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ComputerCavalry - The 2020 IT Administrator

Computer Cavalry, Join The Cavalry!

ComputerCavalry - The 2020 IT Administrator

Computer Cavalry, Join The Cavalry!

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8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Down Detector

    • 2. UpTime CNN

    • 3. UpTime IP

    • 4. UpTime Keyword

    • 5. National Vulnerability Database

    • 6. Cyber Maps!

    • 7. ComputerCavalry - Remote User Cell Phone Support

    • 8. Nimbus

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About This Class

In this course you will learn great skills that are essential for the 2020 IT Administrator! We will be covering the following:

  • DownDetector
  • UptimeRobot
  • The National Vulnerability Database
  • and Cyber Maps!

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Computer Cavalry

Join The Cavalry!


ComputerCavalry is a leader in online computer related education to over 17,000+ students and consumer electronics.


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1. Down Detector: so suppose you're having issues with your favorite application. Let's just say Instagram every time you try to upload a picture, it says Message failed. Now, at this point, after repeated attempts, you don't know if there is a problem with Instagram or just No one cares to see you today. There's a website that you can go to that supplies with real time issues with various applications such as Instagram, and that website is called down. Detective, Let's go ahead and take a look. I'm going to open Google Chrome and I'm going to search for down detector. Select the option. And as we stated before down detector reports, riel, time problems and outages, we can look down a little further. We see different platforms Disney Plus for Rise and Comcast on so forth. Let's go ahead and stick to Instagram. I'm going to type search for Instagram and we see different results I g teats, TV instagram threats going to select the middle option. As you can see currently, Instagram does not have any issue. So yes, no one cares to see you today. We can scroll down look at issues reported on Instagram in the past 24 hours, we can go down a little further and see a live outage map. Where exactly in the country instagram if they are having issues where priority it also those issues being reported, we can see that 46% the issues reported or with news feed stories and log in as the percentage is just now. Let's just say your detect professional and you're having issues with Microsoft teams. I'm going to type teams in his search and we see Microsoft teams. Let's select that option and we see that teams also are not experiencing any issues. Actually, they've been doing very well within the past 24 hours. So, as I stated before, this is a great website that from home users to the I T professionals can use to find out if certain applications are not functioning properly. Maybe just for you or for everyone that uses these applications 2. UpTime CNN: suppose a website that you're trying to access seems to be continuously, um, showing instability or inconsistency. Maybe the website is just having issues loading from time to time. There's an application online that you can use to monitor this type of activity. That application is called up time, Robot. Let's go ahead and take a look. I'm gonna open Google Chrome. As you can see, I have the website already loaded and we see that up time. Robot gives you at least 50 monitors checked every five minutes completely, totally free. This is a great tool for home users as well as tech professionals. I've already went through the very, very basic set up of setting up an online account, so I'm going to click on my dashboard. As you can see, I have no monitors. I have zero up monitors. Your down monitors are pause. Your dashboard is gonna look exactly like this. Once you set up an account. Now let's do that. I'm going to slake add a new monitor and from the drop down we see under monitored type we can do in https with you. Just a website. We can monitor the website for certain key words. We can ping that website or do it by port. Let's stick to the basics. I want to select https. Now let's give this alert a friendly name. Let's just say Ah, seeing it now for the Euro r I p address. I'm going to put CNN dot com now. I want this monitor interval basically every five. I want this monitor to basically loop every five minutes every check for the stability of this website. Every five minutes, I'm going to select show hide for advanced settings to see if there's anything under here that we need. We have authentication settings. Custom. Http status is headers. We don't need any of this stuff. We're just going to set up a basic alerting to see if CNN dot com is up every five minutes . Now over to the right, you'll see select alert context to notify. Now, here I just have a email address. I'm going to select the box. So basically every five minutes I'm going to get an alert regarding the status of this website and I'm going to click, create monitor. No, let's go ahead and close out of this. We see that our new alert. CNN is up and running. Let's go and refresh Now what we'll do. We're pause the video and we'll come back in about 10 minutes and see what type of alerts we have for CNN dot com. All right, we are back. Let's go ahead and take a look at our count and see how our alert is doing. I'm going to select Dashboard and we see that CNN dot com is still up. It's been up for about 13 minutes, and you know that in the last video we set this interval for every five minutes. So it's been good for about 13 minutes as very is really good. We'll go ahead and select the monitor and see a little bit more detail something within over the past 24 hours. If you want that the last seven days last 30 days, Um, that's pretty good. Like I said before up time, Robot is very good website that any I T admin or home user can use if they wanted to monitor stability and consistency with a website 3. UpTime IP: in this section of the course. We're going to be using up time robot to monitor websites based on their I p