Complete YouTube Ads Course 2017 - How I Got To 130k Subs & 11m views!

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23 Videos (1h 40m)
    • What is Google Adwords For Video?

    • PROOF: The Amazing Results from Google Adwords

    • How to Access Google Adwords For Video!

    • See how many Views I have paid for on YouTube!

    • Statistics that back up Why you should be on YouTube!

    • What Works on YouTube To Get Success!

    • How to be Entertaining in a serious / dry subject!

    • How To Rank Number 1 On YouTube!

    • Selecting In-Stream, Video Discovery or Bumper Ads!

    • Network, Location and Language Targetting

    • Device Selection, Ad Scheduling and Advanced Settings

    • Why In-Stream Ads are the most effective!

    • Choosing Demographics and Affinity Audiences

    • Using Keywords for Hyper-Relevant Traffic!

    • Using Placements for the Best Match!

    • Remarketing, Topics and Finishing Your Ad!

    • Create a Long promotional Video to enable a Higher Watch Time!

    • How To Get Keywords That Rank On The First Page Of YouTube

    • How to Intro your Video to encourage Engagement!

    • Get more views with this hack before you publish!

    • How I Rank Number One on YouTube in Seconds

    • Putting a $0.01 Ad on The Video to help it rank on harder keywords!

    • A Really Powerful SEO Tactic to help your Video be found on Google!


About This Class

YouTube Ads (Google Adwords for Video) is the most powerful tool to get YouTube views, grow your channel and sell your products. This Skillshare course will show you my EXACT methods for promoting my products using YouTube Ads.

Thanks to Google Adwords for Video, I have:

  • Grown my channel to 133,000+ subscribers
  • Gained 11,000,000 views on my videos
  • Sold products at a very fast rate
  • Ranked my videos at number 1 spot in competitive keywords
  • Got over 1000+ views immediately on any video I publish on YouTube

As a YouTuber who has used Google Adwords to get views on my videos, the lowest possible cost per view is 0.01c. Which means for 1000 views, you will pay $10. In this course, I show you how you can should be using these Google Adwords campaigns to push your Video into YouTube's Suggested Videos algorithm!! You will be expected to put small $10 Google Ads on your YouTube videos, where you will be getting 1000 views per video, however in this course, you will learn why you need to!

If, like me, you are looking to build your brand on the biggest Video Social Network in the world, this course will teach you how to do this in a smart way! When I first started my YouTube channel, I used to pay $0.05 per view, and wasted money. I did not know you could actually get $0.01 ads on any video and boost views to any country you want! I was foolish and naive, but after a lot of pain and frustration I finally figured how to get the best possible costs for Views. I share with you the precise formula you need to follow, along with me implementing it live for you to follow.

In this course I show you, Live, how I get one of my videos into YouTube's suggested Videos algorithm using my methods to show you that it does work!

And if you want to build your YouTube presence, this course is just what you need.  

This is not just a load of slides with theory, I show you REAL PROOF! 

For every minute that you delay, you could be saving a huge amount of money...





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