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Comprehensive Japanese Writing - Katakana

Richard Heiney, If you can't do it, learn it!

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18 Videos (1h 23m)
    • Welcome

    • Introduction to Kana

    • Katakana

    • Unit 1 - ア

    • Unit 2 - カ

    • Unit 3 - サ

    • Unit 4 - タ v2

    • Unit 5 - ナ

    • Unit 6 - ハバパ

    • Unit 7 - マ

    • Unit 8 - ラ

    • Unit 9 - ヤ

    • Unit 10 - シェチェズィ

    • Unit 11 - ツァツィツェツォ

    • Unit 12 - ティディトゥドゥ

    • Unit 13 - ファフィフェフォ

    • Unit 14 - ウィウェウォ

    • Unit 15 - ヴァヴィヴヴェヴォ


About This Class

The goal of this course is to teach you Katakana the RIGHT way. The way it's taught in Japanese schools.

This course is good for anyone interested in taking their Japanese to the next level. A lot of textbooks don't give exact instructions on how to write these characters. They just show you the character and expect you to figure out everything on your own.

The purpose of this course is to take different approach - to really walk you through all the characters while holding your hand (not in a weird way! :D )

Riko-chan - our native speaker - has been overseeing the entire course so all of the content is genuine. She also prepared practice sheets which you can use to improve your handwriting.

The entire course is basically a video course. Plus you're getting the mentioned practice sheets in JPG format which you can print out.

Hiragana is taught in a separate class! If you haven't taken my Hiragana class first I suggest you do that and then come back here since I will be referring to some of the things taught there.

Anyone aiming to write correctly, be able to read manga (world-wide popular Japanese comic books), children's books and eventually novels and newspapers will benefit greatly from this course.





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Richard Heiney

If you can't do it, learn it!

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