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Complete Guide on Software Testing - Week 4 - Software Development Life Cycle Models

teacher avatar EasyLearn Spot, Passion for teaching

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Week 4 Software Development Life Cycle Models Promo

    • 2. Recap of Software Development Life Cycle

    • 3. What is SDLC Model ?

    • 4. Different SDLC Models

    • 5. Waterfall Model

    • 6. V Shaped Model

    • 7. Iterative Model

    • 8. Spiral Model

    • 9. Prototype Model

    • 10. Agile Model

    • 11. Week 4 Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

Complete Guide for Software Testing is a 10 week series course. Here you will learn basic fundamentals of software Testing till the Test case creation with a project example templates.

In this Week 4 series we cover:

  • Recap of SDLC Phases
  • What is SDLC model?
  • Different SDLC Models
  • Agile Methodology

If you are new to software Testing start from week 1 series by clicking the link below:

Week 1 -Software Testing Fundamentals

Week 2 - Quality Assurance Quality Control

Week 3 - Software Development Life Cycle

Week 4 - Software Development Life Cycle Models

Week 5 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Overview

Week 6 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Plan Creation

Week 7 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Design Techniques

Week 8 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test case & Bug Report Creation

Week 9 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Implementation and Maintenance

Week 10 - Levels of Testing & Types of Testing

Project in Manual Testing

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1. Week 4 Software Development Life Cycle Models Promo: way. 2. Recap of Software Development Life Cycle: Hi, I'm something soft. I would be the welcome to the company. This Colsa specific assigned awful means what you just saw. This school is a sickening 10. I said This speaking. I understand that only I didn't want me. Those who have knowledge, indistinct disease, I then does everything you'll be given a task to complete thes calf muscle. Finally, Once again, let's mourn toe the Big Four Series software development lifecycle models before moving on to your steals immortals. Let's have a recap on software development, Life sick software development, Lifecycle process explains the whole project development process and the responsibility off each department. During these faces, there are seven faces in software development. Lifecycle deal. The Cure Man fees analysis, Face design, face holding face besting face implementation fees. Maintenance fees in the requirement fees Requirement is collected from Flight Doc Mentor and then approved for further faces in the analysis Face Project Manager gives some walk through about the project based on the requirements received from the client. Once done, analysis faces done Based on the discussion, senior developers referred the same documents for further holding process in the cording fees developers start developing the Cody based on the low level signed up in the test increase is still start preparing. This case is based on your father's. The implementation face is launching the application in this over. Applications ready to use on anyone can access the application from any bed in the maintenance piece. Maintenance period is given for every application based or client request. You can learn each face in detail in the previous series, Big Three Software Development Lifecycle. 3. What is SDLC Model ?: - waters is DNC. Morning is deal see Model flavor framework means organizing your book depending to specific projects. Every department have its own frame look framework, which explains activities of us that happened in each face off software development. Lifecycle is no nous is deal, Seymour. 4. Different SDLC Models: - different s deals. Immortals There are different types. Off is deal See models. The most popular models are waterfall model, V shaped mortal. I trade you mortal Speidel model Proto type model a jail model. We will learn each mortal in detail in all these models we are going to use as DLC faces as peace as we learned before we're going toe, organize these faces and the organizing differs for each morning. 5. Waterfall Model: waterfall model. What a full model starts from procurement sees and flow. Still, maintenance fees that is no come back this morning means once the phases approved, we can't go back and make changes. Previous races he desisted based IP approach. Every face needs to be approved before moving on to the next place. The advantages off quarter full mortal it is very easy to use. It is easily understandable because it gives us more time for understanding the figure. Us. It is easy to understand. Even the inexperience stuff will be able to get more information regarding the project. This mortal works bill Ben quality is more important than cost. Our schedule allocated for the project management would be having good control over the project, like planning staffing on tracking approach milestones are very, very honest. Requirements needs to be stabilized before going through the project. These are the advantages off waterfall mortal. Next comes the disadvantageous off or fall morning. The advantage off waterfall mortal can also be a disadvantage. All the requirements should be no. Before starting the project, no new requirements can be added or changed. Indeed, middle off the project. If we do that, it creates a false impression off the project. Compass after each face deliverables are received that deliverables not considered throws that there's no changes can be done toe that deliverables Client interaction is very less in this mortal clients will not have the opportunity to review the project. These are the disadvantages off waterfall, then can be used for full mortar. We can use waterfall mortal for the projects that that experiments reminds deep. It can be used for short term projects because long term projects will definitely have a requirement changes. This model can be used for projects that new Bush nous regular for the existing projects are for projects which Rick your employees cheats. This can also used for importing existing product to new enjoyment flags With this year, Dan, I want to fall morning. 