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Complete WordPress SEO Course - Part 6 of 10 - Boost your Website Speed

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Website Hosting for Speed

    • 2. Theme selection for better speed

    • 3. Data base Optimization Implementation

    • 4. CDN and Caching

    • 5. GZIP Compression

    • 6. AMP Implementation

    • 7. Image Optimization

    • 8. Lazy loading

    • 9. Revision control

    • 10. Minification

    • 11. Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks

    • 12. Plugin Usage and profiler

    • 13. Wordpress Security

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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

This is Part 6 of my Complete WordPress SEO course.

In this, Learn how to boost your WordPress website loading speed.

Website speed is another super important ranking factor for Google.

In this course, I have shown ways to speed up your site speed with lightweight plugins.

Completed the project? Move on to part 7 of this SEO course. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Website Hosting for Speed: Let's see how you can improve the speed off the art website in this video, I would suggest you to get it tested on GED metrics dot com. Our dues Dark kingdom dot com These are the best places I noticed you upside, and a performance off your website it will give you are a detail analysis on their Your website is getting affected in terms off lowering time. I'll also give you some suggestions on how to make the necessary changes to correct those shortcomings. This way you will know exactly what to modify in our most er upside speed that are seven factors that affect of the side speed. For example, hosting is one of them. Depending upon the size off your upside, you need to choose between shad hosting our dedicated hosting. If your website is a small one with just a few things, just you may go for shared hosting. But if your sense a larger side that several thousands are millions of pages, you need to go far dedicated hosting the hosting company also plays a major Jewell in the website Speed. So select a reliable hosting company that offers excellent speed for yard upside it's advisable to go for a whole that provides an extensive range of services and includes things like domain name registration. Got our back up free site transfer? Who will ABS integration? Essa Such access Unlimited is speed multiple live site on one account option and the life. 2. Theme selection for better speed: you are. Team plays a vital role in determining yard website Street at Theme, which is well cornered and has the right balance of images and content, would not put existed Lord on your website. So it'll work well and speed of the loading off your website. The sole idea is to achieve the theme as simple in the same time as effective as possible. What President are has got a repository off thousands off free teams. All you have to do is to just find a best suit, a team and stock using it. But how do you find it? There are loads off crappy free teams, but there are just as many crappy premium themes. So if you want to go with free things, here you go with some tips. Find a reseller are a developer that you trust the most, and that is the best baby Jusici. But if you don't have one, look for social proof, here we go with some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a deep. How many reviews does a steam have? And what is the rating off this team? Is that an active message board available for this and rendered the steam receive its last update. Is this theme responsive and mobile? Ready isn't optimized for Seo. Now, once you have chosen a team tens that theme with Team Check, Plug in and Security ah, security. Plug it. Engage a developer to improve according further and tells the optimal. According On the other hand, you have an option to go with well known, time tested paid team as well. You can choose a top rate of theme from Team forest. As of now, Avara is a top rated, multipurpose, bestselling team from Team Forest. Alternatively, you can go with elegant teams and choose their flagship brand divinity. If you're a blogger, you might choose to go, but Studio Press and their Genesis team and this is from Copy Blogger. 3. Data base Optimization Implementation: that are based organization to another key area that affect the speed of Europe side. However, this is also one of the most dreaded and kind consuming casts off all, especially when when it is done manually. So the best way to go bar is by installing WordPress organization luggage, auto optimize and W P. D. V Manager all the tube luggage you need these clever little luggage will help you and effortlessly optimizing and managing your entire database, including post revisions, spam, drab stables and the like. Moreover, Wbtv manager regularly set dates for optimization so that your website performs well all the time. Now, let me show you on screen hard to optimize your data bees. Let's go toe like in section and add new and type in. WP dp Manager this is the blood in heaven Install now activated Now on your left hand side panel Goto database area and click on B B options. Now, these 1st 2 sections are already filled in, so we don't have no worry much about them, and the stirred area is where they're gonna save that out of these files. So our backup is going to sit there, and this maximum backup file. Just gonna be dense like any point in time. I'll have 10 backups. So automatic backup of DB I'm gonna