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Complete iOS Development Course from Beginners to Publishing your App 

Shaping Edge, iOS Developer

Complete iOS Development Course from Beginners to Publishing your App 

Shaping Edge, iOS Developer

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14 Lessons (2h 58m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Swift Basics (Part 1) - Variables, Operators & Conditions

    • 4. Swift Basics (Part 2) - Functions & Loops

    • 5. Swift Basics (Part 3) - Timers & Delays

    • 6. Xcode Basics (Part 1)

    • 7. Xcode Basics (Part 2)

    • 8. Additional App Development (Part 1)

    • 9. Additional App Development (Part 2)

    • 10. First App: Bill Splitting App

    • 11. Second App: Quiz Game

    • 12. Project Challenge For You

    • 13. App Icons & Screenshots

    • 14. Publish your app to App Store

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About This Class

Welcome to the Complete iOS Development course where we aim to start learning from scratch about developing your first iPhone and iPad Application using Swift & Xcode. 

Want to create your own iPhone & iPad apps but aren't sure how to do so? You have come to the right place. You don't need any past programming experience and/or app or game development experience to take this class. If you have a bit of programming background that's great, you'll catch up fast.

First we will download the required tools we need to get started creating awesome apps.

Then will begin our journey by learning about Swift programming language (From the basics) and Xcode - Apple Developer Toolkit used for creating iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and MacOS applications.

After you have learned about Swift Programming and Xcode usage, we will dive into building and testing different features in an app which you can use in any of your apps.

And then when you will be ready for creating an entire iOS app, we will create our first fully functioning "Bill Splitting App", this app helps you to split restaurant bills with your friends.

Second App: The second app which we will create will be "Quiz Game" where we will take JSON File which has data of quiz questions and answers and we'll parse it and use it to create a simple quiz (MCQ) game.

Final Stage: I will teach you how you can create and add app icons to your app and take screenshots of your app. Later on I will show you how to Submit your First App to the App Store.

By the end of this class, you will be well versed with:

  • Variables, Conditions & Operators in Swift
  • Creating Functions & Loops
  • Using Timers & Delays
  • Components of View Controllers (Buttons, Images, Textfields, etc)
  • Animations
  • Saving & Retrieving Data

To get the most out of this class, code along with me or after completing the video code by yourself and run your code to know how it works. And do complete your class project as it is the best practice to become a good developer. If you get stuck anywhere, don't worry you can search for the error online and I am sure you will find a solution. And I am always here to help you out.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get Started Right Now and create Amazing apps that you can share with your Friends and Family.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shaping Edge

iOS Developer



I'm an iOS Developer and like yourself an Apple Fan too. I started my journey in developing iOS apps for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches a few years ago and now with my knowledge and experience, I intend to share it with others.

I believe the knowledge I share will not go in vain. My primary motive is to help others who are just starting to develop apps for iPhones and iPads, give them sufficient knowledge from Beginners to Intermediate level and from Intermediate to Advance so they can excel as an Apple Developer and be proud of themselves.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have regarding my iOS Development Courses or any questions for that matter.

Happy Coding! :)

