your success. I'm super success log node down of your cookie jar and all of that sense. And my dear friends and see you in the next video. And we talk about the amazing tool further and see you in the next video. Make sure you update your game plan. I'm going to clump of seed. 7. Demo of Success & Super Success Log: Okay, let me show you some amazing stuff. This is what my data looks like and so many memories attached with this. It's been like around three years that I've been keeping this and it has been adding a lot of value to my life freely. Now let's go inside if you want to. Okay, so here comes the success log that I was talking to you about. Well, well, well now what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you some snaps of what I'd, my success and super success log. And maybe we'll talk a little bit about these little experiences that added a lot of value to my life. I'm so excited about this because, I mean, this is going to be fun, right? So let's hit onto the first thing in our success law. This was an experienced coil. Es ns raster cells carry much heavier the attended in Kolkata, India. Before we go ahead acknowledging that my handwriting is the king, what do you consider it to be? So just take the gist of it. This was an experience called Restoration candy. Much of it won the award of some things I had my local language you might not understand. I just wanted to give you an example. So this was a competition where David, 350 people from all around India and Nepal. And I went in there as a kid who had a lot of insecurities, who had a lot of fear, where so many things he had to work on. But when I got into the program right there within the next seven days I come take the transform. There was a new meal, lot of learnings, and after the 70, I turned out to be the best participant. Believe me, life has never been the same after that one experience of Ireland is add SNS. And I love getting back to this page, this segment of my success log and really looking at these memories, Let's head on to the second experience now. So all I'd like to say about this experience is wow, wow, wow. So this was me in my first public picking competition that I went into. It was called the public speaker Naipaul, I vented in national first time I traveled, second time I've traveled to the national, my capital for a such programs and stuff. And I met the celebrities of my country, the top actors and amazing people out there performed very well. I did not when I was probably the youngest on over there. But believe me like 70 percent of people remember me with that because I'm met and greet greeted every single participant somewhere as old as 40 year old. And I met them, I talk to them somewhere. Neutrinos are public speaking who were my contenders. And in one of the rounds, I was second among all those hundreds of participants. And I built a lot of learnings, lot of experience. Most importantly, that network has been helping me so much human. Now, I love seeing this because this is a journey of me fighting my comfort zone and trying to become a better speaker, but at the same time, a better network of, I love this experience. Now. Believe me, this one is a heck of a story. So this is what happened. I was 15 then and I was good. I got super pumped up that day around to do something. I want to get into media and stuff. So I called out possible news channels in my city. I call it a television that have worked with right now, but I couldn't get a response. And I found this online media, while our black logo that was doing well, had a hundreds of thousands of followers almost. And I said, why not give it a try? So I called them and said, Hey, I'm 15, I want to work with you. And they say, Okay, come to the office and went to the office. And I said that I want to work with you and I had one wounded. I'm good English skills, which is where in my city at least a little bit, right. And I was good at it. So I went over there and I said I want to do this. I'll do whatever you say. I'm good at English and stuff. They said come tomorrow and the next day when I came, I had this 30 years old, 20 year old people, young people right there who were running this company and they were interviewing me, asking me questions like, why do you want to join this company and how did you come to them about their company and all that stuff? And young 15-year-old dad saying, oh, okay, interesting what's happening? I kept on answering over there and I got my first internship. Now believe me, the value ladder to My life is just unbelievable. Because of those experiences, networks, I've been able to do what I'm doing. I always get created to those amazing people in the company. You can see the names right here. And at the same time, you know what happened when levels there is, I developed a sense of responsibility towards my work. And at the same time I learned this amazing thing about being young and starting out people love to support young people. I did not know a lot of stuff. The taught me and those people right now are my mentors. Someone is, you know, the expertise in their own things and they are mentoring me and the company is going wonderfully as well. I no longer work with them directly, but I visit the office for no reason. Sometimes I meet them for no reason sometimes to see clothing and stuff. This was a heck of a experience. I talk about this in some other courses. Well, but right now let me say, get yourself uncomfortable to the place you want to be and you have no idea the results it could bring to you and your life. Okay, so let me show you one final stuff and my success logs again, a very wonderful moment. This was the glocal international team conference that I went for just a year ago. It was I think I did this in 2019 and 2018. I went over there on a scholarship seed because I did not have a lot of money then that I want to get into this team conference where young teens, king makers from the group come the inspire young people share their stories and stuff. I was a participant on scholarship. And at the same time I saw the seat right then said, Well, I want to get there one day and guess what happened just a year from then I was sitting and the speaker seed inspiring young people because I'd started my company and stuff. And it was a lot because of that conference, but at the same time, this was something really funny. There was a seed that I sat in last year. Okay. The whole contents who was almost failed, but that seed that a sack on was empty. And this is what, you know about law of attraction. You know what I mean? So this was a heck of an experience made me realize that dreams come true and that works as a validation when you look up to bigger