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Concert Photography Masterclass for Beginners

Matthias Hombauer, Rockstar Photographer

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22 Videos (1h 38m)
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    • 5 Myths About Concert Photography Revealed Part 1

    • 5 Myths About Concert Photography Revealed Part 2

    • The Mindset Part 1

    • The Mindset Part 2

    • Aperture

    • Shutter Speed and ISO

    • Aperture, Shutter Speed And ISO Interconnected

    • Cameras Part 1

    • Cameras Part 2

    • Cameras Part 3

    • Lenses Part 1

    • Lenses Part 2

    • Best Camera And Lenses For Beginners

    • Shoot Concerts Like A Pro Part 1

    • Shoot Concerts Like A Pro Part 2

    • Camera Settings That Work Part 1

    • Camera Settings That Work Part 2

    • Camera Settings That Work Part 3

    • During And After The Concert Part 1

    • During And After The Concert Part 2

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About This Class


Hi my name is Matthias Hombauer and I am a pro music photographer.

You’re passionate about music and photography and your dream is to get started with concert photography?

However, there can be a lot of challenges and frustrations 

- it´s hard to get started without any professional photography training 

- it´s hard to know which camera gear you should buy in the beginning (there are so many options, and it’s difficult to decide!) 

- It´s hard to figure out all the camera settings to get the best shots in front of the stage (the automatic camera mode won´t do the trick)

- It´s hard to build your first portfolio

All these new challenges can be quite overwhelming and if you don´t find someone to guide you, it can take you years until you get started. 

Since I know that you don´t have the time to waste years of your life to figuring all of this out I’m offering a step-by-step video guide that will help you get started and kickstart your music photography career (it doest matter if it´s only your hobby or if you want to become a pro). 

"Matthias is a great Mentor and I learned so much from his concert photography course. My favourites were the camera & lens lessons. He gave a simple, but in depth overview about a topic that I was always scared of. There are a some many options and I didn´t even know which camera and lens I should buy for concert photography. After this course I have the confidence to start as music photographer and I can´t wait to get out and try the things I have learned. Thank you so much!" - Lin *****

"Really good and learning more than going to college for it" - CDMPhoto *****

"A lot of great information" - Brent *****

"I took what I learned and got the nerve to shoot two bands this week at two different gigs in Hollywood! Thank You" - Dave *****

"Good motivational stuff" - Shaveta *****

"Because he is so encouraging and gives great advice!" - Kris *****





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Matthias Hombauer

Rockstar Photographer

Matthias Hombauer is the founder of "How To Become A Rockstar Photographer", a platform that helps passionate people to live their dreams as music photographers. With his online academy "Shooting The Rockstars", Podcast, Werkschau online magazine, Webinars, and Blog he has helped 1000s of photographers worldwide. 

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