Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 4 of 5, Business and eCommerce Content | Sivakumar Kannan | Skillshare

Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 4 of 5, Business and eCommerce Content

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 4 of 5, Business and eCommerce Content

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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4 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Product Page Copy

    • 2. Category Page Copy

    • 3. Why unique product page copy matters and Best Practices

    • 4. Examples of Category and product pages

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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

In this class, you'll learn how to write content/copy for an eCommerce website.

In specific, you'll learn how to write content on a category page and a product page with several examples.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Product Page Copy: Hey, welcome back. Your product pages are usually at the bottom of the structure, so people reach this page after two are three clicks, many a times. These are also the exit point for many visitors, so they have to be engaged here and be convinced that the product is worth by to make it happen. Your copy has to be benefit, reach and easy to read and understand in my side. My course page is the product H as usual. Let me jump straight in the right. A copy for one of my course pages. This will give you the first hand experience off writing a copy on a product page. Let's get started. I have a course on S E O. R. Sessions and optimization. Now I wanna promote that course using my website. I need a copy to effectively promoted most of the copy I see on the Web. Like, for example, the ones I see on Amazon are just copied from manufacturer's website. But this is not the right strategy. The right approach is to write a unique copy for each of the product page. This need not be a long form post the product page copy can be a 700 to 800 words copy that mainly talks about the benefits and features off the product. So let me go ahead and write it. In the end, I show you the techniques I applied to make it a copy that sells. I'm done with a copy, not let me show you some of that good practices I've adopted. First of all, the copies unique. It's not just copy from you know me. The product description is in sharp sentences, so easy to read. Take a look. I have covered both benefits and features. See here the topics covered section is fun to read. That's in a friendly, conversational tone. See here I've included the benefits and strong points off the course everywhere. See here I've included a few interesting metaphors and easy to understand. Proverbs to make the reading fund take a look include a lot of savage. Each paragraph is with just 3 to 4 lines of text. Max. See here Each sentence is sharp and easy to read. Take a look. After writing all the topics covered, I've included a few reviews from students in the fall of pictures have included my culture action buttons in three different places. One of the top The 2nd 1 is in the middle and the 3rd 1 is at the bottom. How? Proofread the content and optimize our boat re liberty and s you take a look. 2. Category Page Copy: I find many companies don't write anything on category piece, but this is not good for you, a continent that convinces people to buy products from that category with improved conversions a lot. But there is one major issue. Companies phase in putting content on a category beach. If they put the content of bother fold, the products listed on that page will go below the food. This will severely affect their conditions. The other option would be to put the copy below. The four and list of all your products are bother ful, but that looks a bit art and may not make sense. The third alternative would be to make the category page a full written page d wide, the page in tow half and put the list of products on the left side and the copy on the right side. I believe this will what? Well, but from my end, my team doesn't allow me to do this. I need to check with my team creator If it's really possible for me to implement this, if it's not possible, I need to change the team so that I can put a decent size copy on my category Beach. But that doesn't stop me from creating a copy for my category Beach. I have just one. The one category that is digital marketing courses. If I would write a copy on that category page, I would write like this. I'm done with a copy for the sake of your benefit. I want to read this aloud to you. Here we go. Danny and Joseph are proud owners off a website. Each they sell health supplements on their sides. We a drop shipping arrangement. The sites are similar in many respects and compete with each other in that niche. Both Danny in Jos have excellent products to sell. They have lister their products well on the website. Mother is a star difference between two of cites. Danny applied digital marketing techniques and optimized this website for search engines, social media and he successfully runs. If you edge on Google and Facebook, the Sellers products. He learned all this by investing his time in learning via video courses. Then he implements what he learned from the experts. He's a constant learner. This means he's strong in the fundamentals of online marketing. Being an online entrepreneur, he understands the importance off digital marketing. He writes high quality copy and awesome block coasts and optimize all of his content with highly targeted relevant Key, which he conducts regular competitive research and takes advantage of his competitors. Strategies reaches out industry experts and managed to get back wings from their websites, optimized the site well, so his website loads really fast, made a site responsive. So has visitors can easily access his sight on any device. Optimizes Google AdWords ads for quality score and hence in jars, much lower CBC and so on. All in all, he does everything right. He deceives highly targeted organic traffic to his site. In addition to that, his paid ads are doing really well. Because of all this, his business is