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Complete Guide To Amazon Kindle Self-Publish - Start KDP With No Costs

teacher avatar Shydra Black, digital marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. Amazon kindle KDP

    • 2. let's start with the fees first !!

    • 3. journals and notebook

    • 4. free sites to use to create your notebooks

    • 5. the right sizes for your notebooks

    • 6. the cover creation !

    • 7. design your own notebook content

    • 8. publish our notebook amazon

    • 9. the activity books intro

    • 10. the right sizes for an activity book

    • 11. the activity book papers

    • 12. let's design the cover for activity book

    • 13. let's publish it on the KDP

    • 14. the coloring books on kdp

    • 15. the right sizes for coloring book

    • 16. where to get the designs for free

    • 17. create your first coloring book KDP

    • 18. design the cover book for amazon kdp

    • 19. publish our book on the amazon kindle kdp

    • 20. ebooks on dkp

    • 21. let's design the cover for our ebook

    • 22. publish our ebook as a paperback

    • 23. design the book cover for our ebook

    • 24. how to publish my book as an ebook

    • 25. Amazon kindle kdp ebooks end

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About This Class

in this A to Z course, you will learn how many books for kids and journals and notebooks, and even coloring books are made on the amazon kindle direct publishing. moreover, you will learn how to calculate the right size of your book cover so it can fit your manuscript. also you will learn how to publish your books on this profitable platform without any issues with the sizes. moreover, in this course, I will walk you through all the problems beginners could face and how to fix them if you fall on the same problems !!! not only that but also you will learn how to make and publish an eBook as a digital book and as a physical book on the amazon kindle platform so you give your customers two options, to buy the book as a PDF or as a physical book.

in general, you will learn how to:

1 make and design and publish ebooks on kindle

2 make and design covers for ebooks with the right and specific sizes!!

3 design and make and publish coloring books for kids

4 design and make a cover for coloring books

5 design and make journals and notebooks and publish them on the kindle amazon

6 design and create a cover book for notebooks.

7 how to calculate the right sizes for your books and for you covers so you won't have any issues with KDP.

all the websites shared with you in this course are for free, so you can start making and uploading your work right after finishing watching this course !!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shydra Black

digital marketer


I'm Shydra, 24 years old and I'm a designer and a marketer. I have my own stores and my own brands, and I do programming as well. however, my courses will help you move forward doing what you love. moreover, I think its time for you to start learning online. fortunately, skillshare made learning online very easy for everyone. and I suggest you take advantage of this and learn the most in-demand skills and knowledge that will help you in your journey. and never forget, success is a journey and not a destination. so enjoy your journey and my courses.

I'm currently working on a program on python that will do digital marketing for you while you're sleeping, the idea of this python program is that you can give the robot an amount of money and the robot or the progr... See full profile

