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Complete Guide to Eyebrow Makeup

teacher avatar Mira Metzler, Mixed Media Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction & Overview

    • 2. A Brief History of Eyebrows

    • 3. Why Eyebrows Are Important

    • 4. The Classic Eyebrow Shape

    • 5. Shaping The Eyebrow

    • 6. Filling In the Eyebrow

    • 7. Demo #1 Powder

    • 8. Demo #2 Pencil

    • 9. Demo #3 Cream

    • 10. Final Thoughts

    • 11. Class Project

    • 12. My Daily Brow Routine

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About This Class

Let’s talk about eyebrows!  I designed this course for the savvy woman, either a true novice who never plucked her eyebrows, or a more experienced makeup lover who has her daily routine already in place.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist


I am a professional Makeup Artist passionate about sharing my knowledge of makeup and love of illustrations. I love teaching women how to make themselves more naturally beautiful with strategically placed makeup to flatter and sculpt natural features.



Watch my beginner's makeup class class using this link !

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1. Introduction & Overview: Let's talk about eyebrows. I designed this class for the savvy woman. I'd return office who never plucked her eyebrows, or a more experienced makeup lover who has her daily routine already in place. My name is Mira Metzler. I'm a makeup artist with a professional degree in beauty makeup from one of the most prestigious schools in the world. When I was a student and all my life before that, my biggest struggle were eyebrows. I have naturally sparse and light eyebrows that don't help frame my face at all. That is why I worked longer and harder on the particular aspect off the face. So now I consider eyebrow makeup to be one of my best Kills will start the class with a look at the shape of the eyebrow through the decades starting from the 19 twenties, will study and understand how various eyebrow shapes can dramatically change our facial expression. We will delve into a dramatic approach and throw the benchmark position off. The classic eyebrow will go through the methods and techniques used. Change the shape off the eyebrow before evil. Considering makeup for adjustments, I will be demonstrating three methods off feeling in the eyebrows with makeup, with explanations and a commendation for went to use each. And it doesn't stop here. I am also showing you my daily eyebrow routine so you can see how fast and easy eyebrow makeup can be once you have a clear idea and understanding off where everything goes. So get your pen and paper ready and let's learn the ins and outs of eyebrows. 2. A Brief History of Eyebrows: before you get into the technical part, let's have a look at the shape of eyebrows through the decades will start in the 19 twenties and and in the present day, this will give us a better understanding off the classic shape off the eyebrow. And the variation, when we discuss, is for during the class, we'll start with the certain look off The 19 twenties in the roaring twenties, women had dark and extended eyebrows. They were thin and had a severe downwards, curving tail. This eyebrow shape was especially popular amongst actresses off the silent movies because they thought this was help their expressivity even more. In the 19 thirties, we have the rounded eyebrow. The focus wasn't shown off the beauty. Rather than disguising it, eyebrows had around upward Bend stars like Merle Oberon and Greta Garbo or very good that, illustrating this trend, everything gets sharper in the 19 forties. There is a gradual transition from the rounded shape, with Spolar arches and more thick brows just looking Joann Crawford, Malindi a Tree or Vivian Leigh, the bombshell look in the 19 fifties, the round shape gets completely left behind, making way toe a pointed arch and shorter tail. Actually, this eyebrow shape is very close to the classic eyebrow shape, but I'm gonna teach you today. Beauties like Gary's, Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Merrily Morrow and Eartha Kitt. They all had the same eyebrow shape swinging with the sixties in 1960. Browse tend to have more of a natural groom the periods unless of a statement as eyeliner makeup takes over. Top off the list is that we gay look with extra lashes and very natural eyebrows. All the happen herself sported this look, although she's more famous for her fifties local breakfast at Tiffany's, the shining 90 seventies. Same curved browse allowed the shimmery eye shadow to extend even further and also gave lashes on even longer appearance it. This was the year shimmery eye shadow was invented, so off course it was everywhere. We can see this eyebrow shape on Donna Summer and share. In the 19 eighties, it was all about clam eyebrows or ample and brushed upwards. Some women even left out the tweezers entirely along the artist to complete growing. Receive this in Madonna and Brooke Shields case. Welcome to the nineties, where the cigarette browse live. In contrast to the overdrawn look off the previous decade, the nineties saw on abundance in pencil thin brows all over again. Actress Pamela Anderson, singer Christina Aguilera and supermodels off the time Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista. They all had the same look No. Two thousands recovering from the tweets fest Eyebrow straight remained thin but followed the more natural path, providing a subtle frame for the frosted eyeshadow. Effect it. This eyebrow shape suited a natural makeup look like Jennifer Aniston had driven a glammed one leg. Beyonce says things are shaping up in the 1000 intense. The current random browse encourages women to embrace a fuller brow shape or fake it with special products like eyebrow pomade. This eyebrow trend is