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Complete Handwriting Analysis a to z Course- Trait Method

teacher avatar Paresh Chitnis, Handwriting Analyst

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (2h 19m)
    • 1. What is graphology

    • 2. What is Trait Method?

    • 3. What are subconscious patterns and program

    • 4. Emotions and Actions

    • 5. What is handwriting

    • 6. Zones in Handwriting

    • 7. How to write a handwriting sample

    • 8. Letters a & o Part 1

    • 9. Letters a & o Part 2

    • 10. Letters a & o Part 3

    • 11. Letter c

    • 12. Letter d and p

    • 13. Letter e

    • 14. Letter g, j, y, q

    • 15. Letter i part 1

    • 16. Letter i part 2

    • 17. Letter k

    • 18. Letter M Part 1

    • 19. Letter M & N Part 2

    • 20. Letter r

    • 21. Letter s

    • 22. Letter t

    • 23. Letter u and v

    • 24. Letter w

    • 25. Letter x

    • 26. Letter z

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About This Class

Handwriting reveals personality. This course is ideal for you if you wish to learn how to know a person's personality from handwriting. You may learn this as a hobby or for professional application. This course is good for beginners.

If you are interested in knowing personality, behavior, way of thinking or mindset of a person from his/her handwriting, this course is for you. You may be a psychologist, counselor, coach, mentor, trainer, teacher or a therapist wanting to know what goes on in the mind of your client, patient or student; or you may be an investigator wanting know what is the suspect thinking; or a, businessman or a salesperson wanting to know his customer or a team leader or a recruiter wanting to know your team members or candidates. For any reason, if you can work better by knowing people better, this course is for you. Many participants of this course in the past have taken this course to pursue their hobby and interest in knowing people. This course is not for you if you are looking for diagnosing illnesses or predicting future of a person.   

The course has been designed by Paresh P Chitnis, trainer, author and Government certified forensic handwriting analyst. 

Paresh has been conducting classroom training programs on handwriting analysis and this online course is designed to give you the same learning experience.

What you’ll learn

  • Analyse handwriting in English and know the behaviour traits of a person using Graphology

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No specific material is required. If students can collect handwriting samples of their friends etc. it may be helpful for practicing

Who this course is for:

  • This course on handwriting analysis is meant for people who are interested to know about behaviour and personality of people from their handwriting. This course is NOT about handwriting improvement. This course is NOT about Forensic document examination or handwriting verification.

