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Complete YouTube Mastermind-How to Grow a Channel & Audience

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

Complete YouTube Mastermind-How to Grow a Channel & Audience

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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About This Class

This Course will take you through everything you need to know about starting, growing, & perfecting your YouTube Channel.

Have you ever thought you might want to get started on YouTube, but didn't really know how?

Maybe you have a YouTube Channel, but you're not really seeing the growth & views you're looking for...

Well, regardless of your motives, one thing's for sure. This Course will take you through everything you need to know and more. You'll learn how to connect with & grow your audience. You'll also get a walk through of how to record & edit YouTube Content. All this comes with some invaluable bonus lessons I've learned from growing my own YouTube Channel. Are you ready to find your audience?

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. 1: what's going on, guys? And welcome to the course here. We're going to focus on starting, building and growing your YouTube. Gradually, we're gonna get into everything from, you know, initially starting the channel. How to get it. Fill that look professional, too. Uploading videos, the correct way. Tagging them how you could generate traffic, make money literally. Everything that I do on YouTube, you know, to grow and monetize both with AdSense, you know, affiliate links, potential deals and someone and so forth and really everything across the board. So I hope you're excited to get into it. I'm really, really excited to bring it to you, you know, we're gonna go through everything across the board. Like I said, I've been doing this probably about 8 to 10 months. Roughly. I don't know exactly how long it's been. I am monetized. I'm still monetized even after the so called ad Apocalypse on. So I'm gonna show you little tips and tricks and nuances that I've learned along the way so that you can you know, if you haven't started your channel, essentially start your channel or correct way and get it up and running as fast as possible . so you can generate traction and then get to you know where I am and then surpass it on. If you've already started to YouTube channel and you're just looking for some, you know, some tips along the way feel free to pick some of them up cause I got some great ones coming for you. I put a video out every single day on. That's something across the board that I've been focusing on on YouTube. You'll start to notice that you grow and gain traction. All those videos act is basically basically digital employees for me, and they start to pick up views. Watch time, obviously affiliate links, because all my my videos have affiliate links, which is something we'll be going over and I'll teach you, which is basically, you know, regardless of your niece, you can get affiliate links across the board, so that's something to keep in mind. But with that being said, we're just gonna jump right into the course and start getting it going 2. 2: All right, so now we're gonna get into the basics of the channel set up. How did you make it look professional? Fill out your channel before you start uploading videos. Now, I want to preface this by saying I'm gonna give you some recommendations on things that I suggest that you do that will make your channel more, you know, searchable in YouTube, ASIO It will also make your channel look more professional and generate traffic and help you get along. You know, stuff along those lines. None of these are musts, but they will certainly help you gain, you know, views and subscribers. Because the majority of people you know, if they're not on your video already subscribing or, you know, basically engaging in the channel that way they're gonna come to your YouTube home page, your YouTube channel page, and they're going to make that decision on whether or not to subscribe to you from your home page. Now, another important thing to keep in mind is that more than 50% I believe the last time I checked the stats, it was about 65% of views that YouTube has are from mobile devices, meaning you know, phones and stuff like that tablets iPads. And so that's something to keep in mind that while it's important like it, like here, too, you know, focus on what it looks like. Both your videos, your thumbnails as well as your channel header like we're about to talk about on stuff like that are are it's important to be cognizant of what they look like on a PC or Mac, basically desktop, so to speak. It's also very, very vital to make sure that they look good on mobile because the majority of your traffic and views and watch time are going to come from mobile. So I just wanted to give you that little caveat Before we move on here first and foremost, you're gonna want to get a logo. Now, that's pretty simplistic, obviously. Right here, you can add your logo. You're gonna wanna logo something, take a little bit of time, figure out what it is, identify the niche that you want to go after and then come up with a logo that's going to stick because that is what people are going to recognize a Z, your channel. That is what people are going to associate when they see that logo. That little circle that's going to represent your channel. So you want to kind of take a little bit of time and make sure that you get a decent logo down. Whether you want to order a logo somewhere off fiver, you can obviously come up with a business logo on Fiverr. If I could type, I would show you. It's very, very simple. You just search logo and you can get one for us. Cheapest. Five bucks All they have to like 50. But the $5 ones can do the trick as well. Very, very simple. The next thing that you're gonna want to dio is you're going to want to get a YouTube channel header. Now, this is vital. It's important to relay the message of professionalism. Also convey what is that your channel was about. So when someone comes to your channel and they see your home page, you know what, what? What are they gonna get out of your channel? Why should they subscribe? So with this specific example on this channel, which is my BG meeting Innovation Channel, which is basically where I go over, you know, digital marketing tips, e commerce insights and really step by step how to content for all aspiring entrepreneurs. That is what the channels based off I do videos on all those daily that can help you basically give you, Ah, step up our leg up on the competition, so to speak, against other inspiring entrepreneurs on. It's a place that you can go to learn new content to improve your business and make more money on mine. But that's conveyed clearly here. You know, it's business related. There's money in the background, and it says clearly, digital marketing tips, e commerce insights and then how to contact for aspiring entrepreneurs. Now I plan on updating this. This is actually the very 1st 1 that I did, which goes to show you that it doesn't need to for you to get a bigger channel or to grow your channel or have success on YouTube. You don't need anything crazy right off the bat, but you do want some of these things, at least on a smaller scale. You know, you don't need to spend 50 bucks 100 bucks to purchase anything crazy like that. But it might be, you know, it might behoove you to invest about five bucks to get a decent header. You know, instead of creating it, you're on your own because with that comes that that air of professionalism and that you know, basically that you're taking it seriously and other people should, too. So that's important. So I also recommend that you go to Fiverr to get one of these is very, very simple. You can search for YouTube channel on Fiverr as you'll see here that I've done before, or you can simply as always. And this is something we'll talk about when we go into creating thumbnails for your videos , which is also something I'm gonna completely walk you through. Um, when you create thumbnails, you can obviously come to Canada, which is something that I recommend that whole platform is right there for you already. So if you click thumb now, it will already. If you format your picture and your text to this, it's already formatted for your thumb. Now when you save it, which is perfect. But that's also something. Keep in mind because YouTube channel are is also be. You can also formulate YouTube channel are on phone a sorry, not fiber on camera as well. But I suggest that if you don't have any graphic design experience where you're not comfortable doing that to definitely just purchase something off five or you could get it. Like I said for us as cheap as $5 so well worth the investment. But those are two things that you're going to want to consider. You know, when you basically start your channel so you don't need these like I said before. But it's important because it conveys professionalism and that other people should take you seriously because you're quickly taking that seriously as well. Now something else that I'm gonna talk about with fiber, that is a little caveat right now. You know you could do it yourself, but I recommend that you do is with somebody that's, um, editing experience or some background. And that's also something I'm going to talk about later in the course, but also get an intro and outro, which is something you know, if you're not familiar with what it is right now, we'll go over later when we actually upload the video or go over the specifics of a video format. So don't worry about that. We're gonna get into that just kind of wanted to touch on. It s so you understand what to do. So this right here is my channel, you know, home page. Essentially. And I set it up, and you can obviously personalize yours. But this is the recommended set up that I you recommend to you. Like Like I said, you can change things around if you want to play around with it. See what converts people you know more for you. But I always recommend that clearly you're you're gonna want to put a good now. This is different because I'm giving free cash away right now. Just something I do almost every month. But the majority of you are gonna want to put one of your most popular videos one of the most successful videos on your home page as your you know, your channel home page video right here that will get you more views, obviously will rack up more views on that. But it's important to kind of convey that because it will start when people come to your channel. But for me specifically, I have a different one right here right now. the next thing that you're gonna want to do, and we're gonna go through all this personalization in a second. So don't worry. Uh, I recommend that you that you keep popular uploads, you know, especially when you're starting out as the first little play bar right here. The reason for that is because your most popular upload are the ones that you have accumulated the most views on. And so it's gonna look like your channel is a little bit more successful than it is that people are washing your channel. And clearly if other people are watching your channel, it's that psychological factor, that social proof factor that you know, other people that come to your channel. You know, they see that you have views on your videos. They're intrigued. They think, Oh, well, if this one got 11,000 views clearly system, there's some value here. I should probably check it out myself. And if they're into digital marketing there, indeed, e commerce, whether an aspiring entrepreneur or anything across the board like that, and they see that you have used, they're going to want to subscribe. We're watching video and then make that decision the next thing, I suggest that you dio and it's something that are also touched on in the future. Is start creating playlists the reason that you want to create playlists on? I also suggest putting that as the second bar on your home page is because first and foremost accused people watching and engaging to their content longer. The reason for that that's important is because it will help you rank YouTube s CEO wise with all the videos in the playlist as well as your channel. And, you know, keep people watching and engage with your contact, which will then, you know, give you more ad revenue, give you more opportunity to get exposure to that person or that client or potential customer on, then obviously give you more potential to get. You have to click your affiliate link, which will make you more commission, so there's a number of different reasons there. On top of that, somebody searches, for example, Instagram marketing. I have way more potential to reach them in search results for Instagram marking this playlist, not just a video will pop up this playlist will and then that 16 potential videos that I can get landed on a search term like that. Not just on YouTube, not just on YouTube, but on Google or other search engines as well. So playlists help Help you rank better in search engines to not just YouTube. And that's something that is really downplayed and not, you know, talked about enough. So playlists are vital. You're gonna want to start creating them. And you're gonna want people to kind of basically see that, you know, treat this as, like, another little YouTube channel. So I have an email marketing channel, have a many INSTAGRAM marketing channel, Ivan meaning instagram automation channel, and so on and so forth across the board within my big chance. So that's something to keep in mind. Just a different strategy. Ah, highly, highly recommend that you start creating playlists and then put them right here as your second bar. Then finally, if you want, you can just do upload so people can see that you're you know, you're obviously creating content pretty consistently and that people want you want to create content consistently whether you can do that, you know every day like I am, which is basically something that I've challenged myself to dio or you can do that couple times a week or, you know, just every other week is up to you. But I will tell you would be completely honest with you. The more content that you put out, the more you can remain on people's minds and remind them that you're there. The more essential I like to call them digital employees, the more content you put out more videos you have, essentially to keep it simple, the better chance you have to gain views. Followers subscribers watched time and so on and so forth. Basically, to put it simply, the better chance you have to grow your dear. Sorry, not your instagram, your YouTube channel. The more videos you put out, it's that simple. More videos equals more potential to grow, period. So if people come here and they will get my videos, they can see that I pretty much put one out every single day. You'll see here that some of them are still building views, You know, you go back, some of them I have accumulated decent amount of use. Some of them don't and that's okay. But it's important to understand that consistency is key with YouTube videos, especially when you're first starting out. So finally, we're gonna customize the channel here, and that's where you can kind of go in. Now you'll see here that this is where you can change your YouTube channel. Er, this is where you can change your logo. If you didn't already changed on that past page, you're gonna come down and you can modify right here your home page video. So right here. If you click this button, you can change it to, um, for