6. V Shaped Model: V shaped modern in the V shape the model every level list tester, which means testing is done, not one lean. The testing service. Every deliverable is Chester. To ensure quality, this model starts from coding fees. In this developers do A You need NIST on the individual memorials ordered by them with low level or detail the design document. Ask difference once they individual modules, not Nestor developers. Integrate all the models on Do one integration testing with high level design document. Ask tests. Once the whole application is pretty way, descend toe the testers for complete testing. They do stem testing with their fathers as reference to ensure the application ist part three and 100% quality. Once the application is ready for launch, descend to the client for acceptance Dist. Once the application is approved by the plant, it descent toe the operations team for upload. Then the maintenance happens based on a plane. This explains the reshape. Here comes the advantages off the Ship V shape. The model is very easy to use. It emphasizes the planning for verification and validation off project in early stages. Off soft red development like single management can track the progress off the project. Using my stones, each deliverable must be tested before moving on to the next. These are the advantages off the ship. The disadvantages off, reshaped immortal are V shaped. Modern cannot easily handle iterations. Our faces concurrent Eaton's dynamic changes inject, and it does not contain any risk analysis activities. He saw the disadvantages off me shape then to use the be shaped modern. Reshaped. Mortal is an excellent choice for broad. Expect very highly. It can be used in all the requirements Are this model can be used to handle the projects? Barrack Government changes happens beyond the analysis fees. 7. Iterative Model: I trade you mortal. I try to model means developing the system through the petered cycle off iterations, but in smaller portions at the time. The advantages off I trade you mortal are Costis lists for the school pen. Trick your mints. Flexibility is more promise off. The project can be easily measured. Workings off that is achieved. Your knee. It is easier to test and re book Smaller hydration lists can be easily identified. Ben died. Rations are small, the this advantages also, I trade you. Morgan, as the I traded mortal is done in iterations ate breakfast. Border sources. Do you do this? The attention off the management district, your toe hand. In this, this mortal is not suitable for projects which have changing requirements, and also it is not suitable for short term politics. As the projects are split into small iterations, the project ending period may not be known correctly. Project progress mainly depends on risk analysis. Risk analysis needs to be handled by highly skilled resources in this, then to use I trade you mortal di trade. You mortal is useful when there are high. It is in the system, characteristics and holes this mortal can be helpful to know the latest technology and update the morning. According this model is useful Benji sources with experts. Skill sets are not available on the systems needs to be developed on a short term pieces. 8. Spiral Model: Spider Morgan Speidel model is a combination off a waterfall mortal, and I trade you more. Each face in spiral mortal begins with the design hole on. Inspect that light. Reviewing the progress the project repeatedly passes through the STL See faces in iterations. The advantages off spiral mortal in spite of mortal requirements can be captured. More security. New functionality are functional. Detained. This can be done in the status for better risk management. The more use feature risky to develop can be developed. Users can see the system yearly. The disadvantages off Speidel mortal are Speidel. Mortal process is very complex, and the process goes in. There crosses ending. This I know Speidel model is not so double for short term projects, and the cost is expensive for doing small projects. Management is very complex in Speidel Model, then to use vital mortal Speidel Model can be used for Rogic's with a nky it on our licks requirements. It can be used for lords are long term projects. Speidel model is suitable for projects. Requirement changes happen in the later stage. It is also suitable for high risk projects and for projects with frequent releases 9. Prototype Model: proto type Morton developers build a prototype during the environment. Sees proto type is evaluated by the plant. Claimed use correct you feedback. Developers further refined the prototype. When the client is satisfied, the prototype is converted to the final product in the development process. No other mortal shares. The requirement Dog Light prototype model is mostly used in learning the advantages off prototype mortal are in the prototype. Mortal clients can see the system requirements in the far most prototype. Develop ALS. Learn from clients in this porter because off fixing there's in prototype a cure it in product this achieve. Also, developers have the flexibility in designing on development signs off progress can be seen . Basically, the disadvantages off prototype model are in this mortal. Overall maintaining ability may be over. Client might want the prototype delivered to them, which is not possible due to continue as planned. Interaction the process baker to you. For that, this mortal may abandon the structured program development, then to use prototype prototype model can be used for short lived demonstrations. It is suitable for developing user interfaces in applications. It can be used for projects that the requirements are not. Steve 10. Agile Model: a J Modern in a jail mortal There will be continuous communication with the client after each development iteration through the project which is not available in any more After every morning you'll is ready. We will get feedback from the flight If the client is satisfied, we will want to the next morning. This process reduces the error on There is no need toe elected more time for fixing the errors during the large face. This is like a demo face bear We will deliver the project as demo to decline before the completion off whole project We can use the jail mortal for project which needs to be completar in a limiter time period If we need to complete the project within the deadline we need to reduce the scope off the application. This a jail immortalised less formal. We will not have any strict rules to follow like the mornings so that we can bypass any faces so much likes. Like this model can be used by organisations which for low the standards off this plane Dementors Here we come to the end off the s deals Immortals 11. Week 4 Closing Thoughts: way we have completed way. Thank you for taking this course. See you in the next week. Sees software testing lifecycle over you.