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1. Introduction to the Course: Welcome to the computer development calls from beginners to publishing your app on the APP store. We'll start off by downloading X Corps, which is a tool required to develop. I phone I pad applications. Then we will talk about different tools, but which you can clear beautiful app. I can fire application and also create icons of the sizes. Then we'll start off with basic. I explain you how you can use playground. Expend your from scratch so that you can understand you can everything off. We learn about variables, conditions, off potatoes, different type of data, Tyson's risk cases, then every talk about from France and groups, and how you can create your own custom functions in the application. Then we will see how to use time most and delis within your application. Then we will learn about Xcor basics where we talk about you controllers and different type of objects used in a view controller, and I'll show you how, basically their entire Xcor works by learning about different active optics using of Yukon Gold or so they create a very small application on branded on an iPhone and see how it performs. Then we will go and create our post application which will be a bill splitting at when you provide With total bedlam on a person did enter the number of people then it should exactly won't split amongst everyone. The second, which we will create, will be used to appear on the APP store. It will be a simple quiz game then ensure you how to take screenshots on create an app I can fire applications in the final video of the classes and see how we can upload a quiz game after the 18 Connect and go through the procedure off heading screen short description and he was to our act and then finally does it successfully be ready to submit our after the absolute So what are you reading for? Get started right now can create great and beautiful apse See you in the class 2. Getting Started: welcome to getting started up this class. In this video, we're going to see Waterfalls Unit 200 Border website. We are going to refer in this class, so let's get started. The 1st 1 is exclude, which we're going to need to rounded from the APP store. It is in a well integrated development environment. It's also college i e. There is a really beautiful macro is yes, you're going to need a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or any other man book I make. I make pro or even Mac Mini ground Rolex. Good. But you're definitely going to need a Mac book, so that's downloaded from the APP store. Go to that store. So much for X. Good on the forced Richard you're going to get is extra. Obviously download it. It will be up to 5 to 6 gigabytes. Oh, I don't need to update it, so I will keep it that way. So down Rex school and keep it ready. The next thing we're going to need this camera that's go to the camera website good will dot com. And so it's for Canada. The first thing you'll get this camera door come open it. This one is required through develop Africans and even screen Schwartz for our application . So go to Logan. You need to sign up. Sign a Google account or Facebook code. I have a signed and ready. I'm just going to use it. No, it is a fever upside where it alters period section. So they're some of the posters that your designed meaning some money, but forever it will be free. Don't ready, so create a design. Let's start with custom by rain shoes. Let's put 204 rate close to 048 for the best quality Andrea design when it opens another page with the generous. So on this, we can use any design, anything we can write first up that your bike. Was that all right? We're going to go into deep into this later on in the video videos. No, the next thing really need is African. That's a website, or it also has an application, Windows and my course. So it's an African generator to create different sizes of Africans for iPhones, ipads and Apple watches. Let's go and search for I can generator click on the posting, which is that by conduct cool. You can download Microsoft Windows applications on your No, let's delete this on. Let's say you're going to build. You're forced to be calculator good at all, right? Just resize it properly, It seems. Let's do the background. Do orange on the color, too. Work but right. And you can you one So it's for elements. So if I sold for I can't let go vineyard presents? No, these are feet free to use. Elements on disappeared will be mostly nor won't require the pair Elements are working with three elements. So you just did the start off computer to wrap Yeah, and then click here to download the pdf PNG format or any form that you would like. It doesn't go, but stick with me and you because it gives a really good image quality. Bennett downloads. Just go to the ab Tintoretto. We don't want apple. What? You have Mac airport and greater. You're just going to get Aikens for iPhone and iPad. So when it was downed, ordered more done and I can use downloader and I can is down ordered Bragan dropped Aiken too. The CIA, when it will generate the projected old are begins that you can see this is the APP Aikens , their most downloaded. So just unzip it. And here you can see all the icons for iPhone and I bread you. The resolution is quite blurry because it was 29 cross burning and pixels. And that's why we cannot even see the text properly. Don't read up. I can. Which we are going to create will be them more better than this one. So this is just to show you how you can create. Have Aikens on download ex school. You can just run exclude from very few and you're good to go. All right. Another year dollar index school. We're going to start with the next video off. Swift basics. Your I thought about all the basic elements off Swift like the Abel's conditions, switch cases and operators were going to court eat and everyone off this to get the most artifice. Make sure you call along with me 3. Swift Basics (Part 1) - Variables, Operators & Conditions: welcome And this really willing to learn about swift basics. So let's open a Xcor with you downward last time. Click on Get Started with the Ground Select. I select Mako is on blank. Oh, let's name it, my playground lonely. And let's everything there that lets stop. So your is your file playground file on in this, you're going to court everything. Just make sure this click radio and make sure that the playground, certain things platform is my course and not Iris. All right, this just in order of basics. That's why we need only require micros in. If it's diffuse, electile us, you're going to take a lot, much more time to run a program. All right, let's get started with 50. We don't require this, so I'm just going to remove it. You guys want to move it? So first, let me see if you're familiar with Square 10 X score. You can skip this few falling videos and directly start with the AB development section. And if you're new to this or just a little bit, expletive it to new experience and programming and according then this will be very helpful video, so make sure you according along with me, side by side to get the most out of it. First, let's talk about Swift is a general purpose programming language designed for designed by Apple for developing applications and games for us. Mac os, I felt us watch us and give us so let me show you how playground works. But this is the area where you called. This particular part is where the output will be shown, and if you click right here, it will open up. They're debugging area, and this is to run the executive playground program. So when you click and hold it, you can see automatically run for my new leader. Let's click it. Let's elect automatically run. So when you were right, anything real automatically update and Brenda Gold, which we have written this three burdens are too sure navigation. But where are all project friends will be stored. This particular burden is to show the inspector where we can make changes to our program on this right here opens up the console so we don't require this. No, let's start with printing a simple statement. So inspect You just heard right brain and you can see the auto complete fills in sprint round brackets. And you can in the double inverted commas. You can write anything high. How are you? So right here. It automatically runs and shows the output on dure in the concert print is used to print anything in the console. So this is the council where you can find Well, you inside the print statement. So this is the value. All right? Nobody with me. Great. Now I'm gonna show you how to comment anything. So if you don't want this particular line to run by the Nampula, you can just put proof over slashes in front, off it or that's another way to commander particle line or multiple lines is forward slash and a star. And when you want to end it, the star and forward slash. So everything you write in between, this will be commended. So don't worry. It wont be it Any other in this? No. Let's talk about variables and constants. I'm just going to write really labels and Constance really able to elemental object assigned with the value, A number or a sentence? Variables value can change it any point in time as long as they exist in the court. So let's start by initializing available. You can initialize available with of are We are so you can see you ordered amputees lift while declaration in, please Selected. Oregon The Diaper Joseph. Let's name the really blessed my name on Let's Assigned a Value in Dublin. Treat Comus us. Tell them Hirshson. All right, little to initialize on a really Ebola's Oh, my age, my age. And let's just give it a number. Ready Full. All right, now, this is a really big so it can change at any point in time's supposed and for the court. I changed my age as 25 so it won't give me a nearer and repent out my age to be 25. Just read for two runs. No idea she was the output on that particular line, of course. So the mining variable as the value Adam person my age is 24 are bigger. Ate my age is 25. Are you getting me all right? Constants, on the other hand, are not like are not liable to change once they are signed with the value, their fixed and it's well, you cannot be updated. So Regan assign or constant does let my let's hear my favorite. Oops, it's my feel number. We don't grab this. My fame number to be 39. And if I try to change it, my fear number. If I don't change 61 it is going to give me a chair that it has already been assigned and cannot be changed. Canada, assigned to value my favorite number, is a lead constant to intellect to what? So returns only is directly going to give me the solution to it. We can radically fix it so that we can order it to our on. There won't be any interest. That's well done. See, it's gone so you can seen any video billboards. Nordic constant? No, let's talk about data types. You're types in, layman terms. Other types of values that are stored in a reliable or a constant you can defend your type says Let's see what forced name and I want the forced him to be in string, colon and string, and we can give the value as That's John. All right? No, there is a string, right? There is a name so it can be on the string. We cannot put it as in PDO. If you put her doesn't digital, it's going to give me a better. So we just have to put it a spring. They're fine, mean types of digitized. I'm just going to write it down first and explain. You float dub with bull or bullion and spring and also one more. Get it, sir Indigenous. Any number without a decimal point like 30 42 89 or anything like that because she's commended. Float. On the other hand, remove this. Let me just say something you have already done for you. So float is a number of decimal points. For example, 2.45 or 3.99 or 4.8888 are floating values. Now they're the sort of later floor that it can only help seven digits after the decimal so it can only hold seven times. Eight. All right, so to clear this out that comes trouble. The well can hold up to twice as much positions as float, so floor controlled seven positions so that we can hold twice off notice. 14. So eternal. 4.33 to 15 years ago, 14 times three Now it's the gold bullion are bull Bull is something that stores of value just true or false. You don't? Yes, this to values. It can either be true waterfalls string as you notice. Usually in between double inverted commas are also single courts. Single courts also valid for a spring. Okay, no character. So in a corrector free selected Jonas Award. So the characters each and every single character off it. So Ji is the first character and it is the last character character, the single character object off a string or in your dough Media bill. No, I hope you're understanding this. Just work with me and eventually when you will use them, you will know what they mean. So now let's see how we can find their data type. So if someone say's, this is provided to you God, gsdf this particular number and you want to know that more is the data type of this variable. So we just put friend it started again. Friend, type off in the brackets. They as do you certainly print out this particular time. There is indeed you their data type of this video. But easy right now let's talk about Perry's. It isn't something a group off day today, so it can be a group of individuals or strings or any other thing. But let's certain in area off, indeed. Oh, we can define it as colon in square brackets in video and the values women must be indigenes only So 23 44 6 75 a 99. So when you want to excess and area in just a friend My, my Eddie and the position off the particular element to be verified This is first position . This is this is zero. This is forced this a second. This is third safe. It would do with your 6 75 You can see right here 6 75 Alright, find you can see it right here. 606. 