Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 3 of 5, Writing Blog Posts | Sivakumar Kannan | Skillshare

Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 3 of 5, Writing Blog Posts

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2021 - Part 3 of 5, Writing Blog Posts

Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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5 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction Writing Blog posts

    • 2. Content Calendar

    • 3. Writing a blog post Step by step

    • 4. Best Practices Part 1

    • 5. Best Practices Part 2

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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

In this class, I cover things like

different types of blog posts you can write,

how to plan blog post writing,

how to write a blog post step by step etc..

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Introduction Writing Blog posts: Hey, welcome back. Blogging is about writing interesting, an actionable content pieces on a regular basis that is beneficial to your audience. He has great marketing potential because it's interesting, beneficial and actionable. So visitors subscribe and keep coming back to your blog's to ride block posts on a regular basis. You need tons of ideas. That's right. Block post ideas related. A yarn. Ege. So go hair in used tools like Ever Know and cello. No down ideas. How we get ideas. Gordo cora dot com Such far your industry related key watch. See what people are asking far See which questions are upward in popular? No, no other question and right block posts on that. The other option is I go to Google, search for a keyword, see the top results no down the ideas, Then write a better content than the one on the top. Now I have shown some rays to find topic ideas. Now let's see, what are the different types of block posts you can write to tell you the fact that our tons of types, like shows them by step the process off something that you create list of the hacks that help solve a specific problem. Show how to make income in your niche. Make an expert round a post with 50 plus bloggers in your niche. Include your opinions also into it, make a list of helpful freebies and create opposed with links. You like these ideas? I have 50 off. Check out the resource page for a document that list out all the 50th. Um, choose one of these Rays and stock riding now. I don't want to keep aiming the target for several lovers on days and finally shoot and miss. I believe in the strategy off Ready Fire any. So let's jump straight toe planning first and start writing a block post. Next, I'm gonna show you how I do it. Step by step on the way I can tell you the tools, tips and tricks I used to create a block post. After I'm done with the writing, I'll explain how my block post stand out from the show. Now let's go ahead and start the planning work 2. Content Calendar: Hey, welcome back on the planning part. I would create a content calendar for myself before start writing my block. Blogging. Is that it? Cutting exercise? You have to do it consistently to read the benefits that is to gain organic traffic. Often the greatest challenge off content Creation is not the actual writing itself. It's all the other later tasks, like brainstorming topics targeting the right. Readers are optimizing post from the best key but and const reactions and so on. So you need a planning template of Make It Work. It's called a content calendar. Take a look at how it looks. As you can see from the template, I would plan my content writing well in advance, at least for 30 days in advance. This means before I hit publish for my first article, I would keep a log off articles toe publish for the next one month. Now I may publish only four articles a month are only once a week. This means I'll keep four articles in the pipeline. Many companies publish at least wanted to articles every day. This means they'll keep it least 30 to 60 articles in the pipeline. The most important part here as maintaining consistency. Initially, if you decide to publish only once and 15 days, that's perfectly fine. But make sure you stick to that schedule. The content calendar helps you to do that as you can see from the face of it. It contains columns like Publish date Topic Title, Continetti Days. Due date on the Antoine It's edible so that you can design it according to your needs. I have included the template in the resource section. Feel free to start using it. This content calendar helps to keep your block posts and authors organized. Set your block publishing frequency. Plan out your future block content, track your usage of keywords and cost reactions. Balance your blog's with a variety of topics and four match and ensure all your block posts are written on time and on target, So start using it as we proceed with our lessons. Using a counter is the best way to be consistent and systematic. You learn how to write a block post step by step in my next listen 3. Writing a blog post Step by step: Hey, welcome back. I'm going to write a sample block post for the purpose of this course, I've chosen keyword research as the topic. How did I choose to write on the stopping? Well, my 80 off expertise is digital marketing. I want to write everything that surrounds that topic. And keyword research is just one of him. What is your area of expertise? What is the first thing your customers must do in order to gain benefits in your area of expertise? Start from there s e o que. A research is an important component off my area. And I advise all my students not to start their eso without proper keyword research. So I decided to teach my students how to conduct proper keyword research with this post. Now, how can you be a creative writer? No one is born into this world with all the knowledge. It all comes from continuous learning and improvement. To write about anything, you must first