returning subscribers. I always have the latest upload, but you can change that if you want. And then for new video or new excuse me for new visitors, you can basically elect any number of video that you want for right now, I have the free cash giveaway so that people come to mind when people come to my channel, they understand that they comment on my videos, which is something else that a little black hat that I want to talk about later, which basically increase increases engagement and inspires people to comment. I'm giving free cash away for people that comment. It's basically you get every comment equals a potential entries, so That's why I have this on the home page right now. But if I were potentially, you know, thinking about changing my channel trailer, I might pick something that when somebody is new and comes to my channel, they see something that brings a lot of value that you might entice them to subscribe. So maybe I would choose something that is ah, you know, has a lot of value. So one of the things that really blew up lately was this what Alex Becker doesn't want you to know about Shopify drop shipping in 2018 so I might change it to this on. That's kind of crucial. That's kind of key. So they might notice that, you know, this is what the majority of videos on my channel are about making money online. So that's just something to keep in mind. I'm actually gonna keep this year for now because the drawings almost over, but, uh, that's something. Keep in mind, you can change it for returning subscribers or new subscribers or for new video visitors yet, And then obviously you can add a section here like you can add another playlist or your uploads. You can move this around like if you wanted playlists be lower, you could simply hit the down arrow and it would shift it. But like I said, this is what I recommend popular uploads up top, then playlists. Then if you want whatever else. But you can obviously change that and customize it however you want. So you can also add featured channels. If you have a friend that you want a feature, maybe you have a couple of buddies and you all have content channels or you all have different channels based in the same niche, and you want to feature each other. You can basically cross promote. That's something to keep in mind as well. But that's pretty much the basics of getting that done on your home page. Then the next and final thing that you're gonna want to do to set up your channel is going to your about now right here with about you're gonna want to change your description. Now, this is crucial right here, and something you're gonna want to take a little bit of time off our time with you want to convey what your channel is all about? Very well with good writing. But it's also very important with that good writing that reads well to stuff it full of keywords. What is your channel about? Because YouTube will take all this written copyright here and basically form an opinion of what your channels about in your channel description on your about page. So take excuse me, take some time, you know, come up with something that relays what your channels about and stuff it full of keywords. But make sure it reads well. So another thing that people don't know is the 1st 300 characters or so are extremely vital , because when people hover over your channel, you know, on a desktop they're going to see those 1st 300 characters pop up. They're not going to see the rest of it. So this is important when people come here channeler, read your about section for sure. But the 300 characters are really the most important thing. So you need to take those 1st 300 characters and really kind of explain really shortly what your channels about what kind of value you're gonna provided somebody that could potentially subscribe. So what you can do that is basically take into your about. Take your about section in the word counter, and then you can see that accounts. Basically, you're 300 characters, and then you can continue going. But it's just a good way to keep track of what your 1st 300 characters are. So you know, and you have a good idea what you're basically relaying when people hover over your counter . That's something. Keep in mind, little trick that people don't know. And then finally, you can add your winks so whether or not you'll see here, I have my free job shipping courses on my website that I talk about. I also do BG University, which is where I sell all my content. I have my instagram page linked and my Facebook page link. Now I believe that there's five. Don't hold me to this because every time you add for whatever reason, it lets you continue adding. But I'm fairly certain unless they changed it recently within the past month that you're only allowed to have four links or sorry, five links, I believe five links. So it's my understanding that you're only allowed to have five links, but I could be wrong. They might have changed it in the past month. I'm not positive, but that's something that you could test out and obviously play with. But yeah, that's that's the basis of setting up your channel. You're gonna want to, you know, focus on all these things. Take a little bit of time, get your channel looking professional on, and then once, finally, once you're you have it looking professional on everything set up, Then you can kind of move on to uploading videos. Now, you can set that up the home page and everything like that before you even have any videos . So you don't need upload any videos? Initially? Once you start up with videos, you can kind of place them in these, you know, and elect where they go. 3. 4: our rights, and I'm gonna give you a brief overview of the Creator studio as a whole. Now, you see, here in the dashboard, obviously, you know, you have your subscribers, your view count and your analytics. Now, you can swish this from, you know, the last 28 days, which is, I believe what it's generally usually set up as, or you could move it to, you know, 365 days or, you know, there are multiple things that you can change in that. Obviously, there are little widgets that you can add here and there. You can add them here. I keep videos, my analytics and obviously my latest comments up so I can see them now. If you move into video manager, that is basically where you're going to see all your videos. That's where you can basically edit them all. Search them off. You know, do your tags, someone and so forth. It's very, very simplistic. So you will see here, put out 170 videos, Andi. As I go down, I can pretty much see them all. It's pretty self explanatory if I want to add them. I just put this video out really Recently, I just simply hit, edit, and then I can go down. I can modify my title, my description, all the links in there, my tags. And as you see here, you can kind of see what I started to rank for, even though I literally just set this up, you know, What was that? 10 58. So that was like two hours ago. 32 hours ago, can I add? But yeah, it's pretty self explanatory, guys. Now that's something we're gonna get into in its entirety when we start talking about the uploading process and how you can basically start ranking for certain things and getting your videos optimized for search results as well as suggested video. Now there's a bunch of different things. If you're gonna live, scream. A live stream is big in 2018 and they say it's going to be big, going forward a lot, you know? So I'm sure it will be huge in 2019. It might even grow 2020 But right here in 2018 it's kind of just getting, you know, off off. What's the word I'm looking for up and running essentially eso. It's kind of taking off, so to speak. So if you want to happen to live streams, if you're into, you know when we talk about in the next video how to actually record content. If you want to go that route, then I definitely suggest doing a couple live streams, even if you don't get that many people watching. YouTube has said time and time again that they plan on promoting more heavily the type of people that you know are doing live streams because that's, you know, really, where they want to move here in the coming years or a year or so. Facebook's the same way. There's a bunch of different reasons why, but that moving on, that's just suggestion. With live stream on, we don't have to do that. Obviously, if you just want to upload a normal video, you just hit this upload arrow right here. And if I bring you to that page, it's pretty simple. You just pretty much upload your videos. Now you can upload them as public, unlisted, private or scheduled. I always go public. You always want to be public unless you're doing something different, but you always want your videos to be discovered now. This is very simple and basic stuff. I just want to give you an overview. So now we move on to the community tab, which is pretty fresh and new. Used to be, I think, just the comments section. But now you'll see that you get messages. You can check your subscribers, your community settings and credits and everything. But it's pretty much an interactive place where people can come to where you can pin stuff and talk to talk to your subscribers. Talk to people that commenting, really kind of interact back and forth with your viewers. Now, some people, some specific creators. I do not actually have this yet have the ability to post different pictures and polls in their creator studio on their community tab. Now that is an option that you'll see here in the community tab. But clearly I don't have it. It's kind of random. It's supposed to be coming out to all creators, but it's just kind of sporadic random on who's actually gotten it so far. So I should have that soon. By the time you're watching this and actually implement this you very well could have it, too. But just remember that YouTube is trying to move more, more like towards being a social platform. So the ability to draw pictures and kind of remind your viewers or subscribers that you're there, the ability to you know, pretty much pull your subscribers get not only feedback on what they want to see more of you know where their mindsets at what, where what they're thinking, but really just another opportunity for you to get in front of them so that you can bring them back into your content and remind them that you're still here. Because with YouTube, pretty much it's moved away from views and it's gotten more into watch time. And the more people, the more time to keep it very, very simply, the more time that you can keep people on your channel or engaging with your content, the better you'll be because YouTube will promote you more across their their their algorithm will pick up on that morning. It will promote you more across the spectrum of YouTube eso now moving down. You clearly cook on your channel, and this is where we're going to get into with some of the monetization and stuff like that on the live streaming. Now you have to enable some of these things. You'll notice that when you first start your channel, your monetization will not be enabled. Your life string will not be enabled. A lot of these things will not be enabled, but just to kind of, you know, touch on this specifically, you just want to start uploaded content generating views, generating a subscriber base and, you know, ah, populace of people that are consuming your content. Don't worry so much about the monetization for the live streaming or anything, or getting accepted to anything like that initially or super chat. Just work on getting your concept better, developing your content strategy and perfecting it. And as you get better, all that stuff will just be handed to you. Essentially goes hand in hand with just improving on YouTube as a whole. Clearly, if you come down here with some of these, you know later on specifically how to basically put a subscriber button in your window and all sorts of stuff like that. So now back to hear clearly, these air just like things to personalize about your channel on And then if you come down the analytics, this is very, very important. Analytics are vital. You're going to want to look in your analytics to really see where you can improve. You'll see here that average view duration is clearly one of the metrics that you're measured by, you know, the longer. Like I said, you could keep people engaged in your content the better. Obviously, you can see here that I'm training in the right direction with pretty much everything. My average federations pretty much stayed stagnant. And if you look across the board at most average reiteration, as long as you're above three, I'd say you're pretty good. You want to keep kind of training in the right direction. So some things they think of our, you know, when you start to see a drop off. So specifically here. If, you know, maybe Vine was like starting to drop off, and I noticed that it was at, like, 3 20 What I would do is I would, you know, start gearing the videos that I'm coming. Then I create in the future towards captivating my audience until 3 20 then really hitting home in around like the three minute mark, the 3 20 mark on with some value and kind of enticement. Watch to the end of the video, so some tips and tricks you could basically say you are. And if you stay till the end of the video, I have a bonus tip or, you know, stay tuned for for the secret sauce her with the secret. Whatever that I have coming, you know, in about a minute or two, I just want to touch on this first. So little enticing comments like that could keep your viewers engaged longer. And therefore you'll have more success on YouTube platform because, like we've talked about time and time again. And that's something that I want a hammer home that you'll hear from both me and other YouTube creators just in general, that are giving you advice. The longer you can keep people engaged with your content, the better and more successful you'll be. That means more viewers, more subscribers, you know, Mawr estimated revenue add wise and you can see that's clearly going up in the right direction, too. And on top of that, you know more traffic for your affiliate links that you're opposed to description somewhere and so forth. It's the name of the game on YouTube. Get people to stay on your constant longer, but pretty much you want to go through your analytics. There's no one analytic that I want to touch on. That's really more important than the average generation. There's a bunch of them that you can pretty much look at. Watch Time's important. You know, sometimes you want to get your demographics for your subscribers and really see, you know what? Your age ranges. So I know just, you know, randomly. Here. The majority of my viewers are males from the ages of 18 to about, I'd say 44 now, once you get above 44 kind of drops off. I don't have as much female viewership, but like I said, that's because, you know, for a lot of different reasons, your channel might be geared around something completely different, and you might have completely different, you know, demographics for who subscribes your channel and actually use it. So if YouTube has all these analytics, it's important that you know these things so that not only can you pretty much know who your audience is, but you can gear your new your newest videos and the new content and the stuff that you're playing on pointing out in the future around. That demographic is clearly that's who's responding to your content, so should make more like that. Now. One more thing that you might want to talk to him. And like I said, there's a bunch of things that you want to touch on here. But is