70. Find the console. The rest of the stuff is down below. I experience No, let's go to operate does so They're basically $3 off operators arithmetic comparison and logical operators at medical producer addition, subtraction, multiplication division and more Ulis comparison operators are when you want to compare to particular things, whether it can be equal to equal toe. That means that if it is equal is equal to be back here. It is not equal do greater than less greater than equal unless there logical operators works when we want to add to particular conditions in one sentence or one statement one particular line, of course I'll explain it down. So you know Oh God, you go, president. And then under for Or And not this is the north brittle. It is basic Lopatto from in programming language. You could find it. Now let's talk about conditions. We're going to use this operators in this conditions down below. I went to expect conditions or something. When you want to compare to particular things. Are you want to put a condition to a statement so it usually works, says if statement I would write it again. Yes, in the brackets, Good on brackets who is equipped with three. Then run this particular line for this multiple line multiple lines. So who is equal to three then? Your mat is bad, right? And is so if this is not true So dramatically, Rigaudeau, This particular pat else So you're begins it. Drink? Yeah, let's run it so it will run only this common. Not this so if we put two is equal to and this is true sort were in this particular lines off course will print your math is bad and it won't run l state else part No, you know multiple and itself in a particular condition. So if say, if two is equal to three And if we also want to put another condition in the same city seem if and we get what else if two is it will do or who is greater than four. If this is true, then this particular line Children both off this air falls then it will go toe else, then toe ISS start wandering in new of this statement it was last checked. This condition, if your student will under this was pretty clear part, of course. And if it is fourth and will want to the next line check if this condition is true if there's a student with in this part of the court and if both off this afford and within this particular part of course, so it would print do is to And if regions the operator, your who is less than four that will burn here and not else see you're getting me. All right, so, no, let's go deep into it. Andi. So we're forced to sign A variable is 20 and be variable is 40 and see variables e less. But you see, the operator began, Put a minus bi in my application be that would show the results right here, then see value changes to 800 in division or more Derlis. So just for the school family to put addition is not going to our A plus B and store it in see very well. So if C is greater than 60 your friend B c is greater than 60. That this port authority right here on else if sees equal to 50 it will print the statement . You can see your eye disease. 50. Ready, Pistorius 50. That's where it's running this particular shipment. No, If we put 14 idea, check this condition. It will go ahead to take this condition. It is false. It will go hurt. Detect this condition. It just false. That will again go ahead. And it would bring right this particular statement all these three or falls and then it is going to definitely print the elsewhere going to the else part in the cells in this print statement, see, is this particular part. So if we back slash and in round brackets we write any variable name or constant constant me, then we can get the value offered to see is 60. This 60 is coming from the variable itself in order six. Statement What? Anybody with me Now Let's talk about Smith statement or switch cases in this. When you have a particular variable, let's X and you want to run a particular line off court wondered variables. Value is something. So will we start defining a readable what? Xs seven Your foot. It says I'm going to type it again. Switch takes Soviet busing eggs in the sweets function You're going to see case. One thing the big coat takes is one. So we compared this particular variable with this value. So X can even be a string. So that's the X is high induce oneness. Hi. So will print exes. I when it sees high, we can have case do has put in X is by and now we can put as many cases as you want. But if you want to see if all the cases are not valued on a false. Then you want to run a particular part, of course. So in that case, you're going to put before the phone 40 about so when this body loved England's take. If excess high, then it will print this. It is not. I would reject fun of the case if X is by their will bring this line on def. All of these are true. Then it was print before value. So let's if X is high. X is high by you converted with any data type float in digital. I'm doing it with strings so you can understand it better by exceeds by Onda. We dive any other string, which is not apart. Effort will printed before it value. See easy, right? All right. Hope you like this video and got meaningful values. Our effort. In the next video, we'll talk about functions and loops are you can create your own functions and start a look . Don't worry. If you're finding it a little bit difficult, just stick with it. Just keep on working and you will eventually be able to connect all the dots and create your own first application that you can publish you to the APP store. 4. Swift Basics (Part 2) - Functions & Loops: All right, everybody that's known about functions in loops. For this, we're going to create a Xcor project so you can create a new export project under Iris. Select single view app. That's name their past functions on bloops. Make sure that all the details are filled in properly. Just use core data. Nothing else is required. Currently, language must be selected. A shift swift. Next. Let's keep it under in desktop itself. Create. Now it's gonna take a few seconds to lure the entire project. All right, guys, this is your Xcor project up and running. Your main door storyboard contains your view off your iris. Application of the application will look like it contains the view control Off, which controls the entire view. Began of multiple view controllers and against with between you controllers, I'm going to show you in later part of the videos. So this is a view control controller and we learn about this later on. Right now, yes. Is going to deal with Swift so this you can to raise link with this particular fight view controller dots left. So if you're good lord, function is called whenever the application is opened up on that particular view starts so everything inside this will be run. When the applications begins, we're going to learn about functions and loops, So let's start creating our own function. Let's never my function when we will be initialized or function this phone. My function is a function name and on brackets and in the curly braces will be our court, which we're going to run when this function is called. So how we can call the function is like I said, We're it. Lord will run whenever the application is open. So well called my function in that whenever the application runs, this function is called. So let's name it. Let's right, friend, my function. Now let's run it on my iPhone, Just like the device and click on run. You know, when the app installed on my iPhone, I just have to go to Settings General and down below device management on. I can see the develop Perricone and select that and trust the application. Now when it runs, it open opens up and it shows a blank screen. The rest of the debugging will be will happen right here. Now the app is open on When this function is scored, it will call this my function. And when my function is called, we can see that the law prints. My function is around. All right, have you very with me. Great. Now let's create a complex function that's creative function. Funk. I had one through a number on. We will pass in argument in the brackets. So let's burst number. And that must be an individual. No, we can return something from this function. So how you can do that is just This is a rookie and right door data type of the return value. So let it be an individual. Let's return and teach your value. So when this function is called, it will accept this argument. Our number will be accepted, which must be an individual. And when the court is run in the end, we have you ever done something and that must be an indigo. So it can be 0123 and a number. So let's run. I mean, let's call it. I went to a number of any number is received on this function. We just have to add one to it, so create lead new number as number less one and we can return new number. It is an indigenous still. If you're not sure about it, you can just initialize. It does as an individual. All right, so let's run this. I just forgot to call this function. So when my function is it And after that I warned our function. Dude on. I had one on that. The number B 88. I want to add 1 to 88 and it will return something. So I want to student. Then Ehlert num b will do on when this function returns a number. It is stored in numb and we can just friend Number is no All right, let's runner as it is, the entire export product. It takes a little bit more time to run. So when my function is around, this function is called. My function on When I run is called, it will return. It will pass the eight every pass 88 number and it will add one. Do it and return the new number, which is 89 restoring numb on. We'll bring the new number. Let's get another function on. There could be some off three now, almost all right, so you can just pause this video and clear your own function. That takes 33 numbers on, sums it up and chose our friends out. So just pause this video, go ahead by yourself and create your function, and then continue this video to check your answer. So I'm just going to start now. Hopefully have done that some A that the 1st 1 will be in in digital. Be second, never be alternate. Did you on see? Turn on the alternative. You won't have done anything we will print inside this function itself. So let some being willing to begin this. Have any need summation off some off three numbers being with a less be less me plus C and a friend. Some off. Yeah, Hopefully you're no family with this. Be on. See IHS some for three number. Let's go dysfunction some and let's take us some off ready one they do on delivering Let's run it. So when you take this about three numbers to anyone less routine plus 11 it comes to 50. Let's see your right. All right, fantastic. Good job, everybody. Now that your family of it functions, let's talk. Let's start with loops. A loop is a sequence off instruction that is repeated until a certain condition is reached . For example, if we are making plan gigs, we know sort instead of steps must be followed to create a pancake from ingredients. But now, if we want to create 10 pancakes, so you're just going to repeat all the step, All the instructions step by step 10 times, correct? Exactly the same way. Are the loops, the instructions. The steps of the pancakes are defined inside. Loop inside, a function off a loop and the blueprints until the condition is satisfied. That is, like research. Create 10 pancakes on Tilden Bank X, a creator here. We just repeat that the same weather loop repeats itself until some condition is met. You're getting, you know, all right, we will look into two types off loops for lute and viol you. Let's start with four loops. Just stop this. We come in everything. You can just comment everything by selecting command and questioner. Everything with the government did all right, so we don't want this functions to run right now. We're going to learn about loops, so let's start with the follow all of a simple this index for a for loop is for I in. Then we're to write the range. Let it be one daughter 10.10 so it will run from one do then that includes 123456789 including 10 and 10. So let's run from 1 to 10. And let's print I. So eligible for us to 1 to 10 the value will be replaced with I sword will print I. Let's create a function for this so we're going to keep it inside of function fund loops, then just based it inside this and call this function from here loops all right. And this function will run whenever the application starts. So it will print from one to up to 10 including 10. All right, let's run it. You can see your idea. The function is done on the porters from one all the way of Putin, including tent. So if you want to run it up to 10 and not 10 city just to wonder Door less than 10 All right. So we'll print from 12345678 and stop at night. You can see from one for the work to nine. All right, let's see if you won't reverse this entire look. That's if you want to reverse this entire loop. We just have to keep bring the ranging round brackets and like dot voice So it will reverse the entire loop. And there was order were printed and I look in the reverse order will start from 10 and go up to one, including one, 10 987654321 I see. Great. No, let's say if we don't want to put I great here so we can just put on under school. And still it will run 10 times. Or let's say you're going to run it for five times. 12345 And we want to print Hi there. See? It is run five times. 