learn about it. I mean, learn a lot about it. If you are already an expert, probably writing is easier for you. All you have to focus on is to bring out your knowledge in a methodical way using suitable words. But if you are a newbie, I would say this to you to write a 2000 word article, you must read it these 10 times MAWR Information on that topic. No. Why 2000 word article researchers already shown long form articles perform really well on the Web. Take a look at this research result from certain like you. The top results and search engines are occupied by 2000 plus worded articles. So to write a 2000 word article, you must read at least 50,000 words on the topic. Then you'll distill it to 2000 words off Super Powerful card. You may go toe Amazon to buy a book on the topic and read it to gain the knowledge. But I would prefer block posts and videos, the advantages that you gained the perspective off many experts. So I would go to Google, type in a few key words, find the top articles on the topic and save them for reading. I would go to bust some or dot com type in a keyword, find the articles that are most shared and save them for reading. I would go. You do type in the keywords, find videos on the topic and save them for watching. Once I have enough amount of material for reading, I set aside time to read the posts in a quiet place while reading I know down the important point. I use a word document to do it. Here's how I do it now Just make sure that you know down the points in such a way when you read it again, you understand what it is now. You might notice that I may have noted the same point on many occasions as I read the same topic and many blocks, but it doesn't matter. Just know down the points later on, we'll remove the duplicates. Once you have finished reading the articles and taking notes, give a gap of a few hours. Take a nap. During this time, your brain will assimilate the content you read. After this time period, revisit the notes again. This time, your objective is to create an outline for your block post. Come up with a headline and sub hitch. Your headline is a super important part of your blood post. There is a court from David Ogle e the father of advertising. That's a Z on the average, five times as many people read the headline as Read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents are off your dollar. So come up with 10 creative headline ideas. Used tools like Course Schedule, Headline Analyzer and so Mommy's headline formulas to craft magnetic headlines. Then choose the best of those 10. But I would keep it open to change it until I complete the post in full. So it's only a draft headline until I complete the post. Here's my headline. My sub it's are based on the notes I've taken. I go through the notes twice, are tries and understand the important point. Then I create unique savage from those important points. Here's what they looked like. Now I have my outline ready. I had started writing the details under each of the savage and important wise while writing , don't worry about the editors omissions, etcetera. We handle all of them later. Focus only on the writing that we go. I'm done with the core content. The next step is to edit and prove free the content I would copy the content Goto Hemingway app and based in the same. It's an AB that makes your content easy to read. It's a very handy tool in my arsenal. I just follow the instructions on the dual and ended their conduct. I can work passing. Why sentences into active Y sentences as much as possible? I use simple watch. I break down the longer sentences into sharper and easier to read ones, and that's it. The next step is to proof, read and remove enters, if any. I go to DRAM early and based in the content. This is a freemium dual and provide suggestions for improvement. I grabbed the editors. The other option is Ginger. It's another Freemium tool for proof reading purposes Copy pays the content into the stool and started correcting the editors. Now the next step is to add a few images. As you may know, a picture is worth thousands of watch for every 300 words. I include a picture I have warned, using cheesy stock images Instead, I would use screenshots drafts with some useful statistics are infographics. If I want an infographic, I can goto Kanwar dot com and create an infographic in a jiffy. The other option is to search the Web and curated relevant infographics content. You can also outsource the creation of infographics the experts in upward dot com. So I have My image is ready. It's time now to include them in my content. Here you go to my WordPress dashboard, open a new posed copy and paste the content endured, headed dags include images and finally optimize it for Seo. There we go. I have my article ready for publishing. Let me hit. Publish right now to make it go public. Usually search engine indexing. Take some time. Let's not rate for that. Basically, to a wide are content being copied by others. Immediately after publishing opposed, I go to Google search console and ran search and render. This will ensure surgeons French that newly published page quickly and index it in my next post. Let me show you how my post stands out from the crowd 4. Best Practices Part 1: Hey, welcome back. My content targets are very specific audience. To make it visual, I have created a buyer persona. My main docket audience is entrepreneurs and marketing students. These fictional characters represent my audience and customers, and I increase you to do the same in your business. I've given a detailed template you can use to create personas for your business. It's in the resource section off this lecture. This step is a prime importance, so never skip it. A lot of companies will say, Oh, I already know my customers and their needs So I don't want to create a persona Well, unless otherwise, they speak to their customers, they might just be assuming. Don't give room