Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 5 of 5, Offers within the Sales Copy | Sivakumar Kannan | Skillshare

Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 5 of 5, Offers within the Sales Copy

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 5 of 5, Offers within the Sales Copy

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Offers Improves response and Reduce risk

    • 2. Offers that drastically reduce risk

    • 3. Offers that reduce the price

    • 4. Offers that increase urgency

    • 5. Offers with services

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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

In this class, I reveal some great offers used within the content / copy by successful businesses to sell their products.

Use one or more of them to improve conversions.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Offers Improves response and Reduce risk: Hey, you! Welcome back. Now let's talk about providing great offers that are irresistible, and the offers are really compelling. The chances off leads, opting it as much higher you're offers. Go along with a copy. Let me show you some of the mouthwatering offers you can provide to improve conditions. Free trial may be the best ever offer devised. People can try our your product for free and without any obligation for 10 days. 15 days are 30 days are even more the time frame. Should Fred the product This offer Jim mules risk for the prospect and overcomes procrastination. Money back guarantee is perhaps this second best offer. Ah, customer pays up friend, but if dissatisfied, can return the item for a full refund. Like the free trial. This offer removes risk, but it allows you to use customer inertia to your benefit, since only a small percentage of people will take the trouble to return something. When you offer a freebie that your customer wants, your offer will usually out perform a discount offer off similar value. That's because ah gift is a more tangible benefit, and offer with a time limit, gets Morris punch than an offer without one, especially when you give a specific deadline. This forces a decision. The faster you can get a decision, the more likely it will be in your favor. You ask your prospect or respond positively on negatively by chicken. A yes box are no box. For example. This offer creates involvement and usually puts more response than an offer that doesn't offer a note. Apply and negative option is generally used with a free trial. You allow your prospect to try your product for free and then automatically ship and bill unless the prospect specifically refuses the offer within a certain time. Free. This often results in higher dirge and a few more irate phone calls, but puts better up friend and can produce higher overall seats. Credit card instalment payments are great. Nothing is easier than paying with plastic over time. These days, there's no reason not to accept payment this way. Whether by phone mail, fax are the Internet sweepstakes can dramatically increase your order volume? Just remember that running a sweepstakes can be a pain and sweepstakes. Customers are seldom Lyle unless many people find that once they start using sweepstakes, it's hard to go back. The more traditional offers 2. Offers that drastically reduce risk: you can simply double your money back guarantee. Most people never make return, are asked for their money back, even when unhappy. So this is a simple later dramatized. Both your offer and your guarantee for low priced items provide a long term guarantee. This is another way to dramatize your offer and guarantee. Instead of a 30 our 60 day guarantee, you offer a one year, multi year or lifetime guarantee if you can reasonably expect your product the last. This puts inertia and forgetfulness on your side because few people will dig advantage off our even. Remember your guarantee. Let Ron for white a guaranteed by back. This is just another way of offering a standard money back guarantee. You offer to buy back the item if your customer is not satisfied from what I got. Indeed, acceptance. If people usually go through an application process to use your product, are access your service Are Jonah Club, for example, you can give them a guarantee to accept. This works best with something that appears really hard to obtain a limited time introductory offer. Let's prospects to try something with little costs are risk before making a greater commitment tried for three months for just one daughter. You must track results, though, and be sure your sales conversions justify that lower price. 3. Offers that reduce the price: no matter what you're selling, eventually it all comes down to price. Saving money can be a good motivator, especially when you are operating in a competitive environment. Take a look at these offers that play with the price you offer a coupon with a dollar value that may be redeemed were a purchase. This is called a coupon sale. Quite normal insights like you know me. The other method is you simply show the original price like this. Cross it out and offer a lower price. But please, just carefully, because a free gift off equal value also works better. To encourage prospect of customers to try your products, our services, you offer a first purchase discount. This may also be redeemed with a coupon. A rebate offer works like you offer a delayed this camp. This in courageous a porridge is first. After the witches, you send a coupon, which can be redeemed for dollars back. Something like this. This is quite normal to sell big during seasons like Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan and so on. There's an end of season sale as well, which usually attracts people with large discounts. A reason why I say it is similar to seasonal sale, but it gives explanation for lowering the price, such as inventory introduction, Going out of business are overstocked and so on. This allows people to try something at a reduced cost for a sharp period of time. You can use this to get new customers, though it may an eye loyal customers who might feel they must get the best price. This is the opposite off introductory price. In this example, existing customers get a reduction in the interest rate by 0.25 cent compact to new customers who pay a regular interest rate. The goal here is to Rivard. Existing and loyal customers target certain markets. You can offer a special discount exclusive to a type of profession industry club Antoine, for example. In this case, Six Flags offers, say Group is gone for a group off 15 to 99 people, a minimum quantity. This gone are something like this, or it may be the larger the order, the better the deal. If your customer orders larger quantity, you provide higher discount. If the product is a consumable item, it may be framed differently, like you purchase from us for the next two years. and pay only $20 per unit. Are you punches from us for the next one year and you pay, say, $22 per unit and so on. This resembles that quantity discard, but it usually is based on incremental daughter. Among, for example, a 3% discount for orders over $1000 off 5% is going for orders over $2500 so on. This encourages s'more and faster artists. This means the earlier your book, the better discounts you get quite common in and land companies in some Hotez. Make sure the discount is a real discount. If you compete on price, you offer to match any of your competitors. Price. The idea is to assure prospects that your offers are as low as your competitors are. A clear message to prospect that we don't want to miss you. You offer dollars off when a customer trades in our exchanges. A previous model on a wash in for a new one. The trading can be your own brand or a competitors grand. Take a look at this Apple iPhone trading offer 4. Offers that increase urgency: a message that say's last chance. This is usually a reminder that you've previously made an offer and time is running out. If you say last chance just mean it. Make it the rial. Last Chance for Yar Prospect of Customers Living Edition offers This works well for art blades, coins, special book printings and other collectables are writers, but I can see other types of services and products, including automotive companies. Uses effectively. Take a look. The item is special in some way, and there are Onley. X numbers available are there is a time limit. Think set and drilling. Peter. You establish a window of opportunity. Then people may and draw for learning courses are business services and so on provide a prepublication offer. This is a popular offer used by publishers, especially far expensive reference works. You tell people that you need to a bland ahead, so you offer a special deal. Reserve copies readers are guaranteed to get a copy and save. Usually 10% are 15% off What others will bay provide a price increase announcement. If prices are going up, you can announce it ahead of time so people can take advantage off the old prices one last time, our stock up. This is also called a reverse disk on prising, providing a charter membership. You offer a prospect that chance to be one of the first to subscribe to a publication are joined. A Club Arden organization, a special introductory price give our other incentives is usually included. 5. Offers with services: there are ways to add a little extra convenience. Do your offer. Free shipping is kind of the one of the most popular offers on the Internet. People are used to being extra far shipping and consider it as a necessary evil. But you can offer it for free as an unexpected on inexpensive incentive. A customer sends you a gift list and you send that gives directly toe everyone on the list for free offer and nominal charge. This offers your customer convenience and offers you lots of simultaneous orders you promised to ship an item overnight are within a shot appeared of time than normal shipping . As with Gibbs Shipping, you can offer this for free are for a small additional charge to cover the extra cost off courier services like FedEx, UPS or any other service.