your traffic sources? So are you getting views from Mobile or getting it from death stop on DSO one and so forth ? That's not what I'm talking about here. So you'll see here. This is another thing. So one thing that I wanted to touch on to is I'm gonna touch on devices. That was what I was talking about. But specifically here you'll see that the majority of traffic and this goes across the board here in 2018 and I'm sure it will stay that way in 2000 and 19 in 2000 and 20 and so on and so forth. Excuse me, It's suggested videos are in the name of the game. So when you know, if you go back to three years ago, people want to talk about optimizing search results, which still is very, very important. You need to get some of these search results. You know you need to get your your video, especially of small channel optimizing search results, so that you can get more bang for your buck and get, you know, organic traffic. That way. Big youtuber still do that. I still do that. You know I'm not huge YouTube or anything like that, but it's definitely very, very valuable for you to get organic traffic that way. But the name of the game is suggested videos, so suggested videos are crucial. You want YouTube suggesting content, the more that you can get ranked and suggested videos. You know, the more that's really the gold mine. That's where you're going to see the most viewership. So specifically, just give you example. If we pull up YouTube here and this is same on mobile or desktop interest, a different format, just a click of video right here, Grand Cardone. How to promote yourself and you'll see here that if obviously didn't have the two buddy analytics here. If we can minimize that, the suggested videos are these things on the side, so suggested videos or if you're on mobile, they'll be below you. Suggested videos you want your content to show up on. You know the side of not only your videos first and foremost, cause that's crucial because you keep someone watching your content from this video to that video to that video. You know that's great, but you also want your your content to come up on suggested videos for a you know someone related. So for specifically, if I just trying to rank a video over here that was similar to Grant Card owns, I would steal a bunch of his traffic potentially, which is a lot of traffic, because YouTube's a very distracting place. You know, people might be watching this video within a look on the side, and they see you know how to make money, haven't make selling easy, and they want to watch that So suggested videos air. Really what you want to target. You want to kind of you touched on that? A specific. A great specific example of this is the video that I actually just put on my home page, which is probably It's not my most popular video yet, but it's getting to be that way on. That is what Alex Becker doesn't want you to know about. Shopify drop shipping in 2000 and 18 So I put this out a month ago, and it's already practically hit 11,000 views. The reason I put it on the home page is to inquire more views, and people come into my channel can really see you know what it's about now. It's not just about job shipping. It's about making money are mine. Whether that's content creation, like you're learning right here or that's drop shipping or private labelling or whatever it is, I do it. I do a lot of different things, But the way that this video really took off in about a month for me was not because I, you know, optimizing search results, which definitely can't help so we could pull up my video right here. We'll see if I ran for any tags specifically, and I do. I rank for a lot of tax, so this is getting a lot of views. This is something that we'll talk about a little bit in the future, so don't don't get overworked. I'm just kind of give you an overview here or overwhelmed, but it's great that I ran for a bunch of these tags. So I come up second on YouTube. Search results for less Shopify competition. I come up six on the death of drop shipping. So when someone searches that potential tag in the search bar or something similar, I could pop up very, very high on search result and therefore that's bringing me traffic. So that's great. But the key to this is actually suggested videos for me. So I'm sure if you type in like Alex Becker job shipping, I come up on a good number of his videos or a bunch of these other people's videos that are making content on drop shipping. And I pop up on the side right here, kind of like this video that that was older that didn't get a lot of views does no. That's crucial because you're going to get a lot of that suggested video viewership, and you can steal a lot of other people and other content creators traffic and more fit over to your traffic. Now, little caveat. Just write this down. This is a great, great tip. This is one of my most popular videos, and in a way that you can get your videos to show up more frequently on suggested videos on your own video are on your own. Specific YouTube videos are to put them all in the playlist. So the reason that these two players that these two come up right here are because I put them in the same playlist as this one. So if you have a successful video, if you have one of your videos takes off, potentially add it to a playlist. And obviously your videos need to be relevant in that playlist. But attitude playlist and add some other videos to that playlist because what will happen is this video is clearly getting a lot of traffic cause it's popular. But then I have the potential for other people to watch this video in this video because I put them in the same drop shipping playlist as this video. So these will get more views. Thes will get more traffic, which will then, in turn, you know, sending traffic to my other videos hopefully turned into subscribers. Views, watch time, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. That's a great tip, and it's something that you should keep in mind. Another thing I just want touch on randomly is clearly you can't please everybody. If you're gonna start creating content, a lot of people are gonna come out the woodwork and try to discourage you. Don't let that discourage you will see here. I got $20 dislikes. Some people don't like it. Some people dio you're not gonna please everybody start making your content around what you want to do around what makes you happy around the messages that you want to convey. And, you know, some people are gonna like it. Some people aren't, but the more you grow, you'll find your audience, the more you'll get positive feedback, ignore the naysayers and just keep pumping out content. It will be worth it. And you will see that pay off. So last finally but is devices. So we're gonna move from traffic sources to devices, and it's something to keep in mind here. You just want to be cognizant of now. This is clearly not that relevant for my channel, but some channels that will be depending on the niche that you choose specifically. You want to make sure that you know a large majority of your of your views aren't coming from a specific device. So maybe I've seen channels with, like, 95% of their views come from mobile. And that's something that you need to keep in mind, because then you want to hear your content more towards mobile on. Think of the way people consume content on a phone or a mobile device more than you would So a computer. Some people get 90% computer. It just depends on the type of content. But you'll see here that while I do have more people on computer, it's still relatively close, and Mobile has pretty much caught up to it. And even when it wasn't like caught up to it, it was still relatively high. So that's a bit different for me. Some other ones are obviously tablets, TV's game consoles and so on and so forth. But it's just something to keep in mind. Be cognizant of. Just make sure that your traffic isn't fully one way or fully the other, because if it is, you know, maybe you wanna do something about that to bring it back to the medium. Or maybe you just want to continue to create content that serves that type of device better . So that's something to keep in mind. But I just kind of want to give you a brief overview of the dashboard of the, you know, the creator studio. So you can kind of get a feel for you kind of know where everything goes. 4. 5: All right, So now I want to touch on how you can actually record the content and the content creation set up that I actually use. I used to have a different one that I recommended that I got from another youtuber that I actually didn't use myself and a lot of the stuff was ridiculously expensive. And I didn't feel right recommending that stuff to my audience. Both my subscribers and the people that watched my content, my course is on you, to me and across the board, because it was just ridiculous. I mean, some of the mikes were like 130 bucks, some of the lighting stuff, which is not even necessary. In my opinion, unless you're really trying toe group, you've grown your channel, and you, your you're looking for some high tech lighting set up in the background, just completely unnecessary. The people that are looking for this type of, you know, information, in my opinion, are the people that are just getting into this type of content. I want to get into YouTube. Not really sure how what they actually need to get started. Both recording wise and content idealize just the know how to do it all. So what I was trying to come up with was a good set up that is relatively cheap, that you can use that it's still professional and we'll get you the best bang for your buck and the results that will make you look like you know some of the top tubers have, but just for a fraction of the price that they've spent. So what I did is I went out and tested a bunch of different Mike's. I went out and I tested a bunch of different things and recording software and what I landed on are really, really good ones that I think you're gonna like this mike right here. If I click it, it's whereas a toner pro condensed, one of the best mites I'm telling you for 30 bucks you're not gonna find a better mike. It comes out clear now. It's not what I'm actually using right now, because I'm on the go and I'm traveling. So I'm gonna be actually using the mic that I talked about touch on in a second. But this is my favorite Mike. For $30 you can't find a better mike than this tell of you, you know, it comes out clear, comes up professional. It really transfers your sound well. So I recommend this Mike for $30 like a said total steel. Now you're gonna need a sound recorder. I recommend this sound recorder, or you can simply plug it into your computer. Might come out slightly distorted if Republican computer. So you don't need this, but its staff with something to recommend it will take a little bit of those edges out of the audio. So to speak on, come out more clear professional. Now, this is what I'm actually using right here in what I recommend for you as well. Um, it's just a simple on the lapel, mike. You'll see that I burgess this about another back up. Back in December, I purchased a bunch of these just because they're so easy to use their so friendly, I lose them quite often. And you know, really realistically you could get away with just recording with something like this. It's very, very simple to use. You simply put it on your collar. Hence the name lapel mic. Andi, For 13 bucks, you can start recording, and it's gonna make a really, really, really big difference in your sound quality as opposed. If if you didn't have any Mike, it all so you could buy for $13. You get professional sound pretty much now, Grant, it's not as good as the other one you're gonna want. If you really want to scale up and sound the best, you're gonna want that other mike that I recommended. But if you're on the go, maybe you're you know, for whatever reason, you don't spend that type of money $13 just putting it on your your pal or your collar gives you the flexibility to move around. Don't be right in front of it, and it goes pretty much with you. It's phenomenal. And I'm telling you, it will make a huge difference. So if you don't have any Mike, at least start here. You know, I'm using this right now, like I said, because I'm traveling and I'm not at my actual house with my partner. But like I said, I love the flexibility when you want to travel with simple lapel Mike and you know, listening to this compared to some of the other stuff I would say that the content is still relatively high quality. Obviously, it could be improved, like I said, but it's still up there. It's easy. It's clear. It's easy to hear. It's clear, You know, you can make out the different sounds, the distinctions that I'm conveying and it comes off professional. So I recommend this. Finally, we have the recording software. Now I'm gonna touch on a free recording software in a second. But I also recommend that you use thes once you have enough money to purchase them. So if you have a Mac, you wanna go with this one right here. It's just move, Avi. Same thing here with Move Bobby for PC. It's only 10 bucks more on PC, but regardless of which one you do, these are the best screen recording software, skipping most bang for your buck that you could basically use now. Specifically, if you're looking for a free screen recording software, I think it's screen cast just searching Google. I think it's screen cast. Dramatic, I think, was the one I used. It's a free recording software and you can basically hop in with us with no money at all, so you can download this and then record it. The only thing is that will give us, like, water market. Forget someone, right? Or the left or the top, right? But it just says Screen cat somatic in the corner somewhere. Most people probably won't recognize that, you know, as you grow probably gonna want to purchase this or purchase one of the other ones. But if you're gonna purchase this, it's also very cheap. I think it's like 10 bucks for the year. Something like that is well worth it with, in my opinion, to take that watermark off. But like I said, if you if you just getting into it, you just want to start pumping videos out getting videos out there, which is crucial you want to start doing it. You know, you learn by starting that same that famous phrase. You know, you don't have to be perfect to start, but you do have to start to eventually become perfect. Definitely true. If you don't know where to start, you don't want to spend any money. At least get some Riscorp screen recording software that's free like this, that you can start recording videos immediately and get your content out there because as you do it, you'll get better at it and you'll learn and you'll adapt. You'll get better and so on and so forth. So this is a free when I recommend. Like I said, he's pretty much covered your bases. Now, if you're gonna essentially screen mirror our sign that screen here, if you're gonna film and like, record and do, um, you're a little corner of your face or something like that, or you just gonna simply record yourself. If I pause this, you would see it. But I don't have it right now. What you basically want when I want to touch on is when you're doing YouTube. If people can see you, I'm like what I'm doing here, you know? So I'm just recording my screen. And while you can kind of hear my nuances and people know me from, you know how I talk in my different idiosyncrasies and people some people like that some people don't really. I'm recording my screen because I want you to get the most bang for your buck and see the screen