for guesswork. Just do it. If you already know your customers, pick up the phone and talk to them. Our conduct is survey. Understand who they are, what exactly their needs and concerns are. My template includes a list of questions you can ask our Sylvia them. Use it as a starting point. If you have a variety of customers like Dean's Mylan Yield, etcetera, think up samples from each group and speak to them. Follow them on social media and see what they like. Tweet and Retweet. Once you follow and speak to a few samples from each group, you get to see the trend in their likes and dislikes again. This is based on real data, not based on assumptions. Based on this, create a semi fictional character of that group and call it by a name. Let's say you're in B two b segment. In your customers are entrepreneurs. You can call your semi fictional character as entrepreneur Emily. You would create who she is, covering her full name. Her company named her position size of the company, her education, her age, number of kids and their names, etcetera. Then you'll have a list off her goals and challenges she faces in. The visitors come up with as many goals and challenges as they have now. Why did you don't have enough amount of existing customers? Go to your competitors website and pull out their customer data, go to common section off their upside to see their of site link. Then you can analyze their upside to get better inside. Then you can't write your content, focusing on giving solutions to your audience. Well, this bulls delivers a clear point. It gives my readers something memorable to latch onto. I believe that's the purpose of this post. They're more compelled to shattered common tonic and engage with it. And article with a point is an article that accomplishes a mission. So it's a powerful piece of contact. Let me expand on the word of purpose with another notable idea. Go back and read the final part of the CME I definition off contact. It includes the purpose off contra marketing as driving profitable customer action you and simplify the idea. The just sell, you might say. Well, some written content aims to entertain instead of cell. Also, you can argue cartoon marketing is most effective when it a white Hart said. But don't lose sight of the ultimate price. If you are creating content in the interest of marketing, it should evoke action. Otherwise, you wouldn't be doing it for long. Not what is my post selling Well. It's asking you to share the content. It's encouraging you to come up with your comments. It's increasing you to take action and spend time on my website, which is good for my traffic and S e O. And eventually when I get to repeat visitors. They didn't go to my product pages and sales pages they made by some of my products, which is the ultimate purpose off my contract. This written content addresses readers pain. What is the pain finding Cuba Research Heart Not knowing that to start and that end not knowing which techniques to apply to make it work, The Post helps bring them pleasurable feelings by making cure research easier. It enhances their life at work at play are in some way to pull it off consistently. It develops empathy for the reader. You have to relate the readers to be relevant. Very. You find words that relate inside this post. Here you are. That's how you relate to your readers while writing actionable content. You do this, you write for specific audience. Explain to them clearly what they walk away with it. Then you walk the talk. Your content addresses their specific needs. It aligns with your marketing goal. You clearly communicate What? Why? How parts of the content? This means you tell them what you're talking about, why it is important for them and how to get that done step by step. All the way through the end, not just in brief busts. You get them involved in the how do part use visual content, explained your parch you statistics with sources. This lends credibility to your contact and provide examples to explain abstract concepts. If you don't have time to create such a detailed content with examples and images, curing the content and provide links to content that all very does it somewhere else on the Web, this boss provides education to my readers. Why did entertains by including visuals? I've included metaphors and examples to make the reading interesting. The Post will be teaching them a skill and an interesting way. Nelson Mandela once said. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. Education has changed the marketing world do. How do content and tutorials are a great way to educate people? They take the readers step by step to educate them, but lots of times content feels it's because there's no entertainment value in it. Include case studies and story dealing the make it entertaining multimedia constantly videos, infographics images at such, I can also entertain your readers. Humor is another great way to entertain your audience, so make sure you're blocked pores, bold, entertains and educate people. The content must move. The readers don't make the mistake of believing your readers rely on the rational to make decisions. It's what they feel that drive their decisions. What effective written content is purposeful, relevant and educational? It can become great when it trips that readers emotional triggers. So stop one of the emotions like love, greed, fear, honor, etcetera. It may be a positive, are negative emotion. Here we go with one. Make sure you are called to action is worded accordingly. Let's say you use love as the emotional trigger. Then your CD. A button should say Join us. If you're using fear as the emotional trigger, then your CD. A button should say, Don't miss out. I hope you understand the difference. There is an awful lot of hypothetical information flying around the Web. Content writers shamelessly misinterpret the original content published elsewhere. They re use it as their