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Conduct Great Interviews to Generate Content

teacher avatar Matt Bernstein, Helps hardworking people start a side business

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Conversation Content

    • 2. Value

    • 3. Guest

    • 4. Repurpose

    • 5. Conducting Interviews

    • 6. After the Interview

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About This Class

Interviews for content generation is something that many digital marketers overlook or don’t consider.

This is a technique that can be used to create amazing, highly sharable content very quickly so why wouldn’t you want to employ it?

  1. Maybe you don’t know just how valuable interview content can be.
  2. Maybe you don’t know how to create great interviews.
  3. Or maybe you don’t see how to profit from them.

Either way, this report is going to open your eyes to the power of interviewing for bloggers and marketers alike.By the end, you’ll not only know just how powerful interview content is but you’ll have a full understanding of how to use it and how to get the very most value from it. What’s more, you’ll also have a ton of great ideas and ac3onable strategies that you’ll be able to put into practice right away.

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Matt Bernstein

Helps hardworking people start a side business


Matt helps hardworking people start a successful side business at an affordable cost.

Students get access to cutting-edge training courses and passionate support communities that help them start a side businesses more quickly and easily.

The courses provide everything one could need to start and grow a home business. We've discovered principles, strategies, and technologies that produce real, measurable business results -- without the expensive upfront costs.