Meet Your Teacher

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Paresh Chitnis

Handwriting Analyst


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1. What is graphology: graphology is the science off understanding a person's personality from the handwriting and signature. You can understand the person's personality from every dot line. Go aloof he or she makes in his or her handwriting. Now, how does this work? When you're writing your handwriting is a subconscious activity. You're focusing on the content of the writing, and you are not aware off the formations that you're making in the handwriting. So who is making this formations? It's you who is making it not, but you're not aware off what you're doing. So this kind of activity about which you are not aware but you can be aware if you want is a subconscious activity. And driving is one such subconscious activity. While you're writing, your focus is on the content and the formations happen automatically. And these four missions are completely going by your subconscious programming the size, the slunk, the pressure off, the writing, the stroke that you make the connections or disconnections that you make the distance. You maintain between two words. The distance you maintain between two lines. The spread off the electors. In a world everything can reveal your personality. No, we're using this science to understand behavior on post vanity off a person and help in or help passives toe understand and improve us is graphology is the science of understanding person's personality from his or her handwriting and signature. We'll be like the handwriting formations appear automatically. We're focusing on the content of the writing on. We are unaware off the formations being formed. Who is making this formations? It's the subconscious mind who's controlling the formations. The street lines goes loops. Even the dots are controlled by the subconscious mind. So your handwriting is a subconscious activity. You can be aware offered if you want, but most of the times we are unaware off it, so that is a subconscious activity. Handwriting can reveal a person's personality on. You can use it to understand yourself on others and improve yourself on help of those to improve them. How did graphology much graphology was a subject of interest for a long time. Can your body was the first person who wrote a book on this subject in India in the same period, and I'm not? Swami wrote a lot off literature on this, especially his book, Dashboard has a complete chapter on her handwriting, previous personality. So what exactly happens when you're writing? Then you make a single dot on the paper. Are you doing something? You would say? I don't need to do anything. I don't even think about making a dot on the people. But if you look inside the brain, there are a least eight billion says, interacting with each other to help you make that formation a single dot so one single dot on the paper is an outcome off in billions is interacting with each other inside your brain . What do these sense do inside your? They have to take a lot of decisions. How much pressure to be maintained while you are making the dot? What is the distance between you and the paper? What is the kind of substrate that you're using to write? Whether it's a soft paper, whether it is a tissue paper knocking or hard surface like glass or white board, what is the kind of substance you are using to make that dot what kind of instrument that you're using, whether it's a pain but there is a friend, depend whether it's a paintbrush, whether it's a stick that you're using to make a dot on sand. All these things have to be taken into consideration when you're making a single dot No, who's looking after all of those things where you are making a lot, You never thought about anything when making a lot, so I thought about it. It's your subconscious mind. So a lot of activity is happening on a lot of decision making is happening when you are writing and you are another unaware offered. So we are trying to understand a person subconscious patterns while writing to understand how this person would be here in any given situation. Your handwriting is an article off use off your hand, so when you're writing, you're holding the pen or a pencil with your tongue on your index finger. If you study the being, you notice that the time has been allocated a lot of space inside debris, as compared to the size of the organ in the bring the tongue has been allocated maximum space on. Does your tongue has a lot off brain activity associated with its use? Whenever you are using your thumb and index finger, you're using a major part off your brain, and that is why your subconscious activity is reflecting in the form off a graph in your handwriting. A graph is a formation where every dog has some man graph is a picture where every dog has some value. Now, when you're writing on, every dot is an outcome off eight billion cents interacting with each other. This graph is a combination off numinous or in finite dot, which every dark when every dog has somebody and we are trying to decipher the meaning behind this, dots were trying to understand the subconscious activity that was going on inside your mind while you were writing. Graphology can be useful to people who are trying to understand themselves or others. Graphology can be used by councillors to understand the plans. This patients, before it, can be used by teachers to understand their students. It can be used by parents to understand that tends the Children. It can be used by married couples to understand each other. It can be used by investigators to understand suspects who understand criminals. It can be used by anyone who wants to understand behavior off a human being. So today we're going to use graphology to understand some specific behaviours, which you are interested in. The fact that you have endured for the scores means that you are interested in using handwriting analysis or graphology to improve yourself or help others to improve some aspect of personality that we are going to discuss in this course. So I welcome you in the schools on. I expect that you book on this on help others and also to improve your behavior and personality. 2. What is Trait Method?: they're do is off looking at and i t. One way is looking at the handwriting as a whole, and the other is looking at parts off it. Similarly, there, too, is off looking at personality, looking at personality as a whole on looking at personality in it sparks. So when we look at personality in parks, we're looking at behavioral traits, personality traits off a person. These will be seen in the handwriting on. We can study it according to a better called as a treatment, So we look at every individual alphabet. We look at a part off every individual alphabet to understand small behavioral traits off a person. This method is called a straight matter, and it goes deep inside the study off persons person Alec. We break the personality of a person into parts for the purpose of starting on. Look at one part at a time. It is just like looking at the forest but concentrating on individual trees. So when we're looking at the forest, we are focusing on individual tweet, then it's a great mentor, but when we're looking at the forest as a whole, it is no more treatment. Er, we consider it as just start matter in the schools, we are focusing only on trade matters. So great matter is going to tell you about small behavioral aspects, often in unusual and how it contributes to the personality off the person as a whole, we'll be looking at unusual part off every leg. For example, if you're looking at letter T, we'll be looking at the vertical line as one aspect on the horizontal line as another aspect off the letter. This every aspect is going to stop about a personality trait off that person. When we look at two personality trade markers like the word pickle line on the horizontal line, there are many more possibilities whether they cut horizontally or they don't where do the cut horizontally, how much pressure is applied and so many aspects off every individual aspect. So there are many ways off studying trade method, which will be starting in the schools one by one 3. What are subconscious patterns and program: we have specific behaviour beckons. Humans are animals who can think but the island years. We don't want to think we want automation. We want everything to happen without conscious involvement. Just think off the moments when you are driving a car all you're driving a two wheeler. You're not even a very when you increase the spirit. When you change the game, when you are putting your feet on the accelerator or on the brake on the pledge, it just happens. Many times when you are in gross and thoughts, you don't even realize that you have reached your home or your visa, the destination very wandered to reach. So all these things are happening automatically because we love automation on. We don't want to always keep on thinking about things happening around us, so we just don't want to be conscious about what they were. Decisions we are taking this becomes very easy when you take decisions. Subconsciously, you don't have to keep on being aware on taking decisions about small things happening around you. So how does that happen? We have some basic behavioral packets on in a given situation. We tend toe react, so that situation in a very, very specifically these other behavior in apartments that we want to identify from the handwriting. We would like to new bustles on others by understanding these behaviour patterns. Because individuals are not going toe, behave in any other fashion rather than behaving indigenous tend to be here in very specific grease in given situations. So if you are put in some situation, you already have a behavior back in which is decided for facing that kind of situation. You will not have faced that situation earlier, but you have a back and forth. Did you have a subconscious programming for it? How to respond to a situation When you are under the trip, you have a back. How do just with a situation where you are being bullied, you have a battery? How do fees crisis? You have a back it how to face financial situations help to face relationship problems, how to face health issues. You have backings for everything you have patterns for the smallest decision that you take in your life on, you have patterns for the most important decisions on big decisions that you have taken in your life. So let us try to understand these human behavior patterns on how the I identify by looking at somebody's handwriting or signature human beings are programmed in the subconscious mind . Subconscious mind carries a lot of programs that we have gathered in our childhood. These subconscious programs decide how we are going to respond to situations when we are grown up on adults. So how did we collect all the subconscious programs in a child? We observed the surroundings. We officer, our parents, we observe close really relations, the office of people around us on. We picked up some things which we thought were important behavior patterns on help. They reacted to situations we have started using the same patterns toe face, the situations that we have seen them facing in our time. These programs are so deeply rooted that we are not even aware that we have this subconscious programs. In our mind, the subconscious programs are about emotions on actions. We are programmed in language off emotions and actions. In China, we have a doctor emotions from a balance on. We have a doctor actions from them. Buffet is given situations. Nobody grew up. Whatever situation we face, the automatically take some actions on these situations automatically create some kind of emotions in our mind. So these subconscious programs, which are very big rooted, are actually coming from our child on. We're trying to understand how this childhood subconscious programs are going to affect our personality, our behavior on our decision making. Today, when we are already grown up, there can be some subconscious programs which are no more useful for us. But we still carried it, and there are some subconscious programs that are very useful. Maybe those are the reasons for our success. The subconscious programs, which are holding us back from being more successful or being able to achieve whatever we want, maybe identify from handwriting on then we can work on that handwriting analysis can help us to identify the subconscious programs. Then we can work on the on improved on this subconscious programs on achieve whatever we want in our life. 4. Emotions and Actions : every deodorant creates a perception about the world about himself and about people close to him. These perceptions are based on what the person has seen around him or her in the child. This becomes a large part off the programming off the child goes on to be a subconscious program off the ground. When we are child, we are programmed by people around us. There are two types of programs that we gather. We learn from our balance. We learn from people around us. We learn from our teachers. We learned from everything around us, in us around on. For us, the only two things that are important are the emotions and actions. So as a child island from my balance to understand what kind of emotions I must have on from my parents, I also learned what kind of actions I should think when I have specific emotions. This is the kind of programming that I get in my child. So as it tell you, I am predominantly programmed by my mother or any substituting baron who is Jimmy for emotions. And I'm necessarily programmed by my father or father figure or a substitute father. Figure four actions and this two together becomes part of my program. So I'm program for emotions, and I'm program for actions on. Based on some emotions, I create specific actions. It doesn't mean that the father is not emotional on Mother is not action oriented. What it means is the child looks upon to his mother for emotions on, the child looks upon Apple's father or her father for actions. And then the child combines these two things. The emotions and the actions on his program are created on for his life. There on, he executes the programs that he has gathered in his child. So there are some feminine characters and some masculine characters that the child has gathered. You need to understand what emotions are on, what actions mean. So when I see emotions, we talk off all those things that we have inside us but cannot be quantified. For example, feel I cannot quantify my field, but I can understand that I have a fear. I cannot quantify my goals, my breeze, my ambitions. But I understand that it is there. I cannot quantify love. I cannot quantify anxiety, but I understand when it is, they're all these things that you have with the new, but you cannot quantify them. You can feel them, but you cannot. 