basically, how I see it, how I do it, how I operate for my own Peter, so you can mimic those strategies. And that's basically what my channel and although my content is based on, but trust me, there's there's more. There's more of a barrier to entry that way so you can develop a more personal relationship with your customers or your viewers or whatever. If you do kind of show, you know you as well. So that's something. Keep in mind. You could do that on any screen recording software, regardless of what, 20 dio. So you can do a split screen where you show your computer and a little corner of you facing one of the corners, or you and that obviously will. Just, you know, if you have ah, camera on your computer, it would just record you. It's pretty simple, or you could just do the full screen like me. Or you can just do the full screen of the recorder and just talk into the camera like that without actually seeing your computer screen. So there's the three options that you have. I would like I said, literally, just record my screen cause I feel like back is you the most bang for your buck. But I actually am implementing that in a new premium course that's coming out that will basically teach you how to do everything I'm doing online. But that's in the future. So I'm gonna launch that in that new premium course book for the majority of my courses in my YouTube videos. Even it's pretty much step by step. How to content for aspiring entrepreneurs like this is, and for that reason I pretty much just record my screen. So I do want to touch on that. You can record your screen. You don't have to get in front of Mike if or in the front of Mike. You do have to get. You don't have to get in front of the the camera to actually have success. Trust me, I have 80,000 roughly students on. You know me, I'm growing User channel. We're approaching probably 3000 by the end of the month, so I'm growing rapidly. I have I'm seeing success with it, but it definitely it might be slower growth for you. And you can develop a personal relationship much easier and build a following much easier if you do actually, you know, show that so just something to keep in mind. Now, one more thing that I'm gonna touch on is editing soft. One of the editing Softwares that I want to touch on is something that will go into in the future. And I'll actually edit a a video for you to show you the different nuances of how I actually go through that process. It's very, very simple. It's not difficult at all. I just wanted to open it up and touch on it for you here just so you can go ahead and grab it now. Shock cut is free, and that's why I'm gonna touch on this with you. I actually do have another premium editing software, but I'm not great with it yet, so I'm still learning. Andi. I don't want to actually edit in any my videos toe. I actually full heartedly understand that one with that, but shock it is 100% free. It's very, very easy to use and not the next video, but the video. After that lecture seven, I believe I will be talking about how to edit and editing basics and literally going through the entire process of editing a YouTube video. It's a lot simpler simply, er simpler than you might think on. So people get scared. Me. Talk about editing. It's like old editing. This is taboo thing that only these nos geeks can do, or something like that. It's just not simple. It's very easy. Don't need to do all those different nuances. We won't touch on any of those because the reality is you don't need them to have success starts. Moral start Simple Start is the key on. Then you can add some of those things in later, but I won't touch on them here. You can obviously up your edit in game. This isn't an editing course, but I will give you the basics to start so you can put your content out so it looks professional, but I just want to touch on that. So Shaka is where you're gonna go. I'll touching that lecture. Seven. I believe you can just simply go to shot cut dot com, but just the kind of pulled up specifically. If you go to Google and just type in shock cut, you should be able to download it. Like I said, it's 100 set free, so I don't recommend any premium video video editing software simply because the one that I'm using I'm not that great with the yet. I'm still kind of learning, So I don't want to recommend anything that I'm not 100% comfortable recommending. Like I said, still learning there. But you can go to shock. It's 100 set free. If you have something else that you prefer to go with, go ahead with that. But like I said, best bang for your buck, which is what we're all about here. And you're trying to get started for the lowest cost possible. I'm sure Shaka is your best bet. 5. 6: All right, So now I want to talk to you about where you can come up with content ideas. Now, there's a number of place that you come out with content, ideas, and obviously, those those places are going to differ depending on the niche and the type of topic and content that you're producing on your channel. But it kind of goes across the board, and I'm gonna give you some general examples really fast. Just kind of get the ball rolling Now, typically, first and foremost, I would say Start with what you know and what you're good at and what you care about number one. So, for example, it depends on you know what your channels about but say you were doing like a sports channel or even like a review channel. I would say there's a two completely different contradicting things. But for example, if you're doing a sports channel, I would say stick toe, you know, do Ah, a couple of videos that you understand that sport bouts like for me specifically would be like baseball or soccer. I would start there. I'd probably do you know, uh, five things you didn't know about baseball you know the top five players in baseball today , in 2018 someone and so forth. If I were doing, you know, review Channel, I would do things on products that I knew about initially before venturing out to find other ideas. You want to get some content on your channel, especially when you're first starting out. You don't wanna kind of Russian, jump into the game and look for other content ideas. So start with what you know and what you're good at for sure, and build your base from there. Then, if you're looking for some good content ideas, a great place to start and and find some Trent up like a hop on the trend, essentially, what will bring you a lot of search traffic initially as well as you know, potentially get you on in suggest the video because you're competing with a lot less people . If that's just happening, and a lot of people are looking for, these topics would be to go to Google trends. So you go to Google trends and see what's trending on Google know the highest search topics , and then, you know, maybe one of those fits what you're potentially. You know what your channels about? You can obviously sort through that via sports. You know, if you had that category going and why this isn't clickable right now. Usually it is, um, strange. But you can sort through these and go through the categories and then basically just come up with things that are that are trending that fit your YouTube channel. So that's another great example. You want to search for training topics, another way to potentially search for trending topics. It's just simply go through YouTube. So go through YouTube and see what's what potentially pops up that suggested to you that's fresh and new. You can go through some of the channels that you're subscribed, Teoh and see what they're making making videos on. And maybe that's a good idea for you to potentially go. And that's actually something or make a topic on. And that's something I'm actually gonna talk about in a second. But you could also go to the search bar. The YouTube search bar is a great place to look at things that people are searching for. So this is another example. If I were going Teoh, let's use the sports channel, for example, if I were gonna make a baseball channel, you know, and trying to generate traffic around a baseball in each or something like that. You know, maybe I have a job shipping store that deals with baseball T shirts, and I'm tryingto make YouTube, you know, around my job serving store, something like that. That's just a random example. And there's a 1,000,000 different examples. But you know, I might potentially search for you know how to What's that? It's, um, what baseball and then these air, all topics that pop up that people are searching for, Obviously the top ones on as they go down are the more traffic. So I might want to make a base our video around what baseball players say. I might want to make a video around what baseball position should I play and then talk about like, you know well, are you agile? You might want to be a shortstop, you know? Are you fast? You might want to look in playing outfield, as that's an attribute that that kind of yields towards outfielders and kind of gives you an advantage. Maybe you're you're not that agile, but you're really really strong and you could hit the ball. Then you might want to book on one of the corner positions like a like a first baseman or 1/3 base and stuff like that. You know, this is obviously something that I'm already good at on, understand. But it's just just one trying to give you a different idea on where you can search for content ideas. So to give another example specifically, maybe I we're gonna look in best baseball. And then best baseball plays best baseball catches best baseball walk up songs. You know, stuff like that. It's it's best baseball moments or is another good one. Best baseball fights and I could talk about them. This just gives you a good example of not just, you know, a topic idea, but also a topic idea that a lot of people are searching for. If you look and you click on this top one, it looks like there is almost 10 9.5 million results that come up for this. It's high traffic. The top one is getting 58 views, and it just started a month ago are 58,000 views. Excuse me and it just started a month ago. This one obviously started three years ago and got 7.5 million this one about a year ago. But you can see here that if you put a video out, you can potentially get rank, cause this one's only got 58,000 views and it started a month ago. So it's something to keep in mind. It just might give you a different take on where you can come up with the content idea as always, like, people always ask me where they can come up with them, and I always say, Start and build your based from what you know and what you're good at. 6. 7: Now we're gonna move on and I'm actually run you through the entire editing process that I do and I'm gonna show you. I'm gonna actually edit the video for you here, and we're gonna go over the basics on how you can actually do that and the format that you're gonna want for an overall video. Now, here we are. And this is something that I definitely suggest that you do. You'll see here that I have new YouTube content because I have a bunch of old content for my for my YouTube channel. Before I kind of did a bunch of updates to it. So that's why this new YouTube content, But you could just have, like, a YouTube folder or whatever. And you'll see here that I have new YouTube content, not final edits and new YouTube content. Final edits. So these are all the done videos that I'm going to actually upload to YouTube these air all the, you know, moving parts in the editing videos that I'm going to throw into the editor, which is shot cut in a specific example, and then obviously edit them and then produce them. So I actually did this edit this video already, so I'm not actually gonna finally export it. But I'll go through and run through the entire video for you in this specific example. So you I'll show you the format and how I actually go about editing it and then producing it. And then in the next video, we're gonna go through the uploading, and I'm gonna walk you through the entire uploading process to YouTube, you know, tagging it properly, doing their descriptions, how you can obviously add stuff in there. And then we'll put the finishing touches on that actual video. Now, that's important for a lot of different reasons. There's a lot of moving parts here, but it's really simple when you get down to the brass tacks of it. And I just wanna touch on that for you here. So I'm the search for 2500. This is the video that I'm gonna upload tomorrow. I'm gonna schedule this for tomorrow, but typically speaking, you are going to just upload your videos. So I already did this video this morning so they could show that for you on by uploaded a video to YouTube like an hour or two ago so that's already up there. It's three things. You can change the air that can change your life today. But this is the one I'm gonna schedule for tomorrow. And I'm gonna show you guys that entire process so tax out of this, we're gonna open up. Shot Cut. Shaka is the free editing software that talked about over. Excuse me. Well, that I talked about earlier in this course, anybody can get it 100% free. Go ahead through those links and grab it. I believe it. Shot cut dot org's, but you can simply google shop cut if you have already downloaded it. So here we are, gonna open up a file in shock cut. No, we're in documents because when my folder is so wherever your folder is, you're gonna want find it. I'm I'm looking for the, uh, the actual format. Now there's two actual formats that I suggest that you dio the first is one where you do an intro that's about 10 to 15 seconds long and talks about what? What is going to be in, You know, in the video that you're about to produce that you're about that, that the viewer is going to see. The reason that that's a good idea to do is because it draws attention right away. It talks about what the person is gonna learn in that video, and more importantly, it's going to draw their attention and keep their attention longer there. And you want people's attention on your video on YouTube Because watch time is a crucial factor that YouTube uses to measure the success. And you know how well the audience is responding to your video. So it's important not to babble on for two too long. Initially, you want to draw their attention. Excuse me? Attention in and with that, you know, with that attention, you can kind of play around with it for a little bit and kind of talk in the middle. But you do want to obviously get to the point sooner rather than later, specifically to give you an example. This is something I used to do in the past. So if I had, let's just go back into this and then we're gonna upload a different video search for intro , cause this is how I used to do it. So I had, like, YouTube ad revenue update with 1000 subscribers intro. And this is like this is like a 15. Was it 15 seconds yet, like 10 15 seconds And basically what this was it was an intro video, and I would talk on it. Now, I have also recorded the the audio. But if you're not recording, you know, via an audio clip, you also have to upload the audio. But I suggest that you do that if you actually you want to get good audio quality, you're gonna want to add your own audio on it. But you don't have to. You can simply, like I said, just plug your mike in and then talk on it, and then you'll simply just be uploading the video with audio. You can see here that this clearly doesn't have already on this because I'm gonna upload it . So I'm gonna go find that really fast, and I'll show you what I mean. So let's find that was YouTube ad revenue update with 1000 subs. There it is. And this is