own, the misuse and Abdou statistics and codes to support their position. So credibility flies out of the window. In this post, I made sure I deliver authentic and reliable information. I made sure the back of the points I make with research faction figures. I cite the original source for each of the points I make here. This will save me from any claims. DMC and Order says it Sentra. The points I have illustrated can be tracked back and substantiated. If I have expressed in opinion, I made it clear that's what it is. An opinion. I always code the source below the information instruments saying this Infographic shows I say Infographic, published by Kiss Metrics shows. So, guys, these are some of the ways to maintain authenticity in your post. I have included my original research and own content in this post included my own examples and pictures. You can use a plagiarism checker to see this. You know Darren Rowse, the guy behind pro blogger, he once said, Perhaps the best lesson that I ever learned as a blogger was that people are drawn to others who speak their mind, who have something you need to say and who say it in a creative and fresh way. Say what everyone else is saying in the same way that everyone else is saying and you're almost guaranteed of being largely ignored. So how did the original. The solution is pretty simple. Conduct your own research in release. There is such It's simpler easier than you think. It need not be a big case ready. Go conduct a simple Google search and report the results going Conducted research using Google trends are analytics and produce results its unique and original. And after all, it's yours. Yes, simply write off. Friends have conversations with them. That's exactly what I have done here. You can see this in several places in this post. So how do you have conversations? You ask questions. What is you Keep it casual. You use the word you a large. You don't over think what you say. So you use casual words like probably a few times. You try to be sensitive, responsive, respectful, nonjudgmental and have fun. You share your dodge your opinions, you crack jokes, good at bat, whatever. It doesn't matter. What matters is to be genuinely interested in your readers well being. So you lighten up. You don't complicate the ship, and that's what I've done it in this post. Your audience has a better retention capacity when they consume visuals into a multimedia visual content to engage your audience videos, images, infographics cartoons and GFC can make your content visual. For a 2000 word article, I have used seven images. This means on average, I've used one image for every 300 watch, by the way, curing your visuals if you cannot create them due to time and budget constraints. Not sure what curation is, it's reporting. Faction figures are very reported by other authoritative websites in your industry, with a link back to them, my clearly showing the source. And don't forget to include your own opinions and perspective. Along with that, this post is easy to read. I've used plain and conversational English that even afford greater, can't understand it. Keep the sentences sharp and, to the point, use active wise. The right. Avoid using jargon. How do you test this? Read the post. Allow If you stumble because off a wordy sentence, Consider read. I ting it use having re after tis the readability off your post. It's a simple app, but it's one of the powerful are sinners in my kid. They're online version is absolutely free. The desktop version is available for a throwaway price, By the way, I have absolutely no relationship with this company. I'm not an affiliate or anything. It's just my recommendation. You bought my course. It's my pleasure and duty to help you succeed. That's it. 5. Best Practices Part 2: use a lot of white space between paragraphs. Just fill each paragraph with one to crease. Simple sentences, right? Some off your paragraphs with just one senate. This will make reading easy and fun use number lists, bullet point and images to create a lot of white space. Take a look at these examples. These are fantastic posts that are easy to read and attract tons of visitors. These posts used a lot of white space to make the reading easy and fun. Rep. Additional words can give an impression that you are not a good communicator. For example, take a look at these sentences. This How do s yo Guy provides various actionable tips. This how Tosu right also introduces useful tools to conduct research. Can you notice this award such repetition amid the reputation, if possible, Our use variations are synonyms of the watch post with 2000 plus words are better for you. Search engines consider long form content to be taro guides. Also more long turkey what's unnaturally used in such content. But stay away from elongating the content just for the sake of doing it. Research conducted by certain like you shows us it's a Z. The first page is dominated by content with 2000 plus watch Content with 2400 plus words tops the chart. I know I have already shown this example elsewhere in the scores, but repetition is the mother of skill. It's words repeating important point, such as the importance off long form posts. I have another interesting study from bus fee. Take a look. It shows long form content. Receives more shares in social media and our bond Ling's toe authority websites to provide additional sources off. Expert advice. Ensure that those links open in a new tab so that you don't lose your visitors. This will make sure your audience will know that you know your stuff. It'll also help bring the audience back and continue reading the content from very left off to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes proof. Read the content. This is very important of published, high quality content. You may have noted I used tools like Graham Early and ginger. To do this while creating opposed, you may just do the same, but sometimes