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Complete WordPress SEO course, Part 7 of 10 - Site Architecture

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Setting Canonical Version

    • 2. Standardized URL Structure

    • 3. 404 Errors and Redirects

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About This Class

About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

This is Part 7 of my Complete WordPress SEO 2019 course

In this, Learn how to properly set up a site architecture that has an impact on SEO.

For example, how to set a canonical link, how to deal with 404 errors and so on.

Completed the project? Move on to Part 8 of this SEO course here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Setting Canonical Version: Now let's see how to send economical vision of a Europe. Economical tags are like redirection. They are soft redirects, not actually redirecting a page. Now what do you need? These? A provision that can be different versions off yours for the same content on your website. This can happen frequently in e commerce of sage. For example. You may be selling your match on your website, and this may have being categorized on to do a different categories, like yoga products, fitness products. Angela. Since your categories are a part of the orders, your product page on content may appear under two different types off yours. This means your users can reach the yoga mat page in two different ways. Same content, but on a two different yours, a problem. This is one of those are duplicate issues. This will confuse search engines, and search engine cannot choose a preferred the original version or those two. Let me give it a metaphor. We just some watch similar, and that can help you to understand the situation better. Let's say you on me are traveling on a job and the reach across road, a sign board and the junction shows the same destination for two different routes that can be taken by us. How do we know which wanted shoes and which one is preferable? Definitely one of those two roads could be preferable because of various reasons. If that preference is mentioned over there that we know contusion while choosing the route economica off, preferred yours. Provide guidance to search engines in the similar manner. When you have yours, blood and installed it automatically said a preferred your are economical your so only one of those two euros appearance search engines when a user search for you. Obama just inserting an article attack called REHL equals economical in the euro doing here so you don't need to set any economical version manually on each page. Used takes care of it. Sometimes you may want to make a change off canonical versions. Well, this is very rare, but it can definitely happen How, For example, when you have an article published in 1/3 body, Blawg. Now you want to publish the same article on your own website. You can do so, but you need to set. The canonical version is the your of the third party block, which is the original publisher. By doing it this way, you tell search engines, which is the preferred the world that needs to be indexed by the. At the same time, your website visitors can consume the same content on your upside. And this would prevent any duplicate content issues and save you from search engine penalties. I'm on the dashboard up my wordpress trip side, and I'm gonna show you now how to set economical Europe in case and need arises at your end . So let's go toe one of the posts. So I'm inside a sample post and let me go to your stadia. Now I'm inside the Eustis, your black in section And let me click on this advanced section that you see a canonical your a section and this is where you need to plays. Your economical are preferred. Your so within every duplicate post, you need to place your original post Ural in this area, let's say you have three different posts that contains same content, and you prefer one of those free different posts. You need to go to the duplicate posts and come to this Yo Stasio of Black, an area and paste. The original Joe Rural within those duplicate posts. And when you do that, while indexing search engines will index, only the original are preferred. Ural, rather than indexing the duplicate once and this can also be used when you're writing a guest post in 1/3 party block and you want the same blawg to be shown on your own website as well. But you want to set economical Europe. You can drive the Ural off the post from that third party website and come over here and plays that you're within the post that you published within Europe side. And when you do that, though, the same content is reflector, both in your website as well as the third party website. Since you're placing the third party, you are over here. The content will not be seen as a duplicate content by search engines, so you have no duplicate card and issues 2. Standardized URL Structure: maintaining simple and meaningful your old structures is very important. So if you're using WordPress, that is a simple mechanism to do it. Go to settings and Perma wings, and here you can choose the Ural Structures. In my case, I've chosen host name. That means the name of the website slash the post name is how the Ural structure off my posts will up here. But in your case, probably you might wanna select a different type of your old structure, especially if you're running a new site. You might want to include the day and the name of the Post. Otherwise, you can even go for a custom structure and in view of that category, need along with the Post Me. But the most important part here is you got to be consistent when you choose balls name. Stick around with that for a long time. And don't keep changing the pummeling once in a while. And once you are done with the choosing, click on save changes and that's it. You have chosen a simple and standardized your own structure for your posts and pages 3. 404 Errors and Redirects: Badger Quist off 400 enters not only hampers the sites be are also puts a negative impact on the total s you'll value off your site. Your vesting Has she debated quest with these Broken your us So the shot off fix this problem immediately as its adverse effect on Google's travel. Great. You don't want to raise the movement, stroll budget in something that doesn't exist at all. So you can check your sights web master tools for so that editors are missing bases. Another alternative is to use broken link checker arsenals link Sleuth You figure out the missing yours. Now, when you find the broken link, either you can correct it are replacer. The fixing process is completely up to you. You may contact the source link and asked to remove that link completely. Our email restored. The deleted pages are if you have another relevant resource page to show the visitors you may use free will on redirect. Let me show you on screen. How do you Owen redirection work? I'm at the back end of my WordPress website and I have created two caused oneness named as 50 ways to make money online and the other one is named as 100 ways to make money online, especially for the purpose of this demonstration. Now, let me show you how to redirect this 50 ways to make money online to my 100 ways to make money online. That means when visitors of the website click on this Ural, they'll be redirected 200 ways to make money online. And this redirect has to be courted and your dark hedged the access file. You can find this file in your C panel. As you can see, I'm in my C panel. I'm inside the file manager and within public hunter school. Heh html I can find my dark hedge D access file. So the first thing I need to do is to click on edit, and I'm gonna take the backup of this existing court before making any changes to it. So let me just copy this. I'll open a nor bad file based in that court, natch in. I've taken the backup of that. Now I'm free to do according according part is pretty simple. I just have to write, redirect creo on space. I wonder all your alone. So let me just grab the oldie oral this part then as space. Then I need complete New York. That's it. I have created the trio on Redirect Now again, according is pretty simple Redirect space three or one space only, Orel. But without the domain name I just need only the post name here, then space, then new your oral and this new your oral should be with the domain name and that's it. I'm gonna save it now. So let me just go back And just if it's really working So let me just click on 50 ways to make money online that you go. When I clicked on 50 ways to make money online, I'm redirected 200 ways to make money online. So the redirect is successful not let me give you a simpler way to approach it If you feel that, according within dark hedge de Axis is a bit difficult for you Let me give you an easier solution. Go to Google and I been and click on the first result that you go Holly weirdo here is placed your old Ural here in the New Yorker here and choose whichever the type of redirect you want to do like PHP. Redirect ace, be redirect. Apache hedged the accessory direct. And this is what I've shown you on the screen and click on generate court Accord will be generated over here. All you gotta do is to just copy that cord and based in the same within your hedge d access file and save changes. That's it. Once you're done with their please test, if the redirect is really working on knock.