doing well. The growth is impressive. He recently started making full time income from his website. He has quit his day job and spends a lot of quality time with his family. He's learned and applied business automation techniques for his online business, so it runs on autopilot. Now he's also planning a world tour with his family to camp at Tropic of Beaches and National Parks. The job of maintaining his sight is in the hands of a virtual assistant from a freelancer website at a cheap cost. Anyways, Danny has hired and used her services several times before while building the website, so he's comfortable working with her. On the other hand, Joseph is not a constant learner and he doesn't believe in online marketing our issue. He's stuck with this traditional marketing approaches. His neither published contact. NAR optimized it for issue, he thinks as he was dead because he read about it somewhere. He tried paid ads a few times but failed. Now he's resigned to the fact that they don't work at all. His traditional marketing efforts are not enough to bring it regular traffic to his website . There's no wonder he receives very small amount of revenue from its website. Once a while, this is just not enough to meet his website maintenance on other expenses. Now he's thinking of selling his website, and there are no buyers for the prices quarter. He keeps his fingers crossed, hoping to see someone coming to buy his sight. Now can you see the difference between the two site owners? The story of Danny and Joseph is difficult off many entrepreneurs from all over the world. Digital marketing is an approach that can make up break your business. Sometimes that could be the only difference that makes all the difference. Not sure how it works. Go ahead and learn Bill marketing courses tarred by experts on the speech. They take you by the hands to buy, step and explain the concepts and implement them on your site. They cover everything you need to know to optimize your site. So go ahead and grab the courses with no second thoughts, you'll soon make your website a really money making machine. That's it. That's my copy. Now let's see how I created this copy and what's so special about it. I'm sure this copy will sell because of its special features. Here they are. It clearly communicates the benefits off my products, which are digital marketing courses to the website visitors. I've designed the copy in the form of a story. So it's interesting to read. I've applied s CEO on the copy by making the tighty and content s your friendly. The story in many ways can be related to the real life off many of the online entrepreneurs . First of all, I introduced to characters into the story. One of them is Danny. Any dust, everything right with this carton as well as in the marketing front, he updates himself regularly and implements digital marketing tactics on this site. For him, digital marketing is a savior. It's the hero of the story. He reads the benefits for his efforts. The other oneness Joseph. And he's skeptical about digital marketing, not very open minded, and so he faces difficult situations. If you noticed, I've shown using digital marketing can give tremendous amount off pleasure to someone who uses it and of the same dive. It can give the same amount of being to someone who doesn't use it again. It can be related to many riel life events, so the story is a mere representation off realistic things that happen in the world. In the end, I offer my products, which are the marketing courses they can bring in the same amount of pleasure in the lives off my website visitors. So, with a call to action button, I asked my visitors that by the courses now it's your gun. You may use the same model and start writing your category page coffee for your products, create a realistic story and make your products the hero of the story. In fact, your products should bring in lot off pleasure to your customers and alleviate their pain and take it from me. As long as a copy is benefit rich and sounds realistic, it converts well. 3. Why unique product page copy matters and Best Practices: product page design has improved in the past few years, but sales copy is still a neglected area. A common mistake is to simply plays the manufacturer's product descriptions on pages. This approach is easier, but a more personal touch and unique Don't of Wise can help your product pages stand out and really sell the benefits of products. Many of your competitors are using the same manufacturer's product descriptions. Use your own copy to stand out in the search results pages, since your descriptions will be unique. Customized product descriptions also allow you to provide more text and key watch for search engine string decks. Product descriptions should be unique to Dr Website. Customers would appreciate that the page has Bean written specifically for this product, and the customer reading the description can get the sense that the copywriter knows the product well and has used it then. This makes copy more. Transporting off course. Retailers want to make sure the doctor keywords are in the product descriptions for the search engines. But if it becomes too obvious to the visitor, it's a really turn off. Ah, good copywriter should be ableto get the doggy watch in without over doing it. Product sales copy should be easily readable. Customers don't need huge paragraphs of text as this makes information hard to scan on digest. Use of sharp paragraphs, board text, bullet points, images and so on can help to make copy more visually appealing. Our friendly and a nature dawn of wise is important on the copy. Some product. They just have to convey a lot of technical information about products such as tech specifications for laptops. By putting this information into a table, you can make it easier for our customers to read Good sales Copy needs to be persuasive and should convey the benefits off products what it will do for them, how it will improve the customers life and won. The higher the price, the harder you have to work on the product page copy. If you're selling packs off pens are printer paper than a basic description. Other products should be sufficient. But