dreams and all those stuff. Glocal international team conference and accompany glucan. This year again, I was a top 16 all around my country in that program. And this has been a heck of an experience. Thank you glucagon. But at the same time, this is what I'd like to remind you. And now we talk a lot about successes. Now, let's head on to the super success law. So now let's begin our journey to the super successful log. This experience is a wonderful one. So this is around two years back, three years back, you know, I was good at public speaking by then and my school had given me scholarships on the same ground. And they're expecting that vapor will bring gold itself. And I was confident because I was good at it with no pride. So what happened is I went to the competition, gave my speech, hurried just a little bit, but also good speech. And imperatively to all those speakers. I think I've was very good. And at the same time after completing my speech, my principal literally came to be there because they thought we'll win and stuff. But what basically happened is that when the name count came up, when the, we next read nouns, the call of the name, they asked people to guess who wins the first pies and 70, 80% of crowd was like vap of Babel, babel. But guess what? They gave another name and everybody was a little started and I was like, why what happened? And I want to confuse the little bit. By principle, you could, I could see his face, what he meant to see. But that was idealizing experience ever since I've been into competitions, been doing well. And this works is a reminder that, you know, you are where you are because of a reason, and it is because of the work you put in and never take things for granted. You know, super six o'clock is a deflection to never take things for granted. And although that I deserved or not is a different story altogether, but that's what it was. It, it made me realize that I need to work on my skewed. So again, get better at it. And I had a Superman, I need to work and get there. Now this one is when I was tweeting for running my TV show in the television, I was a young lad again afterwards working on my alphabet in a story I shared you, I got in the news portal, I wanted to get your TV. So I went to the CEO, seemingly cold, I'm young, I want to run a television show. He called me in. I went over there and use like we did for eyes in the photo. Finally, he called me and then we talk. Then he's like, Okay, you make sense of enthusiasm, good. But you need to prove me that to deserve it. So I went for a training inside the company about the whole thing, how the TV works, had literally no idea what camera, lighting, etc means. I learned what I needed to there. And then basically the training process there was this project that we had to do. We had to go on the ground, record stuff and make a sample episode of the TV show we wanted to run and stuff. And over they went, I was doing this. I completely went off the shred, never done something like that before. That's not a good excuse to and I went into doing things overnight, doing submission, just on the very last moment and stuff. And that made me realize that I need to work on this kills that these are some mistakes that I'm doing and I need to get better at it. So ever since then I've run my TV show. I've been very careful now or on my TV show then I wanted to, looking back makes me realize that I had put a lot of effort into it and I need to stick onto the quality and stuff I do mistakes. But that was a very, very key realization for me of being most systematic when I come to work. Well, this one is a little emotional ones. So the other day, my back, this is after I started my TV show. My dad is from a TV show and he said, Is this what you are working for? I meant happens with all of us, right. We really want something, we get it, and then we take it for granted. That's where it happened for me. I've taken my TV shows up for granted. The quality of episode was not as it was when I started. My father asked me Why are we to employ am I doing so and stuff? And I had to be Saudi. And from the next day, from next episode, next week, I was very careful to put out content that I really value adding. My TV show name is being champions about inspiring young people. And I've put it, you know, no fillers and stuff. That's what we call an TV, stuff to just fill in that time. Getting real genuine quantum that can add value to my viewers. And because of that, I TV show is getting very good review now. People are getting inspired by it and just did it says this happened. There was this 60-year-old, 70 year-old lady I met in my college who had come for some project and says, Are you the same kind of comes on television. I literally risked my dinner sometimes to watch episode. You're doing really well, young kid and these are leaders inspiring movements. Anyways, now let's come down to one last memory that I want to share from my super success law around this time is when we started doing genuine business and stuff. So I ran this program down in 2019 called a super champ heavy brought in young people for a three month workshop on life skills. And it was a really fun experience. They learned and did a lot of activities and that's how they learned about all that stuff. And at that time was expecting that, you know, 60 people would show up for the program and 20 that and it made me a little to be honest, sad about, you know, I put it in a lot of effort into this and all that stuff and see here the people are not showing up and I felt bad about it. But this is what happened after I had that experience, I got path to the notebook, setting realistic goals and setting out cleared action plans about how I'm going to achieve it. And ever since, I've been realistic about my goals and being realistic about your goals is something really essentials. I'm in business, I believe, because you need to set expectations and because based on that, to decide your cost and all that stuff, and after setting those clear expectation, it helped me, you know, Dr. my path more smoothly, move better and get even better results, creating good roadmaps and getting genuine results. Now, I've shared a lot about my journey. Make sure if you want to share something like that is story of yours. You go down in the, in the section segment of this course and share your story. I'd love to hear back from you and now and see you in the next video of the course case. 8. Self-Approval: So welcome back, my idea, champion friends, welcome, welcome, welcome back. And right now we are talking about another amazing element to take your confidence to next level and be talking about self approval. Well, what does that mean? We'll