probably an old well, that's not the That's not the intro. Well, ad rev of a new intro. I don't remember what I needed as I'm not sure because you get the picture. This isn't what I do any more, but this is one of the formats that suggest that you do. So what would happen here is I would talk for about 15 seconds to describe what's going to be in this video. And then I would add my intro and my intro like I showed you before, Is this right here? And then I'd obviously remove this. I'm gonna go through all this in a second, so don't worry. I'm just demonstrating the format for you. So I have a new intro video for, like, 15 seconds describing what's going to be in the video, and then you have your intro, your channel intro, and then you have your entire content piece and then you have your altro. That's the first former. Now, that is not what I do anymore for a lot of different reasons. But it can work, and I've seen a lot of success with that. So that's the 1st 1 last suggest. The 2nd 1 that I suggest is one that I'm gonna touch on really fast for you here. And it's one that I still do today, and I suggest that you do. So if you don't like that 1st 1 I suggest that you do the 2nd 1 and just make an intro altogether. That kind of touches on what your entire channel is about and that will save you sometimes . Do not record two videos, and you could just focus on the middle piece of your video. So you're gonna have an intro, your video and then an outro. Very, very simple. I'll show you what I mean by that. So updated intro. I'm search for that because this is the one that I did. Now, this has the audio already cause it's a finished product. So you'll see here that I'm gonna talk for about I'll let this play. I'm gonna talk for about 20 seconds, and then it will roll into the insure that I ordered off Fiver. Now I'm gonna show you how you can do that in a second. But real fasteners gonna play and let you, but you hear it? It's full of digital marketing tips, e commerce insights and really step by step. Okay, so that was the first part of the intro. Essentially, I was I was telling the viewer what they're going to get. They're going to get digital marketing tips, e commerce insights and step by step, how to content for any aspiring entrepreneur. So they know initially that if any of those hits them, then this content is for them. And then not only that, but I go further, and I basically asked for a subscription right away. So that's key to don't be afraid to ask people to subscribe. If they like your content, they're gonna want to subscribe it anyway. And if they don't, they're not gonna listen very long. So don't be afraid to ask your viewers for subscriptions, you know, and people to subscribe and comment on your stuff and so on and so forth and like your your video to because a lot of people don't do that and they're missing out on opportunities. So I'll show you what I mean, because obviously, I'm really Excuse me. I'm gonna ask her subscription here in a second, so you don't miss anything, OK, so it's about the drop. I just ask for the subscription. Like I said, that was the entirety of the Inter that I put together, and then we're gonna I say, and then we're just gonna jump right in. And then I edited it so that my fiver intro that I ordered, which is basically just my logo kind of with moving pieces. And I'm show you that in one second eyes right here, literally right after that. So let me just so it looks more fluid I'll play for you. With that being said, we're just gonna jump, right, Boom! And then it would jump into my video and then obviously jump in my altro. Now, before I touched on the altro touch on the intro on how you can order that they're both very simple. You can find them both in the same place. If you have any friends that do this, obviously you could get a better one or you know somebody that you know potentially. But you can also just go to Fiverr an order one on there. Very, very simple stuff. You know, it might cost you 5 10 bucks to get in intro 5 10 bucks again. Altro. It's essential because especially on your outro to because you're gonna want those those buttons where you can drop that your suggested cards in. That's something I'm gonna show you two videos from now or two lectures from now, so don't worry about that. We're gonna get into the entirety of all of this. I'm just giving you the overview. If you have to go back and play these couple videos, like over and over again totally fine, you know, Take them, take your time, slow it down. It's not a big deal. It's very, very easy. So, like I said before when we touched on this, you can go to fiber and search for YouTube Channel ER, but you can also go to Fiverr and search for YouTube intro. And that's basically what that that moving part that I just showed you. Waas. So you'll see here. He'll create a five animated logo interest for you. For five bucks. This person will do a marketing. That's not what we're looking for. Animated logo intro. Five bucks and obviously you can get higher higher value ones with some moving parts. You know, whatever you want to dio. But you can get them here very, very cheaply and just the same, you could get a YouTube Altra and the YouTube altro is what I'll show you in a second. But you see here these cards, it's good, cause it it allows you to just drop cards in there. And that's something that we're gonna touch on in a couple of ideas from now. Like I said, But it's I'm telling you, get if not a professionally done one, at least one from fiver there. Only 5 to 10 bucks. Well, well worth it on. And it kind of just gives that air of professionalism on your channel that people won't want to relate to. So now that we've added the updated intro, I'm gonna add the, uh, the edited the are sorry, the unedited version of the YouTube ad video that I actually did. So this is before I'm actually gonna produce it, because remember, I said already did it, but we're going to go ahead and show you again real fast here. So I think it waas 2500 subs yet how much money I make on YouTube with 2500 Subsys. The video that I'm gonna upload Teoh my YouTube channel tomorrow. So I'm gonna drag it down from here to the bottom search bar. If I didn't make that clear, I apologize simply just gonna drag. Once it appears here, you're just gonna click it and dragged it all the way down to the to the bottom bar. Now, if you want to make it a little bit more visible, you can minimize the search bar that we can kind of see. Like you know where your thing is along the playlist, where it's video kind of intersex. You can make it. You can obviously maximize it so you can kind of hone in on a different piece of it. It's very, very simple to use this, and that's why I suggest using shot cut. It might take you a little bit of time to play around with it, but it's very, very easy. You can drag different video pieces and video clips around. They're a bunch of other, you know, more advanced editing techniques that I'm not gonna go into in this course with you because it would take a lot of time. I can create entire course on how to edit the video properly. But to be honest, let me just give you the straight and narrow, and this is something that I have learned across the board, not just myself anecdotally, but also through other content creators on YouTube. The production value of your content while you wanted to be good and and relatable to the audience does not have to be like, you know, like a movie doesn't have to be anything crazy. You just simply need to relate valuable content to your audience and let them find you so you don't need any advance editing techniques. At least right off the bat, you can add them slowly as you go. You just need the basics. You don't need to be perfect to start. You just need to start to be perfect. So that's what I'm giving. You hear the basics of how you can upload a professional looking video the simplest way possible, and I promise you this will get you views. So get your subscribers, and this will get you Watch time and you know, success on YouTube if you continue to replicate it so you'll see here that I have a video, my injury right here and then the other video, the main part of my video that I recorded right here. Now it's important to make sure that you get all this blank space out because that will play through. So if you see here, it's gonna just give you an example. If I play the end of this video, then it's going to go black in between before it starts up. My other one at about one. Something close to two. See, it's all black here. So what I want to do is I'm gonna remove that now. I could do two things. I could drag it all the way over, or I could simply just right click and hit removed. It's really that simple. So that's something to keep in mind. So now I just removed that. And now I want to add the audio like I talked about before. You might not have to add audio if you're according both your your video recording software and your audio on the same thing with your mic. You know, for example, like if I'm using this right here, scream gas, thematic, for example, if I just had the audio clicked on and I'm not just adding another audio in there, then I wouldn't I wouldn't need to do this, but I obviously have a special audio recorder. I feel like it gives me a little bit better audio quality. And so I'm gonna upload my audio as well. That downloads, and then I simply type in 2500. Oh, no. Excuse me. I just got over being sick, so I'm a little bit like man. Ah, it was. Address has revenue update. I saved it wrong. So it should have been This should have been the name my audio, But I just remember it from earlier, and then I'm gonna drag it down into this. Now you're gonna want Teoh put it underneath this and parrot. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna right click down here. Excuse me and hit Add audio track, and then you'll see that if I just dragged this down below and squared away with this, it'll get right there. Now, you can minimize this where you can scroll down. It's very, very easy to do. Uh and then really, all you're gonna do is it will just play through. So if you specifically see here, I'll go back to my intra boom will pick up where I start. Boom, See? And that's that. So I'm gonna maximize this animal edit out vote the end of this to make sure it cuts really fast. Um So where is my bar? I'm gonna scroll all the way over to the end, and I'm going to stop it and cut it right as I end the video So it looks crisp and edited. Well, because you'll see here. Obviously, there's probably a little bit of access in this top video, but there's definitely a lot of excess in this bottom audio, so I'm gonna put it right here and try to cut it at that spot. So I'm gonna play and then was stopped really fast. Way too far. So let's try, like, right over here having already so you can check out the address. Boom. So I said comment and I will see you tomorrow, so I'm gonna cut that. They're so it ends there before the altro. Now, the way that I'm going to do that is we'll see this little bar right here that goes up and down. That's basically where on on your video you are, and you're editing. So you want that to be stopped. So if it's right here, you know, obviously you can't do that. So you just want to make sure that it's on the right spots. I'm gonna get that. Really? Excuse me really fast again. Ad revenue. Careless if you haven't already. So you can check out the address in Germany and, as always, not comment, and I will see. Boom! Done. So what I'm gonna do now isn't going to right click where the bar is and a hit split at play head. And what that will do is it will break it into two different video pieces at that play head . Now, what I'm gonna do now is removed that extra video and then I'm gonna come down to the audio and do the same exact thing at the same exact place of split it at the play head. Remove that. And then finally, we are going. Teoh, I'm actually gonna on minimum are on maximizing so we can see a little bit better. It's Chris Mathea Now, with the intro in the middle video and the middle audio. And now I'm going to simply open up my out, sure that I ordered from fiver and add that in here at the end. You see here actually gives you so that would these or what? This where I would add my cards on. And that's why it's important to order one off five. Or now this isn't the most professional thing in the world, and I plan on updating it. But it definitely gives a lot better of an impression to your audience, you know, then nothing would. So it's important to get I'm talented. I'm telling you, I'm telling you, it will convert people to subscribers and into your other videos. So I'm simply gonna drag it down into the bar, make sure it's on the top, and then I'm gonna remove all the excess in there. And now it's time to export the file as a permanent file. So there's adopt a couple different ways that you can do this in shock cut. I'm gonna give you my suggestion on what I think is the best and what translates the best to the most platforms. So what you're gonna want to do is you're going to scroll down into export and look for H 0.264 high definition, and you're gonna click that now you're gonna come over the video. I always go 1920 by 10. 80 p. That's important on the resolution and you're also on the aspect ratio. Gonna wanna mimic that. So 1920 by 10. 80 page. Then for the frames per second, you can vary yours if you'd like. I find that 29.970 works the best in my opinion. Now you can vary years a little bit if you want to go a little bit slower a little bit faster. But that's what I recommend doing that. Now make sure scan moods and progressive come over to Kodak. You don't want to make sure that your rate control is quality based VB and then your quality You can put it now. This can you can vary too. I like to keep it around 70. You can vary that up to 75 down to 65 but I find that 70 in my opinion, is the best quality. And then you're pretty much good. Just the video, the Kodak and the H 264 high. And then you're simply can export the file into the right folder, obviously, so you can find it and then name it. Whatever you're gonna name it hit, save, and you'll start to see that it will will process right here and kind of countdown percentage wise in jobs now, years might look a little bit different. Your jobs might be over here, but I kind of like it like this, but, uh, yeah, and as soon as it hits 100% your video is done and it's ready for upload, so that was really simple. 7. 8: Okay, so now that your videos actually complete as soon as you see, it's 100% it's time to upload that video to YouTube. So I'm gonna run through that entire process with the really fast right here. Open up YouTube, and we're going to go in here. You are in your YouTube dashboard. Gonna upload to hit the upload arrow. Now, I'm gonna schedule mind, But you should keep yours public. Unless you're scheduling years for the future. Now, like I said, I'm on a schedule. My for tomorrow. You should be public. And then you're going to hit this arrow to finally find your video. So here, here I am, in that same folder, I'm gonna find that video. And that was I'm just going to happen. 