Complete iMovie - Chapter 9: Green Screen, Picture-in-Picture, and Other Cool Tricks with Overlays

Rafi Saar, Owner Syncopa Productions and Software Engineer

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13 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Chapter 9 Introduction

    • 2. Adding a Secondary Timeline (B-roll)

    • 3. Green / Blue Screen

    • 4. Split Screen

    • 5. Picture in Picture

    • 6. Applying Overlays to the Course Lessons

    • 7. PRO - Add Transparent Effects & Transitions

    • 8. PRO - Animate a Character

    • 9. PRO - Multiple Overlays - 4 PIPs

    • 10. PRO - Adding a Constant Logo in the Corner

    • 11. PRO - Crop Image to 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio

    • 12. PRO - Create a Custom Transparent Logo Intro

    • 13. Chapter 9 Project


About This Class

Learn everything about iMovie and WOW your friends and family with your movie editing talents and with your cool movies!  This chapter is one of the most feature-packed and cool chapters of the whole series!

-> Chapter 10

This is the 9th chapter of The Complete iMovie course, especially built with beginners and advanced users in mind.  This whole class was built using iMovie.  This course was actually created INSIDE this course!

FYI, you can download 3 files I use in this class - check the Class Project description to download them.

Chapter 9 covers one of the most fun parts of iMovie and it's the one with the most PRO lessons where I give away many great tips and some secrets to overcome many iMovie limitations and perform some magic.  Don't miss out on this chapter!
Here we'll learn how to add a second layer on top of our main timeline which will allow us to perform special edits like a cutaway, split screen, but also the more complex picture in picture and green screen effects.  I'll show you how to use the capabilities that iMovie provides here to perform other feats even though apparently iMovie does not support them.  We'll make a character move on the screen, we'll get 4 videos run simultaneously, we'll create an animated transparent logo intro video, and more!

You probably got iMovie for free, but do you know everything there is to know about it?

I'll show you all the features of iMovie - no prior knowledge required - but I'll also give you my secrets with many pro tips to overcome many limitations in iMovie and perform some nifty tricks.

So if you want to impress everyone with your amazing movies, enroll in this class!