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1. Amazon kindle KDP : Hi and welcome to this course. My name is you drop. I'm she dragged black, 24 years old. And I'm a digital marketer and a designer. I designed mostly anything for my clients, from t-shirt designs, logos, books, cover at all the way to harm the cores. But in this course, I will show you and guide you step-by-step of course, on how to design non-content book as well as low content box. A non-content book, that it's means a book that has no content inside. It's empty. Like journals, netbooks, diaries, and so on. In the other hand, low content books, it means books that has low content inside, like for example, coloring book for kids and activity book for kids or either for kids or adults. Of course, I will show you how to design and create the book cover with the right measurements and the right size for every manuscripts or for every interior, or for every book that we will create. So that's the book cover will fit perfectly the manuscripts and the entire book. In the end, I will also show you how to publish your work in general, it could be low contents, books or not. Cantons box, kindle, of course, for a profit. Moreover, in this course, I will guide you and help you on how to create unpublished books. That's respect the Kindle terms of use. So you won't have problems in the long run with the company. So enrolled in this course today and learn how I personally creates unpublished my books online to do word. So learn and have fun with this course. 2. let's start with the fees first !!: So now we're going to see how much fees Amazon charged on how royalty you guard against. So for example, this is a simple netbook, my personal Internet address and password. Netbooks secure all of your possible and username in one lies. Continue. This one. It's a simple knot, a paperback. So it's a simple notebook where the user can save the internet addresses. And post-war notebook, it's another title, my personal Internet and address and password, netbook. Alright. So let us go to the Price. Saw the minimum that you can place your network. It's three. It's three points. L2 sets. As you can see, Fe plus ¢3.82, I'm going to get 0 even if the printing price is ¢2.29 because there are other fees. But if I, for example, flow processes are to $4, I'm going to get only ¢0.11 in the loyalty. That's why you can see a lot of notebooks in the Amazon are priced between six to $7. Most of them are $6.99. And if you place your notebook with $6.99, you're going to get $1.98 in your lot royalty. And there are some other marketplaces, the UK marketplace, it's come to me, please do it. 7.984, for example, the fresh or Denmark or early, or the Japan or the Canadian market. It's going to be a little different. So I always prefer to 40 Japan marketplace to priced above, above 100. I always prefer to placed above 104. The Canadian marketplace, I always prefer to plist above $10. So that's how I prefer to place my general books and notebooks. So let's click publish your paper. So this is just a paperback and it's showing me this if I want to publish my book as a Kindle book, as a digital book in which always choose clause because you can not publish my book as digital work. So I always click clause and see you in the next video. 3. journals and notebook: Hi guys and welcome. So welcome for this section and retreats or in this section what you're going to learn is first how to create our cover for your journal box. We're going in section two, we're going to only work on journal, on netbooks or we're not going to mix everything up. So you're going to learn how to create a simple journal or a notebook cover like for example, this one, my food journal, on my food diary. So imagine this. It's, it's, it's just one big picture. And by habits divided select, develop in the middle, like right here. This is going to be the first page and this one is going to be the last space in the other side of the book. And also this journal, notebook, which, which is my garden journal, not block. And just like the other one, we think the half is right here. So this is the first page and this is the last base, like the other side of the puck, the end of the book. So as you can see, it's also a simple picture in the background. And then I have added my garden, John attacks as our title and this simple flower, red flower. Anyways, also in this section what you're going to learn, you're going to learn how to, from where. Two, to create the content which is going to be inside just a little. It's papers, of course, and it sells 100 pages. And of course all the pages are similar, like are the same. The one-page duplicated 120 times. Alright. And so to publish a book on the Amazon, you need to have 2. First the contents or it's going to be inside of the book like this one right here, as well as the the cover for your box. All right. And as you can see, there are a lot of tablets like for, like it's a dream journal. And this one, it's a food journal. And this one it's a garden pine journal. Like the four people who like to plant some parts, like for example, the date planet and the transparent and stuff like that. You know, this is simple journal with only lines. What else? This is school timetable analysis are running journal for people who like sports and Rhein, the date and the distance and the time, the hour, the hour and the rest. Our anterior runtime as well as the Chu's that's, you saw everything is of course included. All rights. So after finishing this section, only this action was you're going to have is, for example, let me search on the Amazon like nuts. And that's Paul. Normal, golden continents Bach, Sean will progress to a tracker progress if you regard and press OK. And as you can see, this is one of the books that I have launched. And just like this, Nepal, OK, in the end of this section, you are going to have your own notebook, just like this one being published on the Amazon, are ready to be bought by the other Amazon shoppers. So