do once in once in a week and I'm gonna enable Jesup. It's compression of files than automatic optimizing off BB. I'm gonna do once in every three days, it's an additional feature. WPTV managers giving then automatically, depending off BB again. I'm gonna do once in two weeks and I want the files the backup files to be sent to this email i d and I'll go ahead and save changes Now, Now let's go to back of BB. So if you wanna instantly take a back up at any point in time, this is where you would do it. So go ahead and enable Jesu and click on backup. Now let's go to manage backup db. So far I've done three backups for the swept side. So database files dating time and size of the fights are available and this is the email I d. I want the backup files to be sent. Then optimize Debbie. We have already done the skin doing for all this, but if you want to do them instantly, you can do it over here. So click on optimize. Then let's go to the bad. Maybe again. The water need done this kid doing for this. But if you want to do instantly some repair work, you can come here and do it. Then empty our drop tables. You can choose the respective files over here and start doing them. Emptying means all the rules of the tables will be deleted. Dropping means complete deletion of the file and that's it. We've configured WPTV manager now. 4. CDN and Caching: content delivery networks are very commonly used. All the Internet today in order to deliver the highest quality content, do users. It does so by replicating the static content, including images CSS JavaScript, etcetera from your website and serving it to the users from the near A service CD in As the name suggests, a network of service located at various points around the world, and the work off CD in is to cash the static content off a site like CS is and jealous requests. And when the user request for the content, it sends the data from the nearest server available to the user. Let's take a real life example elaborate of the importance of Syrian you're in, say, New York City in USA and imagine you have to buy a product from a shop that is located in Sydney. It would take a load off time for you to do that. But if they the same shop opens up its network and spreads the product, the U. S. A. It takes less time to buy and consume the product on that's what Sianis This greatly speech of the download time on Europe site and thereby keeping your visitors from moving on to other websites. Although there are many Syrians available in the marketplace, Max, Idiot and low fare Syrians are the most recognized once. Now let me show you how to add your website to the cloud fare that'll help to speed up your website. Now, let's quickly go to clothe fair dot com. I already have an account with clo Fair. So let me just log in. And in your case, you need to sign up. I've been Europe site name over here, and press can be in a strict IDs. Now, glad fair is scanning your Deanna's wreckage. It may take up to 60 seconds. Now click on. Continue again. Press continue For the purpose of this demonstration, I'm gonna choose free option. If you want to go for paid options, you may choose to do so. Let me press. Continue now. Name servers are assigned to your website. As you can see on the left inside, you can see your current name service and you need to change your name. Service given over here now training folk dot com is registered with godaddy dot com. So I need to go to go Daddy and change the name service who then? Gordy Go to domains. Click on Manage Dennis and change name servers. After you change the name servers, click on Save Now click on. Continue over here. That's it. Now this may take up to 24 hours for this change to be processed. You can come back to cloud fair dot com, say after 24 hours. The check if you are name servers are abated now I have a content delivery network are CD in for my lip side training full dot com cashing place A very important role in determining whole fast your website loads. Hence installing some efficient plug ins related to cashing is very important if you wish to improve yard websites speed performance. One of the biggest advantages of using such cash and plug in is that they support static hits chemo fires instead of dynamic wants, thereby proving the loading speed. All the websites, one such lightweight plugging that does the job exceptionally well compared to others is called WP fastest cash in this black and is fully comprehensive, very easy to use and, more importantly, his Adam at cashing all aspects off your website. It's especially designed to give you small than hasn't free user experience and thereby improving the silver performance to a very great extreme. Let me show you how they install and configure at cashing plug in. As you may know, this helps tremendously in speeding up off your upside in various race, and there are several cashing plug ins like WB Total Cash WP, Super Cash WP, Fastest Cash and so On. I prefer WB, fastest cash or others simply because of the fact that it helps to load my website much faster than other Plug Ege on. I always said just the best of the best plug ins for my students and clients, and that's the reason why Fastest cash. Let's go ahead and install WP fastest cash. There we go. This black Guinness installed for more than 200,000 times, and it's received five star ratings from 1003 100 plus customers, and moreover, it's completely free. So let's go ahead and start. That's activated. Here we go. The Blufgan is available here, So let me click on that, not let me