Compressing Videos For The Web

Jake Bartlett, Motion Designer

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5 Videos (22m)
    • Adobe Media Encoder

    • Video Settings

    • Audio Settings, Presets & Encoding

    • AE and Premiere

    • MPEG Streamclip

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About This Class


Compressing videos: everybody's gotta do it. But what program is best? And what compression settings should I use? In this quick class, I'm going to show you how to compress videos the best way I know how. I'll cover different compression scenarios, and how to compress any video using Adobe Media Encoder, and the free program MPEG Streamclip. In less than 25 minutes I'll demystify some of the most confusing pieces of compressing videos so you can start sharing your work online!

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Great introduction to video compression and how to handle it with Media encoder.
Jake is such a clear and concise teacher, turning mind-boggling subjects into something easily digestible yet excitable enough to make you have a crack at exploring things even if it doesn't go well at first. Instant recommendation.
As always from Jake, a nice concise overview of media encoder good for beginner to even advanced users for those little tips you never knew about.