25 are your emotions. On the other hand, actions really everything that can be quantified. For example, if you study, you can quantify in the terms off, how many ask do study today? You can also quantify How many chapters did you study You can quantify. How many problems did you solve today in your mathematics, So anything that you can quantify is actions. For example, if you are working in an office for how many hours did you work for, How much money did you work? So our money can quantify the actions What can be quantified? So any kind of work that you do can't be quantified on can be turned as an action. So all the kind of actions that you big is a masculine program on shows your masculine programming, whereas all the emotions that you have in your city, your emotional programs, comes from a female. Are your mother or mother figure? So that is the pieces off studying programming off the subconscious mind. We're looking for emotions and actions in the handwriting so that we understand the emotions and actions on the person. There are some formations which are predominantly feminine in character, so you can look at the handwriting on understand some emotional aspect off person by looking at specific formations. Similarly, you can look at some specific permissions which talk predominantly off the actions that the person can be. Then you can understand under what emotions this person will make some specific actions. So that is how we're going to look at the handwriting. You're going to look at feminine characters on mescaline. We're going to look at emotions on. We're going to look at actions. I hope this distinction is clear for you. With this background off feminine and masculine characters, emotions and actions, we are going to do the further study off. 5. What is handwriting: Since you have joined the scores, it means that you are interested in understanding personality or people. It may be knowing your own personality, ongoing personality, off people close to you. You may be doing the schools because you want to use and writing advances in your career or in your profession presently. So what it takes to understand personality on what is the significance off and idea analysis. So you are interested in the person's personality. Anything that is going to help you understand the personality is going to be useful. So handwriting analysis is a tool to understand personality, and we're looking at and writing as a tool. To understand people's personality are mean. Interest isn't the personality of people. So if handwriting is a dude, we can use it to understand people. But what is interesting and writing is a combination off four things. Essentially, your handwriting is made out off dots, lines, girls and lose. So whatever the script your handwriting has to have, dot line goes and lose, and these poor ingredients make up your handwriting. What does the handwriting going to show you? So let us understand hopers manatees reflector in the right, the handwriting is a subconscious active. When you're writing, you are focusing on the content. So if I asked you to write an essay, you will be engrossed in thinking about the country, thinking about the spellings, thinking about the substitute work for something that you want, right. You will be focused on freezing ascendance. You would be least focused on the formations off the alphabets or characters in your right . The handwriting just happens. But when something just happens automatically, who's taking care of it? It's your subconscious mind. So handwriting is a sub launches active? What does it me by subconscious activity any activity about which you are not aware or conscious deliberately. But if you require, or if you want, you can be conscious about that activity. This is a subconscious active. For example, if I ask you toe be aware off the seat in which you're sitting now, while you're watching this video, you can immediately be aware of it. Now, when you are watching this video, you are engrossed in the video on. You are not conscious about the surroundings that you are sitting in. If I ask you to be aware off the illumination in the room that you're sitting now you can immediately be conscious about. So this is a sub punches activity. You are there on the surroundings, but you're not focusing on it. So the moment do you want to be conscious about it, you can be conscious about, similarly, is your handwriting. When you're writing, you need not be conscious about the writing. The writing just happens. But if you want, you can be conscious about it. For example, when you're writing a greeting card or uniting a personal note to someone you're very conscious about your handwriting and your handwriting is better than your general unusual handwrite. It means that you can be conscious about your handwriting on Make it for the way you want. But that doesn't happen naturally, everything. But for most of the people, when they focus on their handwriting, it becomes better, So handwriting is a subconscious activity. You are most of the time not aware off the formations that you're making, but if you deliberately focus on it, you can be a very so handwriting is a subconscious activity, and it tells about the subconscious decisions that you keep taking in your day to day life . You take a lot of decisions which are subconscious in the fall. Smart decisions like how to greet a person or how to respond to a person how to respond to a situation, how to respond to a situation when things go wrong on how to respond to the situation when things are the way you want. All these things happen so subconsciously were not aware of it, how we respond to situations. So all these activities which are subconscious, are reflector in the handwriting as a graph. Because these decision makings individually life. Our subconscious on the handwriting is also a subconscious graph off what was happening in the brain. Since you're writing, I'm not a very over somebody is taking charge of it on Who is it? It's the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is going to get off the curves, the size, the slime, the pressure off the writing And so all your subconscious activity will be reflected in the handwriting as a graph, and we are trying to study it. I'm trying to understand the person subconscious behavior, which is a large part off your database behavior. And that is why and driving is going to be helpful to us, Understand? Personal. Not that you have understood what personality is on what handwriting analysis is letters understand in the further chapters how to understand a person's personality wrong. 6. Zones in Handwriting: Hello. This is put its cheapness from British shipments. I'm going to discuss about an important aspect off disturb analysis that is zooms off the writing. Your handwriting has three zones. The middle part off the writing is a medicine. About two minutes is up. A zoom on below the new zone is lower when we write the letter E on extended in the resume and becomes a letter B. So the stem off letter B which goes about the leg, is said to be going in the apostle. Similarly, when you extend like a in the lower zoo, it becomes a gene. This park on the loop that goes beyond below the middle zone. It's called us the lures. So we see three parts off the writing the opera zone, the middle zoom on the Lord. So there are some letters which are only in the middle. So, for example, e c i. U are minimal. There are some letters which go in the opposite, for example, L B H B B game. Similarly, there are some letters which go into lures like ggo. I be killed. So these letters go in the Lord, What is the meaning off the middle medicine is about your and now all the activities that need you to be in the urine now will be represented in the cadenza. So the middle zone talks about all the activities where you need to be in the urine, for example, presenting yourself when you're presently yourself in a party or in an interview, or you meet somebody new and then your present in yourself or you're giving a presentation , you are necessarily in the year, and now you're thinking just about your now on that is represented in the middle. So middle zone is about presenting yourself your presentation skills, how you carry yourself in public. We'll all be seen in the middle. Now the ah presume is just like you're born in the upper part of your body, every prisons day, intellect, my way. We are not talking about intelligence, only we're seeing intellect. So when I say intellect, it is the ability to think on all the activities that you do, which requires thinking or your intellect. So all the emotions will be seen in the upper zone. For example, jealousy, fear, ego, intelligence. All this will be seen in the upper zone so intellect has to do with all these creative things. The lure zoom is about the past actions that you have your past is collection off all the memories off. Whatever you have also an experience. So the lure zone is about past. The middle zone is about the present on the upper zone is about creating the future. You need imagination for future on. You need memory from the past. So the lures on is a Lord. Memory on a person is about imagination off. Future on the middle zone remains for the present moment. 7. How to write a handwriting sample: So now I want you to write something so that you'd be able to do hand idea analysis for yourself. You are required to take one blank sheet. Evil size people sit down calmly at one comfortable place and write whatever comes to your mind. Select a topic. You can take any topic. You should not copy something from anyway. Start writing without having any pauses in a single city. I want you to write some content, which can be sufficient to fill at least 1.5 beach after writing. Put your signature three times. This is a standard format any graphologist would ask for. So create your handwriting sample in the sea. Please see to it that you don't use to many paragraphs in the writing. You don't write something which is like Oh, to list, which has a lot off pointers or which has a lot off number lists. Also try to award using some court or writing a poetry or something that has a pattern. Okay, don't also write some mathematical or chemical formula because they have a pattern you keep on breaking the lines on won't have a free flu, so I want you to write something in a very free flowing manner without copping from anywhere or without taking any breaks in between. You can also write on on a board, people. So one sample on Underwood paper on one sample on the rules people ruled people, is a paper in the notebook which has horizontal lines. And you can take help of it. Right? So you get a complete sample off yourself before we can more. I know that you have been your handwriting sample. I congratulate you on. Welcome. You. You have going through the major part off the schools. You have your handwriting sample in your hands. So what do you do with that? I'll be discussing some formations on. I'll be explaining the meaning off those formations. You are required to go back to your handwriting sample and check whether you have that information in your writing. If you have that permission in writing and you feel that the explanation about that formation is not what you want in Europa sanity, you can think of working on it, how to work on it. I'm telling you all these things in the ghost, but you have toe pick it. That you always carry the sample with you so that it is ready reference for you when you are listening on watching these videos. 