conficker this plug in. - As you can see from the settings this plug in does many important activities not only fuck cashing are also far Min ification combining CSS and jazz files G zipping and so on. Let me press summit. Let me go to next tab. Delete cash Once you're done with your conflict ring, you can come back here and press on this button. Delete cash and many fights. CS is Bart Jess. The next tab is cash time. Oh, and click on Add New Rule Let me choose all and choose once a day and press save the next Abbas image Opposition. As you can see, this is available on Lee Far premium versions. But don't worry about it. You're gonna install another effective blogging to optimize our images. Let's go to exclude and let's leave the settings as such and that should we have done with the settings within this black in section. Now, if you're already installed the Cloud Fair CD in, you need to do some setting adjustments within Cloudflare Let me do that now. There we go, Gora speed and you should have checked out the autumn unify because nobody be fastest caches anyway, doing it for you. A real gun setting should be turned on as you can see this is available only for business plan, so let's not make any adjustments over here. Let's enable am be here. And Rocket Lord, I should have Bean turned off. Now let's goto page rules and create a page rule for training food dot com. You can click on create page rule, then hair a sitting and start adding visuals and then save on D block. And finally, let's go cashing and click on perch Individuals, Vice, and that's it. We're done with the settings. 5. GZIP Compression: then visitors visit your website. The size of the data that gets transferred between your sober and the users is quite usual , and this is often the reason for slow performance off yard website. In order to rectify this, all you have to do is used Jesup to compress your data files, including CSS and Jess. As a result, the silver compressed IT contractor to 70% off its original size before transferring into the grocer's. This greatly reduces the loading time off the website as a size of the content being transferred is drastically reduced. Moreover, it's amazing is simple to activate our enable. Jesus compression. Just add this. Go to the Dodge D access fly the WordPress roof order and you're good to go. I've given the score in the description section of this lecture. I'm inside my C panel off my website training folk dot com, not let me show you how to include Jesup compression chord in my dark Hedge D access file. As you can see, my dodged a access file is available here. They click on that and click edit Now before making any changes, you might want to take a back up off this court so you can just copy and paste it in a note pad file and save everybody you want to in your laptop. Now, once you have taken the backup, you can go to the bottom of this dark hedged a access file, and I have that code available for the purpose off G zip. So let me copy the court, go back to the hedge D access file and based the core at the bottom of the fire and that should save it. Now, Jesus, compression is done on your website. If you are finding it difficult to deal with this coating, you might probably want to go to the plug in way. In that case, you can install a plug in called W three total cash on your website. 6. AMP Implementation: and these another Google feature that stands for accelerated mobile Vega's. It's an open source initiative that's meant to dramatically speed up your site on mobile, and it even gives you a boost. And Google's mobile search engine rank essentially am the reimagined version of Heskey Emma that strips are unnecessary elements like JavaScript and third party strips. But if he loves, CS is so your page will still display styling. You intend to the benefit off Andy's that your site load faster and look, they're on mobile. Google has found that MP can help. Who's paint speed by 15 a five cent since, and he's a subset of S t m A. It's not difficult to learn if you're familiar with his gym. A language MP project, not our covers. How to create MPs. Steven Ph. If you are a WordPress user, it was not a dick savvy. It is that good news for you that our flag is available on to implement and be Let me show you on screen how this is God. Now let's see how to implement and B are accelerated mobile pages on our website. Let's go to plug in section and click on head new. I've been Ambi and this is the one we need. And this is by automatic people who are behind what press itself. So let's go ahead and install now just to give you some information. This blogging is very raw in the sense. After installing this plug in when you see your MP pages, it may not look really good in the sense you may not have navigation of Manu and so on. So in order to make the MP pages look ger and easy to navigate, we need another plug it. Let's install that Israel go to add new and I've been and be again. Keep in mind that we are installing Onley those plug ins which are absolutely necessary for our website. She just come down a little bit. You'll be able to see this MP far, WB, my pharmacology and Mohammed Cody. Go ahead and install it and activated. This plug in requires some conflagration, so go ahead and click on MP options panel. I think on general it's recommended that you upload a custom logo for the bubbles of A and B, and the recommended size is also given. So go ahead and create one if you don't have one and then uploaded and I am beyond. Pages are already enable, so let's