talk about event machine, something really quickly. You know, there's this hatch off, hence dried down in the ground and just above that, there was a tree and there was a hatch of the Eagles. So what basically happened is that it was a stormy night. The mother Eagle had went to a different place to, to, to go and to find food for her daughter and kids. And what basically happens is that the egg of the, of the eagle gets down to that of the hand and it gets kind of mingled up. So the mother and Blake, what does this but gradually she accepts off it, right? And slowly and gradually the other hands hatch, and that's how the eagle's egg as well hatches. Now, the eagle is black and dark and all of them are yellow. But I don't think animals to racism, whatever that is. You know, they are playing around, mingling all around. And then the little Eagle sees in the sky and see this heavenly birds flying in the sky with indispensible speed. And she's like, What if I could fly direct like that as well and ceases to Mama hand that, I wanna fly like eagles. How can I do that? And the mother says that it's not possible for UC he hands and we're not meant to fly in the sky. All we need to do, eat little bombs and live in okay, live. That's not meant to be built for your kit. And that little legal lifts its whole life looking up in the sky up to those wonderful flying eagles. That's how he ends his live forever, never lives. The aspirations of becoming an eagle versus reality. But the problem is it never realized of it. Now that is the same with so many of us as humans as well that we expect to be like that. And we look at a stanza like, what if I could be like that? I mean, all of us have made different situations. You know, we are put in different situation, but ultimately all of us hold an infinite potential and then meant to actualize it. But the problem is, we don't approve champion, that is within us and that's one of the biggest reason that we lack confidence. So when I do a physical workshop, I loved doing an activity with my kids where I make them put different masks on their face and I asked each of them to write down of what they think of the other person and someone writes, avidly happy, beautiful, and everyone has a mask over there right in their face. And that keeps on happening for a violent then I asked them to open their mosque and look at it. And that is all those labels that people have put. And then we put that label into the fire together Burnet and let ourselves know that we are not that mask, but the face. And it's such a critical realization that all of us have, all of us must have, that we are not our masks, but that he'll feces, feces with imperfections, the faces that does mistake, the fishes that test scars. Yet a feast that is full of beauty, a face of amazement, the fees of amazingness, but most importantly, a fees of ten to city with uncomparable uniqueness. So as you go to the action part right now, I have an amazing worksheet for you to do together to actually realize who you are. And once we know one of my mentors is to get where you want to get. You need to know where you are, right? You need to start by knowing where you are. So I want you to take the game plan notebook again in front of you and fill out the worksheet over there, that tree diagram about who you are. And believe me, it will, it will. Once you fill that sheet over here, you feel like, okay, I am something This makes sense and it will kind of reinforce your belief into your set. Let me explain what the whole tree diagram is about. Let me explain. Let me get the worksheets a little different, so I'll explain it all to you. No problem at all. 9. OQP, OQT and OQW: Welcome back. Look confident is so much about who we surround ourselves with, why we surround them around us, and also what things we surround ourselves with. Well, WEBO, I mean, do you stole that confidence is our personal choice and state of mind, right? Well, let me explain. I play with me. Let me explain. You see Bill Gates once said that the person you become is dependent on the people you meet and the books you read. Well, why did you say so? Well, he said so as simple as the reason is because our mindset is so much effected by the people we surround ourselves with and that kind of talks and discussions we do with them. I recently had the privilege of learning are wonderful, simple concept from Les Brown, and I'm sure this will help you as well. The formula is all QP. Guess what it is about? Yeah, take a moment. I'm still waiting. Well, OK UP stanza Only quality people. You see Roosevelt once said that the poor mind discuss people, average mine discuss events and the great minds discuss ideas. If you've ever noticed the people at the top really talk about how the weather is or how bad girl is too bad or that man is to mean because they're bigger things to talk about. Their bigger Gould's to discuss about the bigger concepts and ideas to work with and discuss about. If you want to get to the top, if you need to understand that the quality of your talk and the quality of the people doing that talk is playing such an unimaginable is to mental part of your life. As you might have famously heard that you are the average of five people you hang around with, but also my dear friends, your aspirations are the average of five people you hang out with your dreams at the average of five people you sit around with. And also my dear friends have future is most like the average five people you spend the most time with. But here's the fun part. You have the choice to team this phi people anytime in your life because the liberty of human is so beautiful that we can make these choices. Well, let me take you, let me show you a very quick personal experience guys. You know, Baghdad in 2017 Euros trying to make a transition in my life, a complete transformation. I had the motivation, I knew in bits and parts of what I wanted to do. But around me, my friends were all like, you know, they were all funky. They all like so Hangout and all this stuff. It's amazing to hang out and all of those stuff. But I believe it's so important to sit around people with vision and dreams. And that's when I realized, like people in my life when literally eating me. I mean, they, they were my friends, but they were eating the all that we talk about as girls and boys in the classroom. Which doesn't make sense to me, right? Because I have a bigger goal now. So I literally leased out to them. I made them understand well, my friend, you'll see, I have these things to do. And right now when we're talking, I don't think we are aligning ourselves towards that purpose. And they'd be like, okay, makes sense, but they didn't care about it. And