8. Letters a & o Part 1: today I'm going to talk about the basic letters A and you little A and you are always ship letters and they form the basis off every other letter. Most of the letters give all from letter Hanno. So just look at these different types of letters. A. If you look at the first hey, it's a scream A What do I mean by squeezed E. The world is less than the height. When the wind is less than the height, it's cornice a squeeze letter. When people write squeezed, they are being uncomfortable. When the little get squeezed, it is being fitter in less piece. It means that this person is trying toe occupy more in less time because piece on people this time in leg, this person is trying to do more in less time. This person is trying to go beyond his capacity. This person is trying to achieve more than what is normally possible for him. Not just look at letter a number two. The world is more than the height. The world is more than the height. It is a broad letter. It is a wide liquor, so little a well stretched or little who when it is stretched, then these people who write letters like this they are comfort, preferring people the prefer comfort. The clarity is comfort very well. They want to do some task. They first looked for their comfort and then they look for achievement so these people will achieve a little less because their priority is not achievement. That priority is comfort. So many times it so happens that when they go for comfort, deal use on some kind of achievement. So these people do not try to go beyond their comfort zone. They are happy living in their comfort zone. They don't want to go beyond their limits and achieve something more than possible. Thus they are underperformers sometimes, but they are very comfortable. It's people prefer stability. This people prefer comfort and surety and assurance in their life. If you look at the third letter, you can see that it is a circular liquor. It's neither stretch north, please. It's a circular letter. Similarly, people right? Who? Which is perfectly circular. No circular letters show that these people are perfectionist since the birth and the height of the same. These people are perfectionist. They were only do an activity. They feel that they are perfect in that they perform on deliver perfection. At the same time, they expect perfection from others. So these people are perfection oriented. Why are these people different? It's because they have seen a different type of parenting environment. People who have predominantly squeezed electors are promoter or their parents have always promoter them to achieve more. So if they achieve something in their exams or in some sports, the parents would always say, Perform more next time, do better. Number two This thes people's parents have never complained about them, nor they have given them any compliments, so they are very complicit. They are not much bother about their performance. Where is Number three? Their parents have always expected perfection from them, so they always were expected to get 10 out of 10. Nevertheless, if they lose one mark or to, the parents would always insist that next time they have to be perfect in their exams. They have to be perfect in whatever they do. This makes them a perfectionist. The problem with perfection is sometimes is that they don't getting you something if they feel that they cannot do it. The best way on Gus. They're not utilizing their potential completely. And having a stress off perfectionism on expecting perfection from others creates problems in their relations toe. So this is how these people are. You might feel when you look at your handwriting, you might feel that your handwriting does not help fix Set off is the writing will never show you only this type of they are only the step api. It would be a mix you have to look at the predominant type of is the person. 9. Letters a & o Part 2: in this video. We're looking at different types off case. The first type of is either do you see in the books This is called as a bookish. You were on Lea Si This is in books. You do not right is like this in the notebooks Generally were not taught to write is this way. But we were taught really this type of A as an e. You might also see a G which is a bookish G. It looks like this. So these formations are rare in the book as like a G or letter A. But we do not write them or we are not taught to write them like this. So these people who like is as seen in the books. I prefer reading books on our very bookish. In their approach, they approach every situation and problem in a very bookish re. The solutions to problems are very bookish. They have very bookish knowledge and sometimes lack practicality In their performance. The second formation letter A shows a starting stroke. There's a long starting stroke before the person writes a letter A So what does the starting stroke me? This is an additional stroke which does not carry any meaning by itself. It's just a starting stroke. This person takes time to start anything new. He only spends a lot of time in some formalities on which ones before he actually begins its work. This happens at a micro level, and this happens at large in his life to it takes a long time to start anything. Number three is ending stroke. You see the letter a ending with a long stroke. That's talk again, does not carry any meaning by itself. It's just an extension. It's pulling along, dragging along that this person is just pulling or dragging things. This person doesn't end things where they should end. This person doesn't stop there. He shouldn't stop. This happens when he's in discussions in corals, in negotiations, in making decisions. This person is always going to prolong the process or drag close is unnecessary. Number four. You see that these is are open from down. This is our open from down. It means that this person is making losses. Anything open from down is unable to retain anything. So this formation, which is supposed to be closed from down if it is open, then the person is making losses. Either he's making losses for himself or his creating losses. For this. The next letter let a open from top when letter is open from top. It shows impatience because this person does not have the patient's toe complete the formation. All this person opens the formation early. This person doesn't begin the letter from your. Instead, he begins the letter from here, and so he ends the letter of the sea. So he's early to open his mouth on. He always keeps speaking. This person is for no speaking. This person is a very talkative person. He will prefer toe, keep talking, and he sometimes cannot hold secrets. This person cannot hold secrets because he's a open mounted person. He's just a talkative person. Number six. No, it's not open from bottom. Neither it is open from top, but it seems to be open from the bottom off the top. So this is corn as open from bottom under tow. This people have health. Constance. Their life rewards around hell constants off somebody. Most of the times that is their own health concert. Sometimes it is the health concerns off their family members on their always bothered with that. The next two formations are having hooks inside liquor A or O when there are hooks or many times there are less tingles. These show that this person has a love hate relationship with his or her close ones. Okay, so in the number seven formation where the hook is on the left side, this person generally carries grudges towards the opposite sex people. So a man writing like this would have grudges towards women. He would have a love hate relationship with women, whereas hook on the right say shows that this person has a look hate relationship with opposite sex with the same sex people. So when it was on the right, say the grudge is towards the same sex people. So a man having this kind of formation in the writing as grudges towards a man and a woman having this kind off writing shows grudges towards all women closed toe. So what? What does a grudge? Actually, grudge means having a close relationship making the other person feels strong on the moment the person becomes strong, crushing that person on destroying that person. This people divested life of others on when this is a grudge towards same sex people. The person also has a grudge to itself on Does I cannot support himself or herself toe perform on achieve the capacity that this person has? 10. Letters a & o Part 3: in this video, I'm going to explain you different types of loops in letter A or letter A and you are similar. They are all the letters and they can have loops inside them. In many writings, you would find these kind of groups. We are going to understand the meaning off the news and how to identify them in the handwriting. Let us look at the first day in this first time you see a loop on the left side. There's a loop on the left side off a ankle. Now when a person makes a loop on the left side, it means that this person is deceiving himself. There is an element off certain deceit in this person's personality. This person is deceiving himself by not keeping his own promises. He makes a promise to himself on doesn't keep it. That is how he is deceiving himself that is called a certainty. He might put an alarm off four o'clock to get up early in the morning to do some important activity, and then he doesn't get it. He just loses the Allah and doesn't get it, and he gets a redo glow, and this does every day this is called a service fee. Since a person is committing somethingto himself and not keeping that promise, this person is going to underperform. Its capacity will not be utilized completely. He has more capacity. And so he has decided something to do. And then he doesn't do that. This makes us capacity go down. This makes his achievement go down. And this person is not performing up to the mark. The second type of loop is the loop on the lights. A. This person is making a loop on the light side off the always G. These people are secret. Did they hide things from others? But when you hide some information from others, you are deprived off the field back on suggestions depending on that information. So this person is secret. Did this person doesn't reveal everything that he is doing in his life? Okay, The pearl I blue is where the left or loop on the right would look gets missed. You can see that there is a left wing group at the same time, there is the right word. But now these two loops are intersecting. And then there is a smaller loop on inside the larger leftward and rightward lose. So this is called a loop inside, so to lose, intersecting each other to make a new loop is Carla's loop inside. Look, permission. You can see it in a and oh, you're okay. So what does that tell you? It tells you that the person is a liar, because now he doesn't remember whether he's descending himself or he's being secretive. Do it's us that there is pulling himself or he's fooling somebody yet, and that is being a pathological life. A pathological liar is a person who, necessarily compulsorily has toe keep telling lights. This person is not comfortable unless he tells a lie to somebody. This is not lying to save himself in some situation. This is lying for the single plane. The situation doesn't demand him to lie, but he was just casually like for no reason. That's a pathological liar. So these are loops in the letters A and oh, you have to look for the intensity and frequency off these jobs. For example, this is a small new it is. Does it begin on? This is much bigger. So what do we understand? You're the intensity off service seek increases with the intensity off the or the size of the book, so you have to look for intensity. You also have to look for frequency. What does that mean? It means that you have to see out of 100 is meals on the paper. How many is have the service seek loop or the secretiveness Lou or, for that matter, any kind off formation? If the frequency off the 76 group is more, then this person is be doing seven c more number of times in his life. It's a very frequent activity that this person does, and if the intensity is more the intensity officer, the Sikh is more. He's deceiving himself on a larger extent. 