if you are selling big ticket items in, the copywriter will need to work really harder if it's a luxury item than the sales copy should reflect that 4. Examples of Category and product pages: but it comes to e commerce and business websites that are many best practices you can follow, but I have not seen all of them followed by a single website. So the best way to learn is to see a bunch of these websites and how they follow them. Let's get started. I'm gonna show you four different examples. All four of them are best in class. When it comes to category and product peas carefully watch how these companies have crafted their pages. The 1st 1 is Red Letter days dot co dot UK. I love the way the site create a contract. It's all about food, travel, adventure and gift ideas. Home page List out all the categories with a job don menu. If you go down a little bit, you can see them listing out samples of their products with eye catching pictures in irresistible suggestions, Then a secondary call to action below the fall if visitors strolled down to the bottom without clicking any of the above. Now let me go to the top again. With the job down menu, I can directly choose a subcategory. Take a look. Each of the subcategory page has a description about that, subcategory in about 250 to 300 words, and at the top, the benefits and features are shown prominently with small visuals. Some products are with bags like discounts, bestseller, New and the like. If I click on a product, the product page starts with a brick trump at the top, then a tighty. He may just and detailed description with key information, then location information here, an awesome videos for the viewers to see themselves and feel how it will be like that they are up in the air on the right side. Reference scored location, prize and called to action Bugger. Below that, some of the benefits and features then below that more suggestions from people also dude area. Then at the bottom, an opt in farm is placed. This website. It's a cool place to hang out the useful content. Jp demand dot com It's another cool example for a copy lighting. They tell an interesting story in every product beach, their home pages having category links with images. They have a sweepstakes offer. Again, offers are part of content writing. Keep watching. I'll cover many such mouthwatering offers in a separate section. No, I go back to the top. If I click on one of the categories, it takes me to the list of various products in this gaze. Men's products. If I click on one of the products, it takes me to the product beach that you go. The product pages are really interesting Product images on the left side, product specification with call to action and a story on the right, then recently, of your items. The story. Linus. Interesting and good to Marlon. Now let's take a look at another product Beach. See here This is psychology. The site compares the product pricing but some higher price products so that the pricing of this product looks small. This is another effective copulating technique. Now let's take a look at apple dot com from their home page category. Pages can be accessed. Here, let me click on Apple Watch. Ah, big image with splashing water at the top welcomes us that are titles with call interactions for every image. There are many types of watches, buzzwords and slogans like these. There's an apple watch for everyone, bands to match or every more perfect bad ing's when you go back to the top. Now I'm clicking on this. Learn more again, a big image of the top carefully did and description in a small paragraph. This page shows all the benefits off this particular apple. What sees product images are big and very clear. All in all, this page is benefit driven. Let me go back and click on by. This takes me to a subcategory page. If I click on a watch that takes me to the product beach, I can see the image of the watch with view, gallery hyperlink and specifications than list of features and dimensions than images are once in the box and a fake you section Also, then, finally, a link back to the category. Peach You can see Apple uses lot of white space, but being small paragraphs and images, high resolution, attractive images, several cost reactions throughout the page. All in all, Apple pages are pretty good ones to model on best made co dot com, they're featured products on the home page. If you click on the shop now, you can reach the category in product pages. Let me click on this feature product image. Now. If I hover over the image. I get to see the product idea and the price that you go. I'm on the product. Page Best Made has excellent product descriptions for every product. They're carefully written on our very descriptive. If you click on this, discover more. You'll see the full copy. It's carefully written by professional copywriters with classy power words in style. In fact, I've seen in some of the A pages they've included exciting bus words and phrases like Built to last. And nothing makes for a more perfect gift than this box of possibilities and Shawan. In fact, these kind of words gets the readers excited about the product. These descriptions are written with their target market in mind, but are also very simple enough for everyone to understand. Then specifications. Materials as audit gin. How to care. Answer one. Then a picture off a man riding the product, then the price with clear call to action. A clear culture action serves one purpose. Getting your potential customers to the check out more quickly. It should be instantly visible on the product page on this May, the actor card button appears just under the product's price, and it's counter to grab our attention. Then related items are shown below. It's really clear. Best Made has invested a lot of time and effort into capturing their products. In a specific aesthetic. The product shots are nothing shot of amazing, and as a visitor you're drawn into the page because of it. Because images are such high resolution, potential customers are able to really see the amount of detail that goes into each product . They also show images to showcase higher detail shots off the product and, of course, notes like these.