12345 Friends fight. I'm Zion. We don't require any variable for this. No, that's talk about stride is a part of a four loop. We can write it us for I Let's for the score in it's trade. So what this will do is we re select from which number you born. That's a wrong one on up to which number That's it then, and by how many counts we want to skip the numbers. So that's it, too. You know what this will do? Is friend. It's right, I So you will understand. Bring I on after high there you will see the numbers and the skip off to numbers. Every two number, every second number escaped. Where to start with one, then three, then five, then seven, then nine. Although our numbers and if we start to it, will start from two, then four, then six, then eight. Benton about it. Everybody. Great. Now let's talk about why, Luke, That's weird on the function. Why do on? Let's call this function from here and that's comment dysfunction. You don't want that function done are getting again. It just use this wild function. So while function is something similar to four function, but But first check the condition and then person to go. Come on, it will force check the condition and then run their course inside it so we can write this while in the brackets. We have to read the condition. Let's start with equals to 20. While is greater than Torre de really sorry. Less than 30 but in hey on also after printing do a equals two A less one. So it will You can see the floor, right? It was initialize a s. That's a bar. Really? Initial is available? Yes, to Indy it was Check the condition. If is less than 30. Yes, it is. So we'll go inside of reprint a There is 20. It will air 1 20 that it will become to anyone. It will again go inside. It will again go up and check the condition where anyone is less than 30. Yes. If we grew in, didn't anyone another one? It becomes ready. Do you again? Go up. Will check. F 22 is less than 30. Yes, it is again Go. It will repeat this until becomes 3930? Yes, we'll go in French brandy line I had wondered Become toward it when I can go up and check thirties. Less than 30. No thirties, equal authority, but not less than 30. Just get out of the loop and lets it friend out off the loop After going out of the loop it with print out of the loop. Let's run this. You can see Ideo. It starts with 2021 when you're ready, Ready for all the 29 when it becomes 30 leaves the loop and friends out of the loop. That's coming. This part. Now let's talk about another type off. Do a write off while loop, which is repeat. And while I didn't show you did your feet, what this will do is force to run the cover when the command and then after running the commands, it will check for the while. So let's say initialized years 20 and repeat equals a into two and also a friend a All right, Well, let's initialize a s to And you were deployed by a I bring you and let's a while Then years less than 4000. So it will take a square off in the past to go inside. Do multiplayer beta with before we print for on it will check if four is less than 7000 yesterdays again. Repeat. So what's the difference between a violent review? Tres what with wild? It first checks the condition and then goes to the function and repeat it first run the function and that then Jack store condition. All right, you've done this numb. You're keep on squaring the number elaborated number Brigham's for four becomes 16. 16 becomes to 56. And so on I was 16. 56. 65,000. So this is the perfect example excavated our definitely greater than 1000. But when it was 2 56 when it was 2 56 it was time for physical was lives in 1000. Hence that went inside the loop again. It multiplied, it says it says imprinted, which became 5 65,036 And then it checked again. A was $65,000 was greater than thousands, and it left the do on and it was printed out of the loop. Everybody getting me great. So to sum up, before Stern about functions are created, how forcefully functions are created and how to run them. We learned about passing the Perama does and how we can return The values and their data type of the value must return, since with the function itself, then we learn about four loops. Then we learn about why, lobes and repeat. Oh, pretty. This video was meaningful to you. In the next video, we'll learn about timers and delays 5. Swift Basics (Part 3) - Timers & Delays: in this beauty of you're going to learn about timers and deal is I'm just going to use the same product as before. So let's theater diamonds. That's neighbor. Top my diamond on Initialize it as nine months. Must be a dime right? Dining moved. Zeke will do. Let's start the timer. Share your diamond. The three types of share your diamond Just make sure you're selecting the one which convened the selector. So Diamond Devil noted, Be five seconds. I want to repeat it every five seconds. Target must be self selectors is valuable type though function name that you want to run with their time I'm just going to do cash selector on in the bracket time you dread the function in a second using for must win in and repeats Most people wanted to repeat again and again andan function its speed function This is just my function name probably right inside the selected and the more dysfunction which is repeat function without a complete and right here is going to give me a ride show Eunice again See? All right. Oh, I've heard in time or instead of my diamond My mistake. So now the selector editor will be See the argument of selector 1st 1 instance off repeat function There is not exposed toe objective c Officer took select fix It will add the object function. It's not a problem. No, where you type right here will be repeated again and again after every five in doubles. So let's say sprint right? I am. I am on. This will repeat again and again until we stop the function. We stopped the application Die application. Let's see. I'm just going to run it. You will see the console right here. No, no verbal. Wait for five seconds philodendron. 12345 Right. That 12345 Right there. See? It's simple, right? That's our timer Works now if we want to stop the timer Yes, we have to stop that allegation. But if you want to stop the time of with the within the applications we just heard too, right? Let's emission is available Bar time. But Dymo Coned a z then we just wanted to repeat 10 times. On that day there will be every two seconds Onda that would put entire them. And after that, did music. If well, I'm a cone is less than or equal to zero or just less thing Zito. Then it would stop the diner time. Oh, my dynamo dot in red it that will invalidate the time off. So when the time account becomes less than zero civilian, military to time now, every after every printing. I'm Adam. Let's reduce the count off timer. So time or count, we will do nine. Work on minus one, right? Repeat 10 times and then develop two seconds and will stop after that. So let's see against its one after two seconds. Armored. Um, why I married him again after two seconds. Hire American. So we'll run on lead 10 times. Let's count. 12345678 nine then. All right. So, 11 this is because one time where is zero? It is not less than the right. So many zero. It was still print One more time. Hi, I'm Adam. You're getting me and read. It becomes minus one, which is less than zero that time. My timers in value Digger hence or just 11 writer and not just All right, everybody getting me fine. Let's mourn now. Let's talk about delays the laser usually used. When you want to go on a particular piece off line off course, you want to delay it from running. We just want to say like, Oh, we want that cool Children after five seconds, 10 seconds or 20 seconds. So this index of delays quite easy, which I use every time. So we'll see right now. Let's just come in this on. We want to delay a particular formation. Let's say this function function mine be laid print statement, but it so what? This would burn dues. All right, So when he wanted to put on this function, we just call my deeded function right? And it will run in no time. But let's say I'm going to run it after 20 seconds. So for to this type dispatch que don't maybe according the main threat and asking it to go synchronously be later function are seeing off good. So sing after and select door deadline. This forced one execute and brackets, so that line must clean Now I don't know unless I wanted to be living 20 seconds and execute just endo and where you want to do right by devil be delayed for after 20 seconds delayed for 20 seconds. So it will run only after twenties against. So I'm going to run the function. My dealer's claim statement. Now, just make sure that this function must be from the self self. Your daily. Not my really French statement. We've been just friends first be lose off Grady's. The ladies have five seconds. 20 but we do much five seconds. All right, let's do this. Okay, so it's running right now. It was your dealer for 712 345 North Virtual print with dealer getting me it. It runs this particular line This any multiple lines off course after five seconds delay. So we're called the function in this on. Hence, it is printing or that's emotions had dysfunction soon their divorce timers and Bill is hopefully you're with me on. If you're getting any confused or funny to artifical, don't worry. You stick with it. Next, we're going to learn about exports of the projects. A phone onda. We learn about you controllers and the LENGTHWISE links with files to you controllers 6. Xcode Basics (Part 1): Hey guys, in this really we will learn about Xcor basics and specifically about you controllers and how they work with each other. So open up, Exclude. Create a new export product under IOS, electing every application. Let's new mood ex scored basics right Next I want to put it in the stock. All right, here is your application. Let's go to me North Story would be no love. You controllers are going to be in there. So this is a view controller. Let me talk about you controllers When your designer use an app the screen which you see that contains text made or animations they are all inside of you. They just don't sit there. Something has to give them some purpose and control their behavior. Screens controlling all these objects are called view controllers. You have total control over a view controller. You can add delete update or even animals and any elements that you want on a view. Controller Delia that sits inside it's called is a view on whatever we add to the screen will appear on top of this base view. So let's are multiple view controllers. You can just go up the in the library and search for view Condo. The forced option will be a part of you can solo. So these are true view controllers and we can have multiple items inside them that I want a label inside the forced you going, bro? So whichever objective will select you Will Aereo, this will be they are controlling elements. So this one will is there to inspector which contains the title of the label The color of the text, the background color You can make changes to the attributes or elements from right here. So I just want the label to say this is forest you I don't know. Just listen a window. Now we can just place it in the center. But not all screens will have this in the centres to make it in the center of all sizes off iPhones and I parents, we have to air constraints to them, So constrained the thing that will hold them from all the sides. So we want the label Toby below safe area by 100 pixels. So we'll just selected self on be 100 pixels below safe area. So what? The difference between say, failure and view is the view is own, It's to edge to the view controller and those safe area removes the state is but and swipe up to go home for iPhone then and later. So we will put the safe area from left to be 50. This just select this on from the safety. Also, I wanted to be in 50 and just ahead these two constrains so another it is aligned left side . We can align it to the center from radio you can see All right, so where do the same for other view? Controller, This is second you controller, right? Just made it in this and go bring your business. And now you If we want to People in the centre both horizontally and vertically we can go right here are vertical constraint and horizontal concerned constraint to BC rose zero It will be in the center All right, Getting way now how to work with the super You're going to lose How How can I go from forced? You can controller to the second now initially will only see the forced you controller as this is the main you can prevent It begins with this This particular line is called storyboard and three point on. This means that the application will begin from this view controller. So let's run it on. I phoned then. So it is running now and you can see it. We sure this is the post you controller? It won't show this because this is our initial you control. And there is no transition that is going from forced you going toe to toe another view controller. All right, so when you go back to the file section So this view controller swiftest link with this you controller, you can check it. Great here. When you borrowed identity, Inspector, you can see the classes. Were you controller? Which is the class off this view? Control adults with five. So let's see how we can go from forced. You got to go to another. Oh, that's just are some cholesterol, so it will be more playful. Select the view. Go to the inspector and background. Go. Let's make good. Open. All right light both with on the force. You going to look color? That would be agree right now. Let's add Obertan in the first few Grandeau. Now, whenever the user presses this, we wanted to go toe mucus. Second you control. So we just name the burners. Go to sickened you going Bruno on to place it in the center. You know what to do, right? He wanted horizontally in the center and war Diggle in the center. It doesn't matter. It would be in the center of the entire screen. So when this is click, we wanted to go to the second. You're going to look seven. Hold on control button, click and drag it to the second you controller and release on our directions. Agree? Sure. So that whenever there's bird in this clinic will go to the second. We want you just change the color back toe White was better. Let's run this. So as you can see, there is a force for good in Europe. And when I click, this button will go to the second view going total. Isn't it cool? Fantastic. In the next video, I will talk about different types of objects that you see right here we will learn how to add labels, Burtons and much more items to have you controllers and how to work with them. And I'm going to show you how you can link a particular swift trial to the viewpoint through and how they can function together. All right, see you in the next video. 