Conceptual Illustrations : From Concept to Illustration | Shubham Sharma ☺ | Skillshare

Conceptual Illustrations : From Concept to Illustration

Shubham Sharma ☺, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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13 Videos (42m)
    • Course Teaser

    • About The Class

    • Why Concepts Matter

    • Define Design Brief

    • Creative Thinking

    • Formstorming & Conceptual Thinking

    • Problem Solving Thinking

    • Mood Board

    • Thumbnail Sketches & Finalization

    • Creating Outline

    • Adding Color

    • Adding Texture

    • Thank You!


About This Class

Concepts are the soul for any creative projects whether it is a logo design project or illustration. So, this class is all about Concepts

Welcome to my new class on Conceptual Illustrations: From Concept to Illustration. In this class we will discuss the process of creating concept based illustrations. We will cover from basics of concept illustration, what are design briefs, how to approach creative research, create better concepts and finally digitize it.

You'll learn:

  • Creative Thinking : Ways to enchance your creative thinking skill.
  • Research : How to research for a project.
  • Ideation : Ways to creative conceptual ideas for illustration.
  • Digitize. Tools & Technicques to digitize illustration.

Whether you are an experienced designer or a student starting your career as a professional illustrator, it is so important to strong your creative thinking. It is the thing that will make you different and unique from other illustrators. 

We will work on a project together and i will show you the practical and theoretical aspect of conceptual illustration.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn this kind of illustration or students who want to pursue their career as an illustrator.

Let’s get started.





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Shubham Sharma ☺

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hi! I am Shubham Sharma. I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator from South Asia. I love to share my skills and get interacted with budding designers. Design is an integral part of my life. I like to stay inspired and keep people motivated.

I love to talk about design, and stay close with the design community.

Thank You.

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