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Composition Secrets: Tips to Draw Better

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 01 Derivation

    • 3. 02 Light & Dark

    • 4. 03 Island

    • 5. 04 Standing Position

    • 6. 05 Simplification

    • 7. 06 Contrast

    • 8. At Last

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About This Class


Let's learn some tips about composition that can instantly improve your art!

  • 6 useful tips: You can benefit from them whether what art medium you choose.
  • Clear examples and instructions: You will feel easy to utilize those tips.
  • Extended questions: Questions are after each section that can help you explore further.

Whether you are beginner or work on being professional, I try to cover all the useful tips that might help.

It will be fun to explore these ideas in you art. So, let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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1. Intro: Hi, Charles. I got this course is about to share some single tips about composition that can help you to improve your artwork. If you are thinking working on being profession, I'm trying to cover all the useful tips on my help. Each team has showing by symbols can have you feeling easy to understand. Not only apply states, both some enjoys in computer graphics, but also other kinds of on related to composition. So in campaign it will be found. His lotus ideas, you are so let's get started. 2. 01 Derivation: the first TV's, you can figure out what it to your next from Los. You've already Jordan on the favor. No see bits. Example. They are several numbers mark left to join May Allah during sequences that is, have J suffering by following the solders one after another. In the beginning, the supercell joined who's charming haters, then by late hills who shall marked us one, I think out water to draw next. The tale of the left bird looks like a tire. So I think about a bicycle which is related to it. And I drew a bicycle like place. Max is to on the left side, the tail off the right berg. Make me think about the broom. So I threw on at the place. Markelis, too, on the right side, next by the composer between the bicycle Aniela broom, the idea of science and the magical world count of my mind because the bicycle is something we can write in the science world, and it a broom is something we can write in a magical world. So I decided back. The left side of this drawing is a science world. On the right side is a magical world. Then I kept standing this idea by hard. I am going to draw nest. So I drove. Who heads all these two birds? No left wise ahead of layering Cop, which represents the size of world, the writer wines, the Wizard Head, which represents the magical world. They are marked as three in the drawing, mostly following. The surrounding elements are figured out in losing way, as in the places marketers, for they are both trees. No left one you to come post over Turkey's, which represents the side world, the red divisor that would which represents a magical world. Thus the places marketers fine the are all circle like limits. The left side appears which were present in the science world. The right side Rosie's who should represent the magical world. So by the abo method, the whole joy in finished things all figured out and enjoyed why after another by the association between men so we can in one way to draw by the earlier example, we have first judo our main characters. Then we can figure out the water to join nest by the dude around them. Now you can try this message down. You're during and they share. It is the project of this class at the last of reception. We can think about the question on this page. Increase your ways. Could you associate one object with another by the earlier example, I associating them by layer ships. You could also have your rules and write down your sort in the project description. 3. 02 Light & Dark: the second TV's We can make out worry look better if we let a lighter color region next toe dark color, region her so we can see they are several regions which are appointed by arrows. You destroy really orangey arrows point to our lighter regions. Blood is where they are. Some regions we should look brighter in destroying well. The purple areas point you are talking regions. That is, they are some regions who should look attacker in this joy reach and noticed that the lighter region is always next to a talk region vice versa. By this kind of a regiment, we can get higher contrast for all joy Therefore, our touring could look better in this way. Usually the contrast Madrid never re regions should be enough to make a land look good. Besides, we can control and the varied degree off contrast to make out worry multi burst To utilize the above methods We can achieve it by the following simple way for the lighter region we can drop black patrons on the white paper Wrong, Just like the pattern on the right top corner Off the speech it comes his more white. They're black for the attack region we control. Why the patents on the black Bakwa? Just like the patent on the right part. In corner of this page, it becomes his mom, Blackley White. Now you can try the above message on your drawing and the sherry does the project With this place at the last of the section we can think about the question on this page. Besides joy, how could you apply the steep to your day life? The above tip is a powerful and in general one now that can be used in many respects. You could write down your thoughts in the project description. 4. 03 Island: the third TV's. You can make anything a sane island and enjoy it as a small world. As we can see, there is the area in crossed by orange. It started a line. It is a battle view with some special element. Italian lease element. Make least drink look like an island in the form. A small world. They are some sceneries in the creatures in it. When we look into this special island, we can divide into four parts. The first part is the cop who she is, the land of this island. The second, the party's off lack of birds, which is the scenery in the sky, the third party, the Beautiful and the later who? She's a scenery only iron. Finally, the fourth parties, a human who she's a crucial on the IOD from above the full parts of my island are the land , the scenario in the sky, the scenery on the land and the creatures They come forces small world and they make a lovely subjects become lively. They also increase more details for us to enjoy. From above description, we can apply the Steve by the following steps first drew any object muscle in second draw Any related objects on the land? Acela scenery on the island Third drawer anymore. So peninsula lend us the creatures on the island force Drop checks above the land was Listen, Eri in this guy now you can try the abo method on your drawing Initiate us the project of this class at the last of this section, we can think about the question on this page. They are many kinds of summary on no more island Sargis Mountain River Lake at the Say Tre . Could you also make your special island have lows kinds of a seminary? Could you arrange the app juice elite To achieve these? You could write down your thoughts in a project description. 