7. Xcode Basics (Part 2): in the second part off Xcor basics. We've been see how we can add more number of objects in the view controller and how we can link the objects to the swift fight. All right, so let's get started. But we just remove this second view Controller Onda. We will air a label seeing what's young name, right? You want to make it horizontally in the center. Onda, let's say 60 pixels from safe. You now we will enter text, field or text. Really does is it lets the user toe input something. We will give this altar in Santo Onda Rigoletto, I Let's say 40 and a rid off. See 400. Well, that's too much. You can go right here and you're gonna make the changes in the size, Inspector. You can make the changes to the attributes here given them. So we want a bit to be 200. Let's there to 50. All right. Another dozen center. I wanted Toe Bill wanted below the what's your name? Label? Oh, yeah. 50 is fine prefixes. See, You can see that in this right here. This exactly how it will look on an iPhone? No, You're going to add a birthday and you're going to say the button is Submit your name simple. Right on. We want this one altering this and your hearts mostly in the center. You know, on 30 30 pixels below the text field right now. The next thing I will assure you is how you can change the labels name. So let's say this is my label right here. It's in the sink. We wanted 100 vixens about that submit 50 and 56 is on board Sage, and I want a label to be in the center when you're it is my name and that the color be white when they would be bigger in size and board. So now how? How you can link all these objects to those with filers. This particular view controller is not like the tennis were filed. This forced you. Control is linked with the view control adults with fight. So how we can create in the file and link this view controller and show it to you. Just go into the folder right click are fine under Iris Select Co quarter class and and name the file. Second, you have a totally second view controller mixed and create. So this is the final that you going, bro? Bring it on the dog. Now What we want to do is select the view controller. Go to guy Identity Inspector on Dad. Second view controller and select Endo. So now this file this you control is linked with the fight. So now go right here. The assistant editor closed for the both of this. Now, when you select a new object and you want Oh, drag it right here. What you do you know it. Select Controlled click and dragon released and a human. My name. Text field. All right, this is the text feed that we created this submit button. We don't require any outlet for it, but require when we click it we want something to happen. So we'll go down here, Control click drags and release and put the collection is action in new Mitt on submit Click. So this function is created When it was somebody clicks on this This function is called And last year I want to live or this level if you have an outlet My name label So currently my namely But it is just my name on I just full screen it for you. Now the mining level is just my name. Currently I described it. Surely it iss my name. All right. Now, whenever the button escalate, just make sure that over there will be type on my name experience. It is not blank. So when the button is clicked with a chick if my name very order complete text Field dart next is not equal. Do blank then only it will run this command. You getting me right? So when the text field is not blank in the button is clicked. That means somebody in their name. So we want putting my name label to whatever the name is written on text field. Right, So we'll change. Murray name labor. I don't. Next is equal. Do my name. Next you note fixed. All right, That's simply right. So now let's run it on. IPhone then. So you can see it is run. Go to second of you control your what's your name? The textbook Begin type anything I'm typing with my keyboard. That's why. No keyboard issuing right here. No policy. My name is elex and submit this. My name has changed you, Alex. If I see, My name is Jonathan in exchange to Jonathan getting everybody great. Your great earlier forced working application. Congratulations. The next video, we will start with core AB development wherever well known, how to perform cigarettes that will go from one view controller, toe another with court and perform some animations. Right? See you. 8. Additional App Development (Part 1): he goes. This additional of development learning videos are split and videos in the force, will you? I'm gonna show you how to perform. Say, grease and animations. Second, we're going to learn how you can store user data. All right, so let's start with performs, agrees, and animations just open of X. Scored. Create a new project, single re application. And there are us. I'm going to name it. Additional development. Learning. So, a idea. Make sure in this you have used Gordon was elected. Mixed. Create, right. So you're it is We're going to perform secretarial quick. So go to me and George Storyboard you are gonna w been Trudeau. All right, so now, in order to perform Segway, my accord were born This controller to pass on the control to next controller. We're going to just click your control, select drag and release and in manuals agree? Sure. So this is the second line that we will perform on. We have to give it identify name. So there are We're done. Revert identifying him. So whenever we will call this name and will perform, the segment will pass on the common to the next few controller. So that too, Plus kind of cool do next. You going through and just cooperated and go to you Controller. Just based it some vessel that you won't forget. All right. You know what you want to do is at the Burton great. You It'd be in the same girl. Go second we see. Now open up, guy Assistant there to go closed. Select the button. Going through it. Study control. Select and drag and drop Nature. It was a Burton in connection is action on Britain were to win over the border. Nous click photo, everyone dysfunction? No. What we want to do is we don't require us with file for this movement order because we won't be working with that. I just want to show you how you can perform sex with a button. Click One interview controller Mr Real on Britain. Glick. I want to run a function. The phone signori Richard and defile. And the string was being the one. You It has identified you Sando since. All right, so we'll just run it as you can see. No forced. We're going to less loaded. No, we go to the second view. Bondra, your I'm sorry. I did not color it, but you can call it the background off secondary control and check it yourself Certain works like a charm. Next thing we're going to learn his animations. So let's could you don't to reward Let's go You know, the second were you going through though Second could be yellow And the first gonna be Give me blue I don't know what's What is that? So on the color of the button alerted Be way. All right, so, no, let's tell a beautiful just of you What a view. Dozens. It can hold multiple objects inside it. Just like a view Kongolo. You know, Let's give it because, uh, read Place it in the santo horizontally and 100 from the top without my Denver fezzes. All right, So you're this. No. What do you want to do is when you click the button, be warned the view color background color to change from this red to green and then go to the next vehicle total. How we can enemy there. I'll show you so unbuttoned. We want everything to form on but didn't like All right, so I just come in There's for no. Let's start with you, I view. Got any weight? Read duration, innovation and competition. Make sure you see, like that diamond time into it. We want the duration to be 10 2 seconds, like two seconds. Animation. Endo would make the animation Innis Children in conclusion in tow complete. That's it. So, on completion, after the animation is completed, I want her to perform the sacred right. So I do. I heard the view through the bread, The linking so contrary flick No, no, Let off you my view. You know, our Children distributes off self, so we need to select. We need to herself in it in order to perform those agree, right? So know that my view is linked. Now all we want to do is mine view. Goodbye. Ground is equal to your wife. Hello, Dark green. So anyway, the background color to green and then passed the cigarette. Okay, so there's also needs to be inside itself because we are animating it. We're calling the U I've you to any meat so require all the objects that we call from our third on myself. That's my beer to perform second, the self it's on this now, right to do running now. Andi, you will see the collagen, right? Given a click, the button read Pretty predictable. Second, it will go and we go to the perform saying they would perform. Disagree, Right. Everybody with me. Great. Now and then. Experience. We will see how you can still small amount of data. 9. Additional App Development (Part 2): So we're going to start with the user difference I have removed. In my view, you can see right here. And you too. So you're going to store some data. So for that we need the freedom. So we will use our text view. We'll make user. I heard something. So make it horizontally in the center on seven different people. One word from me sides. So now you can add the place or from right here and, uh, you need number, But we're just taking a number right now. No strings. You destroyed the placeholder and ask user to are just numbers and what we need us a label on the second view controller. We're going to see whatever the user types right here. And when the user goes to the seconds like second, you're going to alert with your right, you will see a very different forced you got and extract from second view controller. So I want to do this in tow that the size and grease there would be my number. My fear number. Okay, nobody want to do is we don't have any find for this. You're going to look so good and make one your friend Cocoa that class Second, we're goingto next. Now go select the view controller and the class Sick and revenge and no air. The my favorite number leaving gonna go second movement or no mine feel number leaving. So no, there they decided we can go. Heard Order it till we want someone to add this through a forced You goingto goto course. We're gonna go along release It is my number. Next food, right? You see, it were the 1st 1 and now we re loses user Ford's so it is used to store any small amount of data within the application of like a lot before it's easy to do. Use it affords dot Standard study for the big Nice this construction work going on. So now we have made it public. Seven also accept defaults from second rebound roller. So what difference will do it with toward the data? Let's see how so no one of the button is collect. We'll make sure if the mind number text, food or text is north new. So if it is not known, I based everything and it doesn't really Then I want to change my number. Placeholder Equador and the number, right? So when the text field is not men, then I want to store the data for the religious total value, which I want to see. So in order to do that before it's don't register on in this, it must be a string and any solar dokey. Me? The string is the G Solar Ducky. Be my su number. And let the value initially be zero euro minus one. All right. And whenever, though, but an Oscar. But I must collect wondered before it's not set value. The value must be indeed. You off my number not fixed on for the key. You must be Seamus. This just coffee and beast. All right? We don't require the animation so you can go heard on. Go to the second you controller. And when the second you control indoors you did, Lord, I want to retrieve the same value. So what? Mind numb there to be an individual sequel. Do the faults not end? There are many types. String. If you have selected a string, that must be strength, Eddie. It can be an Eddie. So you go with him. Teacher on for the string is my fear number. Right? So this is the number doesn't retrieve. Now on we will learn it to my favorite number, label startext. Does he Quito My numbers. My No! All right. So it's done. I hope you understood. Everything will see no other books. Oh, more than others. Okay. It must be undrafted. Must Evan exclamation mark. No, you can please. Okay, so it's dining. No, let's not under any number. Make liquor. It just isn't there. Number I learned. Door 50 six loader. Second initial. We'll see if they don't release from my favorite. Nobody spoke to 60 dreaming in the second reprint. All right, I hope you understand everything in this video on from the next video, we'll start with our first fully functional, which is built splitting. 10. First App: Bill Splitting App: Hey guys, in this will you be going to develop a fully functioning, builds treating application where usable import the total bill amount the 50% because they want to tip door the wayto and number of people in the group, and it will show the amount that every person goes. All right, So let's go to X court. Create a new export project. I am an UN diarist. Single your application that the name be Bill splitting Next made. All right. First thing supposed, we're going to need some assets and images for using it for the bag around. All right, so just goto cruel. So it's for beach iPhone involved because so you get a perfect portrait. White people. Let's see, How is this? It seems pretty good. All right, so just you can just drag it and Robert radio. There will be a J. P. D. Imagine it's copied and another thing, which we will be needing. ISS. A notebook, transparent background, a notebook that has a transparent background and go to the yellow section so you'll get a note pad type notebooks. That's what we do you would like like this one. It's going to the website. It's about downloaded. No, just click and drag. It did the rest of so doesn't BNG made without the bag around. You can see there's no border lines in there, and this one is their entire boiled people. And now, in orderto get this images in the export project, just go assets like the images drag and drop it right there and the being in them this is bag Well, people on this oneness. No. All right, so now let's begin. Okay, so now we have to create the U. S. So I mean, that's story bored the privilege, the background made so major view. We wanted to be in the center. Don't vertically. And the constraint be I'm taking it from view because I don't want any borders to be left out from view. Zero strong views. Tzeitel from you, Tzeitel and some more tomato Museo I didn't know I had the means to you back in on white people and let this country anymore. Billy aspect ful. Third, Will Silda and Daio view No, that's out of you in the Murdered off this so that we can add the no prayer image on on top off which will air the labels on ext Fields, Spirit of you. I've ordered in the same job on the 1/3 from 60 off decides. You know what reward is? I want to proportionate the height and width. So this selector speculation, But it sure and add the gun stream. No, If I goto, there can inspector issue and let's change it. Toe gratifies to 35. Yeah, McGinty Now we can add the no bad without any problem. Just let the background color be transparent. And now, at an image. In that view, if the images northern, I know that you just make sure it goes and do that. You inside that you so whatever the air will be inside of you and that you made be off the note you're let be a spect ful and that they made view B zero from all sides. Now it looks really good. No, that's a label that sees been excluding. Call a be docked regular. Let's increase the