this may not be sufficient, especially when your content is highly technical in nature and that those conditions. You hired a virtual assistant in upward dot com to do the manual proof reading. This content is in such a way, it is easy to browse and read. Many contractors blatantly failed this test. Many do so unknowingly by not recognising the online reading experience. It differs from reading words on a paper on paper that is in books, newspapers, magazines. Readers are prone to tolerate pages densely populated with a copy, but online they don't. They just came through the content, so your content must be designed to meet the beach. This is a must in the online world. So, as s earlier right shorter passages use more white space and increase line breaks. Use ample visual cues, add images and captions, said Key points apart to break the monotony, includes suburbs generously and create lists within the post. So these are some of the tipster, right? Great, easy to read. Rosabal contact. Every post needs a call to action. The reader is ready to respond and engage. What do you want them to do? Whether it's subscribing to a newsletter sharing on social media visiting another page, don't noting an e book are purchasing a product or service. You need to have a contract shin for each article every time. Tell your readers were to go tell them why and how to get there. Try to exercise some influence in powers of persuasion. This will have to increase conversions if you're written. Content is great. Readers will want to shatter it, and that's great. Having your content shared might even be the ultimate indication of its greatness. Don't make it difficult for your readers to do you the favor of shadowing display shared bars that are easy to find and use feed readers and suggestions and shotguns for shouting your content. Decorate your content with multimedia. People are prone to share images, codes. Infographics GFC Our videos Don't be shy toe. Ask for shares and shadow your appreciation when you get them. The best way to find new readers or a long haul is to earn a spot on the first page of the such You have to optimize your written content for search engines. It's not as complex are scary as it sounds. You need to understand. S CEO understand cured research and semantic such apply on page optimization tactics, right magnetic titles and informative meta descriptions for search engines. Build back Ling's from your industrial later authority sites, understand the most important ranking factors and implement them. Of course, it takes time to rank for certain key watch even in a highly competitive industry. Just follow the best practices inviting content and Ezio, you'll hit the top page. If you do this consistently, you have a high probability to achieve this Max in that year on to If you want a deep dive into S e o, check out my other course dedicated for the stopping. Now let me walk you through how I optimize this pose for S u I have your Stasio plug in installed on my WORDPRESS website. If you have Europe site on some of their platform apart from WordPress, it doesn't matter. All you need to understand here is a few concepts and best practices and implement them on your site. So I go to the polls that needs optimization. I go to the bottom of the post and find Yost ASIO plug in area here. I'll optimize oppose for readability and s u readability will be usually good because we have already used Hemingway app improve it. If yours Provide some suggestions. Like transition words. Flesh reading test A subheading with 300 words are less a sentence not exceeding 20 words Less than 10% of passive y sentences sensual on Try and implement them as much as possible . If you click here, the suggestions are highlighted. You can go on make necessary corrections and at the end, make sure you have green symbol here on the CEO part Snipper preview is here. This is how my audience will see the results in Google search. I write my ASIO title your a slug our poem A link and meta description Here I keep the post title here. Then I ensure sluggers user friendly separate the words with hyphen. I know that I've used Ah few stop works here. Your Stasio is gonna warn me on that many descriptions should provide the benefits are going to the page and should be attractive enough so that your readers will click on there . Then comes four Kuske work. I enter the keyword I've already used on the title and meta description here. Then comes suggestions from Joost. I implement them all as much as possible. I do the optimization until I see green symbol here. Now I'm done with the Contin optimization. If you want your search results to appear differently in Facebook, you can sit the tighty and description here. For that, I leave it blank. That means it'll appear the same as we sit earlier under the constant opposition when the posters shared on Facebook for Twitter. Also, you can said the same here. Then comes advanced functionalities. Most of the times you may not have to do anything here. Ensure that the followed radio button is chosen. Keep this as default. Keep these two rows blank. Canonical euro may be changed. If you believe there is duplicate content and you want to induct only one of him, then you'll give the preferred. You are within the duplicate content page. This is also useful when you want to publish a content both on your site as well as outside the side in some other blogging platform. On that those circumstances, you may publish the same post here within your side and plays the Post Ural from that blogging platform here in this place, then search engines will index on Lee. The Post published in that blogging platform not the one on your site, and at the same time, your viewers can continue to read the post on your site. That's the benefit off this canonical leg, and with that, you optimize opposed. Ensure that that reliability and eso is good before you publish the post.