lead tried, clearly mentioned and let them know that they have to work on bigger things, then I cannot put my time forward and I had to leave them. Now, I want you to understand leaving them was a very, very difficult choice for me. Because Dever My friends, I mean, I used to hang around with them. I used to be around them. I used to sit and talk with them. And now I'm seeing all of a sudden that no, it was hard, but it played and it was always paid such an important part in my leave it on people and tried to get the right people in your life. Only quality people. If you always see their own people who are constantly challenging your dream, your vision to your beliefs, your goals better expect yourself to reach. I mean, you see, we have, you know, unless we become liberated and become your souls and all of those toughs v, no matter what you say is going to be affected, it's small sensor larger. The people who alone does, isn't it? And you see if you have the wrong people around us doing those things, we're losing a lot of things. You and I both are losing a lot of stuff that we don't even realize because you're just going with the flow with them, right? So with that, let me show you the second concept that I created. Maybe I'm a wonderful concept. Well we call it philosoph, whatever that is. So the second concept that I have created my defense is o Q, w. What does that mean? It's simple, only quality words. You see, wolves are great. They have superpower was literally superpower if you've ever watched, you know, being games that comes up and Maja, you'll find out about how Jason Silva, please, with the mind of people with simply the words, right? Well, I want you to realize that we speak our dream into reality and I learn this concept around two years back, back in 2017 itself. And this is the concept, you know, I wasn't a wonderful conference and I had a Speaker, wonderful person right there and he asked me, How are you doing. I said I'm fine. And they'd be like, what do we now fine. I mean, there are people who are dying for a shelter and you have a big, beautiful home to live in. And then you say, I'm fine. There are people who are dying for the kind of education you are getting. And then you see, fine, What the hell do you mean, man? And ever since every time someone asks me, how will you Babel, I'd be like, I am fantastically awesome and I be like, you know, that's the spirit. Every time we talk about, you know, good morning, good afternoon. But have you ever mentioned and have you ever noticed that it's a new year? All of us say Happy New York, it's Christmas. We say Merry Christmas is a volley. We say, you know, happy Diwali, right? Why don't we say good day Valley because we are celebrating with the word happy you are made in the beginning. Why not see happy morning, happy evening, right? Is it possible? And believe me, these simple changes in your words are going to bring a lot of impact in the way you think and the quality of thoughts you create for yourself. With that, let me come to the third concept, which is o Q t, what is OK. You De, again WEBO will, it stands for only quality thoughts. Now I want you to realize this way, our brain is a factory. Which creates 50 thousand thoughts every single day. No matter what. Even if your triangle not the, you know, approximately 50 thousand thoughts have been created. But here's the fun part. The pots have to manufacturing grounds. The first one is the constructive and the second one is destructive. But I like to call it that considered loser head and champion head. And these are creating thoughts every single day no matter what. The one, the one that gets more amount of thoughts, more amount of your attention, it grows, right? So you want to have more of your thoughts from champion head and OUT is all about that creating only quality thoughts you in your life. Well, how do you do that? You keep your sibling to retrospection of what thoughts are coming up in your head. What am I think what I was thinking last momentum, keep a quick check about what your thoughts were. Where they're going to build you orbit, they're going to kill you. And when you do that constantly, it is going to be a lot helpful, might be a friends, my dear friends. Social media is another wonderful thing to talk about when we talk about quality thoughts, because vis-a-vis fees, books, someone has a status, life isn't perfect, but here is, I believe, what? Life is more beautiful venue here, right? I mean, there's so much in life and people are constantly putting all those stuff. The best tool I know in Facebook is the tool called unfollow. There are people who are doing, we're literally putting all the wrong stuff in your head and you need to get rid of them, my dear friends. So what I want you to do is simply be very, very careful about the people you follow. And even if you're connected to the right people in Facebook and Instagram, you can mute them if you, you know, if it's social, it's not appropriate to unfollow them, right. And also your thoughts up many times we like he has a Mercedes right now I saw in visual, I believe I have nothing. Right. And its smallest scale, he just bought a house and I'm leaving. This mall grew more rent, right? All those thoughts constantly challenge on mine. So it is very, very important to keep our feed powerful. What do I personally do have connected myself to as many groups as possible. So speakers, authors, coaches, so that every time I get some content that is helpful to me, also, I constantly unfollow the wrong people in my life who are putting up all those wrong stuff or inappropriate note the wrong stuff with all personal pictures all the time with nothing in terms of adding value. It's your personal choice, but that's what I do. Also, try to follow as many people who are helpful for you and Instagram as such a powerful algorithm that it consider the choices you have and use it. Likewise, same with YouTube. If you end up sometime watching stuff that are entertaining, no problem. Make sure you delete it from watch history so that, you know, algorithm doesn't consider that part when they show you further videos as suggestion. Okay, now my dear friends, as we go into the action plan part of this, a wonderful course, I want you to open your game plan once again and write the name of three people that you need to remove from your life. And also my dear friends, I want you to write down of three thoughts that you need to get off to your life. Also, you know, write down three people that you need to add in your life and three words that you need to add to your life. Now, I cannot stress enough how powerful this axis eyes had been for me of adding three people, removing three people. I got wonderful people as my friends who are helping me grow even at this point of time. I want you to be careful take that decision right now, my dear friends. Thank you so much. I'll see you in the next video. 