Complete iMovie - Capter 10: Working with Photos | Rafi Saar | Skillshare

Complete iMovie - Capter 10: Working with Photos

Rafi Saar, Owner Syncopa Productions and Software Engineer

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5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Chapter 10 Introduction

    • 2. Adding Photos

    • 3. Change Photo Duration

    • 4. Crop Settings

    • 5. Chapter 10 Project


About This Class

This is the 10th chapter of The Complete iMovie course, especially built with beginners and advanced users in mind.  This whole class was built using iMovie.  This course was actually created INSIDE this course!

-> Chapter 11

In Chapter 10 we'll learn how to add photos to your movies.  We'll see how we can use the existing Photos libraries from the Photos or iPhoto apps, we'll see how we can change the duration that a photo is shown, and we'll explain in detail what the different cropping options are.

You probably got iMovie for free, but do you know everything there is to know about it?

I'll show you all the features of iMovie - no prior knowledge required - but I'll also give you my secrets with many pro tips to overcome many limitations in iMovie and perform some nifty tricks.

So if you want to impress everyone with your amazing movies, enroll in this class!