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Complete Guide on Software Testing - Week1 - Software Testing Fundamentals

teacher avatar EasyLearn Spot, Passion for teaching

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Software Testing Promo

    • 2. Week 1 Introduction and What is Testing ?

    • 3. Fields of Testing

    • 4. What is software Testing ?

    • 5. Is Software Testing Necessary ?

    • 6. Who do testing ?

    • 7. Testing terminology

    • 8. What do testers do ?

    • 9. Week 1 - Closing Thoughts

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About This Class


Complete Guide for Software Testing is a 10 week series course. Here you will learn basic fundamentals of software Testing till the Test case creation with a project example templates.

In this Week 1 series we cover:

  • What is Testing?
  • Fields of Testing
  • Software Testing Introduction
  • Is Software Testing necessary?
  • Who do Testing?
  • Testing Terminologies
  • What do testers do ?

If you are new to software Testing start from week 1 series by clicking the link below:

Week 1 -Software Testing Fundamentals

Week 2 - Quality Assurance Quality Control

Week 3 - Software Development Life Cycle

 Week 4 - Software Development Life Cycle Models

 Week 5 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Overview

 Week 6 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Plan Creation

Week 7 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Design Techniques

Week 8 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Testcase & Bug Report Creation

Week 9 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Implementation and Maintanence

Week 10 - Levels of Testing & Types of Testing

Project in Manual Testing

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1. Software Testing Promo: way. 2. Week 1 Introduction and What is Testing ?: Hi, I'm something. A software dream. I will be the instructor for the schools. Welcome to the course. Complete Guide for Software Pissed. This goes specifically designed for bigness who are interested in soft reddest. This school's is segregated ESA 10 beats Etess, I said, just begins to start from one, understand early and then want to be. Those who have knowledge in testing can select the specific series. And at the end off every week you'll be given a task to complete these tasks. Research will finally help you. Beauty s keys clean. Once again, I welcome you all to the schools. Let's start with week one software distinct tournaments. Our first stop because what does Testing Testing is not a big dusk. It is just finding it. But do you able to find the bucks? In this picture you feel Answer this. Yes, you have become a tester. But what we are looking for is not a real. But we are going to find out the errors in the application which we are going to do the test. We usually call it this obligation on the desk. We just a You know that we understand that testing is not a difficult task. We will mourn toe the next topic to learn more about testing 3. Fields of Testing: on feeds have besting in that I have given some examples. It could be Elektronik testing, radio frequency testing, android testing, mobile testing software destiny. And there are many more testing feels to in that we are going to learn about software testing as from the name software testing, we know that we are going toe test The software applications software applications were going to categorise in two types, which is their publication. And Donna the Oneness Windows application will be using the same procedure to do the test in both categories. Whatis Web application We all know about Internet applications, the websites that can be accessed online. It's called a Web application, and it usually starts with heads. TTP www dot your door, my name dot exchange and what does mean by Windows applications. Windows application is nothing but the standalone application, which works off line. This product based application. You can install it as a software or S and AMP. Then if you start doing the testing, then it is called the no based obligation. The procedure, which we are going to follow throughout the course, can be used by both the obligation categories. 4. What is software Testing ?: Now we will see what this software distance. So I'm not going to teach you the definition of software testing. I'm going to give you a really time soon. Are you so that you will understand the meaning off software dist in the first and you we are going to see through persons The first person is the blank and the second persons that management also coming client is the one who gives the project through the company on the management is the person who delivers the project you deflect. So what do declined Expect from the management while the project it's delivered. The client expects that the project needs to be complete. Correct. And it should be up to the quality. No, we will see one by one. The first oneness. The completeness, which means they're flying, expects the project to be completed one leaving all the requirements given by the flying job completely done. And the second oneness correctness, which means there The requirement matches the final off. And the 3rd 1 is the quality which is the standard off the final kill. Come stand off the full scenario. Now The second scenario is it's just prospect. You What does the roll off the test? Their job is to execute application on Lord the bus. Executing the application doesn't mean that execute the good. We are going to just check the application for DUI. Test one. Lead it. Wasit do conditions, of course. No, we're going to check Woody Wasit. You asked for a list negative conditions, which we can do a go by manual testing or by automation. It's these students scenario as a whole describes them, meaning off software pissed. 5. Is Software Testing Necessary ?: its software testing necessary Testing is a manatee part which needs to be done before delivering the project. So why do we need this to testing? Delivers those software products which satisfies use those expectations needs and the requirements when software testing feel is not in existence? The Aleppo used to deliver the projects directly to the client. We help any testing, and the clients were not technically strong. Gets irritated by too many errors on they are not satisfied with the quality off the application. So the compact custom was stopped after the white in order to a wide this. They interviews Dio Newfield, also off their testing to a wide the errors it reaches the clients with zero bucks on 100% want, so that is the need off soft reddest. 6. Who do testing ?: who do testing developers, and it's just do testing. Is it confusing? Developers do a minimal distance. Their job is to understand the government. They do Initial testing on the morning recorded. Their main aim is to complete according before project. They're still also need to understand the requirements. However, they need to do a complete application distinct. They also need to complete the distinct before deadline. But their main aim is to anybody the Tzeitel butts 100% even book do the testing still very completist. 7. Testing terminology: testing terminologies. So we have some testing terminologies like ever buck fault and see ever. There's nothing but the mystic done by the developer in the courting process. And if the others identified by a person, then it is called this book who will identify the bus? It's still be testing. Obviously, they call the address. Fall is the state of software bossed by an so to give an example in the registration form, your register. Barton. It's deceiving. So this is quality for failure is that it? Is the deviation from it Expected isn't which means that do you do the area? What is the final outcome due to disabled register? But the use of alone be able to register in the application so they will not be able to log in. So obviously, we are losing the customers. No use of can use the Web application, so that is a total failure off the application. So these are the Filomeno latest, which we commonly use in the testing field 8. What do testers do ?: war do testers. His stuff job is to right s Jesus and they're going to execute their Estes is executing this cases as checking weather them like women. So satisfied once execution as being done. Their next job, this New York the defects on the log but will be sent to the developer for six. Once the develop of fixes the issues, it will be sent back to the jesters for retesting. The testers do the re testing job and once it is done close, that's so Estelle's or the sign off authority for delivering the project. 100% quality and zero butts. So test engineers are responsible for performing the testing. You watch you 100. Listen, this coverage off all the mornings. 9. Week 1 - Closing Thoughts: way. - We have come to the end off the big one cities whole Fuel understands off existing funding minutes. Thank you all for attending this course. See you in the victor Cities. Quality assurance and quality control.