address, not their friendly name. Now why would someone want to do this? Well, sometimes websites change Their website name may be seeing in dot com is now going to be the one and only great CNN dot com. Ah, typically, the I p address of the website doesn't change. So let's do that. We're going to set up a alert for CNN dot com based on its I p address. So I'm going to select Add a new monitor monitor type. I'm going to select Ping Now let's do for the friendly name CNN I P now is asking for the I . P or host name. So let's go ahead and Google. CNN's I P address. All right, we see we have one here, but its copy that go back to dashboard quick pace and set it for every five minutes. Let's get an email alert and create monitor. Let's close out of that now. Let's also use command prompt to get an I P address. Let's do ping CNN dot com. All right, now let's go back. We can verify if it's the same or different. We have 1571 OK, so we do see is different. So let's go ahead and plug. This one in is well, I'm going to create a new monitor. So, like Ping, let's do CNN I p to actually, let's make this a little more buy. Cheap. Fresh? No, that's call is the one No 1.65 I p on the one that 65 165 right? Yes. Okay, Now let's go ahead and type that I p. That should be 151101 Believed at 65 and scrap the last one. 67. Okay, leave that for every five minutes and get an email alert. Great monitor. So what we'll do? We'll come back in 10 minutes and check on our to I A p address. Um, alerts that we set up. All right, we are back. Let's go and log into our dashboard and take a look at our ping requests. Eso we see that one of our seeing in I p addresses that we set, um has been reported down while the other one is being reported up. So like I said before, that's why it's good to have more than one I p address stored when referring to a certain website. Because sometimes websites change not so much change, but they may have more than one i p address. And for whatever reason, it may be down. But it's good to have at least two or more. Another great thing about uptime Robot. As you can see, we have about 44 alerts set up here and we still have of about what, 46 of Lord ago. So that's really good. Um, I hope you guys enjoyed this course. I will see you again in the next one. 4. UpTime Keyword: in this section, we're going to be using up time robot to monitor a website for certain keywords. Now this is going to get a bit tricky. If a website contains a keyword, it's a fail. If it doesn't, it's a pass. So let's go and take a look at this. I'm gonna click dashboard unless select. Add new monitor from the drop down. We're going to select keyword. Now let's name this keyword president looks right now we want to monitor the board president for CNN dot com. We know that there's a very high chance that that's going to be there. Um, let's also make the keyword president as we should. Now we want a notification of win. This keyword exists. I wanted to check every five minutes and let's let getting an email. I'm gonna create monitor now what we'll do. We'll come back in about 10 minutes and see what type of alert we have from CNN dot com. Matter of fact, let's go there. See? There's a lot going on. Let's go and do a fine. There we go. Now we see. At least there's 12 instances of the word president on CNN dot com we can see them highlighted in yellow on here. Scroll down a little more. Let's see what we have. Should be somewhere in here. Who? Well, we know. Based on the search that there's at least 12 instances of president located on CNN dot com . So welcome back in two minutes and see what kind of alert we get. All right, we are back. Let's go ahead and log in tar dashboard and see what's been going on with our president. Alert. Uh, so we gotta down alert for the keyword. President says that the key word was found Not surprised. Um, we as we can see, we went back. We had 12 instances of the word president on CNN dot com. 5. National Vulnerability Database: in this section of the course. We're going to start diving into cybersecurity more because we really don't want to end up with headlines like this, especially for ones for companies. Maybe we worked with, You know, this is a very sad situation that New Orleans was hit with the cyberattack. Actually, I'm born and raised there, so kind of hits home. But how can we prevent situations like this? Is the question. So one of the areas of expertise that we're going to be looking at is the National Vulnerability Database now the national Vulnerability databases, where you can search for product, maybe one, that you have a one that you're looking to purchase and kind of run it through a database to see what kind of patches the system may need. What time of vulnerabilities are hacking? Attempts have been known for that particular product and so forth. So let's go ahead and take a product. For example, let's look for a a Cisco Muraki firewall. Actually, Siskel makes very great products. Let's click here, See, we can find a list with all of the products listed. Let's go to see models. All right, so here we see a variety of different models for system Iraqi Like a state, this is their firewall. Let's choose the MX 2 50 This is typical within a corporate environment. Ah, 100 plus users. Something like that. Now let's go over to the national that our national Vulnerability Database. Actually, let's just Google. It makes it a little easier. Vulnerability database. Okay, I'm going to click vulnerabilities and in search under search, I'm going to select Vulnerability The Dash C E. All right, so now we can go ahead and search for our product. Let's type Cisco Muraki and hit Enter. And as you can see, Cisco Muraki, um, has been reported with different issues for different models. Now it's important to know when these issues were released, because maybe updates have been released in Cisco's absolutely great for releasing patches for their hardware. So we see that this article is published November 8 2018 for the M. R. MX and S models, along with the Z one z three. Now we know that we were actually interested in the MX 2 50 So this does pertain the US because we're Imex model. Now let's see what