stick with me till the end. 4. free sites to use to create your notebooks: Hi guys. Actually, when we work on in this business model, there are a lot of sites, free sites, of course, that's you need to save in order to make things easy for you and to create more and more knob box in your journey. But first of all, and now I don't want to just give you all the such by the width. Also, as I said right here, I don't want to give all of them to you. So now we're going to, in this section number two, we're going to use only two, actually true with composites. Now, we're going to save only two sites I want you to use right now. So this is the first site, and this is the second site. And all the links are going to be saved with this lecture. So, yeah, so let's start with the first site. Saw the first sites, it's where you're going to get for free. Of course, the templates and the interior, the papers off your netbooks. So always you have to do is click always, make mixture. It's long bleed. And for netbooks, for only netbook and journals, I always prefer to choose six double line. It's the common size. And for the page count, you can make 100 up to 200. You can make even 300 bucks. I personally prefer 120 and dig a gentleman, by the way, before even touching this and it'll injure the interior generator available. I hear what you gotta do. Always click the journal. Because when you're done, when you're done, saving and choosing your size. If we, if you choose, if you choose, you want to choose another style of your journal. It's going to to change. Alright? So first of all is choose a style electrons up. Let's use only a journal like assemble journal, saw click into simple journal, makes sure always it's normally it. And we're going to use bleed later on in, in, when we are going to create activity book for kids. But now it's a simple netbooks or always choose not bleed. And the common size, it's six, double nine. You can choose seven, double ten, or, or you can choose 5.58.5, but I prefer to choose six w i, and then the pages count. I always refer to issues also 120. You can choose a little more like 200, or you can choose to look less like 100. And then click Download. And of course we are going to don want this little templates. So this is the paper the interior was, well, it's going to be inside. Inside and as you can see, it. One page like simple piece like this one dope located 120 times. So let's save it and its journal, 609100 pages nobly. And just click Save. This is an almost, it's a French word, it's means saved. So yeah. So let's click save. And it's going to be saved. Harriet's and it's saved as a PDF. And that's good because Amazon GDP accept only PDF. So here we are. Now, we have the interior, Now we have the pages what's inside of of our journal now we need to create the cover. Good. So save it somewhere and always remember that we have choose a journal and it's six double mine. Sizes are very important. And it's 120 pages and it's more blood. All rights. So always remember that. Now we're going to go to the second website. So we're done with this website and save, I'm going to save the HTML code. And it's going to be with this course, I mean, with this lecture, with this, with this video. Alright, now we're going to move to the second website that's where you also, you'll need its normal otherwise. So in this sides, we're going to click giddy, GDP cover size calculator. It is just a guide. So we're going to use it in the can fall. Anyway, let's click size competitor, and it's six, double mine. And the page counts, it's 120. And the page type its whites, whites, pages, not criminal, it's colorful, it's white. And then we're going to create. So quick, calculates the cover size. Let's take it. So it's a journal six double 9120. Normally it 696,120 pages and 120 pages. Not this not bleed. You're going to use it. It's not useful in this website. It's only as for where we're going to publish our books or yeah, so I'll click Calculate cover size. Alright. So here we are. So the sizes are going to be important to, sizes aren't going to be very important. And yeah, so, so remember, you can copy this the full width and the full height and don't bother this one, it's useless for us. Just copied forward 12.52 and copy the full Hi. Because we're never copy the pixels. We are not going to copy the pixels later on, on quantity you why you shouldn't copy defects or when creating our cover size income VOC, the pixels are not that good. So where the ancients, anyways did as another side which I want to give it to you, which is always here. Maybe this one. It's this one. And this sets one. It's going to do, we'll go into Dolan PNG cover. It's not the cover, but it's, it's just a guide that's going to help us to create our governor. So collect six double mine and Dipesh counts 120 and the paper color whites. And they collect dollar templates, covered some plates. And it's a book of 609 and the vicious mangled 20 saw click, save. And Harry R. So now we have the book cover and our journal, the interior. So what is the P and G? Yeah, this one. So I'm gonna put it right here and you can delete this one. We don't need it anymore. And what we need. So all we need is this one which is going to help us to create the cover using Kanban. And this one is the interior with regard to publish on the Amazon platform. And also what we're going to need is this little sizes right here. So let me save diversed. Rule. Six, double line, 120 pages. Good. So I'll click, say 69100 patients. And then click Save again and make sure it's in the desktop. Bilabial, it's a French word means the desktop. Alright. So I'll click Save. All rights. So now if you have these templates or what you're going to do, I'm going to go and download this template with the same sizes. And dolan, this journal notebook, the interior with the same size and the same page counts 120 pages plus dot this little guide. And then come back and watch the second and the next video. All rights. So I'll see you in the next video when you don't do it all what I did in this lecture. 