foreign ties and make it boulder free. Yeah, from the dog. Let's make it 60. And in the middle, what is known in the container? All right. That it is now what we want is to are more levels right here. Oh, let's say below this. Yes, Billable splitting by 15. And from the left, that's a fight. Big sins. Okay, And that's name it been a moment. Let's make it Sam aboard and 60. Or the next thing I want is, uh, next food that can hold the value. So from top I wanted from a eight weeks since and from left, 15th excels. Oh, and from right total amount labels I want often fixes, but some right, and had the baseball those dollar 0.0 Okay, we have to do is just call me the label and beast down below. And the man voicing did it would be five and some Bobby 15 The same thing with the text field Copy and paste it. Oh, sustained from the top on £15 in there when I wanders, Want to increase the size off this So this decrees though, So between the label and text and I want all the text for in size to be the same so select born this text will come on and select on the text field and at equal heights are equal with so that they will be equal getting me great with this food then right, norm to our again north. But that IHS total number of people so is there is a bigger, bigger text. A large number of lines will increase number off lines 23 Well done. Number people. It said another text feuded 15 and 15. Don't open list on Willard the same size, equal rights. No, What I want to do is I want to add the labour told the number of people label on squeeze It squeezes between this space. So from the the person did label that the Sistine other distance off steam on from the left . The distance of five have been stream. Now we're going out off constraints from the right. So I learned another gun stream. You know, as you know, that would be often right getting me on that. The initial value in the leaseholder be one run in the reports. Indeed. Be zero person being a out. All right. No, everything is ready. No one's want to add a button so that anyway, click this button. Everything there is, then this experience will be clear under $1500 left and Let's name the word and as clear you everything. The Missionary of Portal Bill amount will be 0.0. It will be a double. The person will be in in digital, which will take value from 0 200 took. The number of people will be an individual. 123 Any Okay. Oh, that's gonna turn off your be boy. Read. Yeah, right. I just did it right. No, that's unbelievable. Finally, able center. They're gonna do no, but the distance all spin from either sides. Number of lines be 51 out. We won't require that much. Makes remembered. With two lines in the next two squared we're going to writers for Listen, It's little points. He doesn't know that being the same door board any free on. And I wanted some the number off people. There's still a great d to a distant off already from boredom. I wanted from the number of people label turkey right. That sounds made. So no, we'll add all these building all these outlets whoever you control a file that said deftly Obertan tones as action. No more borders. When every type anything or and change any value we want to update the bill per person off simultaneously. So what we'll do is we'll add an outlet, been amount. But also along with that pillared this control click and drag down below Bladen action and that you're going to be editing tunes. And the action would be bill among changed. Right? Do the same thing for the rest of the day. Rest of their do text field, they're four Sandridge worsened. Age changed number off people number before. All right. And if you also want a label outlet so that we can change the value offered bill per person label. Okay, so you were Everything is ready. Now we start holding it. So we're going to meet a few really ones first. Let's initialize it. What? Finally, 44 Soon value. It will show the final value off each course and holes on. Let it be a double Tito blood bill Amount Now, when you with the bill amount listing people store the value in this malleable so bill amount be a double and it will be equal to 0.0 initially. Thank God the person things. It can be an individual from value from 0 to 100 initially in order to be zero, then number off people. That would be an interview on initially the unity One person. Okay, So know where you want to do is add a function. So that anyone any off this value changes any of the text field is a return. Then we want that function to run. We don't want every time Deron something grand, something random. We'll just call that function, and that function will handle everything from there. So fun. I'm eight bill per person value. That's the name of the function. This will go calculation. So finally, proportion value will be Quito Bill amount. Wait, Bill amount that isn't double less. Bill Ammon were deployed by the person gains a person is an individual so convergent converted into double on this is my prepared with dirt of it so they won't hurt us. I wondered a percentage with vintage, it converted to be double on as it will be from 0 200 Want to convert it into person? Vegetable divide by 100. Uh, any will air the bill amount with the bill amount report and the word the entire thing by number off people, Mrs. There individuals who we need to convert data also into double and now reaching their labor to this final value finding value calculation has been done. The bill amount will be added toe build amount the person days the billabong will be added with their tip, which is this part in this particular person off the bill and then then die amount. We were divided with number off people. So we'll outing the label Bill, ppd No fixed is equal to door Been for a person dolo And inside this put final don't be rather you okay? Update build PPE value was done. Now all we need to do is just a bit the red A variables whenever the exceeded edited and Dido and called a big function. So we'll update when the bill amount of change. So we wanted bill amount to be equal toe. I don't know. Bill amount next field or fixed. Yeah, And then we will call off a date function The same thing will do Deep person. Did the person trees will be well do in teacher off. It was soon text field or fixed and then off dead real value Then the number of people that change. Okay, so it must be a double marine. Oh, no. One number of people. A teen. So city number off people which is airing video will be equal to a teacher off. Put a number off people extend or text, and that must be unwrapped. And then call of date bell value. You really don't grab one more thing. It was a Ford send wrapping, so we have one wrapped inside value. Now we're when you want to clear everything. We will replace all the radium girls with its default values. So it was finally you people you will be will do 2.0. I believe you. They re quit. 040 B b Quit Macedo A number off people, Basically one and then we want to update value for will again go up in a bit. That will be zero plus little military. Anything with zero Zito divided by one will be zero. The final value will be 0.2 it since. All right, let's turn it in. J Howard Books. There was a minor misty. So just go to the storyboard. Open up. Sorry. That door. What is this? So the 1st 1 when we dragged on from the forced. When we selected everything, change was decorating change and then our direction. But in the 2nd 1 Richard, a rating did end running toward one the same everything did hand. We wanted everything changed. So what we'll do is we removed the reference first, but it didn't end. Remove the reference off the number of people also no. Well again, select conclude without one of the action on that, everything changed. And there for this end changed. You learn the rest of the functions function values inserted and did it still function? You do the same for a number of people. So control it like Dr Released election be and the everything changed number of people tunes and they're the values. Insert the function, the new function and reveal the old functions right there was it So now let's go back and run it on an iPhone. Okay, So your is your application. Let the telephone be. Are you ready? $5.4 food. 25 point fight. 25.50 50 cents food. And I want to take granny person to the reader on people will be put. So you're is the total bill amount. Okay, so when I'm back space, I got an error. This is because mana backspace completely post blanket was no. So it cannot turn. What? Anything. Nil that anything NATO to a double. So we want to make sure that nothing is a little while there. Take the value off it. So you'll you will say if bill amount text is not equal toe nail, then only devil compute the rest of the functions. The same thing goes here. Yes. Do people assume foods is not equal to men? Been on the their country, The rest of the functions this anything for this depose, interested or text for a number of persons. No people. If turn number off people text, field or text is not, you will do. They're only run this pretty good a function this one given years. So we learned $45.75 worth off debate on 1 20% or leading presenter and number of people will for So this is the value poor person has to be. Of course, it's not that rounded off on defy. Just experience any off this phone. Give me a better all right. So the clear button walks is better over. It will replace all the values. But it won't replace the won't clear the text field won't look the other extreme. So go on, Bill. Among text in court to men, then the person. The text will be equal to men. Andi, the total number off people no text will be he will doing, then deploying 60. Great person. Three feet on a clear my right to it works like a charm. All right, guys. Now we'll see in the next video and show you how you can create your second most app, Which will be It will be a quiz game which we will publisher to the APP store, so make sure you check it out. 11. Second App: Quiz Game: Hey, guys, in this video, we're going to learn how we can create a quiz game. So you're going to take a Jason file in which the data will be there and we're going to use it to create our app so forced, let's create adjacent file the stop on any editor you would like. I would like to use sublime decks. The former deputy we are going to use for Jason would be this right here. You can see so everything would be inside a square bracket. And in that we are going to Cody brackets and inside, which we will let every question and answer like, Oh, many Gordon's are there on your right. The correct answer. Seven. And the wrong answers do 11 more eight. So this is the correct format. And if you want multiple questions, just write the same format down here and so on and so forth. All right. Getting me. So I've already prepared a few questions right here. You can see five questions out there, And if you want to use a double court inside the question, you can just backspace and double code and it will work. I'm just going to save it in desktop. That's name it. Who is dark Jason into? We don't know this. This is our fight. Now let's open a big school and start without project. Clear the new project. Mondal us in with your application. See him would say more and name it. Quiz game right next under that stops you. No. One that is open. Just select adjacent Crystal Jason. Five. Drag and drop It finished. So the Jason Fallacy and you can even add it from right here. You can add multiple question and answers. All right, let's get started. So first thing you're going to do is set up for long scream. So whenever you open of the the initial screen with you, view will be the lawn screen, the waiting time between when the APP launches the app and the begins, this is the screen we're going to see. So let's add a labor. Let's see, the label is the name of the game rescue. Let's credit Great. If ICS skills from he decides on 1 50 years from the top, he noted, being the Sindoor, it's good a degree. Let's increase the phone and make it Boulder 50. That's fine right slower and just going to make it in the center of the dia screen. Well, the dog for you and maybe in the symptoms, but right. So now are you going to do is simple. The decent value, its creator. You're going to create a variable. What? I was data. We're going to initialize it as many Eddie off any and initially, it will be empty. So no. In urban photo, chastened by live a function, just you can see right, you settle first, create the file. You are on import. Who was named of Jason. Filed with extension. Jason will search for the quiz file with extension Jason loaded in this file Very volatile . Creator, you are length. And from that it will extract their data on created Jason serialization for serialization objects with their it doesn't this often. Currently they're going to use it to put it inside. The object which we created regulate object equals to Jason. When it is your dictionary, matter is in the former. Off the square brackets, train and the value. So what we are using we're using the second time you're using the any objects, so we're going to have in the square brackets any. So this is where have object will be stored. Every data will be stored. So let's say with data, because he will do object. So all the file later is now saved in the quest. Eight. Object. All right, now and then it's just a door. Jason is invalid. Is going to put in. Rallied on If no file it's found, it's going to print no file. Okay, now, now let's see how we can use this data. We extraordinary increase data, but let's see how we can use them. You know, let's create the your eye off the application. You always are forced mean you can't or if you're just going to use one, you controller for this application. So now let's aired. Oh, next view because the question can be off multiple lines, sort of properly building this area. We warned the question to be from the opposite 80 Artur distance off Katie and from Edo. Sorry. 