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1. Conversation Content: Hi. This is Member and Sumit skilled hands dot com. And in this section, we're gonna talk about conversation. Content interviews for content generation is something that many digital marketers overlook or don't even consider. This technique can be used to create amazing, highly shareable content very quickly, so why wouldn't you want to employ it? Maybe you don't know how valuable Internet content can be. Maybe you just don't know how to create great interviews. Or maybe you don't see how you can profit from them. Either way, this section is gonna open your eyes to the power of interviewing. For bloggers and marketers like By the end, you'll not only know how to create powerful interview content, you'll have a full understanding of how to use it and how to get the very most value from it. What's more, you also have a ton of great ideas in actual strategies that you'll be able to put into practice right away. So go put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and get comfortable. Let's learn how to use interviews to create truly compelling content. Why content matters when it comes to succeeding online, There's no single asset more important than content content very much is what makes the digital world go round, and ultimately it is what provides the motivation for anyone to visit your website. Content is also needed for search engine optimization. Google values unique content very highly in its ranking algorithm, Google rankings rules change all the time. Certain techniques come and go, but creating high quality content will always make Google gods happy. Content is what also brings visitors back to your website. Time and time again, content is what encourages them to sign up for email list Content is what you share through social media. In orderto build a following content is even what you used to connected influencers in your niche. Simply put, content plays a key role in every last aspect of online marketing. Digital marketing doesn't exist with content, and that means that it's your job of a serious marketer to constantly do whatever they can to get the best quality content for their website and take serious notice of the world quality. The mistake that a lot of marketers make is forgetting that the content has to be have high quality. You need to focus on quality instead of focusing on quantity. It's not good enough for your writing to be well constructed. You need to make sure that the topic is unique, interesting and something that hasn't already been done to death. In other words, great content is content that's unique and exciting for the reader. Ask yourself, Would you read it? All of this creates a bit of a problem if you're marketer, blogger or anyone building a presence online. What if you don't know how to write great content? What if you've never spent time writing before? What if you just aren't at all confident in your ability to string together a coherent content? One option is to outsource the process, which is fine, but it can get expensive quickly. Another choice is toe. Add mainly curated content to your website, though this can create a scenario where you're not really offering anything new to your visitors, and ultimately you just become a middleman, meaning you could be cut out. There is one technique that can add unique content with little input of your own, which is interviews. Interviews can provide an answer to the above problems 2. Value: Hi. My name is Matt Bernstein from skilled hands dot com. And in this lecture, we're gonna learn why interview content is so valuable. If in the past you've been sharing articles with titles like How to get six Pack Abs or top 10 s Seo tips for beginners, then you might find that you don't quite reach that kind of momentum that you're looking for. Well, the problem with the sort of content is that it's inherently dull and derivative, even if these posts are well written there, the kind of content that you can find anywhere else on the Internet. So most people have read it 100 times, and chances are the tips will be thing everyone has heard about to do before. This is the definition of phoning it in when it comes to the content marketing, and unsurprisingly, it doesnt lead to too much growth of your website. So in order to be readable and share a bowl, your content really needs to have something unique about it. The title of the content is, for starters, needs to promise something that the perspective reader absolutely cannot miss. And once they've clicked to read it, it's just a important as the content that they deliver on its promise. It's on Lee this way that you can capture the reader's attention and keep them coming back to website toe. Learn mawr. If you want to ensure your content spreads and gets likes and shares, then you need to cater to a very specific audience. So in other words, you need to write for target demographic this way you have some clear places to share it, and you can find like minded people who want to share with their friends on social media. Remember, Social Media is first and foremost a communication tool, and you need to create content that facilitates this communication. If you want to succeed in this environment, this is the first big advantage of interview content. It takes all of these boxes perfectly. For starters, an interview is something unique, interesting and with clear value, and you can get an interview with an interesting person. And then this is something that you can instantly communicate in your headline, and it's something that will appeal to everybody. What's more, is that all specifically appeal toe fan to that person or what that person does this in turn means that you can take the new content and share it with specific groups. For example, if you're Atlanta interview with a prominent martial artist, then you can share it with martial arts groups on Facebook. And that alone would be enough to encourage a lot of likes and shares. People love demonstrating when they're really fan of something or someone, as it gives them a way that they can express themselves. People will then, like any interview content, as long as they like the person being interviewed that guarantees love and exposure for what you just posted. Don't forget that there is another angle to this to the person being interviewed. If you interview someone who was well known and big in their field, then you will gain instant likes shares and comments simply from the association with their name. If you go with someone a little bit smaller on the other hand, then you have another advantage. That person will be excited to be featured online, and you'll probably share it themselves. Let's say you interview a video game designer. They don't get a lot of exposure, then they may share this with their family, their friends, social media or other online communities that they're active in. In fact, they might share it anywhere, that they get a chance to find someone who is very influential in your niche. And this might mean getting exposure toe a massive selection of targeted people. Interviews unique, full of variety, highly targeted and have tons of potential for sharing. What more can you ask for? How about a very low investment on your part? Despite this type of content being incredibly valuable to you? The amazing thing is it takes a very short amount of time and effort view to actually write it. That's because you only need to write the questions, and your interviewee will provide you with the answers. 