Complete iMovie - Chapter 6: Creating Our First Project

Rafi Saar, Owner Syncopa Productions and Software Engineer

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8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Chapter 6 Introduction

    • 2. Adding Clips to the Timeline

    • 3. Playback Options

    • 4. Project Settings

    • 5. PRO - Set the Movie Resolution

    • 6. Simple Edits in the Timeline

    • 7. Saving & Duplicating a Project

    • 8. Chapter 6 Project


Project Description

Select some ranges of clips in the Browser and add them to your timeline.  Or put clips in the timeline and then trim then any way you want.  The point is that in the timeline we'll only have parts of clips and not full clips.
Then take a screen capture of your iMovie screen and upload to the Class Project area.  I want to see that the orange bars in the Browser showing the used portions don't span the full length of the clips.

* to take a screen shot on the Mac, hold --3 on your keyboard and an image file will appear on your desktop.

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