Complete OBS Setup Guide 2018 for v20.1.1 | Christopher Navarre | Skillshare

Complete OBS Setup Guide 2018 for v20.1.1

Christopher Navarre, Let's Leverage Life in Your Favor

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    • Complete OBS Setup Guide 2018 v20


About This Class

In this video, I will show you just about everything you need to know to record or stream a game or screencast your desktop inside of OBS.

The instructions in the video roughly follow those below.

Steps to Get Setup in OBS for Recording / Streaming 2018
1. Open OBS
2. Add a Scene (Bottom Left)
3. Add Source with the Plus on the Right - Window Capture (Specific Window), Game Capture (Auto Fullscreen App or Specific Window), or Display Capture (Full Desktop) depending on needs
4. Scale source with corners of red border when you click on source in the preview window. You probably want your game or window to be the full width/height with no black.
5. (Optional) Add Video Capture Source for Webcam. Make sure it gets video.
6. (Optional) To filter background - right click the webcam source ►► Filters. Add a Chroma Key filter in effect filters and set it to your background color. Only works if you have a suitable green screen.
7. In the mixer section to the right of sources, select a mic if needed. If enabled, you should see green audio levels even while it's not recording. Reduce desktop sound if you want mic to overpower game volume.
8. (Optional) Reduce background noise ►► click the settings icon for mic/aux input. Choose filters, add a noise suppression filter and move it to the left to reduce background noise.
8. (Optional) Go up to profile and create a new profile if you want custom recording settings for each project.
9. Go to File ►► Options
10. For Streaming. Go to Stream Tab, choose the service you want to stream to. Copy Paste your Stream Key from your twitch / youtube streaming dashboard page.
11. Output Tab - Set your video bitrate to what your computer can handle. Higher bitrate = higher quality but more data. For streamers, test your upload bandwidth with a tool online.
11.b. For streaming it is important that your video bitrate is set to 70-80% of your max upload bitrate as max. It's measured in kbps in OBS. To convert from mbps to kbps multiply by 1000.
11.c. You can set the recording path to wherever you want video outputs to be. Make sure you create the folder manually first. I usually set recording format to mp4 for highest compatibility with editing software.
12. Video Tab - Make sure your output (scaled) resolution is what you want the final video to look like. You can set this as high as your base canvas resolution. Higher video resolutions should have higher video bitrate settings for quality purposes.
13. (Optional) Hotkeys Tab - Set hotkeys that you might like. I usually only have Start / Stop recording or streaming set. Click a box and input the key combination you want that hotkey to have.
14. When ready to test, leave options. Hit start recording (or start streaming if you want to be live). I highly recommend you record a quick test video then stop, find the video, and load it in a video player to see the audio / video sound levels and quality.





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