5. 04 Standing Position : No. Four Stevie's. We can increase the attention one drawing by selecting real character stands, as we can see in this joint, the main territories. A lion. It is jumping from the roof. They are three people holding purchase on lead, late together for the attention of destroying. They see how they make it. First, they see well. The everyone poised to it is a whale alliance stands. It is also the only point. Well, lion patching the roof where it is about to jump in this way. The lions dancing on stable weight. Recent they've ability post a dangerous feeling. Therefore, it increases the potential destroying. In other words, it's Nance only by Singley, and they make self unstable. Instead, it's a see if it is doing self service system. But it is not to say that this kind of tension only heavens, where we stand by a single late it can happen when we have understand or write a motorcycle hard to stand is the key concept. Second, let's see well, the aero to poised to it is well, the lion Willful. They are seeing people holding torches on the lion. You for a lion forced to the ground. These three fever might get hurt. This kind of feeling, it's just like the moment we are under an airplane, which is just taking off the airplane in the huge in the close to us. So we will feel a little stressed. But we also know that we ask Dave Labour for this kind of stress because see, citing in the drawing of this page the lines of fraud, the it'll a moment where it is about to jump. So now three people will neighbor get hurt Laos safe until this moment. So this kind of situation increases the attention off this joy. Better not to fall is the key concept. From above description, we can a pilot keep to increase tension by the following two concepts. The 1st 1 is the hard to stand. When we are drawing a character, we can make it hard to understand. It might be caused to the place you choose all the poster of luck editor. The simplest way is to later character stem by Singley. The second, why is better not to fall? You can design a scene by love falling off one character were coast injured with other dangerous happened on the character itself or others. Now you can try the abo meta down your drawing. Initiate ASL a project off with class and to the last of the section. We can think about the question on this page. At the usual place, you'll feel dangerous. You go use it in your drawer into increased tension. You could write down your thoughts in a project description. 6. 05 Simplification: the fifth PPS. You can simplify complex ships, my layout or borders, and so we can see in this joy. The main character is that year on its body. They are several areas are bounded by catalyze. They all have a complex ships you're casting, qualified by some. He even rules lays. An important reason for us will simplify the complaints ships because seeing polar ships are more comfortable off matching with Allah elements. You know, Troy in this section, we will learn a simple way to achieve these. Let's first look at lower Into us plays a orange attached. The circle around me changes for each Angela, it's French ist our inside the circle. Therefore the ships off when Driss look like a circles so we can say that the ships of interests are simplified by circles. Now let's move on to the payoff list year we can't divided into into two parts. One part is bounded by orangey tatty the circle. The other part is bounded by pollute as little rectangle. These two parts A both have complex ships and then bounded by signal jamming trees so we can say that will tail off. This new is simplified by a circle and rectangle to utilize this kind of simplification. They are two points we can notice. No first poet ease the morel abated. We can understand it. Talia Boat Wendell us. It means page. They are both simplified by circles. Quiz you olive fruit out here circles, We can call these circles us the outer borders. More vendors. The left one looks more lighter circle than the right one. For a chancellor, we can count how many branches Haji's out of order. The left any other is nigh. And the right one is five. We can know this, Matt. No one has higher number. No, small like a circle. So when we simplified a complex ship, we should make a little result patch out of order. The more Liberator, the second point is evil. It is to a beauty. We can understand it by love below to Angeles. In this page, they are also simplified by circles Wish outer borders of limb The left one looks more like a circle. Then the right one for gentle. We can notice no positions rear its branches hatches out their border. We can fight like the positions off love left one is more evenly distributed all the circle than the right one. Lay off or it looks more like a circle than the right one. So when we simplify the complex ship, we should make the positions really result hashes out about it be evenly distributed. Now you can try the abo message, ambulatory, and they share this the project for this place at the last of resection We can think about the question Holy speech. Besides basically tree arm injuries such a circle rectangle triangle Could you find out a kind of sin cruise ships? You simplify the company's ships, you could write him in your thoughts in the project description. 7. 