5. the right sizes for your notebooks : Alright, alright, so far, so good guys. So now we're going to see how to calculate the sizes for your cover block that we're going to create. It saw the cover book. It walks like January with the journal, with the, with the interior book. So this enter your book for example. It's a journal book with six double mine and with 100 pages. Saw each single Xuan For example, if we had another journal with the same sizes, six, double nine bus with different counts pages, for example, Monday nine business didn't we're going to need other sizes. That does. So it's old time, useful to use this website, which is this one, to calculate the cover size. So sex, all nine and the page count are 120. And the, even if the, the pitches are not whites are, for example, features, a colorful or queen, the sizes are going to be different. So this does, so that's why this workplace, it's always use for, oh, you guys. Anyways. Now let's go to Canvas. So how to choose the right size for your cover book. So this is is our website where you can creates t-shirts, logo, and cover books. What detect as we're going to create now are the Facebook ads or unlimited social or Instagram posts, Facebook posts, YouTube stuff and poster presentations given a video or facebook covers cars, your story, and a lot of stuff like also business cards on blog, honor certificates or a menu. If you have a restaurant or a cafe. There are a lot of stuff. Basically I do, but what's, what's, what we're going to do is what we need is to create book cover. But since we already have the dimension is this we're going to do when it's gone to click. Any of that institute was we're going to do is click custom dimensions because we already have the dimensions that's required to neat. Alright, and it's on pixels, sot pixels, they do have a lot of problems. I'd prefer to choose pixels. Always choose inch. Alright? And since we already have up, down right here, sort of f2 with its going to be 12.52 forward, 12.52, 2.52 at high. It's going to be 9.25, awaits its gate 25, mine points 25. And then what I'm going to do, I'm going to click create a design a kilometer late essentialized. And the list is one. And areas, and make sure it says Entitled is not the same between entered before 12.22 inches, not all. 9.1525. Sorry. 6. the cover creation !: Alright, so, alright, so now let's, we're going to do, is we're going to see how to create a book cover for the number that we have right here. Alright, so after we went to comfort and we choose the right size and dimensions for this template, we're here. What we're going to need, we're going to need to decorate it and to have a little colorful on texts audits. So that wasn't going to choose first. You can choose a simple background, like it's going to be simple programs. A black or pink or purple or blue, sky blue or green or yellow, you know. And at the same time, you can choose a picture. And when working on compound, there are two kinds of picture. First are free picture like this one. So historically, okay to use free picture even for commercial use. And the second pictures that are available on compa RD prom, pictures like for example, this one, it's pro and you need to pay $1 to use it. There is net of fees, which is to pay monthly fees, and you're free to use. All of the pictures are available right here. So let's choose a, for example, let's just choose a simple background for now. And let's choose this one. Limit only this, and use this. Alright, let's, let's flip it. The other side. Webcast series like that. So now what we're going to choose, we're going to choose a text sort this, this is the intern book cover up and like the Borg up and this is the first the left, the right size, and this one, it's the left side. This is the beginning city and parenthesis, the first side, and this is the other end of this side. Alright, so that's why the title. So let's click Text and add heading. The title should be only in this side. Right here. I think you understand the model. So now what records do you need to upload the template that we have already. Don't want it to be right here, so it can help us to create the design. Alright, let's upload. And here, yes. Oh, there's a problem. It says each picture, Apollo, it must be at less than 25 megabytes. And this and this one, it's almost 30 megabytes, I guess. I see. Yes, it's 29.8 megabytes almost there. So this isn't a product model. So what are we going to do? We're going to click on its. And then we're going to open its first. And then we're going to append it. We're going to click modify. Soldiers click modify, and just play a little bit with the colors. Let's choose this cell right here and just buy a little star like that. Just fly with the colors. And it's a program, free program that comes with that it comes with any Windows. So I'm sure you already have this program installed on your computer. And then when you're done, just click Save. And now let's see. So now it's lower, lower than that I have taught even lower than one megabytes, and that's, of course, is four. So we're going to click upload an image and we're going to choose it. And now it's going to be applauded with, without any problems. Alright Harry S. