Complete iMovie - Chapter 11: Backgrounds & Maps | Rafi Saar | Skillshare

Complete iMovie - Chapter 11: Backgrounds & Maps

Rafi Saar, Owner Syncopa Productions and Software Engineer

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Chapter 11 Introduction

    • 2. Using Backgrounds

    • 3. Using Maps

    • 4. Adding More Backgrounds

    • 5. PRO - Creating the iMovie Lecture Intro

    • 6. Select in iMovie

    • 7. Chapter 11 Project


About This Class

This is the 11th chapter of The Complete iMovie course, especially built with beginners and advanced users in mind.  This whole class was built using iMovie.  This course was actually created INSIDE this course!

-> Chapter 12

In Chapter 11 we'll learn how to add backgrounds and maps.  iMovie comes pre-installed with some very nice ones.  We'll also see how to draw a path between two points on the globe.  Then I'll show you how to add more backgrounds to your projects.  With all the knowledge acquired up to this point, I'm going to build in LIVE the intro you see at the beginning of each lesson (except the sound which I'll add later on).  In the final lesson I'll show you a nice trick to select only items of a specific type.

You probably got iMovie for free, but do you know everything there is to know about it?

I'll show you all the features of iMovie - no prior knowledge required - but I'll also give you my secrets with many pro tips to overcome many limitations in iMovie and perform some nifty tricks.

So if you want to impress everyone with your amazing movies, enroll in this class!





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Rafi Saar

Owner Syncopa Productions and Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Rafi. Originally from Belgium. I have an MS degree in Computer Science from Columbia University.
I'm the owner of Syncopa Productions (click for web site).
I have several YouTube channels, one of which is about Final Cut Pro X tips.
Also check out my Company Facebook Page.

While I've been a software engineer and a manager at hi-tech firms for many years, I was also always busy doing music, video, and photography.

I'm very passionate about everything crea...

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