10. Increasing Competence: Welcome back my dear friends. I hope you're having an amazing time with the wonderful course content over the end, the game plan part of things. I am so excited. Please make sure that as you continue completing your assignments over there, your projects, you attach it below so that other people can watch it and get inspired as well, right? Okay, with that, let me move you to the other part of this. Probably the second last point that we are discussing, which is basically about increasing your competency. Let me explain to you what they exactly mean by this. Again, you see there is an infinity loop between confidence and competence. The more confident you are, the more competent you become, but also my dear friends, the more competent you become, the more confident you become. Well maybe offense. Does this seem reason of why the premium top class athletes, when going to perform every single time, I'm confident because they know that they have done the woke. You won't see, You know, Michael Jordan super-duper, nervous, a bit of novice does it differently. It is rather helpful. They are confident about themselves from the very beginning because they know the airport in the world. They know they have given you a 100% and now it is time to perform, right? You might have heard of the concept of proper prior planning and practice prevents poor performance and that is as true as it could be. And let me explain to you again of why I mean to say so. You see, all of us have heard that knowledge is par, right? But that's not entirely true because knowledge is potential power. Knowledge is success, not really my dear friends. Knowledge is potential success. You can use it to become successful. Why do I say so? Because it's just a tool at the end of the, you need to get to the ground to execute and therefore make the things happen. You need to get your competence to the top-level. Being competent is really powerful because you can look across a bunch of people well with two for the same purpose over there and you can say, oh yeah, evoke Haddad, and then I am better than that. That's what you'd see in Muhammad Ali all the time. You know, he was powerful because he was confident of the effort he had put behind the bat. You know, when I used to go to call it some time back and there is a small gate and in the morning six o'clock when the college is to start, they used to be hundreds of people going into the same good. And I'd be walking through that gate and I'd be like, well, there are hundreds of people right around me right now. But among them I'm confident and I believe in myself that I am the only one that has like bam, bam, you need and have amazing. And it is so important for us to realize that as we go ahead in that journey, my new friends. Well, if you're thinking that Weibo, you know, adding all have any skill, what do I do? I have something for you as their liberties, you know, this kill could be anything, it could be beat boxing, guitar doesn't necessarily have to be a passion or profession for you, but something that you really competent in on which you can get feedback or let's aptly secion of people, right? With people can recognize and understand. When you do that, you are on a bunch of people and you are confident because you are amazing at the craft. You are amazing Kaufman at one specific thing that makes you special. It could be a type of guitar is, well, I don't know, live my plot Nobel guitar. What I know about public speaking, you know, when I go into this state for a theme with which I am going to bang it. And that's what often gives me confidence. Remember, there's a thin line of defense between ego and confidence and you need to be very, very careful about that. Also, let me give you some really basic tips right there. You know, this was back then in 2019 when I started my TV show right there. And there's this wonderful guests that had come in all the way from India to Naipaul for a program. I was interviewing her. I called him the story and I was like 17 then. So C So maybe this gateway to me. And I'd be like, yeah, but the moment I shake their hands event to the makeup room, the interview went to her and she later told me that when I saw that you are interviewing me, I got a little, you know, I felt awkward because you're so young. But the very moment that you did that handshake and knew we were going to make a blast out of this. So I want you to understand having a stiff handshake is something that is really powerful and helpful at the same time might be offends. There's so many other things. Very simple tips like looking people right in the eyes. When someone asks you, how will you remember? Never, ever to say I'm fine, but to say anything like, I'm fantastic, amazing, beautiful right now sometimes when I'm with my friends and I'm like, how you have like am handsome, right? These small things get very wonderful initial impression. And once you have that, it is really helpful. Further talks, you see I'll have a course on Communication for the, in my account right there. So please feel free to watch it and provide any feedback or Docs if you have the courses in Communication is really amazing. So if you look forward to taking it, I wish you the best because it is very shortly going to be very, very helpful for you while communicating. So now let's come to the action part, part my deer fence. So what is the action plan? Open your game plan notebook, mighty offense, or you basically supposed to do this time is very simple. I want you, my dear friends to type find out any 1-2-3 skills that you want to expert eyes into. When I mean expertise, I mean a 100 hours of work. And then I want you to find out or write down the three tools that you're going to use to utilize it and use it to get better at that craft as simple as that, right? I wish you the best for it. Because I know this course, this action is going to be very, very helpful for you. And so damn excited to see you in the next video. 