Complete WordPress SEO 2018 course, Part 10 of 10 - Mobile SEO

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Coach and Trainer

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    • Mobile SEO skillshare


About This Class

About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

This is Part 10 of my Complete WordPress SEO 2018 course

In this class, Learn how to optimize a website for mobile phones.





Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Coach and Trainer

Hello, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Trainer, Growth Hacker and an Online Marketer. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 

I plan to create several marketing courses over the course of the next one year.

I will be honored if I see you as my student. 

Eventually, my students' success is my success.

So you can rest assured I'll work my ass off to make sure my courses are of top quality so that we grow and s...

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