40 basic right there. And the heart off the question Be Mary to 30. All that's just resize it to wonders, right? You're going to increase the for in size, making bolder same. Would you the phone close to 27. Well, gratify. Yeah, that sounds good. Just be where should earning the same toe? No, let's out of you. Which will contain all gone will be longer. See you boredom for distance while for authority and 30 from one side, except for the dog. Okay, so what? I will be wanders. This view will be half the size of the entire view. We're going to select it common and select the main view. I know it equal heights to them. We're going to proportion in the height. So now it is full height and the entire view. You're going to resize it. Do you equalize doing? Do you mind if I object? You're going to say longer top of it against you Does only half know, get to your point, for it's not a zero point full on their own time, you know we're going to do is going to divide this, conserve you into full views. So there begins, like any off the button in the entire view. Begin to do that using stack abuse you're using or the fact you this added from side preserved 0000 Now these orders on the stack you can can handle to work because stack views school. You'll see why I'm doing that. Add another one from us about it Be any different order so you can see the view contains a stack of you. And in that that always understand you for intends to vertical views, verticals tax years. So keep this order The strike of yours equally distributed. Really, really on you will have two vertical stacks abuse? No, in that just make them also for the quicker distribution. We feel equally now you're going to hurt views? No, my means to it so that each vertical view we'll have to use okay, the same before the night. One mole. You? Yeah, you can see now the view are divided into four views. Right now, we're going to add buttons to each of this view. No, let's add burdens to each of them. Just make Tim Burton go from granted. Pixels eat size. The burden would be in the Sando and Revere Square. The same for the views. So sorry to make it grand. Dont Okay now all libertines harder than the views. So what you can do is if you want to color some of you in this. I had a bag down. According to the main you I like my in faded make this one, then just made the opposite less so there will look more need off now, though, Who stack view has the No. Now they're interview has white color. That's why we cannot see the entire condo. And I right, so just make it there. The Ford it's in the dog make it different. Transparent. All right, now you can see all the views, all the burdens, no giving to link all the buttons on the label. Before that, we're going to add one more level in between the question and don serve you So before the question text you Well, it could be just until five Great defense only this night on loan below, into fuel, etc. Five again, that's quite big. Make it in the same toe. Being this in Daubert off question and answer. Let's Singley really most one. And also one more thing I've owned this used to because her and not the background view just before the main views got background color and make it this phone fellow review in the recent also what I want to do this under its stack view Distinct grease. This pacing added full, full and also the means back to you so that vertical lines are the creator, right? No word want is when the background color is this on. It is a perfect practicing that it didn't look good. So you want the corners to be around there. So this Gloria on the user defined during time attribute, Just add leo dot Corneau on, then capitalize radius and at a number, and let the number B hey selected copy and do the same for the news. You'll see the corners would be rounded by eight pixel radius. It will look really good. No, everything is ready. Let's add that that this elements I love you. You can't Orthodox 55. So I decided to build on length of outlets Question Question Next to you, Nick, and drag on. What people do is whenever the user clicks and you of the burden Ovaltine This to correct around builds on down. So so limit gentleman. Then we want to add in the region patents, not the views, the buttons, I really would. So one this will be Does that door once three 90 full. We also want is but an action or click similar on somebody. But it's so who first, Once it's me first. There are tons of for Crist, but all door well. Dixon no linked to those. Fine. You can make a few changes. A few warns. No, let's go to this file and let's start with the actual court where we will put the question nonsense to the view. It's going to create a function for that off date, assuring on so liberal question. Answer Leavins. So as we won't friend, I'm going to initialize of it. Random variable in your index, random on and in bringing reborn strong Tzeitel. When they do for because there are five questions zero will take the first mission on last mission before you're gonna add in one more questions. So you going todo range off the you getting the range of their necks. No one said that Miss Object will do. Chris, they don't index dictionary. Oh, and at of records in angle brackets, strange coma Any okay, Now the grizz objectors, all the we're date off the other particular question. Whichever know this random selected no one of those three media blitz for question and answers. So, uh, question, which will contain the question. What get it done? So is equal to zero. Initially were going toe advantages to earn 012 people with the 1st 2nd 3rd or fourth answers. So the next thing you're going to do is a big question readable with the data. So Chris Uptake there's off Jay. When in the brackets question as question is the key where you continue the Jason Final question is the key word. And this is the value Richard written. This is the Keeper and this is the This is the fever and this these are the values so Christian and we've done though aggression. Now we want to update that question in the extreme. So Christian text viewed or text Ecuador aggression. All right. No, What we want is the got it done. So, so relation, isn't it good it down soon be a stream and it is It will go Risk wishing result object. Good. I think the school so get to you you can just call being based. But if you're not sure Good night so and also you have to initialize as string the same thing for this spring. All right, so we have the correct answer now will dig the wrong answers. No answers and it reveal aerial string. So, Chris Well, Jake, just scorpion basis. Incorrect dances. Yes, Any off string. But right now, being the correct answers in this really, even wrong ones is in this really win and the question in this video. Okay, how about a pretty quick No. What we want is we want to randomly please the answer Correct. Announcing any off these any of this sport, Brooks. And you have this for burdens 17. Could do is again of random variable. Good in the got it convicts, Joe, it is equal in the door trying them and with director when you don't fool says it all. 123 No relayed A switch treatment on the real evil will provide is correct index. So the correct index zero Ben related Correct answer will be in zero on. We'll have delivered, but we'll treat the name of their buttons. So on one certain title and then the title spring We're going grad door. No credit. This drink on the control street would be normal not normally. No, it is three times his leg. So just there's not going to Is it the initialized over my red? So just change the really busy good. It was the background. So for you. So we're really do the same for the rest of the basis. One. Do three Before we print some better they had done to his, you know, And little Wonder one. There were 233 on and on So would be peaceful, sickened toward and foot everybody getting okay. So now the next thing we're going to do is we have said the correct answer to the button. Now we said they're wrong on certain lubricants. So answer two would be wrong Once a certain title on their title would be wrong. Answer. Zeal on broad ST dot normal Syrian bones of three and four one Do Romans have will only have three strings. Wrong answer. A revolution. You three things All right? Wrong answer. A rebel only had three strings. Alright, so just corporate Mr Taste it We're blue jeans, door names. So in those second gave, the correct answer is stored in second. So the romantic being white the authorities the wrong answer. Is it to the wrong answers at three. So Don So one would be the wrong on in the fourth case. In the last case, Wrong answer is the correct answer is that under four, So wrong answer would be it down. So what? You know when on though liberals in Burton's assert we're going toe things The label for what? This one judgment moving soared judgment the next Quito Select anyone and the quiz with all Republican. So we want this update You in there to be done off purview? We have LoDo Jasen file. So well, first Lord Jason fine and beyond of you to do it And then a big question on so great. No, the question on sale order now, while you have to do, is over and with the user select any of the buttons we'll check whether that particular answer is correct or not. So maybe you're done at the function for that. Let me play two functions for that one went on series correct on the else When the answer is no so far Credit done so and second wrong. So so been Oh, when the use of Mrs Burton for this is the first burden. And if God on so is equal to zero, that means the first answer is correct and the users press that answer. Then correct answer will be pressed character, and so function will be done. Is wrong from wrong on to function rebellion. The same thing for the rest of the Britain's this copy and pasted. That sounds easy. Quick one on if they use oppresses the second Britain, which is around one, which is in the first position. Oh, so you're going to see the zero position this force this a second. This is stored. So when they use a defender, correct answers in zero position and they use collective force. Burton and answer is correct. The correct answer is in the force, but is it is in the second button and they use a select this. Then it will go to the correct functioning else. It will go to the wrong answer function. So do the same for the rest. So do it. And three, it's already a pretty strange this one cans. So when an interest correct, what we will do is so we went down there is Qari real change the judgment table. Sort of Teoh judgment, No text. Everyone thing. Let me do animation so that you understand our emissions will visit. So you weigh you. Have you thought any made the duration of your thoughts of ambitions? Any man do Asian and competition. I mean, do what I wanted and 0.5 seconds and then emission which I want this judgment for engagement x alfa must people visit with it will be invisible in 0.5 seconds. And when it's computer my one judgment nor text to be tearing too good on so And also men don't Texcoco to be changed to you. I Carlo dark green The god of it changed to green and it will be correct X. And after that I want you live. You wrote any meat recuperation competition and under those 0.5 seconds, it's the ones again on a mission would be judgment text would be again for would be said when certain will again come up. That's the show up. So in this completion, I don't think anything would be necessary. So it must be cell door judgment. Well, that was a generator, Silvano don service correct. It will go in, it will animate figured out dinner between the statement to correct on so and the text with your turn green on. Then it will again. Sure. And when that happens, we wanted Dele. So you know how to do it. Dispatch despaired. Que good mean Ussing off. They're like, we don't know. No. So I want, um, two seconds, Delia and exit I would execute no function. So again, select any of the questions and the answers jeans a question and answers in the buttons. So the again Drin Abdic Cuba so self not of death que a, uh Oh, a little change toe. Select anyone Judgment label. And also don't judge a man. Next girl must change to your eye color Black. This is great. So I want the same thing in their own lines of function. Except it will be wrong on so and the You like Oliver Stone to read on the delay off two seconds. This team, Everybody with me. Hope you're quoting with me on the application is now ready. So I run it on a site in a second. So when the application will open up, it will run. It will change the question. It will randomly select any of this five questions on from that. It will extract the question and correct ins and romances, and it will add the question right here in the next few. Andi, it will randomly select, and you have the full buttons on it will have the correct answer to it, and the rest of Q. Burton's will get the wrong. So so whenever the user will select the wrong correct answer, Or let's say the wrong answer. Oh, this particular text judgment label will change too wrong ransom in red color and really any meat. So I think everything this iss fine, we'll run it. And I formed in. So that is running know when it will lure. This is the no long screen, um, was talking about. So this is the thing we changed Chris game. We're going to inject you anything. A company's name, your in your own name for the application guessing all the app is running. And this is the question, and these are sensitive to select anyone. So it against you is going to right here. The Burton as when you single layer is it does not have my deplaned just there. Fix that. So in order to fix that, just select the line. Break to be word wrap all of the burdens. Wardrop for draft, I would grab Wardrop. No, let's run it. So under that boat award number is exactly over that one. So let's let grill it will animate to wrong on So will again change the question. So what is? The unit was the year it off Currency in Laos now would escape. But will t dollar beautifully animated Wrong answer. And then in two seconds and routines the question So you get to your idea of the war dropping, Miss Beauty from today What is the name of the first year that I was ever uploaded to you? To you. So it's me and to do Everybody knows that you will see like that, Vladimir, to correct on so and change the question. So morning we're off questions. You have the more number of randomness you will get Now this is the application you're going to appear to App store. I hope you like it. It was really good. Well, then you guys slaps for yourself. No. What? You what you can do What additional things you can do before putting toe APP stores. We can dispose this video and do that in these times asking for you can just added time or , if you want, you can use time over a thought in all your classes, you can use timer and only give the user two minutes toe have as much as many schools as many correct answers as they want. You can also have a score limit right here. Oh, that sees a number of correct answers and wrong on SOS, or you can appoint system for the usual. So you do this little tweaks and changes and create a really good actor. So this is the application you're going to a political app store. The next future will be about the glass project. Just take to it and also make sure to see how you can upload an application and the application that you have created on the APP store. 