go to the next step. Hope ish. If you want to enable some of these options, you can go ahead and do that. I just want to leave it as such and go to analytics. Insert your sites. Google Analytics score in this area so that your MP page visits are captured by Google analytics, and you can go through the rest of the options one by one. And whichever you feel is requirement, you can enable it, and then you can go ahead and save it. Otherwise, as with us, I'm gone shirt in the gentle tab. What you enable MP on pages and Sergio Google analytics cold here. I'm done with it because that's the basic requirement for me to enable MP peaches in my website. But you may please go ahead and play around with other options and choose whichever you feel is acquired 7. Image Optimization: the size off your website matters a lot when it comes to speed of your website, and size depends a lot upon the size of the images on your website. So if your website uses a lot of images, the first thing you gotta do is to install an image optimizer so that the size off your images can be reduced and at the same time they don't lose the quality. So let's go ahead and install an important plug in the optimize your images. Let's go to plug in section and add new. There are a few very good plug ins available for this purpose and WP smush it is one off him smush image, compression and optimization. As you can see, it's a very popular Blufgan and you can go ahead and install it. But for my website, I prefer another flag and called image. If I There you go. This is ultra a. Pop it up, plug in and it works really well for me. So let me go ahead and install this Now activate hard to consecrate. You need to create an account and enter your FBI key, and you can instantly start optimizing your images 8. Lazy loading: lazy lower is a very cool WordPress plug in that is specifically designed the lower images sequentially and hence improve the base loading time. It optimizes the images on your website in such a manner that the images do not load altogether by instrument Lord, one at a time as the user strolls down. So all you have to do is install the J ready image, lazy load. Plug in and your images will get optimized automatic, and then that advantage off. Installing this Blufgan is that it saves considerable bandit hasn't been the users visit our brows to your website and by doing so further and rules this be Now let me show you how to install a lazy low. Blufgan. The black and I'm gonna show you is one of the tiniest and very lightweight Blufgan. So you don't have to worry much about the size of the plug in our worry about installing too many plug. It's so let's go ahead and install this. Just type in. Unveil Lazy Lord. There we go. This is the plug in. I'm gonna install. Don't worry about the fact that this undigested it just works really find with my website and moreover, it's a very simple Blufgan, so probably doesn't need much, often ugly. So let's go ahead and install it. There we go, the bloodiness installed. It doesn't require any settings are conflagration, so the website is good to go. 9. Revision control: It's an absolute joy. Use WordPress, but it has some pretty and nine features which have left undressed. Ified can bring the speed off your website down, for example, would press often saves all your drabs after division forever. So these drabs are taking about good on a storage space that gradually brings the speed off your upside down. Once a draft is poster, you will probably never need it again. So why save all of them indefinitely? This is where WP division Control Blufgan comes into the picture. It gives you more control by a loving you said the limit to the number of provisions that can be stored for every page. Our post. This way, you can easily save your back and from being overburdened with unwanted post divisions, introduced your websites loading time for demonstration purpose. I've just opened this post and, as you can see on the right inside revisions number two are They just do revisions in this post. But in many cases, the number off revisions can run in tow, even hundreds, So you can imagine how this website can be burned with so many divisions, so we don't want to keep the data are the back off are so many divisions and we wanna have some kind of control on this. So for the purpose of that, I'm going to install a Blufgan. Let's go toe add new again. It's a lightweight, Blufgan. So you don't have to worry much. About the size are the number of luggage we are installing. Let me type in divisions control. Dav Eagle, This is the black and I'm gonna install to control the number of revisions. Once the Blufgan is activated, go to setting, stab. You get to see this a division, stab within settings and click on it. And in this area, you can control the number of revisions you like to keep as a backup. So let me choose. Just do divisions, oppose, do for pages and do far custom seizes, and I leave it hazardous and press save changes. 