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to drag it and to get lie here. And I'm going to let its cover the entire templates. And then I'm going to click on it and make it look transparent it so that I can symbol. Not do transplants are not that large. So in the middle maybe 50% or 40%, 50 percent. And so when you're trying to design your cover, make sure that the text, it doesn't go beyond the red part right here, the red part, all the red part right here. And also make sure that you're the text. It doesn't cover the bar called right here. This is when because this area, the deal area, it's for the back, the bar, the barcode. Anyway, let's choose a to x. 2020. Knots book. All rights. It's simple. It's, it's very simple. So I'll make sure it's in the middle of the first page. And let's choose another color. Maybe purple addict diploids, good. And then you can, when you're done, you can delete this, the cover. So I'll just click on it collectively and Hrdy s. So now we're going to Don land the cover that we have created. It's very simple and the good and stylish, I guess. So click, click Publish or this arrow right here, click publish, and then dominant. And then you can always choose pdf prints or standard soldiers truce with F Brent or whatever you prefer. And click and never check this marker here. So keg, and then click, Save. And here he is. It's so now what do we have? We have we have the templates, the what's called what's inside the churn on journal walk. And also we have the cover. And now all that's left is to publish them within the Amazon platform. And of course we are going to see this in the next video. 7. design your own notebook content: All right. So what if you don't like this cover tablets? You don't like it. For example, on, for example, you have a better idea. You can create your own one. And the website that I give to you, there is no journal style that you like. So if you have a better idea and yeah, almost you have to do is go to bargain. And then click created design costs, I'm dimension. And six wi okay, mixture is inches, six. Double. Click Create. And here he is. But it's empty, of course. And you need to go to the elements and choose, for example, this dots right here. It's little big list choose. And hey, is this one. Okay? And collect and dealt with gates. And any sort of arranging one by the other. I know don't look that good. Alright? And then select all of them. Grow. So you can easily put them wherever you want. And think like duplicates as many time as you can as you want. And they start to arrest him, wine by the elder or it depends, it's whatever idea you have. So I don't want to waste your time. And I think you already know the idea. And then you start arranging them. And then when you're done, just click on the page and click Copy beach. So same page where it's going to be cold and starts clicking Copy page copy beach, until you get all the number of pages that you want. And then when you're done, you're going to click, Publish and endorsement. And make sure that all the pages are selected, all the, all the six pages. And then click appearance and then click dominant. Make sure it says all genes are saved. And there click Java and Alright. So I don't wanna waste your time and I think you know how this model work. So let's jump in to the next lecture where we're going to publish our Bach or our journal. 8. publish our notebook amazon: All right guys, so now we have our cover, its terminally ready to be published. And also we have our journal, the interior, the papers. What's inside? It's all we have to do is go to Amazon and publish our netbooks. Click therapy, and then click the bookshops. And then its, as you can see, it's a paper brackets and NAT box. So we're going to publish it as to be sold as physical, as a real book, as a touchable book. So click paperback, and then choose the book title. Always all the time. This is unnecessary and listen to this guy's all the time. The book title should be the same as the title that it's in your, in your design, in your, in your cover book. Alright. So it's 220 netbook. My tutorial 20, not block. And then the saltatory, you can type in something like a book to type down. Thanks. That's me. That's me. Forgets. If you didn't that's or a few yeah. For students or rights. And then sorry, it's optional just as it is. This one is also option and the outer, just whatever you like, whatever name that you can come up with, even if you choose, for example, Mr. Frog. It's totally okay. So I'm going to choose this name. And the description is also importance. But I'm going to just for the sake of this video, I want to make it very short and can now choose the the subtitle. But in your case, you're going to have a lot of time. So sorting the entire time and try to come up with a nice description. Don't copy what I'm doing over here. Alright, and then choose that I own the copyrights and the holder necessary published for the book. And then choose some keywords. Alright, then choose the categories on. Okay? And this book contains language erosion or images inappropriate fortunate nine does knots. And then click, Save and Continue. So everything is perfect and click Save and continues or going to. Applaud the cover as well as the templates papers. So the barcode always click assign me for free, get epi, and click assign me for free. And here is. So in the print option, choose a thickets, black and white with whitepaper. Yes. And this is the right size and it's now bleed. It's here. And now we're going to solve. The manuscripts, were going to do one to 120 pages. Where are the 120 pages? They may take a lot of time. So I'm going to cut it and get to you when it's done, right? It's already done. All right. And now we're going to do one too. By the way, even if it says nothing in the LES. Yeah. So now we're going to move to the book cover. And it's so never use the lunch cover creator made it by Amazon. I don't like it. I don't know, but I don't like it. So I always create a click Upload are covered that I already have. And I'm a professor, create them with income and check this box if, if you're covered already has the barcode. But since we already have a free book caught by Amazon, don't check this box anywhere it is. Upload my cover. And here, yes. So I make this video and get back to you once it's done. And it's done. So it's the it says successfully. But even if it doesn't show the cover here in the background is it's still functioning and walk in and HEADSS. So after you're done, if if I tried to click Save and Continue, it won't. Let me. It says please review our probe and prove your book. I need to click Lash and preview. So there is no escape. Let's click glass and preview. So it's, I'm