embraced by millions of women and embodied by Cara Delevingne. So I hope you enjoy this little trip, and I hope that now you're ready to go and learn the technical aspect off. Achieving the perfect eyebrow 3. Why Eyebrows Are Important: This is where our journey begins. We all know eyebrows are important, but let's talk about how the shape off the eyebrow affect your facial expression. I have prepared for examples for us to study, so we came identify and correct any unwanted eyebrow shape. Our first example is the sad face. In this case, the eyebrows are slanted down on the outside edge. The eye has a droopy appearance and the overall facial expression. It's sadness. It can also look melancholic and disappointed. If you remember from our previous lesson, we talked about this look when we were describing the 19 twenties example number to the worried face. The eyebrows are flat and the eye has a droopy appearance. The overall facial expression is concerned and worry. On the other hand, it can look childish, romantic and submissive. So I guess it all depends on the desired outcome. Example. Number three. The angry face, which, in my opinion, is the worst. The eyebrows are slanted together on the inner edge, towards the nose. I has an aggressive appearance, and the overall facial expression is anger, but it can also appear bold, dynamic and forceful. This is an eyebrow shape that is very powerful and very few people can actually wear it and look good with it. It can make you seem unapproachable and unfriendly. Our last example is the surprised face in this case. The eyebrows are very round with the high curve that I looks too low on the face and the overall facial expression is surprised. But it can also look open, attentive and ready. It's your choice, really. You can see how a face with no eyebrows has no expression, and it kind of looks funny. But the moment you change the shape off the eyebrow, it dramatically changed our facial expressions. This is why it's so important to get it exactly right for your face and for your features. So join me in the next lesson where we you're using geometry in order to achieve the perfect eyebrow. 4. The Classic Eyebrow Shape: we are ready to start defining the shape, and in order to do that, we will talk about the placement off the classic eyebrow. The first lesson. When we talk about the history of eyebrow shapes, we actually use terms like thin, thick, curved, arched sharp to describe the eyebrow shape off the time. But in order for those attributes to actually work, they have to relate something which in this case, is the classic eyebrow shape. So what is the perfect eyebrow shape? Well, the short answer is that the perfect eyebrow shape is the shape that gives the face and natural appearance. The classic eyebrow shape is the benchmark position off the perfect eyebrow shape. So in order to achieve a perfect eyebrow shape, you have to know what the classic eyebrow shape is. Bear in mind the measurements used by the classic eyebrow set guidelines and not rules Dickens or the guidelines in the makeup industry. And this is how I decide the appropriate eyebrow cheap for my clients. So let's draw the classic eyebrow shape. You can follow the screen or droid yourself as we go through it. We start with the I one open. I and first will determine the horizontal position off the eyebrow for this jaw line on the lower lid off the I draw another line on the upper lead off the I. The distance between the first and the second line is equal toe on open. I now draw line one open I above the lash line, so just take, take the same distance, double it, and then you have your third line. The resulting line is the brow line. Now draw another line on another open I above the brow line. And here is our fourth line. This marks the arch peak. Basically, you will have an equal distance between the four lines. Now draw a line between the brow line and the arch beak line. This marks the arch based. We will now determine the vertical position off the eyebrow. For this, we start by drawing a line from the inner corner off the I upwards. This is called the inner brow line through a second line from the outer corner off the iris upwards. This is the center line and also the arch placement draw third line, equally spaced from the center line. This is the outer brow line now poses video and make sure you understand this grid. I encourage you to try it yourself on a piece of paper, but on a picture of yourself now we can draw the complete eyebrow. The eyebrow starts at the inner brow. You can see how we're using the grid to determine exactly where the brow begins, Arches and ends. Notice how the eyebrow is thicker at inner brow, the hairs or narrow as they go towards art and hair tapers from the arch to the outer brow , forming a fine point. This is the classic eyebrow shape, and this will be our benchmark position. You don't have to memorize the terminology. It's not important. What is important for you is to visualize this greed so we can properly use it on yourself . What I suggest for you to do is actually draw it exactly as you say it, because this builds up muscle memory and it's very easy for you to use donor faced in. And it makes it easier for you to assess your own brows because it's not so abstract off course. The classic eyebrow shape as variations you can see side by side how classic eye browed look how thin I brought look and how thick eyebrows would look. All three eyebrows use the same guidelines and the same grid, but the difference is very noticeable. So if you were to have sparse and ah, very litter hair in your eyebrows, you would choose a thin eyebrow. And also, if you have naturally thick and dense eyebrows, you didn't twist them to make them sin. You would use that thickness and incorporated in the classic eyebrow. If your eyebrows or naturally thin, they will look on balance if you try to make them too thick. On the other hand, if your eyebrows or thick and you want to make them very thin, you will end up looking very embarrassed again. Now join me in the next lesson so we can talk about methods and tools to shame the eyebrow . 