11. Designing the room of confidence: All right, now we're talking about another super powerful tool that has literally transformed my life. Now, this specific video and the upcoming one-to-two videos might be offense are more about one specific. But the whole idea is to create a wonderful environment of confidence. Well, y value. Let me explain to you, our physical stimuli around us plays such an important role into building or killing our confidence. And I just want you to imagine that you are, you're sitting in a room and then you find out that is dead next in front of you and you will feel bad about it, right? So if you have the right things, any room, it is always so, so powerful and I'll talk to you about the room, your PC. A lot of stuff in the upcoming videos might be offense. So in this specific video, let us discuss about some little amazing tools that are super-duper powerful. The first one my dear friends is the graduate you'll drop. Now if you've ever attended my course on gratitude that is available on the platform, you might have known about what I mean, but if you don't know it, just let me explain really quickly. Our gratitude rock is any random rock that you find beautiful. You put it in your room or in your table. And whenever you watch it, you present a heartfelt gratitude about any one thing in your life when you see that little stone right there, right? And this is such a powerful tool. When you do it, you'll realize I cannot stress enough of how powerful and how transformational it could be, because gratitude is very deeply connected to confidence. My defense. These neurological research, these findings, this course is too short to talk about it, but gratitude has a very close linked with confidence and I want you to get your cyber gratitude rock as soon as possible. This could be any random rock, again, one you pull in from your backyard or your home or any field, any random little rock. My dear friends, furthermore to super-duper, powerful, my dear friends. To have the right kind of posters and pictures around you to that you can watch and feel empowered every single time having the right quotations, a picture of someone you really admire the vision board. If you've not yet attended my goals and vision board very much recommended, very, very much probably the one of the best courts have need. You can find it in the profile itself, very powerful course and I want you to get yourself into. So this is my personal vision board that has all the different things that I wish to achieve that I set some of these, I have achieved a few series, one column in which I've put out things about Skillshare, my course, and I do have my courses over there right now rate the other things. I've been running a TV show in a bucket television, having a kind of laptop I want and all those stuff. I've talked about all the stuff very, very descriptively in my course. You can check it out and very, very recommended. But right now, this is what it looks like. It keeps reminding you that this is your goal and you know, because it gives you motivation, it helps you with confidence as well motivation please. Uh, you know, a good rule to competence very, very often. Let me show you a few more stuff. This was doodle version of vision, would I call it the dream dude linking that I did do delete all the dreams that I have in the sheet of people. Another very powerful exercise for you to get charged up when you make it and even liter while you watch it. This is the champion letter that you write a letter to yourself about what you wish to create. A few dreams, you have an oil let stuff and this pushes you when you need the push very, very much. You can checkout, checkout about all these specifically in the course right there. But right now, I'm just giving you a quick introduction about, Let's get back to video where we talk about the room of confidence maybe of prints it. Furthermore, my dear friends, the whole idea is, can either be a champion on chimpanzee. Where did I come up? How do we come up with these woods and the mixing up of whatever that is? The things you haven't used, Boomplay are very powerful. If you see the backprop, this is of course, for the studio purpose, but I've made sure I have quotations every time I look around my room, I find amazing thing right in front of me behind this camera. Wonderful quotation. I have my post-its to help me remind myself of the tasks I have right there. I have my vision board over you have my literary toys that I play with. I play with toys. Please keep that a secret. My defense, having the right thing is super-duper, powerful. Playing with toys. I feel like a kid and I believe if you know, fielding child is very, very powerful if you want to grow because you are ready to learn more when you are a kid. That is my personal belief. Do I have a course on it? Not yet, but maybe I'll get things like kids or whatever that whatever that is. So mighty offense. Let's go further. And what I suggest you now is to have a playlist of confidence. Was that again, wrap-up? So this is what happens every time I feel less confident or low self-esteem. All of us go through those times, right? What I've basically done is I've compiled of Fulton my computer where I have all the videos of my or any other speaker that is really powerful and inspiring to me, empowering to me, and also have a, you know, a few of my favorite musics. So whenever I'm down I can visit the folder. I know that once I get in, maybe spent half an ad an ad into it, I'm going to come out confident and better than I was, right? So I wanted to create a confidence not in YouTube, but in a personal downloaded folder in your computer, because this is very, very powerful. My dear friend, idea friends have this folder in my laptop while seminar world, which I have only inspiring stuff into, there are different folders for different utilities, but this one is just amazing. So I have all these songs listed that I really love. Some might Hindi and English Hermione. Finally, I can't unfortunately plead for copyright reasons right here. But I want you to watch this one called infinity prayer infamy pair. That's a one-minute video. It's called feeling the players, feeling the grays. Very inspiring one. And all these ones that I really inspiring these other songs that are really encouraging and pushing me, man, I mean that push, I have some motivational videos that I've got for myself. That when I mean the inspiration and look at it, probably one of my very favorite is which my tuition church showed me like four years back. It's called it's in a channel called B, somebody it's called Stop asking for easy, very inspiring one. And it does not. It has all those beetles that are so, so, so wonderful, so wonderful voice that comes behind it, and that is what I love about it. So with all this, also this goodness kind Cycle, kindness is also something really good. And this is what I'd like to share to you about. Let me go into one of the other folders. Let me go into Inspire glucose again, a bunch of really inspiring videos. It's some life stories that I have. I want to keep it really big. So whenever I need some help, I'm looking for some inspiration I have a variety to look