this vulnerability says. It says the vulnerability occurs when handling requests of the local status page and exploit could allow the attacker toe establish an interactive session to the device with elevated privileges. So this exploit for these models after this date are subject to this vulnerability, and this is the where hacks can can occur. If you want to prevent hacking, then you have to think like hackers. So sometimes, just like tech professionals are here looking for solutions. You have hackers that search this database four vulnerabilities to kind of shortened at work. Now let's see if there's any type of updates for this. It's click here. Let's scroll down. We see severity and we do have a hyperlink to Cisco that's going click that link. We see that we're going to get redirected. Cisco is aware of the patch. Well, the vulnerability scroll down pertains to the M. R S X Z one z three. That's correct. Let's grow down. And yes, they did release a fix for it. So, like state, well, as I stayed here before, the National Vulnerability Database is a very great tool that most professionals can use to make sure that their systems are up to date and patched. I hope you guys enjoyed this course. I will see you again in the next one 6. Cyber Maps!: in this section of the course, we're going to branch a little deeper into cybersecurity as we take a look at cyber maps at this very second this very moment, all around the world, companies are being hacked into. Computers are being infected in viruses, are spreading. So where can we go to sort of see a live view of what's going on? All right, we need to know what viruses are spreading eyes it through text messages. Is it through email alerts? Is it through Web links? You know what's the known anti virus is right now? So let's go ahead and take a look at a cyber map. I'm going to open Google Chrome and I'm going to type Cyber Man. Let's choose Kaspersky. Ready? Looks pretty cool, doesn't it? Now, as a stated before, this is an example of a cyber Mathis sort of something out of you re a futuristic movie. So let's click here in the United States now to the left. We see sort of a table of what's going on in this map, but it's kind of hard to decipher. Let's click more details now. As we browse in, we can see the most infected today throughout the world. Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, China and was Germany. And that's going on today. Now, where does Spurs to get this information from? Or for one? If you're ever in the store, let's just say WalMart Target whatever and you'll see Ah Kaspersky box, right, An antivirus mark. Same thing with Norton. Um, in thousands more that's out there so folds and so forth. A majority time when you install this software you agreed to provide, everyone would feedback. And actually, this is a good tool because if one computer gets infected, letting a 1,000,000 computers, no would actually save them, Right? So we shared this information to keep everyone safe. But let's take a look at this little chart down here. Let's go and click Data sources. We see the oy s is on excess scan. The ODS is on demand scan, and the wave would be Web antivirus. So these are the different packages that Kaspersky offer. And based on that information, they're able to put together information of every second every moment of what's going on around the world and the infections that spreading. So let's go down a little more. Let's under worldwide. Let's look for infected male, right? That's something we all can relate to. Um, email comes in with an attachment. You're scared out of your mind. You don't know if someone's actually inviting you to the baby shower or this is a trick, right? So around the world, these were the top 20 companies. Not sorry, not companies, countries that were sort of subject to this. We see out of North America, Cuba, Bly's Asia, Africa, right so we can go down. Even Mawr. We can go daily. We see that December 14 15. For some reason, I guess, and the one we want to get infected. Ah, per country. We can go by that as well. Let's see if we can scroll down. See, let's choose the United States. So within the past week, this was the top virus that spread in United States. Let's go to infected male and see what we get. Same thing Microsoft Office. So we know within the last week there has been an uptick and viruses that have spread through Microsoft office using possibly an attachment. So that would be something that you would send an email about to everyone that you work with and say, Hey, this is on the rise using Microsoft office particularly, maybe outlook if we go back to the map, Actually, let's go down to buzz here we can see different articles and we can also see, you know, we can kind of customized widget. But this is very important to all I t professionals to kind of keep up to date with these particular cyber maps. I hope you guys enjoyed this course. I will see you again in the next one. 7. ComputerCavalry - Remote User Cell Phone Support: in this section of the course, We're going to take a look at cell phone emulation to simulate us helping a remote user. Now, in 2020 we know that majority of our users work are being done on cellphones, whether it's email, contact information or whatever the case may be. But how do you support a remote user that has a certain version of cell phone that maybe you don't have in front of you, right? I mean, most jobs aren't gonna have i t budget to go by every version of cell phone that comes out so you can have them at your desk and kind of walk them through. You know, maybe how to get the device name or the serial number, different things like that. You're not gonna have all models of the iPhone sitting on your desk. And if you do it, I'm a little worried. But, um, it'd be pretty cool if there was a way that we can support our users in this fashion. And thats whats called emulation. But let's go in open a website. We're gonna open Google Chrome. We're gonna type advertise that I owe. Sorry. Let's go back here. There we are. Now we see that appetizer I o does have an iPhone on the front page. Let's go and click on Demo. Now in the demo section, we have what's