Composition Rules: The Art & Science of Better Visuals

Jen Dixon, Jen Dixon, abstract and figurative artist, tutor.

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9 Videos (1h 8m)
    • Composition Rules: The Art & Science of Better Visuals

    • What is Composition?

    • Designing Visual Experiences

    • Foundation: The Rule of Thirds

    • Next Level: Division of Space & Creating Journey

    • Taking it Further: Golden Ratio & Spiral

    • Project: Plan Like a Designer

    • Bonus Project: Learn to Draw the Golden Ratio & Spiral

    • Final Thoughts & Thank You


About This Class


Welcome to Composition Rules: The Art & Science of Better Visuals.

This class is somewhere between a beginner and intermediate level, aimed primarily at artists, and by the end you’ll be sailing through creating better visuals in all you do. If you’re a designer, illustrator, photographer… you’re still going to be able to apply what you learn with me to your craft.

Join me for a concise, but full investigation of why we learn to design our compositions according to traditional principles such as The Rule of Thirds, Spacial Divisions and Journey, and of course, The Golden Ratio. The projects will have you thinking like a designer so that the crucial beginning of a new painting or drawing expresses exactly the story you want to tell to the viewer.

You’re not going to want to miss this class.

Let me help you understand and apply the Art & Science of Better Visuals through Composition Rules.

For this class, you’re going to need:

  • Cartridge Paper or similar, anything cheap and plentiful.
  • Soft leaded pencils or charcoal
  • A ruler

And for the bonus project:

  • A selection of basic coloured pencils (bright, rainbow colours)
  • A square
  • A compass

I also recommend a notebook or sketchbook for taking notes, because there is a lot of information to absorb, but remember you can always watch again too.

I’m really looking forward to you being a part of this class and showing me your work.
Thank you for being here.
Let’s get started!


Note: All examples in this class are either public domain or the creation of the author/artist, Jen Dixon.

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Awesome class, great teacher thanks so much
Composition rules explained in very simple terms enabling students to easily remember them and follow them.
Excellent class on composition. This class will greatly influence my preparation for new drawings and paintings. I enjoyed the section on thumbnail sketches to work out composition. I also liked the review of a variety of layouts for a composition. Lastly, I appreciated the examples of art that worked or didn't work due to composition. I would highly recommend this class. Thank you!
Debbie Coleman

Instagram: Kareira_Art





Jen Dixon

Jen Dixon, abstract and figurative artist, tutor.

Jen Dixon works mostly in mixed media abstract and figurative painting. She is also an illustrator, writer, and teaches privately both groups and individuals. Originally from Indiana, she now lives in a windy village on the North Cornwall coast of England.

Having led her first drawing classes at the age of six, she continued with art throughout her school days by selling portraits and sign-painting for local businesses. She taught art to young teens before achieving a degree in Industr...

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