11. Letter c: in this new I'm going to explain you about formation, legacy, seek and the little in different ways. You know some examples. C stands for simplicity. C Stand for your social behavior. So how you behave with people socially or when you are in public? Can we see in legacy? If you look at this letter, it's just a sensible. This person is a very simple person. This person has simplicity. This person socialize is without being manipulative, whereas when you have a hook inside letter, see, this person is manageability. It means that this person speaks a sentence, but it means something else. So there's always some other meaning implied meaning toe the comments that he makes socially towards somebody. He might be very pleasing personality, but the way he speaks can be abusing, but in a very sweet language. Number three. This person is extremely manipulative because this is just a stinger or hook there as this is a boy. So this person is manipulated toe toe the extent off, manipulating people in public and harassing them in public 12. Letter d and p: here we are going use to be like the in treatment that is, we're going to look at art's ability and try to understand a person's personality. Now, let me is being off to parts. It exists in the middle zone. That is the old shape off letter A is seen in middle zone on when he is extended in the opposite, it forms a stem off letter B so a continuing inlet in upper zone becomes letter. Dick can see that this is the part and the millions over there, as this is a part in the upper. So there are two parts of Britain zone on opposite for letter D and we're going toe study this two parts a pretty little is about what the person feels about himself. Just look at legacy as if the person standing in front of the mirror and having a thought about what he looks like on what his belief is about this physic, his physical reality. So that was negative. Now, if liberty is squeezed in the middle so that this person is feeling uncomfortable and uneasy about as physic, this person is restless and uneasy, whereas when being stretched this person is feeling relaxed on his least. Bothered about what he is in your DNA is least bothered or he's very comfortable about his personality, his appearance, this physic. If you If you have, ah, big loop in letter B, then this person is very sensitive to criticism, as we have seen that if there is a big loop in Laker NB or Edge that this person is open minded person, then what we're seeing in Letter B with a big group is that this person creates is opening about self by believing whatever others speak about himself. So this person relies on opinions off others for a self image, so he is very sensitive to criticism. He cannot take criticism. He cannot do new things because he is bothered about what people will think about. He cannot do something different because he's always concerned about people looking at him on people thinking something about him, and he doesn't want to have a barrel meaning in mind. Fathers number four is a stem off being going leftward but not crossing the old part in the middle. So this person is a compulsive reader. This person needs something to read, he lives in his own work, and he enjoys being, in some other words, so he desperately wants something to be he always keeps on reading. Reading is a compulsion for this person, the stem going too much on the left that is beyond the spark off the middle. Soon then the Post is thinking that he could have bean equally very in some other profession. He considers himself to be something other than what he is Now. Number six and seven is showing that this person or these people are very fun of, really, and there are a lot of they are having a lot of determination to read. They can. Number seven also has a north, so these people can really complicated dates like very boring. Books are very technical. Books are very language rules. A book with 1000 pages. Ah, book on some person autobiography of some person, so these people can really complicated things with a lot of determination. Number eight is a tent for wish on. This person is ready to take challenges. It is like a 10. A tent on a parameter is a very stable structure. The base is stronger. Any structure is strong and the beast is wider than that. So this is a very stable structure. So these people are physically very strong in terms off endurance. They can endure any kind of physical challenge. If you challenge them that they cannot do something physically, they will take up the challenge and prove you wrong. These people take a lot of physical challenge and they are very good. Act physical endurance Number nine This D is going in the door so D is about physic on physical appearance. And these people are touching others. Unnecessary because the lower zone is about really materialistic things on sex, so this person will touch others unnecessary. This d number 10 is going on the right side in planning on the right side suddenly so the whole writing is in a vertical slot, but one B one letter day is inclined. More records. So if the vertical slant is showing a sudden change in writing only specifically for letter D, this person can physically express his anger. This person can become Agnes uncertainly. Number 11 is a D. Number 11 is Lee with a clot formation. It begins at the door on sometimes in some cases it is open from bottom to or in some cases it can just be closed at the bottom like this. These people who have a weak law are very harsh towards themselves. They are careless about their health and they have a lot of anger. They can express that anger which is spent on bottled up inside this suddenly both so on. They get angry at a frequent oh, time in tow. So these people have a lot of anger towards set another's They have. They have a feeling that they are being cheated physically by others on they are very aggressive and harsh tours themselves when it comes to help. If you n word letter d, it becomes like a P So if I wrote into leg ready, it will become a little bit de waas amount Thinking about how you look and he is about actually taking some action. Soapy is let API is about physical activity. Letta Pisa about physical action. If you have a room in B that it shows that you have a lot of physical activity If the peace 10 is like this, there is a loop in Peace Day and the person maybe a sports person or has day. Today, physical activity is very high. This person is physically very active number toe. He has an antenna, so this person physically reaches out to anyone who needs help. This person helps others physically by reaching out. And so it has anti now be with a segmentation or even destroying part. Working instead on Dakota are separated and this people have an issue with coordination on the body. These people cannot coordinate their physical movements very well. There's some information on some problem in the body which doesn't allow them have a free flowing movement. Number four is having a V inside me. There's a split in the step so they always get into arguments. They will argue over anything. They are always in an argumentative more would argue over anything they can argue with anyone on. They can win in arguments. Number five is a be open from down now. You need to understand which be has to be called as a open from down on, which cannot be considered as be open from down soapy that comes in continuation is not be open from there is a big coming, and the ANC or a peak, which is written separately like this. Open from down soapy is open from down only if it is not coming in a continuation on enough . Look, what does Let's be open from down me. Anything which is supposed to be closed from the bottom. But if it is left open, it shows losses and let API effort has kept open from down shows a kleptomaniac behavior. This person is stealing things unnecessary, this person and speaking of thing, lifting things unnecessary, this person will steam or rob something from a shop where it is not necessary for him to use it, but even still do it for the sake of stealing this, people get excitement when they still something. So this is like a bee that a peace times for taking action about physical activity. Taking some physical action about your present physic on so late, a D and B are related to each other. If you want to study, let a P You should also study letter deep together 13. Letter e: in this video, we're going to look at the letter E formation letter e just looks like your year. It's it looks like and you because there's an empty space or you literally stands for being attention just the way when you pay attention when you're listening to somebody, so let a shows your ability to pay attention at the same time. It also shows your ability to seek attention. So being attention and seeking attention is both seen in Leggett. Me. This first letter a is a closed A. When the e old is close, this person doesn't listen to anyone. It's just like the years that looks. This person has plugged Corton in his use. He is not going to listen to anyone. He will take positive feedbacks, but he will never take criticism on negative feedbacks. He would listen to only things that he's comfortable listening or he's happy. Listeningto the second type of is a stretched. It has ending stroke so that he actually ends here, but it has been prolonged or it has been stretched. It means that this person, unnecessarily drags, are prolonged things. He prolongs discussions. He prolongs negotiations in prolongs, finds or Carl's unnecessarily. This makes him prolong decision making so he doesn't take decisions on the at the right time and keeps prolonging or preventing himself from taking decisions. The third type of e that we're looking at is attention seeking this. People are seeking attention. They're trying toe gather attention. They want to be the center of attraction. They will do things which will attract attention off others. For example, in a classroom, if nobody's asking questions, a person would just rise and ask the question for the sake of asking questions and make everyone laugh about about those questions. So these kind of people are seeking attention, and these people can do all such kind of things just to gather attention or seek attention in public. The four type of e that we're looking at is called as a traditional E. Now this person is following a lot of rituals, customs and traditions. These people do not ask questions. Why do it? They just follow a lot of Richard's. They they are happy doing something in a very traditionally. They are known for doing things in a traditionally they understand traditions, customs rituals very well 14. Letter g, j, y, q: little white in this media. It went to start it. Different types of letter. Why Seen on driving and their interpretation? The Lord's on loop Off letter. Why shows the trend? Weeks here, The word off the Lord's own off the G And why shows the amount of trust you have on others or the amount of trust you have on yourself, actually. So if this is redressed, then the person has mistrust or distrust. Doesn't trust anyone. It is very difficult for this person to trust anyone, so this person will do everything by himself on would not delegate anything. This person has a fair amount off trust because there is a goodwill in the lures on. So when The Lord and has goodwill that chose that the person has a good amount of pressure on, he would delegate things to others that easy Number three is a formation. When there is exaggeration, the person is showing that he trust others very easily, and he blindly trust others. But actually he doesn't trust anyone, so this person will pretend to be trusting everyone, but he doubts about everyone. Number 45 and six shows us the debt off Lords on how low or how big this lures on Lugo's. If the lower zone Lou is less than or equal to the height off the middle zone off the record G r, then the person is not having a deep drag on a strong drive to achieve his designs. But when the Lord on Luke is long enough, maybe a little longer than the middle zone in the middle zone, part off the letter G or why and the person has helped drive to achieve the desires off that person and then the loop is made to a long meter. It goes very deep than this person is exaggerating that he can go to any extent to achieve what they want. But actually it's not. So He's just pretending to have a very strong drive for action. But actually he does not have a try to take action. No, this is about completing the loop. This these 789 and 10 formation shows the person completing the G. Why lures on Luke's being completed or kept in company? When you go in the lower zone, you're going in the past lord illness for past and in the past, you have memories. You have experiences off actions taken in the past. So this person is going in the past is going in the memories on trying to recollect what ended in a similar situation that he's facing now offered doing that, he needs to come back with the solution or a redirection off whatever he has done in the past, if he's staying here, that this person is staying in the past and just crying about the past or this person is glorifying his past. These people highly talk about good times off past. But I'm not taking any lessons from the past. This person is understanding that he needs to make some change in his action so that even see a better day today than past. But he's actually not putting a lot of efforts toe bring those past experience. In reality today, this person is stopping very close to success. This person is going very close to the middle, is just about about toe across the baseline. But he stops before doing that. So this person is very close to success in every situation. This person feels by being very close to success, he's about to achieve substance And then some things happen where he has to quit and he has to stop. He falls slightly shock off the efforts required for being successful. This person is generally being successful because he's taking the Lord's on you again in the middle zone. So when the loop gets completely on, it goes to the middle zone. The person actually is being successful because it is learning from his past mistakes and he's correcting his mistakes. What is happening? You This person is going away from the middle. The moment he reaches the baseline, it takes a U turn on goes down. So this person is running away from success. This person is being away from success. This person has a has a fear for being successful disposal, afraid of being successful. Not this person is going in the wrong direction because if you extend this, this is still going to remain in the middle. So if you see you, if you extend us, this will go in. The middle of this troupe will go in the middle if you slightly extended. So this person is falling shot off some extra efforts in his Thanks. Well, is