5. Shaping The Eyebrow: Now let's talk about shaping the eyebrow. What are the methods and tools that can be used to alter the shape off the eyebrow? This step should be done previous to applying makeup products on your eyebrows. The first thing you have to do is analyze the eyebrows. You can look into a mirror in a well lit area. I would choose natural light because it best emphasizes your features. You can also print a photo of yourself looking face forward, you have to look for overall position and balance. Ask yourself to the eyebrows. Appear heavy or overpowering. Are the eyebrows hardly noticeable or to light? Is their natural arch to the eyebrow, or or the eyebrows flat? Are the eyebrows to round without much of an arch? Are there holes or gaps in the eyebrow under extra long hairs that extend up or down in the eye, Rose or both Arbors are the same elevation about I the's issued or is result. By shaping the eyebrow, we begin by brushing the eyebrows. Brushing is the maneuver off the hair in the direction off the hair growth in order to reveal areas that need to be twist or trimmed the tools were used for brushing or a browse poorly or a brow come, you can choose either one. I usually use the browse probably, but that's just a personal preference, although in this video I will be demonstrating with the brow comp next streaming. This is the process off using Caesar's to controlled length off the hair that extends past desired eyebrow shape. I personally don't use streaming very often because I find that the length off the hair can work in favour off the eyebrow if its control. With the gel product, you can use standard stainless steel scissors or special pair with a comp attached. Last step is tweezing. This is the process off removing individual hair from the eyebrows in order to obtain the desired shape using a tool called twisters. There are plenty of Twitter shapes in the market, so just pick one that suits you. Just very mind that the slanted tweezers or more versatile while the pointed tweezers or used for a burn hair roots. I just want to mention these extra products that can be very handy. One. Shaping the brow force of ALS, the brow Joe. This will keep your brows in place while working on the shape. The 2nd 1 is the white pencil. I don't use white pencil when I do make up, but I do use it when a shape the eyebrow cover the party's needs to easing. Now let's move to the next lesson and see how we can fill in the eyebrows. 6. Filling In the Eyebrow: it's time to talk about filling in the eyebrows with makeup, and especially how to choose the right color for your eyebrows. The first question that you need to answer is what is your desired look? Do you want it to be bold or subdued? Do you want it to be a statement or discreet? Whatever you desire, just bear in mind a few tips. Natural makeup looks called for a natural eyebrow appearance. Keep in mind you need to maintain the balance. Intense. I make up a dozen in competition with a strong brow. If your brow is a strong is your high makeup, it will make your face look very dark and heavy. On the other hand, if you choose a soft and delicate makeup, my seemed wash out with the softer brow, you might need to make it a bit bolder. Keep the balance and the last step. Both colored lips need a polished eyebrow for a good framing off I polished eyebrow. This doesn't necessarily mean heavy eyebrow. You can use gel to keep all the hair in place and just touch up color if you need it. Now, the two decided on the makeup look you want to go for, you have to take into consideration what's your local color. What I mean by that is what is the color off your skin and hair for blondes? Strawberry colored hair? Use a top or light brown shade. If you're a redhead, you can use a medium brown aura. Sienna shade Never read if your eyebrows have a natural good color, just feeling sports area with the same color. Dark brows will be filled with dark brown and never black for dark hair and light skin. It's better to use medium brown instead of darks, so the overall feeling is not too heavy. In the next lesson, I will demonstrate three ways to fill in my brows using makeup. 7. Demo #1 Powder: This is the fourth demonstration, and we're gonna fill in the eyebrows using powder. I am using this brow shaping kid in a medium shade. It has a powder and a wax container. I'm also going to use this angled brush and this eyebrow comb first, I'm going to start by combing the hair down so I can see where my natural arches I am using the powder. I'm gonna load my brush, use the back of my hand to eliminate access and also make sure it has, like, a fine line. I'm gonna place the color where art should be. This is where the color is most concentrated. Now I'm using the Great to make sure that I'm staying within the guidelines. Now I can brush hair upwards again and using the same brush without adding any other product. I'm going to start filling in the eyebrow. I'm starting at the inner bro. I'm going towards the peak results of the center and again trying to stay within the guidelines. I'm going towards the outer brow and I'm trying to form a fine point which, as you can see, I failed and I want to do to see this because there are times when you have to troubleshoot small mistakes like this, and this is how you can do it. I'm using the sponge that I used to apply foundation and basically raising the father. Now I can do it again from the center from the peak are going to the outer corner and trying to make a fine point. We're gonna use the wax apart. And this is only to keep the eyebrows in place, really, especially if