06 Contrast: the six TV's you can later Let's type. You're drawing contrast with the right side and increase the attention off your artwork. In the example drawing in this page, his composition focuses on the contrast between the left side, the right side. The three people at the left side are indifferent, and they're the ones that the right side are well coming. Layer attitudes contrast with each other, this kind of contrast agent. He brings video impact toe all these to achieve it. They are several new helps in this design. At the weekend notice, they see what we can live from them. We can divide the design concept of Lee's joy to some kinds of parts, which are similar parts in the opposite parts. No start running the singla parts the trainer left in the right side. The 1st 1 is bad! They asked real people pulsating left side in the right side, the people enter the left side are arranged, arose Anchalee and the Lowassa to the right side, arranged a virtually no second wise that all the people it'll left and the right side have a decoration above. Lay hates the decorations off the people at the left side are slow flicks and the ones off the people at the right side are some flowers because the composition complaints nose to a similar parts, we can know which hearts we should compare when we are watching. Destroy, similarity, resulting connection. It'll racers can group least two parts to killer Italy's to Carl's contrast with each other . Then they see the up the parts between the left and the right side. No first ones that the Schapelle of people at a Let's IR shop. Yes, all the ones that have the right side are wrong. The shop ships in Plyler unfriendly attitude off the people. Little left side. The round shapes imply look kind of data you off the people it in the right side. No, second wise that the official inspirations off. The people at the left side are happy here to the wiseacre. The right side are happy. The ice of the people and to the left side are closed, which implies a refused to attitude. The people A to the rest I smile, which imply a whale coming attitude. The 3rd 1 is that the decorations above the haze off the people at the left side our snow phrase you till the one ST On the right side are some flowers, snowflakes, Wyler in different attitude off people at the left side. Some flowers imply the passion of the people it right side. Because the composition contains those absolutely parts here, the hence isn attention off destroy. We can also know what the story is from this kind of contrast. By comparing the left and right side, we came mention how the main character feels and understand what she is doing to utilize this kind of composition layout two points. We can notice the first wise to use icing mullah parts between the left and the right side off your joy. In the simple touring, the number of people are left in the right side at the same in the Leo Have a decoration off, probably hates the second. Wise to is avidly. The parts were treating the left and the right side of your joy. In the example drawing it uses the contrast between shopping around ships. I'm happy the heavy faces, there's snowflakes, and so that was. Now you can try the abo message on your joy and ensure it is the project Alice Crest. It is the lest of resection. We can think about the question on this page in which whisk would you can trust two things . Visually, it takes symbols. It uses the countries of shapes, facial expressions and decorations, youth, and write down your thoughts in the project description. 8. At Last: in these final section. Let's recap the six tips we've already ruined the first is that we can decide whether we are going toe true by the ones we have already drawn. We can use land to inspire us to figure out the new ideas. The simplest way to apply this TV that we can first do the our main character. Then we can derive other things from the judo. One question about least TV that in quit waste, we can associate one thing within. Now that ship and function are the most common ways. Could you find other possible relationships between things? The second TV that we better use The talk Father New Light Founder? Because this kind of contrast can enhance our drawing. The simplest way to apply these TV that we can't the exact light region in the dark region , like the region used the light colors, the background and the you start colors. Was the foreground back region used. Takata was the background and used, like colors myself for ground. One question about Lee. Stevie, is that you? Which waste could you apply these TV to your life? His TV is a very general and the useful one and then can be used to many inspects. I'll enjoy the third Phoebe that we can treat anything or saying island and through a small word on heat when we want to utilize the chief layout for parts that we can delight. Lee Arland scenery Critchell in the sky. One question about least TV that could do things. I spacious Neri, according Toa what in the either in years each island has its own special scenario. You could also design you the fourth TV that we can increase the tension in your joy by designing Will, your character stands. They are two major factors that we should notice the 1st 1 that we should make a character hard to sustained. The Satan wise that we should make a current er be dangers if it force one question about this TV that at which place to new, fewer dangers, you can make in your character Toby in Latin police and increase the attention off your Jordan. The fifth TV that we can simple of fire complex ship by a simple ship. This can make a complex ship, makes you with other Edmunds in a drawing battle when we want to use this tip. They are two points we should notice. Why is it the more the better. We should make a less simplified result. Catchall outer, simple shape. The more the baited, the other is evenly distributed. We should make repetitions will simplify the result. Touches is outer simple ship be evenly distributed. One question about the least TV that, besides symbols, geometry could you find other kinds of worship like you feel It's simple. Cymbalta damages our circle rectangle triangle. You could always find other kinds of simple shapes and the use Lin to simplify the complex ships. The six TV that you can later left side of your joy. Contrast with the right side. It were increased the attention of your joy. Two points you should did not hiss. When you want to utilize this tape, why is that? You should to design the similar part between the left side and the lloret side. The other is that you should. That is at the opposite parts between the left side in the right side. One question about all these TV that you which waste could you can trust two things of injury chefs and function all the too. Common respects you can use now we have a reviewed the other Tibbs. We've already learned you could choose one or more tips you're doing initiators the project off this class. You could also write down your thoughts about the crashes after each deep. If you don't know what the draw you can first to tour some Rendon ships down your paper then you can feel way with judo. Just likely simple in this page. If you feel this class is helpful, I will be very grateful if you can leave your review to me and a few free to asking questions. See you next time.