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Complete Guide on Software Testing - Week 2 - Quality Assurance and Quality Control

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7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Software Testing promo

    • 2. What is Quality ?

    • 3. How to measure Quality ?

    • 4. Test Metrics and its Types

    • 5. How to calculate Test Metrics ?

    • 6. Differentiate Quality Assurance & Quality Control

    • 7. Week 2 - Closing Thoughts


About This Class

Complete Guide on Software Testing course is a 10 week series course on Software Testing. Here you will learn basic fundamentals of software Testing till the Test case creation with a project example templates.

In this Week 2 series we cover:

What is Quality?

How to measure Quality?

Test Metrics

Types of Test Metrics

How to calculate Test Metrics ?

Differentiate Quality Assurance & Quality Control

 If you are new to software Testing start from week 1 series by clicking the link below:

Week 1 -Software Testing Fundamentals

Week 2 - Quality Assurance Quality Control

Week 3 - Software Development Life Cycle

 Week 4 - Software Development Life Cycle Models

 Week 5 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Overview

 Week 6 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Plan Creation

Week 7 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Design Techniques

Week 8 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test case & Bug Report Creation

Week 9 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Implementation and Maintenance

Week 10 - Levels of Testing & Types of Testing

Project in Manual Testing


1. Software Testing promo: way. 2. What is Quality ?: Hi, I'm something. A soft drink. I will be the instructor for the schools. Welcome to the course. Complete Guide for Soft Reddest. This goes specifically designed for business who are interested in soft reddest. This causes segregated ESA Gen beats Cedar's, I said Just begins to start from one. Understand that only and then want those who have knowledge intestine can select the specific series on at the end off every week you'll be given a task to complete these tasks . Research will finally help you. Beauty queen. Once again, I welcome you all to the schools. It's one quality assurance and quality control. What this quality Did you see two websites in the screen? Which website do you prefer to use? Obviously you and select the second. Why? Because in the first website, user friendliness unknowingly quality place quality is defined by two great years. Meeting clients requirements should meet this standards. Meeting client requirements beats client requirements regarding the application needs to be satisfied meeting standards, meats. There are some standards maintained ing all the levels off developing an obligation. We should not baby exam it even if the client prefers to change 3. How to measure Quality ?: hold to measure quality off. The application can be measured by the following candidate please. First comes the functionality. Your application should be function. Next comes the usability. If the application is functional, but application you can feel is not good meets your application with no sense. Third comes Steve Liability, which shows the application ist part three and relatable for the use. Next comes the performance. It means that checking on how the application behaves, excess finally comes the scalability, which is nothing but checking the stress level off publication By increasing the user. These fight CATIC please need to be satisfied to deliver quality application. 4. Test Metrics and its Types : best metrics and it's types metrics. This metrics is the measure to estimate the problems off the project. Quality off publication and the distinct E project performs types off s midgets. We have three types off this magics. The first oneness. Ross's Magics. This is to measure the process efficiency off the software development legs process. Patrick still behind fight quality assurance. Next comes the product metrics. This is to measure the quality off the software product. Product metrics will be handled by this and the third oneness. Rogic metrics. This is to measure the efficiency off the team members off. Testing on the do is used by them. Project metrics will be handled by this. Manage no. 5. How to calculate Test Metrics ?: How the hell play s metrics? There are many complex formally in world In calculating this metrics here we are going to see a simple formally to calculate its metrics. Calculation will be mostly done by a Spanish judge for reporting for us to achieve the percent age off the executed desk. ISTEA does the falling form lease used number off the skis is executed, divided by total number off This is the street and the answer achieved this was deployed by 100. This is one off the desk metrics calibration. 6. Differentiate Quality Assurance & Quality Control: - differentiate quality assurance on while in this topic we are going to see about two games quality assurance and quality control. Quality Assurance Team Make sure that we are doing right things the right way. Quality control, the make sure. Now would we achieve this outcome or what we expected Quality assurance deals fit process quality control deals with product quality Assurance focuses on building in quality on they follow the process off, preventing the difference. Quality control focuses on testing for quality and they follow the characters process that this they direct effects in the project Quality assurance. Make sure they cover all the faces in them. Software development lifecycle quality control US. One leader testing face in this software development legs. 7. Week 2 - Closing Thoughts: way we have come to the end of the two seats. A small task is given the project section. You can go through the dust and try to do the US most. Your feedback. I hope you all enjoy the most. Thank you so much for ending the see you in the next seediest software development lives.