called a emulated iPhone. Here we can adjust thesis eyes of the iPhone, maybe for vision, scroll down and go down to 75. And below that, you see that we have a variety of iPhones that we can use. We have the eye from 77 plus eight of a block and all way up to even an iPad Air two for this demonstration. Let's go and select the iPhone X. I'm going to select tactically. Let the absence stall and we see Wikipedia opens. Now this is just for demo purposes. And just like on a regular iPhone X, we know that usually we can swipe up to kind of exit out the apse. But the online version of this is a little complicated. So what? I realize you have to do here, we're going to go right in the corner below this little why under history and drag kind of towards the center. There we go. Now we can actually swipe and go through the iPhone. So, as stated before, we know that we wanted to potentially help this user get the serial number may be the phone is damaged or the microphone, whatever the case is. So here we can tell them. Click on settings, click General about and under the about section. We have the serial number. Also the iPhone, I mean the name of the phone and other various information, maybe space or even the version. Now this demo time typically only has about 60 seconds, so you have to get straight to the point below that we can choose the Iowa's version. We needn't choose whether the phone is a black or white may be dependent on the color of the phones. Maybe some things are hard to see, but it's very cool this way we can support our uses. We can save a screenshot. We can add media a lot of different things to help us in this fashion. So, like I stated before, we know in 2020 majority of people are doing a lot of work on their cell phones, so this is a great way that you can support remote users through cell phone usage. I hope you guys enjoyed this course. I will see you again in the next one 8. Nimbus: all right, we are back. This is our final course. Um, I hope you guys really enjoyed everything that we covered so far in this class. The 2020 i t. Admin And let's get to it. So in this video, we're going to cover an application that's reading. Selling Google Chrome called Nimbus. Now numbers is a sort of screen capturing type application. Now, one of the reasons why this may be very helpful for I t administrators is Let's just say you have Betty from a county you know, 60 plus 70 plus or above. You know, not really too tech savvy, and she kind of needs instructions on how to maybe set up her email or log in to office 3 65 Something like that versus staying on the phone for 56 hours. It would probably benefit you greatly if you could just email or just send Betty, um, a video right of how to set up Erviti her email or along in a 3 65 So let's go ahead and go to numbers. Let's go in installing. I'm going to just type numbers. No, we don't want shoes. Numbers capture. Here we are All right. You see, we're here. Numbers capture. Why type where you can send videos of screenshots? So let's go ahead and start this for Google Chrome. Now you do have to be signed into your Google chrome account. For this, that's click. Add to crow Extension. It's checking. You see in the bottom left corner. It's installing. We'll give it a second and also greatly appreciate all the reviews that's been coming in pretty much. I'm averaging at least a review a day, so that's that's starting become really good. So I appreciate it. All right, so let's say we want to record a video. Let's go up to the top right corner of our Web browsing. We see we have the numbers extension at it. We can see parts of a page. We can capture fragments elected area an entire page. I'm pretty sure at this point you can see just how helpful this is, especially for a screen recording. Let's select record video now. We can also change what we want to happen after this is done, but let's go and leave it on edit. We can also select here for where we want to save the file. Let's go back. Gonna select number as good in select record video. Now I have the microphone turned on records have sound Webcam drawing tool. You can even add your own water more to your recording. That way let's just say it's something like computer calorie. You don't want anyone to, you know, kind of story. A video. You can add your own watermark here and upload it. Let's go back one. A select record video. And also, let's go ahead for this purpose. Turn off our microphone because it will have me talking into my microphone and the microphone from the laptop. So we're going to slag. Start record received a little icon at the top. Let's go ahead and scroll down. Let's just do a little bit of activity. I'm a user user. I see stuff, User. All right, let's go in. Slate three, Court, stop recording. All right. You see, we have sort of, ah, editor application loaded. Here. We consent to numbers. We can save the video. Dropbox even publishes straight to you too. You see our video playing automatically in the background. So especially with this application, is going to be very helpful for Betty to walk through, installing maybe an application logging into office 3 65 and so forth. Now, when you try to save the video, it does kind of saving this weird format so you can if you look here and you can convert it to an MP for gift. But you kind of have to have a subscription for that. So if I select, maybe and before he hit convert you see, it wants me to at least go in a more pro. We're gonna select No, thanks. We can also just load the video editor. Heavy play can pause it, weaken, crop it, weaken, trim it. We could do all kind of things with this. So I stated before, I hope you guys enjoyed this course on the 2020 i t admin. Go ahead and play around with them numbers some, or you can do, you know, some screen capturing. And, um, sorry. Let's go here. Selected area. See, we can get the work, uh, capture fragment. But anyway, it's kind of loading a little weird, but go ahead and play with the application is a really good application. I've used it in different jobs that I've worked for video screen capture and so forth. I hope you guys enjoyed this course. I will see you again in the next class.