2500 cause I know it's under that how much money I make on YouTube with 2500 subscribers. Now you'll see it start uploading now. I'm on a schedule. Mind really fast for around. Let's go 11 oclock tomorrow. Yeah, that works. And then I'm also gonna add this to a playlist. That's all my channel to. It's important for you to start creating playlists, but that's something that you know you can obviously do down the road. But realistically, I would just say, start pumping out content first and then organize it into playlists. The reason places are great is because little caveat Here. Not only is it good because it keeps people engaged with your content on git keeps, you know, people watching your content longer. But not not only that, but playlists are easier to rank in search results. And on top of that, if you if you put two different videos in the same playlist, it gives them a chance to be suggested together. So what does that mean? If I go to YouTube and this is really the key with YouTube in 2018 and really YouTube going forward with a new algorithm update click on the video fast is gonna secret fast for Grant Cardone suggested videos. As we all know, let me minimize to Buddy real fast. Are these videos on the right? Now, if you're on mobile, will be below you like we talked about previously. But the key to getting a lot of traffic in the key to getting a lot of subs views so on and so forth is getting suggested by YouTube. Well, one of the keys that you can do to get suggested by YouTube is, you know, put a bunch of videos in the same playlist. So if we go to my channels specifically really fast and we go over here to play lists, I just want to pull this up to give you a good example of this and why you should be putting your videos and playlists doesn't have to be right away. Make sure you have enough videos to do it first, but definitely something you're gonna want to do. And that's why I have a bunch of playlist you'll see here. So go on email marketing, and we click on how to send Massimo for free in 2018. No, I'm not really concerned with watching the video, and I'm gonna minimize, too, buddy. If it minimizes, Come on. No, you're not. Anyway, here's the suggested videos down here. I don't know why this isn't minimizing. It's taking a while to load, probably because I'm running software in the background, actually x out of this so it goes a little bit faster. Um, but you'll see here that I have a bunch of that. There's a bunch of suggested videos here. A lot of these suggested videos have to deal with also also have to deal with my email marketing. Now the reason for that is videos that are in my email marketing playlist are much more likely to be suggested on this video because this is also in my email marketing playlists, and that's crucial. So you'll see here that, you know this is right suggested right here. This is suggested right here. This is also in that same playlist. This is also in that playlist. These aren't in the playlists, but still suggested. So that's good. Um, even working playlist and it looks like that's it. But that's four or five videos that are all suggested on the side of that, which is gives me a greater chance for people to, you know, if they don't stay on the playlist to at least click another suggested video next to it. So that's a little caveat will definitely help you going forward. But I'm gonna add this a place where that's what is So so that's yeah, it's YouTube tips. Okay, so now we're gonna add the description Now I have a bunch of descriptions pretty much already done on my other videos, and I'm gonna show you the format for that in a second. Let me just pull one up. My Peter's not cooperating. Uh, let's go to one that's similar to this, so I'm gonna say it's good. Like search revenue. I'm not being old one, actually, Let's do this. There's a format that I have for all my videos, pretty much, and I show it to you in a second, and I suggest that you do this as well. So we're on pace that description that we don't to write out the entire description at the very bottom of description. I have my channel description. The reason that I do this is just to kind of give Google and YouTube more data on what could be potentially on my channel and in this video. So it's pretty much a channel description just full of keywords. Then I move up and I say this, this is this is usually the playlists that I offer, Um, and obviously in that same thing, if they're relevant, I'll take I'll keep him in there, not, Then I'll take them out, Um, and then obviously a subscribe button or subscribe link right here and a link to my fridge Option courses. Now, you don't. You might not have a website. You might have, like, a free e book or something. So you don't worry about that. But it's just something to keep in mind. It's good way to generate traffic. I'm gonna accept these because neither of these are relevant, and then I'm gonna need neither is this and I'm gonna move it up now. So I have my description at the very bottom and then you'll see Subscribe for how, how to more how to content geared to responding entrepreneurs. And that's just a subscribe link. And then we come back up and there's another little breaking point. Now you can add emojis in here If you really want Teoh. I don't do that, but ah, lot of people do suggest it now. This isn't relevant because it's a link to atomic email Hunter. This isn't relevant since the GMs these air all email marketing things don't worry about them. Max bounty is not relevant. Neither is this course soupy in marketing is not relevant either. And neither is the fight record. So I'm gonna accept all this. So basically, just keep it simple with you. My very bottom is the description of my channel. Then as you move up, I have my fridge option courses and my subscribe for more how to content geared toward aspiring entrepreneurs. So you want to subscribe, button anything free that you offer potentially And then finally at the top, anything that you wanna link affiliate link wise. You know, maybe you're saying, of course on it. Maybe have a free or maybe a e book. Sorry, that's not free. Anything that you really want to focus on the main links you want at the top. So for me, for this specific example, I'd put content creation. So I have a bunch of my my course. My free course links that I give away. Sometimes I'm gonna actually link that right here. If none of this is relevant to your channel, don't even worry about it. Just skip ahead. We'll go through tags in a second. Just might Take a minute. Teoh, Open up because I'm running a bunch of software in background. Cam on. There we go. All right, So I'm looking for content creation mastermind. Because that is basically what this video will be about in the future. Obviously, this course will be linked in this video to, uh there we go. So content creation rest ermine course. Boom with link. That's a free link. I'm gonna take that out. Uh, I'm gonna put something else in here, but I don't have that link currently. So this is a free link that actually don't want, like, the free link. I want to link the paid link, but, um, so I didn't think about that. I apologize, but that's what I would do. I would like the $10 link right here for this course, and then I would write the description. Now, the description you want to write about a paragraph four Fill it full keywords. So, in this specific example, I might say in this video, I go over how much money I make on YouTube with 2500 subscribers. And then I will continue going, you know, for maybe a paragraph for too long. It's important to do this A because YouTube, it gives Google and YouTube mawr just keywords. More information to kind of group your your video in two suggested to the right people, someone and so forth. It's important to write this channel description, take a little bit of time and write it. Obviously, I'm not gonna write it right now, but I will go back and write it. Obviously the future. I just kind of on the touch on that for you guys. Briefly. So that's basically the four amount of my description. I have a long description full of keywords. I have anything I'm gonna link up top that I'm selling or an affiliate link than at my free job training course links and my subscribe link. And then finally, my channel description to Fillmore fill it full. More of key words. Can't talk Now. Finally, the tags. Now there's a bunch of ways to do this. I'm gonna give you a basic way to do this. And then, obviously I suggest to buddy or something like Video I Q. But I find two bodies a lot better if you're looking for To Buddy, which will basically suggest you things to kind of you can obviously pull to buddy up. There's a bunch of different ways to do it. I'm not gonna go into this, you can explore tags, but this is a great tool. So, for example, if I wanted Teoh come down here and say YouTube ad revenue, it's gonna tell me whose ranking and search results for that. How poor or good it is. You know, based on the competition in search volume, you'll see that this is get A gets a poor ranking. So I don't want to try and get this because I'm not gonna be able to rank for it, most likely. But it also suggests you other tags that are like that. So this is a bad example because obviously just giving YouTube money and adds, But for most examples, it will give you better ones. So let's just try like ad revenue with 1000 subs. That's very good, because it's not very competitive, but it still has good search volume. And then, obviously the YouTube money was probably a bad one. Stuff like that literally the stag explores very, very vital on. It's really, really good, and I suggest that you subscribed to Buddy and pay for that. It's literally I think it's $9 or 10 bucks. Obviously, there are different tiers to it, but you really only need, like, the nine or $10.1. Very, very, very vital, I'm telling you. But I'm gonna give you a method that you don't have to pay for in a second. If you want that another function too, buddy. Specifically, let me just type in a couple tags here. You're gonna want your tags of the relevant, and you have a limit of only 500 characters. So 2500 subscribers and you'll see here it's also going to search or give you, um, suggestions on what's relevant to that. So if I just kind of come in here and say how much money I make on YouTube, see what it suggests? So how much money I make on YouTube, how much money I make on YouTube? We're gonna change at 2018. Um, how much money they make you to guagenti colleges. So how much I make on YouTube 1018? How much money I make on YouTube 2018. It's important to do long tail keywords like this that are relevant because you can rank much easier for them if you don't have a big channel and you're starting out. If you have a big channel, obviously you can put in short keywords. You know, single words, two words. You'll have a much better chance to rank for those in search results, but if you don't, I suggest going a little bit more long tail, you know. 345 sometimes even six words in your keyword. It's extremely vital. But like I said, if you don't have any of these services, if you don't know what to actually try and try and rank for tag wise, you're gonna want to come up with 500 characters of the most relevant tags that you confined. Typically, like I said, more long tail. But they don't have to be. So we're a website that I often recommend is word counter dot net. That way, you can kind of focus on how long your tags are. You'll see here that I was doing. I was running through an example about this earlier, Um, and it will just count your characters. So obviously, Akamas, a character, spaces, a character, anything. So if I were gonna do this, I might like digital marketing tips. For example, this isn't relevant video, but you'll start to see it counts characters and then, like e commerce insights and so on and so forth. And then that way you want to get as close to 500 characters as possible with relevant keywords to the video that you're uploading. So that's that's an easy way to do it. If you don't want to get too buddy, it's still will bring you a lot of traffic, but it's important to keep that in mind. So I'm not actually gonna publish this or schedule it, because I'm gonna come back and actually read Do this tomorrow. But I would hit publish in a second Now, another thing to keep in mind is doing thumbnails. So some nails are going to bring more traffic to your video, you know than anything else. In my opinion, the thumbnail is probably outside of the content of your video. And like the merit and like the production value of your video and what how good the actual content is, the thumbnail is the most important thing. The reason being is it's going to draw attention to your video and get you clicks. If you don't get any clicks on your video, guess what your your content could be the best in the world, but nobody's gonna ever see it. So your thumbnail needs to be good on at least at least somewhat branded so that you get clicks and people can kind of see that it's your content and and just kind of build off of that from now is very, very important. Take some time on your thumbnails, and then you can obviously add them here with custom thumb now. So the way that you can do that and I'm gonna make one here for you, just give me an example. You go to Canada dot com. It's my arms. I'm free. You go to YouTube thumb now and create a design. It will give you the layout of the YouTube thumb. Now you don't need, you know Ah, uh, any design skills whatsoever to do this, Then you're gonna come. You can use the templates that they have if you want, where you can hit upward. Now I'm gonna find a picture on the Internet that's relevant to what I'm talking about. So how much money I make on YouTube with 2500 subscribers? I'm gonna go to Google. You know I'm typing YouTube money and we're gonna go to images and let's let's pick this one. You mean to say of this? Google, like, just recently switched all their picture things. It's weird just going to save this really fast and I'll show you I'm gonna upload it. Steve Image s Y T Y. Team money. Another thing that's important. Just kind of little caveat is what you save your stuff as is vital to not as vital here in 2018 but still Sami vital because it's gonna be your metadata, which is gonna help you rank. So I'm gonna show you what I mean by that. What I just say that picture as could have been a little bit better. Um, you know what? You save your audiophile as your video file eyes, even if you change the title. Still relevant, not as relevant 2018 but still very, very relevant. So just something to keep in mind Y t money. So I saved it. Short is Y t money I probably could have saved as you do money and, you know, at least potentially had a little bump in rank on YouTube money in the YouTube search results because of my metadata, You know, in that actual video is safe. That's that. So I'm gonna open this and you'll see it open right here. So you can see I use this pretty frequently. It's free. It's easy to use. It's not difficult. And we're gonna make our thumb now, so I'm gonna upload it here. I'm gonna drag it to the the specifications as the thumb now, right? And then I'm simply going to you want a good picture? Because if you look at YouTube, to be honest, I bet you 90% I know this personally and from people that I've talked to and just anecdotally as evidence, most people look at the thumbnail before they even read the title. If they even read the title. So it's crucial to get a good thumb. Now that draws attention. And then once people are on your video, then you can convert them into subscribers. Then you can, you know, deliver the content. But the thumbnail is crucial. So I'm gonna use this because I've been using this tax and I'm gonna say how much money I may on YouTube and we are going to turn it like this. What keeps going down like that? It's got like, 56 maybe. And I'm gonna change it to read because I always go read and tell you why in a second and then elements and I always put a shape there to kind of bring it out, brought in the title where the war there will lettering. And that's something you can do to Campbell's very easy to use. You can play around. It's not difficult. That's why I'm kind of running through it. But I want to show you how I make the thumbnails get that centered. And then I'm gonna change us too. Wait in this to black, that's gonna be away. My thumbnail looks how much money I make on YouTube, and you could see the tube in the background slightly with the money signs. Now, this is crucial to if you want to rename your metadata title here, Good mind Looks good already. How much money you make on YouTube is already there, and I'm gonna download it and a soda pop up on the bottom as how much money make on YouTube . And then I'm simply gonna add it to my costume thumb now. Boom! Don costing thumb. Now come over here to downloads again. How much money I make on YouTube Should pop right up. There it is, and then should upload Boom. So we are all done. Now, I'm actually gonna publish this. This just kind of show you. Like I said, I wasn't going to, but I'm gonna publish it so that we can run through the cars and the finishing touches on the video in the next one. And I'll show you. You know what I do and how I go through that process and you can as well, because I think that that's extremely vital, not just for your video and your production quality, but also more importantly, you know, to keep people in their content longer. So I'm gonna end this this luxury here we uploaded the video, would put the tags. Obviously, we did the description. All the metadata may be added it to a playlist and then did our our our thumbnail to draw attention. But now we want to add the finishing touches on the video, which is extremely vital. So we're gonna jump into that in the next lecture, and I will see their 8. 