3. Guest: Hi, this is Matt, very soon skilled hands dot com. And in this lecture, we're gonna talk about getting the interview. There are very few obstacles when it comes to getting amazing interview content. No method of finding content is completely simple. Otherwise, everyone would have highly successful bogged by now. The main obstacle when it comes to interview content is simple. Finding the interviewees and getting them to take part here. Some strategies you can start using to get more successful at landing interesting interviewees that can attract a bigger audience. Mutually beneficial exchanges. One option is to look for people who are currently trying to promote something. One rather new option is to interview people from Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites. These sites are designed to help people raise money from backers in order to fund a project they're working on. The success of a Kickstarter campaign is entirely dependent on the ability of the project creator to drum up support. If they don't reach the missile goal they set themselves, they don't get to keep any of the money that is raised. This means these entrepreneurs and start up companies are forever on the lookout for even the tiniest bit of exposure. What's more, Kickstarter is inherently interesting place where lots of exciting and unusual ideas are being generated and promoted. All of the time, you are almost certain to find someone related to your niche. Do you see the potential for collaboration Here? You write about these projects and provide these companies with exposure that they need, and in exchange, you get a great story on your block. What's more, those companies will likely try and promote your interview in order to gain more exposure. They'll write about it to their backers. Kickstarted lets you message anyone who's back to you. They'll post it to their social media and even link it on their website or project site. That's a lot of great exposure. With just one link. Who else might find themselves in a boat of needing the exposure and having a story to tell ? Well, how about checking out some press releases from sites like pr dot com here, confined press releases submitted by Web masters marketers and small businesses? The whole objective in mind is to get people like you to turn their news into a story for your website or block this gives them the exposure for whatever project it is that they're gonna launch, and it helps them find a bigger audience. Have you contact these people? Then you know that A. They have some kind of story to tell. At the very least, they run a business in the industry that you're interested in and be there currently looking for exposure. So browse these titles, look for pressure leases and then try to get in touch to get an interview, interviewing influencers and other strategies. Simply aim for the top toe look for big influencers who have a large audience and who people will want to hear from. This is a little bit more difficult as you're now gonna get bigger fish. Luckily, though, there are a few smart strategies you can use to stack the deck in your favor. The smaller influence there. One technique is to simply approach the big influencers who don't know their big influencers. For instance, this might mean a youtuber who has 300,000 subscribers but doesn't know that that's good. Perhaps they're not doing anything with it. Likewise, it might mean someone who is gradually built up a big following on Twitter just by being funny and witty to them, this might just be a little bit of fun, and they have no idea That's potential. A lot of money to earn from such a big audience. These people most likely won't be divas, and they won't be drowned with messages, but they will be valuable to you. You'll message them and ask for an interview, and they'll be excited that they're getting noticed and hopefully eager to respond. If you get someone just on the cusp of success, you can earn a real sweet spot. Another type of small influencers, one that is particularly valuable, is anyone who is big within their industry. If you're a small niche like stage lighting, then you may be able to interview someone from the world more easily. They'll be Bigas Faras. Your audience is concerned, but they won't be drowned with requests from every other marketer that can't get a hold of them. Networking and other strategies to network and use your connections to arrange a meeting with someone influential. When you meet someone in person or get in touch of via a real life acquaintance, you'll often find that they're more likely to listen to what you have to say. So how might you? Network with a big blogger author, expert of popular marketer? One option is to go through linked in. You'll be able to aim and find a mutual connection, which will give you the ability to message them directly through Lincoln Male. Add the report app to your Gmail account, and you'll be able to add anyone who emails you toe linked in. As a result, you'll eventually build up a large network of associates and friends. So this, in turn, will give you a large amount of mutual connections, potentially leading to a valuable connection that will utilise to gain big exposure. In other words, if you add enough people eventually, this will lead you to some big influencers. In fact, linked uneven makes it easy to see which connections are key influencers. Another way to reach bigger influencers is to do business with them, which might mean hiring their services, buying their product or tending their live event. At this point, you simply might want to try to get an audience with them, and this means doing anything you can to get their attention. If you're paying for their service. Then you'll get their attention and you'll be able to start building your relationship once more. You'll have done something for them, which means they'll have a natural urge of reciprocity and that will motivate them to want to answer your message. Another way to network is by simply creating more opportunities to meet people in real life . Being on the constant lookout for people to interview going to networking events is something that every marketer and bloggers should be doing. This can essentially lead to all kinds of amazing opportunities. Likewise, you can simply go into a local business in person and ask if they can have an interview. This is especially effective if the businesses in your niche or if they're doing any type of local marketing. By the way, don't be afraid to pick up the phone. A phone call gives you a captive audience, and you'll find that it makes a much bigger impression than an email. Find the phone number of the individual that you want to interview and try calling them. You might be surprised to find the receptive to requests, and you can keep things brief. After all, this probably beats the kind of marketing calls they're used to. Hidden gems on the complete other end of the spectrum and other option is to interview people who aren't considered influences at all and who aren't even well known in their field. Your job is to make them interesting. You could interview someone who has worked on a soundtracked oven indie game or personal trainer at the gym who was unorthodox approached or a doctor in order to get his or her opinion on a health issue. The idea here is to simply create a unique insight to an interesting subject, and then make this the calling card of your article. This means you end up doing like a title with Dr Weighs in on X Diet, the art of the video game design level design explained by a pro 15 things you need to stop doing to your pets. According to vets. Top mistakes of a new martial