this person is taking a wrong direction. He's taking wrong listen from the mystic snappiest on. He has gone in the wrong direction. He would never be successful because he has taken the wrong direction. This person often misinterprets any suggestions, given he often missed a difference. The feedback given to him by somebody. There is a small book, you know, you see that this person is successful because the loop is completed and goes in the middle . But there's a small hope that this person feels guilty, guilty when successful. Why would somebody feel guilty on being successful? This meeting, because somebody is close to him, is not equally successful. This post is unable to be something unable to see others around him being successful as successful. Here's on that was like he's feeling guilty about it. This is going in the opposite direction and then going ahead. So this is collecting something and then going on, this person believes in collective bargaining. This person collects like minded people together and then the marts, or whatever they want in a coma, you can see that there are angles. Angles in the lures will show that there is stress. Lower zone is about sex, money and all materialistic things. So this person is having success in his personal life In his sexual life. This person is having stress and finances on this base in person is unable to take action because you're zone is about action and this person is finding it difficult and stressful. If there is a small car instead of a straight line knew it becomes a clot formation. This shows that the person is not reliable in terms of finances on sex. So this person would not be good in relations. This person will be cheating on someone financially, all in personal relationships. You can see that there is an angle on it is going in the wrong direction. This is aggression at wrong place. How will this be seen in the writing? If G isn't it like this? Then the person is showing aggression at wrong places. So when I say I aggression wrong, please. It means that the right places for aggression. Yes, When you write a cube like this, this is an eight for mission. But if you write a g like this, it is not right for mission. So this shows aggression at wrong place people who write g g or why this three are being aggresive, that they are not required to be aggressive. But people writing a few like this are being aggressive where they are required to be aggressive. Let us now understand, like a cube. If you is it been softly insert off, making an agony, then the person is being soft. Instead of being aggresive, there are situations where you need to be aggresive. There are situations where you need to be alert on prom. This person is being soft instead of being aggressive. I'm this person is lacking aggression, this person just lacking aggression. Where is this person is being soft instead, off being Agassi So that was like a queue. So we have studied letter G. Why? Sometimes they're on let a cube, which is similar to G. But the difference is that there is an angle in Cuba which shows aggression at right place 15. Letter i part 1: What you can see on the board is a word Ritter initiated. You can also notice, or also that the I don't have missing. Now, if I have to put the ideologues to these ice stems, I have to pay attention to it. Just imagine I'm putting the darts without looking at the words or the writing. The dots are not going to be at the right place. One of them might go at the right place. But that is just by chance. If I'm not attentive towards my writing, if I'm not being attention, toe the writing. My eye lords would not be at the right place. They will always go anywhere is on when I have to put the eye darts at the right place. I have to pay attention on look ate the still and exact position where I need to put the iDot. What does that mean? It means that I don't thing has to do with concentration and being attention. So when a person has all the I dots in writing, placed correctly just about the stent, it shows that the person is attentive is being attention to the knighting. Well writing. No, it's a generalization that the person was being attention toe the knighting well, writing would be paying attention towards his work. Were you working a student? Putting the eyelids and the right place means that the student is paying attention to the nightingale training. It also means that this person on the student is paying attention to his studies when study . Similarly, when this person is watching a movie, he was a tender towards the movie 100%. But if my notes are missing or that the person just forget to put one off the I lords in the whole writing, it shows that this person is not attentive and he is missing on the days. So I learning is about being attention to small details, and this person is missing dictates this person will make silly mistakes in exams or in his work just because is not being attention. This person can be dangerous working on machines or as a driver, as he is not paying attention to the world that he is doing as he is in a hurry report the next dots. He misses some off the I don't know what the I dot is placed on the left it shows that the person is putting a dot in the past, since left in handwriting analysis is passed, the eye dots are going in the past. The person is paying attention to the details off the past. It means that he is yet to do something off the past. He's procrastinating. This person has yet to go into the details off what work is left off the past. So he has to first go in the leaders of the past, work completed and then think off the present world. So he's yet stuck in the past activities. He's procrastinating in his will. I know what is going on. The right say fuel them one of them or most off them. If they are going on the right side, it shows that the person is thinking about future. Is trying to find Eaton's off the future. This person is impatient and trying to find the details off the future. Just imagine a person who is restless because he wants to read the newspaper off tomorrow. Today, can you read the newspaper, which is going to publish tomorrow? Today you cannot do that, but this person is wanting to do such activities. He is restless and impatient and cannot wait for the right time. This impatience can create stress for this person. If these I lots are pleased, very high that this person is dreamy, he's going away from the reality is being far away from the reality the person is putting. I darts touching this 10. Then the person is being lawyer. Toe some brand or for the sake of being loyal. He's just lying to anything but example. If he eats biscuits or cookies from from one shop or off one brand, he keeps eating the same cookies and biscuits throughout his life. It doesn't want to change the brand, so that is lying T for no easy. This person, just like another dots, can change the phone. We not talked about the placement off the dots. Let us not now, talk about the form off the dots. The dots can take a form off slash a slash can go leftward. It can go rightward. It can upward all it can come down works. So when the writing has darts, which looked like slashes, it shows irritation. A dot changing into a slash shows irritation. This person gets easily imitated. He has a low tolerance. This person cannot tolerate things which are against his vicious. If things don't go according to his wishes, this person becomes irritated. So these are different formations. But all of them shows irritation Now. The pointed direction shows towards boom. This person is a leading If the slash goes on the left side. This person is irritated towards his past. This person would be irritated towards his origin. This person would be irritated towards his parents. His enders is scenes in the slashing goes on the right say then the person is irritated towards others. This person might be imitated toward his clients, his employees, his Children. If the slashing goes upward, then can you imagine towards whom this person is irritated? Who is this person blaming? Yes, you get straight. This person is living God who is sitting in the dark about you. It's the girl or some almighty form. So this person is blaming almighty God or some universal energy which has which he feels has done something wrong because of which this person is facing problems in his life. Now, if the slashing is coming downwards, then this person is blaming himself or herself for whatever has gone wrong in his life. He blames himself for things which are not even related, so slashing in the writing shoes, blaming or getting irritated on the direction of slashing shows towards whom this person is irritating. 16. Letter i part 2: I log can also get converted like this. This I don't shows that this person is running away from the right side. The slash is going left words. So this person is running away from his future. The right say is future and he's turning away from it. So he's running away from his future. He's hiding some details about his future. If you dig inside and ask him about this future is going to run away from it. If you ask more leaders about its past, he's going to run away from his past because he is going away from the left side. The slash is running away from the left side. It is moving towards the right, so it is running away from the left side and left side. It's past, so this person is going to hire details off the past. This person will not be comfortable talking about his bust. He will hired his fast. This is called as roofing a person making I dots like this is hiring de dates. He's making a roof when opposed, makes a roof. He's hiding some details. He's hiding something from others. He is unnecessarily hiding my new defense which are related to others. When a person makes a V formation instead of her daughter, he is being analytical about dictates. This person is being too much analytical about small dictates. He will insist on getting analysis off every mind you need A from so these are different formations. In letter I a simple I don't can be written in different views. I don't can also be written like a heart. Here are always here. You must have seen people writing in a very creative me. People making a heart instead of for dot are very dramatic on the become romantic. In any situation, they can look at every situation at as a romantic situation. There's people making overall shape on a hollow shape formation like this. Instant off, I thought, are very childish. They behave like a child. They behave childishly. They can be ruled like Children began, behave like Children on. Okay, so people making a hardship in handwriting instead off a lot are very romantic on. They become romantic in any situation. They look at every situation like romantic situation. I don't like empty oval shows that this person is childish for child like this person has a creativity like a child, But this person can be arrogant on demanding like a child. To this, people are very creative on. They have a good aesthetic sense or a sense off color combination. On contrast on designs, these people have a pictures memory, and they prefer to look at pictures rather than reading text there. Also childish when it comes to playing with your kids or behaving like it's. 17. Letter k: later. Okay, Let A K is about sense of humor. Letter K is about being romantic. K is also about being able to create an impact in your speech. So if you look a little key, it has a street plane on. It has slacking lane approaching the vertical line on. Then it immediately moves away. If the point the contact is at a single point, then the person has ability to create a sense of humor. This person has ability to be romantic and create an impact in his speech or his delivery. But if it is touching and more than one point, if it is taking longer for this to change the direction and the person is unable to be romantic or this person has a lack off sense of humor, this person is not very impactful or passionate. Why doing something in an unusually when a key has angle going on the left side left child passed. So when it was going on the left side, it shows that the person feels that doing something in a unique way in some unusually or being a man is a thing off past. He is growing up or maturation to be romantic or do something in a unusual or crack jokes or have a sense of human. So this person considers himself to be a very mature person who cannot be very humanists or speak something which creates some fun or some impact on people. This angle comes backwards on before it touches the step. It moves away. So this person lacks the patients for doing something in unusually or doing something in a romantically or cracking jokes are being humorous. This person lacks that patients. You see that there is a knotting around the vertical. Later, this person will beat around the bush is this person is not very directly complicates simple things, especially when it comes to creating a light environment. Being humors are being romantic. This person beats around the bush and is unable to create that it back these two cases. If you look at them, they are very mechanical. It's vertical and horizontal on slanting lines, made one after the other with a specific angle. So this is a very engineering type off key, but this god of engineering K. These people are very mechanical on systematic. They fall a lot of procedures when it comes to being romantic or having a sense of humor. So they're way off being romantic results a very systematic procedure on very mechanical. This is called a reference. Key reference. K is a person making reference game. Needs somebody's reference toe. Become friends with somebody so afraid. Spring is this person spring Parents, friends, Children are their friends. Friends Doctor is there, doctor, So they always require reference to meet somebody or make a new contact. Number eight is gone as a mini in case there is a sea formation in like a K. So this is the main information. These people prefer toe crack jobs by playing pranks on others. Instead of telling a joke, they believe Frank Another's So these people are pranksters, the maniac in way off, playing pranks with somebody, or being mischievous with someone this case has ending store. These people want to prolong the moments off romance. They always want to be in a romantic mood, and they want to prolong it. They don't want to end these moments on. This is going in the lures, all for these people who make a cake, which goes in the little people. Understand that being romantic is touching the person. For them, being remanded is touching the person they touch others unnecessarily. Number 11 is a capital K there. It is not required to be capital. This is gonna go to hell. Okay, so this person has that kind of behavior or this person will have an attitude of goto help for people who are uncaring about their emotions. So this was like a cake is about a sense of humor. Creating an impact in speech or in delivery of speech on K is about being romantic. 