12. Project Challenge For You: I have a class project that I want you to complete. Now, if you have lost all of my videos, you can easily create this project. So I want you to create an application. It can be any any apple game off your choice, using the things you have learned in this class. Or you can also create the question between created last time with some improvement to the improvements. Must be you can add, oh, schooling system that the usual gets points For every correct answer, the points are deducted for every long answer. You can have a time when the application where they used to get only two minutes toe get get the correct answer is on. If you create your own application, it must have these points to be implemented so that I can see that they You, as students, have learned quite a good amount of information from this trust, so it must have multiple functions, implemented loops and that will pain on application. It must have timers and release multiple. You controllers and every human you control almost contain at least four different type of objects, like Burton stack news labels you can add in majors or anything you like. It must have animations and user reader must received. So when you create all these things in an application begins have been the project by just create a project, writing the name on writing the description off the application project title and predict description. And you can I didn't made screenshots, or you can send a small video of the application and that we can just submit a project so that I contribute your book and appreciate your work. There's an extra do guilty how we can upload an app to the APP store. 13. App Icons & Screenshots: let's begin with the process of uploading the app to the APP store. So first in this video you're going to do is we're going to create the app Aikins and the Screen Church required for the APP store. So forced. Let's create the screenshots. So let's run the application on an iPhone then. So, in other planets running, you can go right here in the file on new screen Jer. So does your screen Chuck Metal considered no one So and then the next question. Also take the screenshot. He won't at least three screenshots in the next ones. So another screenshot No, let's run it on a hyper well 0.9 inch diapered your tone I heard Screenshots Let's run it now They did straining hyper Buddhas Anything Duke A screenshot dreams don't. So you know the screen showed. Let's take another 13 screen chart for each device. 35 49. You're going to brew this green show today? Don't According to your application right now we have taken the screenshots. Now we're going to create the app Aiken So upset farty And in Google. So it's for Canada. I showed you How are you going to you too. Can you? Up, like in creator design? Custom dimensions on that. I mentioned 2048 10 ones. You don't go for cross 10 to 4 exits. Thank you. Let's create something that will look like a grizzly. So sort of template for light. Like this really looks word. So will remove the next video to keep this one increase. Phyllis eyes off this Aiken in this right quiz game that could be in the center. No, it's proper staying in the background color. Make it a bit, doctor should. Yeah, this looks good. Just go right here and down. Wouldn't be in deformity. And let's get dressed up. Now go to the absurd I told you about gris. I mean, I couldn't generate Oh, I did that image and we just found iPhone tonight frightens nor did you go. They generate I love down at its best off close Still that browses on and we're gonna visit fight. So in this particular folder is our Pipkins. You get this one right here going to add these icons in the app so go to assets Vikan on these other Americans and all you have to do is so Let the right image in the right area. So this is spent ipic cells and two X That means for what do we go? You and Grant ipix ready points three x So 3 to 6 60 Oops. Now with some of the images and not right, not there. So you have to copy and paste any of the image and resize it. It's there greeny nine girls to eggs. It would be 60. It really engrossed three x That would be 87 if you put a wrong one then you you can see right here it will. Sure, there's an order. Right? Image I could most be Should be 29 Grosbard nine It's against electric guarding and once it will do for you can adore it. Okay, so the Americans are sick And you can also see your idea that Vikan shoes right here. Let's run it on an iPhone on. See how it looks like on an iPhone. It's a running, though you stop it and see this. That Viking looks really good. You can see Here's to you. No, open up. It looks like a job. You can also sort and see it is getting right to the APP Ikenson screen church already know . Let's begin with our uploading to the APP store. 14. Publish your app to App Store: So let's begin with publishing are after the APP store. So forcing what you're going to need is the paid developer on which has $99 fees for you. You must know that. So you're going to need that account. Next thing you're going to do is go to x court references. Make sure they're paid account Is the next court a cone preferences? Now let's open a safari. Goto developers dot apple dot com We're going to create an APP ireporter application. So go to account on death certificates Already profiles under identifiers, you're going to create an identifier. So just select air a party I always and the description name of the Abbey Cruz game. And it is not going to use any off these. If any of your app is going to use, make sure selected Brenda Lady for Bergdahl Illegal to export. This is your Burnell Identify selected on base. You right here. Continue Redstone No, let's go toe ideas connect I didn't spend. Ignore that radar form. You're you will up toward the act. Look at my ass. So in 19 spending, click on the plus sign New F Therefore must be iris name clues game with the language being English burned alive You consume idea what is created esque, you know, ask you something a unique I leader Oh, you will be using for the app store. So let's just say Cruz, game 123 Use access for Alexis. Create that you created is already used. So just seeing the name do anything to forward Please give due for it Be it under the experience app store connect Goto uprising in a really beauty and set your pricing You're going to use the free tire and see Yeah, I go to prepare for submission You're going to need Screenshots. It doesn't go down. I had a promotional next if you want. This is Oh, Chris Game and the description. Okay. Was game and through your knowledge keywords with Yeah, And now you have to start up during the up. So go back to ex school Make sure their device is selected. Gen Erica was device Go to product First clean the build folder, man, it was done. Go to product Make sure their devices generic IOS device Go to throw it up and I No, you is the heart of God. I find. So first we have to validate death and then distributed. I click on Reddit next automatic minute signing next. Well, it Okay, so it is successfully validated. Just done. And now, once it is validated, you can distribute or upload the act. Mr your Dad I recep stool No. Next ultimate automatically. Man, that signing makes I know. Finally split on a floor, Dig a few minutes. So in August, the APA successfully uploaded on. Now you can go right here. Refresh the page. So after refreshing, just go down there. Andi Under build, you can see selector built before you submit your select that now you're build with your uploaded on the app store will be a scene right here. As you can see 1.1 points, there is aversion to select. And then now the app icons automatically loaded from the Apertura Plodder on. Now you can just go up there and at the permission of Texas removed because police noted last time to start it again. Game for your mind Leg risky, then didn t on. When you go up under screenshots just select ira screenshot property so you can see all the resolutions up all iPhones, which we have to submit. So as you can see, the you're going to sell upload for 5.5 inch on. Just make sure the resolutions corresponding to the screen charter proper. So I have to re sign the major my phone being charged. Open all of them. And we want the screen church to be, well, 40 to cross to Jozy rate. Just go back to the review on select All and tools and egg just size. So you want 12. 42 gross 208 Click on. OK, now all of them are resized, but they're not looking good, right? So you can just go into Canada and update according to your needs and make a really good screenshots. Now there is an editor in the image you can see up. So it is transparent. We don't want that. They won't accept any made with transplants. We just go to the screen chart and take a screen shot off that screen chart. Okay? No, I just did it. The old one. Do you know what you want? And keep the new one do the same thing for the next green chart you don't want any transparency and any errors on the screen short. Well, you seem for the Taliban, the top notch is the problem. It is giving transparent background on that. So it takes be in charge of all the three and read the old ones and at the new ones. So we have to know resize the image. We're taking this creature but were to recite so open all the to be go to tools select all But it does and I just size weren't for two strewed 208 The normative resized Yes, close it opener perhaps took a day and I had those screen shots. No, just one they will accept. Definitely. I had the rest of the two. You know, when they are done, we'll see for the affair Well 0.9 in second authority and region. So we want to zero for it. Cross to 73 to 4 I pens. Just open eye pain open on three and we'll go to tools First its electoral or of them control. I then go to do it. At this size, they are already 20 for eight months to 72 miss close. It will use as this is good wife Well for 19th and breaking. Drop all three of them. So they load up. And now we want to explain five inch display iPhone screen shot so we'll see the resolution of six point moment. It's Oneto grows to 6 88 Sevilla, take the four screenshot only, and copy and paste it. Make a duplicate off it. I open that and resize that according to the iPhone 6.5 inch screen, open it good of doors. I meant to say, I want to for too gross to do Oh, they produce 6 80 We're going okay on day will resize and we learned that went to the first . IPhones explain finally interest. There won't be any problem. Okay, there's one more thing we have to do, so go to have information on. We have privacy policy. You are. So you can do that. Is privacy policy is required for all the app that you're submitting to the APP store, so just open up the next time and go to doc's dot google dot com. Create a blank document name. The document Does privacy policy. Andi privacy policy. The other doctor was making in the center and bold and increase the size for taste. So learn. Just type in this you do you decided. And just type in this is is only for entertainment purpose only for entertainment. And now what we want to do is click on share and click on Get terrible links so the file will be open and whoever will have that link and open the document this based you right here on the privacy policy link will be added. All the ab 30 up Morago is going to need a privacy policy selector category off the They're being games and step practically be trivia down below on second, getting good TV, was it? And just like integrated beard is optional. So just put it education as it is Equis game. So click on save. Let's get a subtitle, Father game Oh, quiz A simple quiz game and then click on to you again and go back to prepare for submission. No, this is the final step, so just make sure all the screenshots are there and in proper order the way you want it on , when all the screenshots of properly added make sure you have ah, good tight and in description and keywords. Property would in support your alive ordered the prime vegetables to Dr Link. You can area of absurd slink andan copyright Make sure you write your name or your company's name and we have to wear a content rating. So just like known to all if you're come, if your app does not have any adult contents and everything No, no, no, on Look on. Done. Onda conduct information are your name your contact number and your email address. So when you all said and have ordered all then correct information, click on, see And then now is the time. You will submit your first application. Click on submit for review. Congratulations and be proud of yourself. So we'll export compliance. Select No, we don't need anything and content joins me or not using in the Tory party content Supplicant Load on advertisement? No, because we are not using any ads If you're using Yes, when you click submit It will be submitted to the APP store. Congratulations, guys. This is the final click you have to do. I'm not some writing it right now because it will be rejected for being too simple. So when you submit the app you will see waiting for review Right now. Rituals prepare for submission for me because I haven't like on the final submission. But when you do, it will change to waiting for review on after it takes up about one toe, two days maximum toe having a well executed to review your app And when it does when it is ready, it will sure, ready for sea like you can see your ideal Mexican app. That means that it is live on the app store. Then you and your friends can honor from the APP store. All right, guys, this is the end of the entire course. I hope you like it if you like it. Do give the scores of times up and write your honest reviews about how you like the scores and do share it with your friends where wants to learn Irish development and why don't starting develop by Recep. So I hope this course will be really helpful for them. Do somebody a project for this class on. I wish you all the best for your APP development carrier