Concept Art: Creature Design Workflow | Andrew Hou | Skillshare

Concept Art: Creature Design Workflow

Andrew Hou, Concept Artist and Illustrator

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11 Lessons (2h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Keywords

    • 3. Photoshop Crash Course

    • 4. Silhouette Thumbnail 1/3

    • 5. Silhouette Thumbnail 2/3

    • 6. Silhouette Thumbnail 3/3

    • 7. Refining Sketch 1/3

    • 8. Refining Sketch 2/3

    • 9. Refining Sketch 3/3

    • 10. Coloring and Final Touches 1/2

    • 11. Coloring and Final Touches 2/2


About This Class

Welcome to my Skillshare class! I have been an concept artist and character designer for years, and I am going to share with you my process on concepting a creature silhouette and sketch.

The course will focus on the workflow of creature concept design, starting out with a topic, to brainstorming and sketching and refining it to a final solid concept.

This class is great for someone passionate about art, and who wants to refine their style and learn a solid foundation on which to build and design your creature.

What You'll Learn

Students will learn the brainstorming and concepting process of designing a creature. The class will cover brainstorming, proper work flow, and how to streamline from your topic or idea into a final concept design.

  • Brainstorming. This often occurs even before you lift your pencil or tablet pen to draw!
  • Creating Silhouettes & Shapes. Working with various silhouettes to come up with your creature's shape.
  • Sketching. Exploring various details within your sketch and techniques on merging your silhouette with your sketch
  • Refining Your Character. Playing around with simple colors to complete your rough concept

What You'll Do

You will use my unique workflow technique to design a unique creature. I will be demonstrating my concept flow by designing a creature, but I encourage you to create whatever you want!

This work can be done with natural media or digital media- whichever you prefer. It is important to learn basic, foundational concepting skills before you pursure your full character set. You will find this class helpful in making your creation and workflow process more efficient in creature design.