for. I loved this. Be a believer by numbers, you think so? And I guess after I've recorded this, I'm going to listen to this once again and let's go back into this other old give you like four years back which may tuition teacher gifted me. These are some songs, These are some videos back then, you know, the some videos are as old as 10-years-old. Back then, wonderful applications like film holder, which I'm filming it might not did not exist in this form. So they used not to be that good with editing, but the content they brought him in, the simplicity itself was super-duper. Inspiring, again, cannot play for copyright reasons right here. But that's how it is. Some background music that I really love, right? When I need that push baby laughing. It makes you laugh. Try this sometime you use your baby laughing and that will make you laugh as well. So, yeah, that's what I'd like to share about my folder of confidence. These have some background videos as well, some that really inspire me. And this is of flour going from 0. And these are some random ones I've watched once in a while. I got some extra folders I need to replace right now after I've recorded this. But that's how it is. And thank you so much. See the next thing that we're talking about right now, let me get back to VB0. I very often challenge my students to open up the YouTube history. What are the last 10 videos you, that is the deflection of who you are and becoming open your Messenger, whether ten people you last talk with, why you talk with them. That's the reflection of who you are becoming. The date that the same with WhatsApp. But at the last 10 people you followed it Instagram, these little things actually are doing much more impact than you are noticing my dear friends with that, you know, at upholstery level. Again, very much the commending you to have a vision board for yourself. In a very slight note, I'm not going to have our talked long about this because it's a whole wonderful course. A vision board is somewhere here. You have all your dreams listed with pictures that you can visualize because very often. I've been likes to things in terms of pictures, and those pictures can be very, very powerful for you, maybe your friend. Also my defense, I came up with this very beautiful idea and my last birthday, and I called it the, you know, you know, this is what I did every time someone wish me a happy birthday into messenger or in a call on Facebook, on Instagram. I'll send them a link saying, Hey, thank you so much. Worry about division. I really, really appreciate it. What do you mind helping me by filling this simple form? And boy, that has been such a powerful tool, I put everyone with a custom message. Now let me share to you before we go ahead of the response about the questions I had, I have a sheet of people with those questions right now in my hand. Let me read it out to you. The one said, if Weber dies tomorrow, what would you remember him for? Has VAB of added any value to your life in small or big way, how and if there are any incident you would like to share, what would you, what do you think makes web? How different? How is he making the world a better place? What more can he do? Furthermore, I add, what do you think must have APA book on to become a better web hub and also Anything else you'd like to share. Now, I got amazing heard touching messages from over 150 to 200 people that I knew around that line, maybe 20 or up and down. And every time I feel down, I go and visit that format. Realize how will the I am, what people think of me. Sometimes what people think of you can also be powerful, mighty offense. Just want to take a moment to show you the responses I got from a Google form. Let's go in there. It's just, you know, Bookmark right there. This is what the form looks like. If you're looking for what the questions are in the project, I've attached the section which has all these question that I mentioned. I got around 123 responses that day. And let me show you what the responses look like. I'll read out to you one just a few minutes from now. But in an overall, it's showing you what you know, most of the responses look like. So yap, I'm going to, you know, this is other form look like simple questions right there. Right? I keep the name optional because if someone wants to share with privacy, I give back to them as well because I wasn't genuine responses, right? I'm zooming in a little bit, taking it to segment that. I want to only Yep, let's go for it. And this is what it looks like. So I have question like 50 diced tomato, what will you remember about it? And these are all the positive attitude he was a champion and stuff. And now I ask question like has provided value? Yep. All these different things, yes, he taught me many things which could be very helpful, mean the future, many motivational change my thinking process. And some people when asked if a bevel dies, this is what they said, Please don't say that on this happy day. However, I'll miss your smiley mission and public speaking attitude by smiling mission is a mission where meet random new people in the street and I ask them to smile as simple as that. Or this little ones. I love this super-duper inspiring. If you do this, this will inspire you as well. I'll read out to you this one in just a moment. This one. And before that, let me go. I'll add printed this for you and I'll be able to you the whole thing. But these are all the other responses as when the VCE peak, what makes web of different? You know, he talked in perfect rhythm. The way he talks, he give motivational speeches and staff. I got some suggestion that I need to get into opportunities and help young kids. I do that even now. I did that back then as well. And is positive person with energy. And when I asked anything else, I love this one because one friend made this whole thing. I wanted to give you this model form in gift, in this form, it is for you, looks cute right? Now. All these other responses, event on leading each of them, always inspiring to go back and get inspired. This was an old school friend. He said, vapor, don't take it seriously. You know, when people listen to same topic is tumors. So I give you a suggestion to find more exciting content that can attract your audience, that's inspiring rate, you need feedback, you need feedback to grow. And all this different thing. Little fun and inspiring. Gave the smile on your face all the time. He's nicest. He inspired a lot of boy who used to get bullied during school. If the CEO, teammate, speaker, that's so inspiring, you know, when you read through all this, whenever you are done, It gives it transitions, shift and a prospective genes because you're feeling down and