you don't stream your eyebrows. This is very handy, so you don't have O'Hare's that go outside the desired shape. - You can see how different I look. Ah, when I do my eyebrows, I'm going to start on the other brow because I wanted to see that sometimes it's difficult and even more difficult to do the second I and it takes longer because you have to take into consideration the first eyebrow. So I'm starting as usual by brushing the hair downwards so I can see where my natural arch is. I'm placing the color, the arch beak, and with whatever is left on my brush, I proceed feeling in the eyebrow. Now you probably noticed that I'm really going off the guidelines here and my arches very sharp. And I'm not really pleased with the results. So at this point, I decided this is not something that I can fix, so I have to erase it and start over. So don't be scared if this happens to you. Um, sometimes you're just in a hurry, but otherwise all times just nervous, like I was here because I'm not used to the camera. Um, it doesn't matter. You don't have to be. Fact, you will get perfect with practice and just start over again. He started from the under brow going towards the center of the brow, forming the peak and going down to the outer brow, tapering into a point. This method is best suited for thick and dense eyebrows because power can actually hide beneath the hairs. And it looks very natural, very mind that you can't really change the shape off the eyebrow with this mattered without looking toe obviously made up. If you have sparse eyebrows like I do, I suggest one off the other methods to fill in your eyebrows. I think you'll find them easier to master, and the effect would be more natural 8. Demo #2 Pencil: This is our second demonstration, and we're gonna fill in the eyebrows using the pencil, as we did in the previous lesson. I'm brushing the eyebrows downwards, but this time I'm Jozy desperately at the end of the pen and holding the pencil almost parallel to the skin. I'm drawing a line through the middle off the eyebrow, but we don't touching the inner or outer corner. This provides me the mainframe, and now, by brushing the hairs upwards again, I uncover it and see what are the other areas that need to be filled in? I starting at the inner brown, but this time noticed how I'm holding the pencil at an angle off almost 45 degrees, and I'm drawing in between my natural hair in the direction off the hair growth from the base upwards to the arch and downwards from the arch to the outer corner. I'm starting the second brow. You don't really need to brush the hair downs in order to see the art, especially if your eyebrows or spars for this particular demonstration. I'm using a darker shade, and I don't normally use because I want to make sure that you actually see what I'm doing. I'm going back to the first Pro because I decided I need a bit of a rounded shape on the top. This is a personal preference because I usually turned to softer my appearance by having a more of a curved brow. Always look in the mirror and check to see if I brought ends at the same level as the other one. Now I went a bit too heavy on the inner corner, so now I'm using this booty Teoh Break the color. Basically, undoubted. This is by far my favorite method of feeling in eyebrows. 9. Demo #3 Cream: This is our third lesson in which we're gonna feeling the eyebrows with make up cream. I'm using a waterproof eyebrow corrector and an angled brush. I squeeze some off the product out of the tube on the back of my hand and use it as a mixing palette. You don't need much. A little goes a long way with these products. This time I'm using a different technique from the ones that I used in the previous videos . Because this product is meant to correct the eyebrows, we can use it to change the shape of the eyebrow as we wish. I'm starting at the base off the eyebrow from the inner corner, drawing small lines from the inner corner to the art. Notice how sharp the ages are build up. Little by little, this product is easier to build Upton to remove. Now, using the benchmark position, I am defining the art and tapering the outer brow. Make sure the base off your eyebrow is straight. I'm brushing the eyebrows so they set in the position that I want them. Remember, this is the waterproof product, so it will also act as a gel. The result is a very well defined eyebrow. Imagine a straight line from the inner brow to the base off the art, slightly curved and then a straight light again to the outer bro. If you make any mistakes, make sure you erase them quickly before it sets. This mattered off. Feeling in the eyebrow is the perfect choice. If you're I brother, thin because the eyebrows will be so defined, it is very important you choose the right shade. I hope youll practice one or all three of these methods so you can decide which one suits you better. 10. Final Thoughts: We covered a lot of ground in this class and I hope it provided you with all the information you need to make the most of her eyebrows, learn the greed and practiced the makeup techniques. And always remember, we live in a special time in history, so embraced whatever brow shape you want. If you enjoyed this class, please let me know in the review section, it always makes my day to hear from you don't forget about the class project and never hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any question or just to say hello. 11. Class Project: after everything you learned so far. Now it's time for her class project. This is where you get to practice your new acquired makeup skills. Your class project is to use one of the methods demonstrated in this class to feeling your eyebrows. Then upload a photo of you in the class project section. You could also describe in a few words how the greed work for you. I'm curious to know how he used it. 12. My Daily Brow Routine: - all right.