artist. An interview with a karate teacher here you're just trying to find an angle that you're looking for stories that other people might have missed. This way you can creates up the unique and therefore interesting at the same time, potentially help promote that individuals business. Build your way up. Lastly, make sure you're thinking about the long game. Don't just go after huge influences for your first interview when you've never done interview before, because this is a recipe for failure. Instead, focus on someone smaller and less known to begin with and then build your way up to larger names. Look for someone at your level, and you'll both have more to gain. Once you've done a few successful interviews, you'll built a slightly bigger audience and you'll be able to point out to the interviewee that you've interviewed this person and that your audience is this big. Each time you're the aim slightly higher, resulting in even bigger returns. Think of it is scaling up as a business for each success you have? You can go even bigger the next time 4. Repurpose: Hi. This is Matt bursting with skilled hands dot com. And in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about types of interview content. Now, you have some ideas about how it can start reaching out people for interviews. The next thing to think about is how you gonna deliver those interviews? In other words, what type of content you're gonna be creating? Listen on. And we'll look at not only the different types of content that you can create, but also the different methods in which you can use each instance and some tips for each written interviews, thes of the most common and the easiest to some ways and the most useful types of interviews you can conduct as a marketer here, you simply send someone your list of questions, and then you can wait for them to respond. What you'll get in return will be a document with lots of content, and then you'll be able to publish this syrup site. These air quick and easy way to create and send out new content. You could do these in volume to see if you can get a response. At the same time. This method gives you the most versatility, providing you with plenty of ways to use that text. The downside of this type of interview, though, is that it means that you can't act like a real interviewer and adapt your questions in response to those answers. The best interviewers will do this naturally, and they can get their interviewees to expand on interesting points or to explain concept ideas. Further. If you've simply send out a written interview questionnaire, you won't have this option. So how about the next level? A video interview has a lot going for it. For starters, this means that people will get to see the person that you're interviewing. And at the same time, you can also gain a lot more information from a video than you can from anything written. You get to see the way that the interviewee is dressed, and any nervous ticks or expressions they make as you interview them. Video interviews also makes it look so much more professional, and it's great for your brand, so these types of interviews could be really effective. If you combine them with high production values, they're gonna be recording these types of videos than invest in some high quality camera equipment and editing software. You can arrange it in person meeting. Then a good alternative would be to conduct a video interview over Skype or through Google hangouts. This is a lower video quality, but at least it's a more realistic game. For most marketers, especially those who don't have an option of traveling audio interviews as mentioned, interview over the phone or any audio app can also be a great option. Picking up the phone is something that many marketers a reluctant to do, and this immediately makes a great way to get people's attention and to get noticed. Ah, phone interview can also be very quick. When conducting an audio interview, you should aim to record it. This provides accuracy and versatility, making MAWR from your content. You can also get more from the interview content by taking the interviews you've created and using them in unique ways. This is probably the best thing about interviews there so easily repurposed. A simple interview is just a seed that can grow into a bounty of compelling content. Here's some of the unique ways you can use your interview content. Kindle e book. I say kindle because any self publishing platform can work. The idea is that you can collect a number of your interviews, especially if they're in the same niche into an e book. Some very popular e book have been created this way for Ensign's You Timmy Life by Dennis J . Smith was an interviewee on that e book and everything went great. You got a collection of 40 you know me. Instructors case studies off their success. You can theoretically publish one long interview as any book, but is more powerful if you can get several of them packaging your interviews at an expert advice E book. It is a great way to use your existing content collecting five or so interviews from successful business people. Don't you think other business people would love to read that book? Audiobooks. This is a $1,000,000,000 industry, so why not get some of the share of that? Much of what we said about Kendall applies to the section, except instead of an e book, you will be collecting interviews into an audiobook. The only caveat of this is that you must have conducted the interviews in audio or video podcasts, keeping with the audio theme. How would a podcasts. They've been around for ages, but I'm not sure if they've ever been more popular. While podcast content varies greatly, one of the most popular types are interviews. If you're regularly hosting audio interviews, it is almost a proverbial no brainer to turn these into a regular podcast transcription. There are a ton of people online who offer very low friendly transcription services. Getting your audio or video interview transcribed is a great way to get a bang for your buck. You don't have to do anymore work, but at the end of it you have your interview an entirely new format. You can now use his written concept in the affirmation e book, or you can use it as a Web blawg Content. Quote images. Most interviews end up providing with the number of quotes or soundbites that you can stand as a piece of content on its own attorney. Way to make use of these quotes is to create images of them. I'm sure you've seen quote images on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. These small images air very shareable and could potentially go viral. You could make them yourself with Canada dot com for free or higher designer. Or use an online quote image generator to easily create these valuable pieces of content. Quote. Library. If you regularly interviewing people, you'll be ableto start a collection of decent amount of quotes. Besides, using them is quote images. You can also start a quote repository on your site. People often are searching for quotes related to their passion needs for interest. Building a quote portal using your own air views ensures the U of u meet quotes that aren't found on a typical quote sharing website. 