9: All right, so now we're gonna put the finishing touches on the actual video that we uploaded s. So I'm gonna go back into editing it, and it's still private. I actually pushed it back to about two, so we will go live in about an hour. Now, it is the following day. So we're just gonna put the finishing touches on it before people actually see it. And I'm gonna show you how I do that. Go through that process with you. If my computer will only load. Here we go. All right. So the first things first, typically, I'm gonna just get this out the way right now, I'm gonna put some titles on it. The reason that I'm gonna put some type is on it. Is it just an extra bit of data that you can give to Google and to YouTube on how the rank and how bowl index your video? So it's really, really good to Dio as well as the fact that, you know, sometimes people fall along with some titles here and there. Just one extra tool in your arsenal that you can use that doesn't take any time whatsoever . And for that reason, I suggest that you do it. Now, if you're just uploading your video right away and you don't schedule it, this might not be available right away. So it's good to come back 10 sometimes 15 20 minutes later and then do it. But you're definitely going to want to do it. It just you know why not? It can help you, but it can't hurt you. So you're gonna do is you're gonna click on some titles you're gonna go into published right here and you'll see this pop up here. They're just not here that don't worry about it. Come back to it later. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to curate. Then you're gonna click on published for my specific example. It's English, obviously. Maybe, You know, I do have a lot of students from India or, you know, Germany or potentially other countries like that. It might be in a different language. If you're speaking a different language, Obviously that goes, you know, it's common sense, but my specific example it is English, and then you'll see here that you to basically just kind of pumps out content and what it believes that you're saying it's not the most accurate, but it is semi accurate and it does do the job. And so you're gonna want to publish thes because, like I said, it's just something that can help you and hurt you so that you're gonna hit, edit, and then it will take you to the next page where you can simply publish them and you're gonna hit, save changes and then you're some titles should be published. It's very, very simple that I'm gonna go over to end screen and an notations. And this is where he pretty much put, you know, suggesting videos toward suggesting the videos on your end screen that you bought from five . Or that I suggested that you do. And this is why. Because it will help keep people on your content longer and pretty much pushed into a different video. If they made it to the end, that's also on your channel. So that's key. It's good to kind of keep people engaged and keep them in your photo, so to speak. So I'm replace until my cards pop up, and then you'll see what I'm saying. There's one. There's to boot. Problematic, a little bit long. But just for the sake of showing you, I'm gonna put the actual video cards in here right now. So this depending on how yours is set up, you might be doing this slightly differently. Maybe you'll have, like, a subscribe place. Maybe you wanna throw subscribe button here, but you pretty much just added element on wherever your line is. So for my specific example, I'm going to do at a playlist, and I'm gonna go to YouTube. Uh, where is it? My YouTube ad revenue journey? Because, remember, this was an ad revenue video, so I'm gonna want to keep them. This is related to this content. Most of the people that are on this video, I can assume are gonna be interested in the ad revenue journey as a whole. On top of that, I'm also going to want to, you know, maybe Adam most recent upload maybe a best for the viewer. Obviously, YouTube will suggest whatever video thinks is best for the viewer or simply another playlist. So maybe I want to put my make money online playlist. That's probably a good one too thrown here as well, because it's also dealing with making ad revenue and making money on mine. You could also add a subscribe button you could add. You know, you could promote it. Another channel, then you could also as long as you. You know you have a link to your website that you registered in your channel, which is pretty simple. Dio and I actually have a video on my YouTube channel if you need, you know, the ins announcing the step by step process of how to actually do that, then feel free to check that out. I believe it's under the YouTube Channel tips playlist. It's very, very easy to dio on. And then you can obviously lead to your website in one of these two. So pretty simplistic Pentagon. Which one you wanna dio? I was just kind of dropped videos or playlists in here. Eventually, when I update this end screen, I might add a subscribe button in there, but I coffer subscriptions right away in the beginning, and so I don't necessarily feel the need to do that and then simply hit safe. And it will add these to the end of my video and you'll see all changes saved. Finally, you're gonna come into cards. Now you don't have to do any cards and you're gonna want to get some content. And some other video is going before you even think about adding any cards because you won't have any content to add cards wise. But for me, I have a bunch of videos. I'm probably like 180 or so deep on my YouTube channel might be more out off. It might be a little bit less, actually. Might be like 1 78 was having something along those lines. But you're gonna want Teoh for me specifically, You might not need to use these, but for me specifically, as I'm recording sometimes if I'm talking about a video that I've done in the past like, for example, how is just telling you about how you can add the your website to your channel and how I get a video that if this were a YouTube video right now, I would say I did this video about you know how toe add your website to your YouTube channel. If you're looking to check that out, I'll drop a card up in the right hand quarter right now and you know that when you could go ahead and check that out. It's very, very simple that way. It's a suggested video that also keeps it engaged with my channel and the way that I would add That card is after the fact here in cards. So specifically maybe I said that around 1 45 or something like that, I would come into 1 45 and I would excuse me, Um, like allergies today or something. That's crazy. I apologize for that. But then obviously, I'm gonna come in here at 1 45 you can play this and listen to what you said. Obviously, you know, back before you you have your video go live and then add a card there. So specifically, I want to add that card. I would simply go into ad card right here. It's a video playlist. Simply here you can promote a channel. Same things. You ask for a donation, a poll someone and so forth. And I'm simply gonna go for a video and then find that video. If you can't find your video and suggest that up loads or the suggested playlists, you can obviously just add your YouTube that videos. You are all right here and it'll pop operate up. It's really simple to dio, but that's how you do it. You add cards. You want to make sure your end screens done. If you have an end screen on, then add some titles and then you're pretty much done. Then your video is alive, so it's pretty much there's obviously nobody's checked it out yet. It hasn't gone live. The two views are me. You know, it's pretty simplistic and you'll see my Here's the description I went with just like a short paragraph. Probably put a little a little bit more. And in this paragraph we have my content Creation Mastermind course right here, which is an affiliate link Earth Science on affiliate like it's a course that I sell obviously on you. Timmy s well, that's similar to this course, and then my fridge, optional courses and the subscribe just like I showed you. So assuming this goes live, this is what people will see all my channel. And it's pretty simplistic, you know, to add those and you know, those final touches, but but that's pretty much how you're gonna do it. I also suggest that if you're looking for any links and maybe you don't have courses and sell, maybe you don't have a website to send people to to capture their. You know, as you generate traffic and views, you know, people are gonna be checking out your descriptions. And if you have affiliate links in here, you can make a lot of money. You know, before you really get a big audience, so to speak. So why not do it? I can only help you. 9. 10: All right, So now I want to give you a great way. You can inspire engagement on your channel, which will really propel your channel going forward because YouTube and the new algorithm update and everything going into this really places a high value on how much engagement get right off the bat. So if you tube sees a video that's not getting any views, obviously you know they're not gonna rent that or hold that in very high esteem. And they see a video that's getting views, likes and comments were even this like, Believe it or not, dislikes are actually engagement as well. YouTube's gonna hold that much higher. Prestige on it will suggest it across the platform. So we've already talked about how valuable and how vital city being in suggested videos is uncertain. You know, across the platform on DSO if you can give yourself a great chance to get suggested, that will really, really help you going forward. So I'm gonna give you a little trick in a little tip, and that trick and tip is buying subscribers now. It's not what you think. I just come in and say like that, so they kind of Excuse me peaked your attention. But I'm not talking about buying subscribers like going to a website. We're going to Google and being, like, you know, by YouTube subscribers. It doesn't work anymore. It's actually gonna hurt your channel in the longer. And if you buy subscribers like that that are fake or people that are even with real accounts that don't engage because another metric that YouTube uses to measure your videos and success of your videos is actually how much you know the ratio of your subscribers and the engagement that you get. So if you buy 100,000 subscribers or somebody even gives you 100,000 subscribers for free. But none of them are really engaged their content, because they just don't care because they're on a website that you know, is just, you know, that's part of the website that they have to follow. Maximum people are subscribed X amount of people. It's really gonna hurt you overall more than more than anything, because you're gonna have a bunch of dead subscribers that aren't actually engaging with your content, and YouTube is not going to see that in a good bite. So trust me. You don't want to do that. What you do want to dio is by subscribers than new way. Now, this is something that I'm pretty much stumbled across, and the way that I did this was kind of tested out initially, and I also saw some of the other, you know, competing type of similar brands, doing similar things like this. And I tested it and it worked wonders for me and it really, you know, probably propelled me pretty. Maybe about about the at least you know, 80% of these probably are due to that, I would say, have the subscribers that happened in the past 28 days. So the way that I did it and I'm gonna pull the video up here for your really fast and this is probably this is the third giveaway that I've done is a giveaway. So initially people were giving away, you know, courses or consultations, and that's great to you don't have a lot of money to give away. I suggest that you do something like that. You find something that you can offer value and then offer it as a giveaway and the way that you do that is, you know, people, Comet, you basically launch video on your channel. I put it on my home page a lot of the times, but now that I'm kind of growing, I don't necessarily need Teoh pulling up fast for you and I talk about one second. Let me just find it. So $400 cash giveaway for subscribers in February 2018. It's got 655 years, 607 comments, 607 comments and 83 weeks. So let me just pull that up so fast. People are still commented on this video as well as all the other videos on my channel because of the way that I set it up. And what that does is not only is the proper engagement across my videos, which you know will give send signals to YouTube that, you know, these videos are more important because people are engaging with them. But on top of that, it kind of it pulls people, and it's a lead magnets so so to speak on. You know, all my content so they might have just seen this video potentially or another video. They come and they noticed that I'm doing a giveaway and they engage with more of my content. They watch a bunch more my content. They comment on a lot more of my content. And you know, not only is that good for you're finding other people, potentially because my video is getting suggested, but it also gives an opportunity for them to, you know, kind of sit back and say, You know what? I actually kind of like this content, and I'm going to subscribe permanently and continue to watch what comes out because this is intriguing. So just kind of give you a simplistic overview without playing the video for you. Let me just pause it really fast here. What I go on to talk about in this video is basically any comment for them. So I do this every month now, and I've been giving away a first place winner of $300 a second place winner of two of $100 . Sorry for $400 