18. Letter M Part 1: now that we looked at letter M angles, let us understand the to radiations off these letters. If the anger doesn't go deep in it that this person is not going to their death off the problem on superficially trying to solve the problem, this is going to cause the problem. Two vehicles. So these people who have m like this keep facing the same problems and challenges in their life again and again because they saw the problem superficially, Whenever they face these problems, they don't go to the depth off the problem and understand the root cause of the problem. While they are making decisions for solving those problems. You know, there isn't no When there is a North, that is complication. So the way this person makes decisions is complicated. His decision making is complicated. He will simply complicate things. Even simple decisions are made complicated by this person. But the other side is this person understands the complications in anything. This person can take complicated decisions. He is good at taking complicated decisions whenever there is a complicated activity. This post is very efficient in such activities. So these are some of the many variations that you can see in letter and and this also applies to let it, for that matter, nothing will always re present complication. So wherever you see, there is nothing where it does not require where the formation doesn't demand of Notting, then the person is complicating simple things. 19. Letter M & N Part 2: in this video, I'm going to speak about letters which have angles, does capital letters and on Capitol At the end, these letters are me with angles, angles, distress on Daniel is analytical ability. If you want to have analytical ability, you have toe. Take some stress. No. If you're solving a problem, you have to first understand the problem and understanding the problem itself requires toe . Take some stress. You need to be under stress. To understand the problem, you have to analyze the problem on understand the problem on your your intellect is in war . The next aspect of problem solving is actually decision making. So once you have understood the problem, you have to be sharp on beside the approach or the action that you need to take to solve the problem. So that is the analytical ability toe. Select the solution to the problem or to make a decision for a problem. So the angles and the top off these letters show the ability toe understand the problem, whereas the angles at the bottom showed the ability to solve the problem or to take some decision. So decision making and problem solving can be seen year if the angles are well form and the person has the ability to make decisions and solve problems, whereas if the angles are well, phone here, it shows that ability toe understand the problem now if a person makes em which do not have angles at the top, and the person is lacking the ability to understand the problems, whereas if a person makes in which is not having angle at the bottom, the person lacks the ability to solve the problem and take decisions. You can have various combinations off this, so let em and shows you the analytical ability, the ability to take stress. But you have to understand the angle location on precisely different shared between the ability, analytical ability to understand the problem on the analytical ability toe make a decision on solve the problem. 20. Letter r: let us are in the handwriting re presents Performing harks later are can talk about or tell you about the ability of person perform and art and let her arm is. It's really shoes you about what this person believes about performing arcs. So the first letter hasn't nothing that this person can go through the complications off learning and are on practising the dark. So this person believes that practicing or performing art requires a lot of practice on learning off. But as a second person is very analytical aboard, Arcs because he has an angle and angle is a magnetic 11. So this person has a good analytical avenue day about arts. He can analyze arts. We can understand heart, but he he has not gone through the complication off learning and practicing. Four and four other are which are in ordered. They are vertically inward, there, flipped like wanting to has been flipped to form for three. So little are in Werder shoes that these people take arts very casually. These people feel that anyone can perform this art number four can practice. This person has practicing out for some time on believes that it's not a big be performing arts is not a big D. He is also practice, and he can also perform if he practices a little bit. Number five. This is a musical note. These people have an inclination towards music on arts in general. Number six the are is later towards the left side. Whenever electors are entered on the upside, dispose and ensuring improvers. Now if specifically little r as in murdered on the right side, then this person is withholding his art. This person is not expressing his arts disposal is not performing his arts and withholding those arts with himself. Number seven is a box tape Are this person is very mechanical and systematic about arts? For him, performing arts is being very systematic. So for this person, hard as some systems, some procedures, the art is very technical and this person can bring a very ancient good engineering aspect . Are technical aspect. Do something which is considered as very artistic are very clear. Number eight is a person who can combine creativity because there is nothing on engineering because there isn't a handle on bring creativity in technical ideas and this person can be very technical in clear devious. So these people initially seem to be complicating some problem on. Then they come out with a very constructive solution to a problem because they're very creative. I'm very technical at the same time. Number nine is a meaning formation. Whenever there is a sea formation that it does not require, the formation is considered as a mania formation. This people have a habit off using very well. Girl and language are very harsh. They can use abusing words and they are very clear and using abusive language. So let our is about performing arts, and these are tedious types of little past which shows different beams off person about performing arts. 21. Letter s: In this review, we're going to see interpretation off various forms off letters. Address can be written in many different ways because this is a letter which has two girls and two straight lines. Let us look at lettuce. It has an A particle and it has a lord on both. These girls are soft here. Various, There are straight lines here. There two straight lines here under trance was like little s three prisons Sympathy, charity kindness Meulens. So let it is going to show your relationship with all those people who expect charity, love, kindness, sympathy from you, how you behave with people who are expecting sympathy. Kindness from you will be seen in the letter s letter s if merely softly shows that the person has sympathy. But it is made with angles Victuals that the person is harsh instead of being soft where he's required to. This person is not going to be sympathetic if s is pleased. Whereas if s is broader than the person is going to be a sin sympathetic person The person can understand emotions of others understand situation of others. It can be sympathetic and helpful towards others. So let us look at different formations. Off s the first formation is a white s. When little s is white, it shows that the person is sympathetic. When little s is squeezed, it shows a lack off sympathy. The person is unable to understand emotions and situations. About this he lacks sympathy. Number three, the upolu is larger than the lower here. We need to understand the meaning off the upolu on the lower. So the upolu is about speaking about sympathy on Lord, who represents the person's ability to take actions about sympathy. Whether the person is sympathetic with words is seen here on Well, a person is sympathetic in his actions to see here on when we see that upper part off letter s the Upperco letter s is larger than the lower court. Then the person is speaking more about sympathy on doing less about sympathy. So this person's sympathy is seeing more in words than in action. The foot type of s is and s with equal upper and lower goes here. The person is showing equal, speaking on action about sympathy. So this person would speak as much has he act and he will act as much as he speaks about sympathy. Number five. You see that uppercut is smaller than the lower girl. You know the person speaking less and doing more about sympathy. So this person's sympathy is seen in more actions than in words. Number six. The Upperco like you is missing you, so there's only action and no speaking. So this person takes action about sympathy without speaking much about it in Number seven, and you see that there are angles either at the top or the bottom and a number nine. There are angles all over better. There is anger. There is stress. So this person is stressful and harsh in speaking about sympathy. Whereas this person is stressful on harsh towards people who expect sympathy from this person is not sympathetic or instead of being soft, anything. But they think this person is being hard by speaking as well as this person is not sympathetic on harsh way taking action about sympathy. So in general, this person is very harsh. This person is harsh towards people. We're expecting guidance on charity or benevolence or sympathy from this person. Hook your shows self pity this. People are always screaming or crying about how bad situation is in their life, how they are stuck in problems and how things are bad for them only. So they always feel like all the problems in the world seeing in their life. Their life is more miserable than anybody else's life. So this is self pity. This is expecting returns from charity. So if you give something to someone, you're expecting something in exchange of death. That is what this ending stroke shoes number will is a s with not being at the top. So the upper part is about speaking on. There is a knotting, not means complications. So this person is complicating speaking about sympathy. So this person cannot say no. This person says yes, instead of saying, you know, when he is helping somebody, he doesn't want to help somebody because he's feeling burdened about responsibility. But still, he sense yes. So somebody on then feels burdened about the work. So this person is taking a lot of responsibility on feeling burdened. A border cannot say no. That is supposed to say no to someone. He then feels that he's taken for granted on. He's burdened with a lot of response Americans so these are some off different types of letter s, which can be seen in the handwriting should be interpreted in terms off sympathy. 22. Letter t: let it be this constant. Why is that? Why isn't the government can most of the trees trees from the letter because of me off to forage The water line is called is for me to stay, causes each other attention. 