then you see people say good things about you. There was just so wonderful quote that I read that you are not. What do you think? You are? Sorry, you are not what do you think you are? You are not what they think you are. You are what you think they think you are. That's interesting, right? All these little messages, 123 of them. Well, many people I did not know personally, but we're connected in my social media sharing this to me. And that's what had, you know, that's what inspired me a lot. Let's do one more year. A message to him. Cham mind you're each action now your actions and not just related to you. I would never know who follows you silently, whom you mislead, shine hard, champion. You know, these people are really powerful, really powerful. This was someone who said, I need to get better at my pronunciation. And well, that's how it is. And I'm thankful to all these people wrote this for me. After I'm recording this, I'm going to take a few moments, go through this again. It's so fun. You take a break and read all this for an odd and get pumped back. Let me get back right back to the video right there and read to you one of these very beautifully written thing to you. Let's go for it. People have well, let me just read out to you one of the message I got D of Apple. I don't have a TV. I usually like radio to listen to news. But when I got opportunity to watch TV, I usually take the remote to play Makalu television. The television it, which my TV show runs in order to see you or show you see recently. When I was talking to my principal from a college regarding a project, he said, just like you is a boy who's just fantastically you ACIP, you're in path of changing lives. And he talked about use such a long time. You know, this pathway, live full of struggle backhoe. But I think light without struggle is like a movie with no sound. So keep on going with the motto of changing boring lives into successful ones with us My do believe, can you imagine how empowering and powerful and inspiring this could be for any person to read in a random day when they're feeling down. Really, really request and encourage you to get this practice. You know, it doesn't necessarily have to be a birthday, but any random David, you share people the link and say, Hey, I need your help. I'm working on assessment on myself. And it can you please help me fill this form? This is so powerful media. I have bookmarked the response of this Google Form, my sheep. And I've visited that every now and then when I need to feel rejuvenated. Also, my dear friends, I very much encourage you to do the same. What I basically do is I want you to go to the discussion sections. Once you have created the form for yourself, please share the link down below. And I'd love to ease out to sea and give any feedback that you'd have. With this. Let us move to the final video of this course, and I'll see you in the next video. 12. Conclusion: All right, so finally we are in the final video of this course, my dear friend, it has been such a beautiful and amazing journey with you. And as we end this journey before we sign off, I want to remember that I believe in you, I'm sure that you're working on your worksheets right there. Please make sure you share it in the projects below because it can really inspire all the other people watching the course. You know, it has such a wonderful path. Then we can build a community around discourse and love to help you and give you any personal feedback that our questions that you have, Furthermore, idea friends, let me give you a very quick summary of everything we learned. We started with learning about debunking the myths about confidence that you need to be successful, to be confident, that you're, you know, a person is confident all the time frame is not a certain specific and this, you know, around eight or nine such myths that we talked about. I hope you remember that. I hope it helps you that way. Furthermore, my dear friends prefers to Paul talk about the first technique which is about changing your language, about changing your iambs in life. If you want to be more competent, more powered, more, you know, the whole idea is to change your language to actually leverage your life. We later discussed about it in seventh or eighth video as well, but that's what I want you to remember. Then we talked about, you know, getting beyond the comparisons syndrome. If you remember the story of Peter parrot and also my dear friends of yourself comparing to someone else. It's an insight to what God has made you or what you believe yourself to be. So basically with that, I want you to also remind that we learned about another amazing technique of challenging himself. Remember Michael Jordan's father once said that if you want Jordan to do anything and just say, hey, we cannot. And I hope you remember to challenge ourself every now and then, but smaller and bigger challenges to come out as a champion. Furthermore, idea friends we discussed about the amazing idea of self approval. Approved yourself to become a champion, approved loss up to become successful. Remember the story of hand that we talked about, the Henan, The Eagle. Believe me, I see that eagle in you and I'm sure that you are meant to go places. That's my firm belief in new media friend. Also, I want you to remember that it is so important to have o, Q P or Q, W and Q t on your placed only quality words are liquidity thoughts and only quality. Yeah, you remember that? So make sure you have the quality of people around you and thoughts and everything else in the right order as they're supposed to be, so that you can impart and accelerate your V2 going. Also, my dear friends, we are talking about increasing competence of actually how having one skill that is amazing helped in overall growth and development in LA. Last of all, I want you to remember the wonderful technique we learnt about creating a wonderful confidence environment in terms of your playlist, in your computer, in terms of the room you decorate yourself with and all those stuff. See, this course has been all about helping you increase your confidence and take yourself to next level. Now, I need your help. Please drop down or review. Please drop down any questions you have in discussions. If you have anything, please feel free to reach out to mean Instagram and Facebook and YouTube in any platform. And I'd be more than happy to help you. And this platform as well. If you have any questions, feel free to drop it down and be happy to help you out. If you want to personally email me, you can find me at VI BH, Av at the rate of VIV, HIV and a Thank you so much for watching this course. I'm so excited to further help you in the future. Bye-bye.