total. You don't have to give away cash, but you can probably the best way. But if you don't, maybe you're good at whatever may be your good in affiliate marketing. Maybe you're good at, You know, soccer. Maybe you're good at whatever. Whatever your channels built around, figure out something that you can provide a value to people on Ben offer that for free as a giveaway. So the way that I do it here specifically is I say, you know, I'm gonna launching this giveaway started on, you know, to one and I do this every month. And then, you know, with the way that people can potentially win for the give away, is they just simply comment? That's all it takes. Is they comment on what that does? Is it? I win because I get their engagement. They went because they get a potential entry into the give away and every single comment that people comment is a potential entry. And then I end up going into my creator studio at the very end of the month, and I do the drawing for the give away. So what I do is I randomly generated number, go to Google and honesty. Random, widest typing, random number generated. So pretend that didn't happen. And I go back to see when all that engagement started on 21 and then made that might be like 100 pages back, and then I'll generate a random number for between 100 and that's 41. And so whoever sent either the top or the bottom of those pages, depending on what I designate, is the winner. That's how I basically do it. Now you'll see here that I do. I do respond. Some of these people, when they start spamming, either hide their comments, which is something you can do right here. Hide this users comments on the channel and a little caveat. Never, ever, ever wanted delete comments because it's engagement, so just simply hide their comments and they will continue to engage. You'll get credit for it, but people, when you're channel will see that. So there are none the wiser. There's still gonna be helping you, but they're not hurting you. But so that's basically what it is. Guys, I just prompt engagement by offering giveaways. In this specific example, it's cash. In other specific examples, I've seen Consultant Given given away. I've seen you know, people redoing product list things for Amazon, regardless of what your nation's. Regardless, so what you're talking about teaching. There's something that you can give away a value that your audience is going toe. Now, this isn't gonna work right off the bat when you don't really have an audience. You might want to build up to, like, 100 or two subscribers first. But then, once you get those 1st 100 to subscribers, launch one of these and test it out and see what happens. Some of the best people in the game right now are doing this, and it's working wonders for building their channel and giving them exponential growth, to name two of them right off the bat. Grant Cardone gives away cash all the time. Tai Lopez gives way not only cash, but he also gives away, you know, just computers, cellphones, literally everything. And if they're doing it, there's a reason they're doing it. And I'm here to tell you that not only do I see it working for them, but I'm testing it for myself, and it's working for meeting. Is working wonders for me, so I suggest that you do. This will prompt engagement. This is the new way to buy followers in 2018 and I'm sure it will definitely work going forward. because you're not paying for the actual subscriber you're paying for the engagement essentially, or your to put it, to put it more simply and better. Actually, you're bribing people to engage with your content and offering a potential reward for that . So I suggest that you take this into consideration once you build your channel a little bit . It's definitely something that you're gonna want a deal. And with that being a settlement in this lecture here, and then we're gonna go into some of the ways that you can tweak something or videos and improve them going forward. 10. 11: I just come and gave me that tip or trick hack, so to speak. And even though I hate that word is probably one of the best to inspire more engagement and get more subscribers. Now, another way that you do that it's pretty much tweak the videos that you've already done. So after you do about your videos and like I said, this isn't gonna work right off the bat you're gonna want to do. You may be your 1st 5 to 10 20 videos or whatever it is on then maybe a month or so into it . Once you have some content, you're gonna want to go back and perfect that content. Now, you have some information on data that you can use to tweet that content a little bit better. But also, you should be using that and looking at the feedback you're getting premier videos that initially put out on see, you know where you can improve on what works and what doesn't. But remorseless. If we right here, I'm gonna go back into my creator studio and what I'm basically gonna do is the first thing I'm gonna talk about is looking at your analytics So you're gonna want to come in analytics , and you're really gonna want to know everything about your analytics. You're gonna wanna know. What's your average view? Duration. What? You know how, how, where people dropping off all the majority of your videos. You can look at videos specifically on each potential video, or you can just look at it. Is that whole excuse me as a whole? So typically, just to keep it simply, if your average view duration is about three minutes, you're gonna want to start adding cards on your videos at about three minutes. The reason for that is people typically drop off. The majority of people drop off after three minutes in that specific example in a way that you can keep them engaged and keep them on your content because a lot of people went beginning distracted by other videos. At that point, a lot of people might be, you know, bored with your content. That's totally okay. As you do more and more content and create more more content, you don't get better at that promise. I'm in no way shape or form a professional at it in no way shape before for mobile at it. But I promise you this. If I go back and look at the first video ever did on YouTube about eight months ago, it was not very good at all. I thought it was OK. It was not safe, to be honest, and you know, I've improved significantly from them, but it just goes to show that I don't know where I'll be a year from now. We'll look back at these videos a year from now. I think that these air complete garbage on so you're always improving. But that's OK, and what you want to do to improve, really capitalize on that is first and foremost. Look at your average generation for me. Specifically, it's about 3 50 So what I try to do is, if I'm not calling for a card on a specific video or a couple cards and there's a low in that, I will go and make sure that maybe around 3 30 four minutes, somewhere in that time frame, I'll add a card or a suggestion or something like that to really kind of, you know, get my audience's engagement and, you know, attention back. That's a good word for attention on kind of, if they're not, you know, engaged with that video to potentially get them to engage with another video. That's the first thing not the second thing is to go back and add cards on your successful videos. So I still haven't really hit a video we talked about. You know, specifically, we're going my channel really fast. You'll look at the popular awful. It's just how I suggest that you, through the process to set your channel. You'll see Still here my best videos, Alex Becker's 14 K views. So another my view that in my videos, you have really, you know, went viral or anything like that. But what's important to understand some of your most popular videos are what's working for you. So first and foremost, replicate those videos. However you could do that, you know whenever you want, do replicate that makes similar videos to them. On top of that, go back and look at your most popular videos and drop cards on your most popular videos. So specifically, for example, right here this is outdated, even though I put 2018 on it. So what? I did waas. I opened this out. I meant, actually added that world, What's edit this video? Excuse me. If that it's second, let's just let it later. And I want to basically show you that I add in cards to this video in specific spots because it was one of my most popular, Had a lot of traffic. It was already getting traction. And so it was getting suggested. But I wanted it to basically capture all the people. I don't know why. This is, you know, uploaded. There we go. What I wanted to do was basically capture all the people they were on this video and send them to my other content because it was already good lead magnet for me. It was already capturing a bunch of traffic people on YouTube. But I wanted to send that traffic to somewhere else on the home. You know, one of my videos, not just, you know, on suggested videos on the side that might not have been mine. So what I did was I came in and did cards right here because this was one of the most popular videos, and I added cards, you know, right in the beginning to the new mass email thing that I just did right off right off the bat. So that just set a bit more of my content, but also about we'll see here. 33 33 40. It looks like buy by audience retention. It was a little bit better or a little bit worse back then. So what I did was I went just like I just showed you went in and I added a car right at the drop off point technically, and that was my email marketing puts because it's relevant to this, and it is literally right about where I'm used the majority of my audience. And so that's what I want you to do. I want you to go back and tweak your videos so that you can inspire more engagement and capitalize off the you know, the good things that you're already doing. So not just the one video you don't wanna know. For one. Do it for a bunch of popular once. If you have 20 videos, do your most popular for you know, this is a month or two into it. Obviously, you know, if you have like me, 200 videos or so we're about 1 80 or whatever it is, you know, I might do my top 10 to 20 on that will really start to inspire engagement, you know, bring ume or, you know, fresh subscribers and friend of yours and really kind of It's a circular effect across your content. So it's something that you're definitely going to want to look into now, another thing that you do is this is gonna play again. I don't mean to do this. I'm gonna edit this video and one of the other things I don't want to talk about is go back and not just on your popular videos, but on videos across the board. Make sure that you let your video sit for about a month or two so it can pick up traction on the tags that you already have. I don't know why this doesn't edit one second. Come on. I never really go into edit videos like this, but all right, look about the with us or so What I would typically dio is I would let's say I wanted to go back and kind of tweak some of my older videos, you know, with their tags, because clearly those tags are hitting. I'm gonna show you what I would do this specific example. So I'm gonna go into my video manager. There we go. And so what I would do is I come back down, you know, maybe to like, five or six to my order videos. And I might tweak a couple of them so you'll see here that I'm laughing because CBS remind someone most original videos. So this one hit Finally, 3100 views. None of these really hit, you know, that's that's fine. That's normal. You're going to see that, too. And I want you to know that that happens to me. Happens to everybody across the board from the most successful YouTubers all the way down to people that are just starting. But what I would basically do is maybe a couple of these videos that didn't hit like this 87 1 Havel unquote clients for a social media marketing agency. I would go into edit this and I might tweet the tags a little bit and see if maybe I was ranking for any tax or, you know, nuts. And we're gonna sit here and wait for this again, obviously, but the way that you can see these tags I will show you in a second is with the use of two bodies. So if you didn't get to Buddy already, I suggest that you do. You don't need to, but it really, really helps. And it really, really makes a difference. And I know that there's tags here, so I'm just gonna let it load this so you'll see here that this is these around the tags that I potentially put in for this way back when. So I literally only right for one tag, and that was 15 for Hata Land clients. So what I would do then is I might not go back and change the ones that are relevant, like Social Media marketing, that really brought, or something like that, or Social Media marketing agency. But what I might want to do is I want, you know, excited walk ins and Exxon of Ryan Children because he's not really relevant. Excited this index out of that and this and that in this and what I would do is I switched these two different tags social media tips or how to get so SMH clients something like that would change these hats because they clearly didn't work. They didn't rank me on. They didn't play any potential benefit to this piece of content. And what I do is save changes. And what that would do is that would send signals to Google and YouTube's algorithm that something on this video has changed. And they should re index me for some of these terms. And what that potentially does is I might rank in search results for some of these potential new terms that I'm putting in. And it might bring me more traffic, more views to this, obviously, which might post more. Impose more engagement for this video specifically. But, you know, also bring people into my channel with my content just from this video alone. So I would just suggest that you just with one of your videos give it a little bit of time , you know, a month or two and then go back and re adjust your tags that are working for you on some of the videos that clearly didn't really hit. And you might see, you know, it just might be one tagged. It just needs to hit for you, and that could make all the difference. I'm telling you so just specifically, if you know someone, how this works with two. Buddy, this obviously lets you know what your rank is. If someone searched for how delaying clients, I'd be 15 video. That's just gonna show you how to springs traffic. And how you can know is we're gonna you to really fast and I'll show you because I was having lain clients. So we're gonna start for how, How what the heck how to land clients And I should be the 15th video on there and there we are. So this looks like it's a little bit. Is that 15 2015? But it's roughly that. So that's how to body works. That's why I suggest that you get it. If you haven't gotten to buddy, I'll actually like that same document attached to this lecture. I suggest that you go ahead and get it. It's very, very valuable. It can provide a lot of insight, really make a huge difference in your view to game and getting your views subscribers no ad revenue and really propel you with that knowledge that's providing. So it's I think it's only nine bucks It's very, very cheap. You know, I suggest that you do it, but, you know, if you don't want to go that route totally understandable. Don't sweat it. But I come in from touch on how you can readjust your content so that you don't have to worry about, you know, always creating new content, sometimes just a little bit of tweak, you know, or its week here and there can really make the difference on some of the old content that you have.