50 days old East Anything the most talked about a lot about that. Let us first understand what the word leg starting something new stamps for me begins smooth because on the left off in the past is the future. So that would be of interest in the present situation. That fact. So let us a future Austen's would you like means that what? What do you like? Doesn't start something like means completing. Stop presenting. Begin something. So the confidence. Because Because I said that following sentence like this You Are you money or something? What does in country cost that needs? I get all things incoming. Stay across his completion crossed his confidence, sustenance, disease All this scene in cross contamination sustenance, Confidence The bus is not keeping in stock. My stock this can give me a sense is keep his can be Oh, we're looking at very starting. Let me first me is looking. No, you have a stent which is not cost, uh, eventually used. That very is increasing dating in the examination. If you see this is doing what just is not. But for assistance through the process is complete. That would be on this is hiding because also on the next leg. So this person has the second. The cost is working. Please, The goal is opposed. This will be slinking difficult, much better. This is easy number six. So you can wear these these bars. So I say that one no means people have very ordinary, very expect something for these the lowest forms 456 best your most goods which is best, which is most these other people watch. Working Number Day is on the border with the fact that President situation cross booth expecting the best this situation, the expense of this situation use What is leaving is the maximum possible on the best possible. So this this in this closes number is a cross which is beyond words beyond land disposal booth. This person is a post who's giving something for him. So that shows this is the thing is difficult. You get also seen that I think this. I think it's more people, people. They're looking at ways across the state. This is the word of land stand that is the beginning of something cross. Let us say the future is because in the froth, let's say working just this post just facing that. Just the fact he's way. Yes, working faces situation, for it is in jail, which actually cross cross cross for most except the bus except situation, situations Institution, by the way. No, who's just facing reality wanting just getting speaking or thinking off the bus doesn't want except situation, but I just want. But the situation way back six is in the future. Something before they will do something off future president situation, the invasion action before before the late so very mission. This will be all issues. This was that the fascination actually crosses the true success because of those piecing the president's infusion accepted. Yeah, the she the first kids step is Soar Lane or back for the first post is blood and saw the second person opposes. Making This, I said, is if you also this this pointer and shot binging. But this is so it hasn't done disposed saw saw first course is a strong relations because off meeting on being is so. He is in fact, except to bash, stay off waiting assault. Maybe you all stay. But I like the way. So you if you see a false well being is very short. Total is equal. What is the meaning off? We understand that you understand the meaning off high h any Let us be invalid knowledge off the bus. That isn't easy. But you know, if you have something in small, so little is sharp edge. Then you have a list. Yes. So if you have a shop, listen then So you accepting that knowledge? It is a small that was number is which is with so that was accepted. That does know something going. But he is emphasizing, insisting that knows everything in this me can not something that this is getting evil because number food is being a mom is believes that he has that he actually such you cannot give something opposing warning you. This is because he already has So let me be instead chosing evil waas She we have different names of shapes. Cross some of them. First name is showing that most used excuses for you. What? He was stopped giving excuses for doing what was coming is a is trying to move, disposes always behind going someone or some or something. Motions that he does not have needs while you skin. So on is images Number four is he beat that nobody is doing. Actually, no one is a legal cross on the site. This crop bushels that was very joining disposal disposal actually lacks confidence because off presents on this offenses view. So this person has Bean, I suppose, is happening, Johnny, because he doesn't situational lack confidence. They told me Number six is an easy stroll. This you cross on you on the left shows that Genesis disposed of Genesis. This was generous off quiet off some positions by somebody. He is somebody number seven, which has close to see number differences in people's eyes pointing CrossFit is pointing in the future. This bus is showing because experts say that this he's more is releases for something that is completing and leaving others, his Children, his successes, somebody other than the other, or he's expressing other expensive said all the next four motion off people is on the left This people are stuck in the mosque on the Justice League, sometimes just always just one. There be justice fares they can get justice cannot. Actually fighting against number is on the way with future Always dispose is always thinking about what makes a really huge Yeah, go cross across. Expected next mother is is what we see is the problem can be Is that because making things in one of the world's becoming immediately exposed, but that the best institutions looking, that is it's also showing Easton is that age that is election next leader. So when it is the key standing less then the next day all the beasts next because I want you or respond with next. In the first case, we see that this was used excuses has a new citizen with this, but he has mixes, which comes after the first leg of the next leg. Wasn't makes working line. Stand off. He makes the next and then comes back. This was is coming back. Yes, so he has to be the next step back off. This post is something bad. This is going back Bush, but he's being He's having a lot of things because all this the next is when he wants to live. Next time he's seen Booth, my supposed generally. But if the Post is wanting to center froth person is that is one. Even if he were, they look something like this that left disposed, always goes back for maggots means from someone in the past. That seed is bad so that he can. This post is actually just back. This is that he has about all action and he's number fights those who he's fighting the good fight. This is with me. I think this is a post whose changes you're looking pressure off this by touching and feeling the pressure off line. I have you for a single leaving something some difference between the bridges. So take the pressure off pressure. These energy What would you like? Meat Starting something new. Combining these meetings off pressure What we understand when the pressure is working the line This person is putting more and more more more in the process off starting something. This is is more in starting something. Initiate something. This is a on the supposed is putting equal energy in style. They forced us as good up starting something. But listen, do you think not just because it's listen, listen. The campus is giving equal lineage. Putting quarters to start is getting more major than whatever he or she the very next things but the main thing. So we have be in peace. This conclusion is about letting that is an important off you can get. You might get in the scene later, which has high fish in the sea is what you have seen. You have one. Austin is seeing more on the way. There's a law against densities. This booth, you have to stay away. You should be things about just off course. Just it's not, I suppose, just right has what he's. 23. Letter u and v: in this video, we're looking at letters. You let you is a soft liquor. It shows you're absolutely be software. It is required to be soft and polite. There is. This is Little Villages Shop. This shows your analytical ability on having a big stress where it is required to be stressful. So a person who writes we like this in this world is being soft when he's actually required to be shot on analytical. This person is not being sharpened. Analytical Bay is supposed to be. There has been a person alliance U in ambulance. There it is supposed to be soft. This person is being analytical, sharp and stressed where he's actually not required to be stressful on not required to analyze the situation similarly even and community angular instead of making our kids off the humps in an end. In small letters, this person is being an in particular shot where he's not required to be analytical. Ensure this person is being do stressed out where he is not required. So let me and you shows you where the person is being soft. Whether he's being soft at the right places. Don't know whether he's being sharp and analytical. There is required to be 24. Letter w: in this video, we're going to study letter w The name off the liquor letter w itself tends the right formation. We call this liquor as a w When pronounced slowly you can hear it as double you. So the right formation has to be you written twice. So the right formation looks like this double you. If you write it like this. It's not a w. It's a double V. So I didn't wanted a double me or you have to make it a double you. So this is the right formation on this is actually not the right for me. So let us understand the meaning off letter W letter W is representing how the writer treats women or how the right behavior with women. So if the letter has made softly and the person is soft towards women, if it is being with angles like a double B, then the person is harsh towards women. It has been do all the writer being a meal or a female Number three in this w is written in this fashion where it converges but doesn't go beyond the midriff. Then the person is close to teammates or he has been close to Mother, and that's why his clothes on. Comfortable working with him, he understands women. He understands emotions very easy on its comfortable working with females. But in this any part and still goes beyond the midriff even slightly, then this shows extramarital relationships or excuse that the person has some relationship with some women, which is being here. So the person is hiding a man's relationship with whom this can be a leading writing or a man writing. But the meaning remains the same. That romantic relation with the woman is being here. It can be an extramarital affair, or it can be a relationship about which the person is hiding something, whether intentionally or unintentionally. If there is a knotting you, then the person has seen a strong, persistent mother who has pushed this person the writer, to perform well in economics or, in kind, some kind of competitions. So this is like electric w. The letter W speaks about how the writer treats on behaves with women or teammates 25. Letter x: letter X In this video, we're going to study the interpretation off Letter X and handwriting. You really find little eggs and let desert in driving's. There are a lot of samples. We do not have a single eggs or is there in the handwriting. But if you ever come across like a X, how should we interpret it? Little extends for the league. This person handles the present situation because X is a middle zone letter. It shows you how this person handles the present situation and how this person is thinking about day to day activities. When you have a little extra by crossing two formations by crossing two lights, it shows that the person picks in a very contemporary. This person thinks in a contemporary disposal things in a traditional way, the way everybody else thinks the popular way of thinking well, if, like, excess return like this and the person is thinking in a different way. So in the world, things in one specific way, this person is going to think it's some other opposite way because there's a C formation and see formation is many information. But in Letter X, which shows how this person thinks about day to day activities this person tries to be out of the box, are innovative in small things on price to do things in a different way. He can be a sort off us like rebellious person toe. There is little exerting this week shoes, a lot of abstract thinking on shows that the person is thinking in a very abstract on orderly about how to approach day to day activities. 26. Letter z: little letters. It is very rarely seen in the handwriting. Most of the writings do not show any kind of X are said written in there, but that is OK, but if you come across letters there, how should you interpret letters that there has to horizontal crossbars with the transfers ? Like so, there are two horizontal lines which are like the crossbars in electricity, but the lines are completely in the middle, so they're only in the middle. So it is the confidence to handle day to day activities. Letters there shows your confidence to handle day to day activities. So if they're straight lines in letters that this person is confident about the daily activities, the small routine activities that he's doing, whereas if the lines are not stated, if they are giving are there cold and the person is not having good confidence 200 day to day activities on if there is a crossbar extra between these two crossbars that this person is a certain this person is reminding himself that he has a lot of confidence. He has confidence, but he has to assert himself to show that he has one on many people, right desert with lures will know if, like those that is written as lower zone like then it has to be studied like G J and y. So this type of there has to be considered as a member of the family off GJ and my letters .