10. Minification: many flying. Your WordPress website, in other words, means removing any extra spaces from the website. Scoring. This would remove all the unnecessary spaces in your websites courting and make it smaller and more convenient to download jazz and CSS men. If I knew any unnecessary comments and the elements are white spaces from your flash, this simple but effective method can speed up your sights low time. If you feel you are not comfortable to deal with coding, it doesn't matter because there are tons off free online news and can help you with this task. Grab the CSS and Js files and drop it into the dudes like CSS Mini Fire. RJ is compressed for a jealous trip. Flushed our instrument far manually, removing the spaces You can save your time and effort by using auto optimized. Plug it. This health a little Blufgan will not only the move all the unwanted white spaces in your according but also combined the related CS is and Js files into one file and thereby reducing its size and loading time. Let's go to plug in section and click on air new and type in order optimize and this is the one we want. Activate it. Let's go to setting section now and take on this short van settings and the hedge team of Options area. Click on optimized Hasty McCord and keep his Shima comments optimized. JavaScript Court and the second option forced Gela script and head can actually break some off your courting, so let's not click on it. We don't want that. Let's click on this also, I agree. Get in line JavaScript. And in the CSS options area, you can optimize C s a score and in line all seizes and Syrian options. I think you can leave it blank because we have Cloudflare. That's a save changes. 11. Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks: from those war unacquainted ping backs and track backs help in communicating between Web sites on art especially very useful of waters. What dress is designed to interact with other blocks that supporting backs and track backs by default? My turning it off, you can reduce the excessive Lord, which are excited seeds. Every time a long mentions your side, they are actually affecting its back legs. This way, you can consistently maintain the traffic and speed off your WordPress inside to disable them. Go to settings and discussion. Let me show you on stream how this is gonna let's see how to disable being backs and track backs. As you can see him on the dashboard, go to settings and discussion. As you can see, the second option is allowed link notifications from other blocks being backs and try backs on new articles. Just uncheck this box and save changes. That's it. You dig in one more action to speed up your website 12. Plugin Usage and profiler: as it is commonly said, do many off Anything is back. The same can be said in case off would for US plug ins on yard website. While they certainly work wonders in improving the overall performance and practicality off the website too many flag it's also cost reduction in its speed and in many cases, even constitute crash. For this reason, it's extremely important that you prioritize your black and usage. Discard the ones that are not useful and Onley stick around with the ones that are absolutely necessary. In fact, you can use a special Blufgan called Vetri Performance provider. Bye godaddy dot com, which analyzes all the blackens on your upside, measures their performance and tells you reach plugging may be affecting your sides lowering time. It's also essential that you regularly update all your wagons, not of the keep your upside up and running in an efficient manner. So go to plug in section and add new and type in Petri. Now we go. This is a black India install. As you can see, it is untested the division of the WordPress, but it doesn't matter. This works just fine with my upside, so he should not have any problems. So install now activated. Go to the Blufgan area and pris ons can no stops. Can autos can. This scanner will in fact, analyze a speed and resource usage of all active London's on your website. Now press argue results. The report is given in the form of a pie chart. As you can see, that are 10 active plug ins on the swept side and work friends. Security is taking up maximum runtime. Are these Dent luggage? But it's a very important blogging, so we just want to keep it. And if you go ahead and install any other heavyweight plug in that will occupy the maximum space in this chart and vour friend, security will become a smaller occupant. And as you can see, the WordPress s euro plug in by Yost is occupying the next bigger space by runtime. And this chart gives a visual representation off which blocking is taking up maximum runtime while loading your website. And we need these to plug ins because these are very important. So there is no question off the saving those But this chart are this plug in Petri performance Profiler will give a fair idea whether a plug in has to be retained or can be discarded, depending upon the importance of that, Blufgan railed against the load time. 13. Wordpress Security: Hi, folks. I'm at the back end up my training folk dot com website. Now in this video, I'm going to show you how to install and conficker of what press security. Blufgan. We all know that it's very important that we need to protect our websites from mullah bears and other white asses, and this free plug in can do a fantastic job of protecting your website. So let's training may go to plug in section and stall it. There we go. This is a plug in there on install. As you can see, it's a very popular Blufgan with more than one million installs with 3000 plus five star rating. Let's go ahead and install it. Let me click on Activate. That's it. The bloodiness install. Let me go toe the dashboard. As you can see, the firewall that's canoes, cans and some of the busy features are already enabled, and some features are available only for premium members. But it doesn't matter. All we need are those basic security features, then protect our website from malware attacks, so that's already enabled and we are fine with it.