5. Conducting Interviews: Hi. My name is Matt Bernstein, skill hands dot com. And in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about interview best practices conducting your interview. One of the biggest factors that will influence your response rate will be the way that you conduct your interviews and the questions you pose. You need to walk a fine line between getting the meatiest and most fascinating content and at the same time ensuring he won't offend or put off your interviewee. It's important not to create a situation where your subject is angered or irritated by the questions and thus refuses to answer. So the first tip is, Do your research read about the person you're gonna be interviewing, spent some time on their website and look at their social media sites. This doesn't have to be a long process, but make sure you have a good feel for what they do and who they are. Make sure they are up to date with anything that they have done recently. If you ask them something that's public knowledge or contradicts reality than you'll expose yourself as not being really interested in them, and this can hurt your relationship and other tip along these lines. Be polite, always thank them for answering you in the first line of your message and your interview. In general, it is a good idea, and someone expected to start your interview by asking for basic overview off the person you're speaking to. Beginning your interview with a simple Can you tell our listeners a bit about who they are is a great way to kick things off. It also brings your readers up to speed with who this person is. This also brings us to another point. You should always use open ended questions. In other words, you should never lead the question with the statement like, That's true, isn't it? And you should never use questions that will only require a yes or no response. Asking Do you like chocolate is not as good as asking. What are your feelings about? Chocolate, on the other hand, is much better. Not only does this show them their personality more, but it also means more content for you in terms of the nature of the questions, you want to stay on topic while at the same time trying to make it interesting. Think a little deeper than the obvious. And don't just ask for information that you can find online asked for their opinions, their feelings, their predictions or insider secrets. If there's a scandal of controversy surrounding an individual and you want to touch upon it than tread carefully, and you can ask this question in such a way that they will be able to dodge or spin it if they wish, don't make the interview to lengthy. If you have a 200 question interview, then you can bet there interviewee isn't gonna want to take the time to answer all of them . There are in a hurry, and ultimately, if you're lucky, you can get any responses. Use less questions. Keep them open ended so the interviewee can choose to elaborate if they want to. This also makes sense from your perspective. You don't want to spend hours writing your interviews on Lee. For them to be ignored or not used. Doing that will only end up making things more labor intensive than writing original contents. Doesn't that somewhat defeat the point? In fact, if you really want to save yourself time and streamline the process than you can even try using some of the same questions from interview to interview. Even professional interviewers will do this. Sometimes they will ask a few set of questions to get a unique insight into that person here. Part of the fun is actually derived from the fact that that the questions are consistent, meaning the answers can be compared to one another. For example, inside the Actors Studio is a program where James Lipton interviews a number of actors in orderto learn more about their craft. Lipton imposed the same 10 in NextCard style questions with all of his interviewees at some point during the long form process. Of course, you might not have long enough with your interview to ask them all of these 10 questions, but you can easily create three or four of your own unique questions to either start or end each interview note. However, the less unique your interview opportunity, the more unique your questions need to be, and vice versa. In other words, if your interviewee has never given an interview before because they're smaller influencer than anything you ask them will be fresh material. But if your interview with Brad Pitt however you pull that off, then you need to ask something new to make your content fresh. His fan base will read anything with his name attached. But get your content to explode and potentially go viral. You need to try and discover something new about Brad Pitt. How about doing something completely unique then and asking your interviewee about a topic not usually associated with them? Asked one piece of advice. A good marketer should always close a review by asking if the interviewee has anything they'd like to add. Better yet, invite them to speak about an upcoming project or event that they like to promote. Not only this is polite, but it gives them the floors and thank you for taking the time, but it is also makes them much more likely to respond. In fact, they hadn't even seen the inherent marketing opportunity available to them, adding this your questionnaire will make sure that this is clear 6. After the Interview: Hi. This is Matt Bernson, skilled hands dot com, And in this lecture, we're gonna learn how to create alternatives to regular interviews. If you want to make your interviews mawr interesting for your readers and for your interviewees alike, then you can look into using creative alternatives. Sustain Erred interviews, single question interviews instead of a whole list of questions. Why not be a little bit more creative about how you use this opportunity? For instance, one alternative to a standard questionnaire is instead, get multiple people dancer one single question and then collate the responses into a single results. This is a very effective strategy, as it gives you ranchers more credence than a single question. Makes it easier for you to get responses. If you ask somebody for an answer to just one question that they could potentially get the same benefits of exposure for just a couple of minutes of their time, this means much more likely to get you an answer in terms of your content. This also offer something very unique and interesting to the reader. Instead of one long interview on a subject now, you have lots of sound bites on a topic from a wide range of different people. You can combine these together and paint a picture or overview of the subject. That is a lot of inherent value. The title could be something like 20. Experts weigh in on X Surveyor audience You could take this concept even further and turn it into a kind of survey of your audience or the general public. How about getting 100 people to answer one question this way. You don't need to reach influencers, but you can still offer something exciting with your content. Think outside the box. Another alternative is to interact with your influencer interviewee in a way that breaks the mold. And that isn't just a standard interview question. This could be appealing to individuals because the interaction promises to be a little bit more interesting and fun for them. It will stand now compared to the countless other interviews they've done. No doubt that involved in, for instance, Hubble getting one of your contacts to take a personality quiz. This could be one of those fun ones. For example, which game of Thrones character are you? This is unique and fun content and would share. Wouldn't you want to know the game of Thrones character of a top CEO or blogger. Challenge the interviewee. Alternatively, how about giving your interviewee a challenge? Some yourself up in 10 words are about asking them to write a short story. This is fun, different, unique, and it's that sort of thing that could be turned into a series of making it great for getting repeat traffic.