Concrete Polygons: Easy Shapes You Can Make at Home | Leitha Matz | Skillshare

Concrete Polygons: Easy Shapes You Can Make at Home

Leitha Matz, Maker

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5 Videos (10m)
    • Here's what we're making...

    • Concrete class getting started

    • Mixing and pouring the concrete

    • Finishing moves and more ideas

    • Concrete polygons outro

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About This Class

Long before 3D Printing, people were "printing" forms out of metal, clay and concrete. In this class, we're going to play with casting simple shapes out of concrete. It's fun and easy. Once you get the hang of it, you'll want to start making all kinds of things out of concrete.

I'll show you how to pour concrete into geometric molds and create cool shapes that you can use for plant holders, candles, or maybe just a fun object to make your desk look stylish.

In no time at all, you can make some really cool-looking stuff to keep for yourself or give as gifts.





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Leitha Matz


I work as the head of product at a startup, but when I'm not at the office, I'm always making things of my own. I especially love illustrating, writing and design.

Here at Skillshare, I usually focus on creating classes in printing -- everything from stencils to woodblock.

I find printmaking inspiring because anyone can quickly start making successful prints with very few tools. It really opens the doors to producing a vision of your own on all kinds of materials: t-shirts, wall...

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