sure this stepper heads come to take a lot of Chinese Song to cut the video and get two back when it's done. After three to one. Hockey, fine. So here is the button that says approved. It's clickable. So I can click approved. And let's see the pages. So this is how it's going to be published. This is the first and this is the other pages. Writes Saw. Then when you're done, you have to do is click approve, which it's going to direct us to the next. So it says the breads costs, it's $2.29 cents. And let's click save and continue to go to the next step, which is the rise and the pricing. And I want choose $4, only four times, not $400. And my royalty is going to be ¢0.11, which is acceptable. And then when you're done and you're tonal Yvon and everything are Qu, first of all, make sure that you check all the territory's worldwide rights. Said worldwide it's means not only IF, which is for the Americans, but also for dot UK and autonomy are fresh. Known this from one era later, Japan and Canada, which is for Canadian. And by the way, always, you can make your price high on the Amazon, Japan, as you can see, it's a little, it's low and my royalty is 0. So that's why I told you in the previous videos, despite prefer to make it's more than one hundred thousand one hundred and twenty two and twenty. Okay. Now it's good. So as you can see, it says it, it can take up to 72 hours for your books to be published represent the four to be purchase on the Amazon until then, the bookstores you will, will be a, will be in review on your bookshelf. So when you're done, all that you have to do is click, publish your paper, buck. 9. the activity books intro: Hello, hello, so far, so good. So now I do believe that you have your own netbook or a journal book that it's alive on Amazon and it's ready to be bought by Amazon clients. So now in this section, which is selection for what you're going to see. We're going to see how to design and publish an activity book. Activity book. It's a book just like this book right here. They may often it's all rights. So this is the first, the first one which is not far patents or copyrights. Your first page, you can put any first space that you like. In my case, I put not far parents. And then this book our book, belongs to and in the owner of the book and writes his or her name right here. And this is an activity book like for example, red, the color red. For example, this animal is read, starfish is read. This appoints red hearts. Santa Clause says red. And now circle all the red animals, like for example, our guard. It's going to be for young kids, for very, for I think three to six, up to six years old is gone to circle a dinosaur. It's red and the bird isn't thread, so it's going to suck on this little doubled buckets, so red. And this one is blue and this bird is crease, so it's not going to circle. So on. And then blew the old parent, the unicorn. And the other animals are bool and so-called older Bu, animals like the deer, it's boots called Circle dear. But the ads, it's not Book and the bird saw, I think you've got the idea, like also orange circle, all the Arish tanks, big things and not animals because this is not an animal with this, it's a think and the pump cake, it's also not an animal. It's a tank. And green and circle all the green animals like warm and the law and so on. The bank and purple colored the flown animals used in, only in blue and purple. So this is a coloring book also, it has some stuff to color. But what we're going to focus on is how is only activity. I think in the next section we're going to see how to design our coloring book. It's going to be simple design like this one, and only with black and white so it can be coloured. All rights for colored the following tiger using only yellow and orange, and call the following 11 using only in blue and pink. So on. But we're not going to intersection R3 is going to focus on the car and we're only going to focus on activity book, like ABC or circle the green animals or circle this stuff, this political animal and something like that. So this is what it is, what's an activity book. And in the next section will go on to see the right sizes for an activity book, because an activity book, it's not a simple Jony on another book. 10. the right sizes for an activity book: Alright, so now what we're going to see, what are the right sizes of an activity book. So as we saw earlier, netbook as simple journal or unless book should be six, double mine. Alright? But for an activity book, we're going to design the dimensions are going to be eight, double ten. Right? Ok. So I'm hearing compound undertaken to do we go now to create the content, what's going to be inside? Like the papers? All rights. So let's click on creative design and we're going to choose our dimensions and make sure it's on the edge. And 810. And then click create and design. And here we are. This is the first page. So let me click New Page, solver. The ten pages. Alright, and in the next video, we're going to continue our process. 11. the activity book papers: All right, so now we need first did dishonest that designs as we are going to put in our netbook and took it at design for free. What we're going to do, we're going to go to So this website's it's it's a website that you can take all the pictures and this website for absoultely free, for absorptive, free for commercial use, and for also personal use. And it's for free. So for example, it's search for OWL. I animated it all. For example, this one right here. So make sure it says free for commercial use, and also make sure it says no attenuation required. So if a picture in this website, Pixabay, it says free for commercial use and no attributions. Yeah, attribution required. That means you can use this pictures for your book for free. So always you have to do is click three downwind and always choose P, g. I prefer to choose 128080. And then when you're done, click dollar and I'm now robots are rights and tau and the picture. So it's, it says, of course pictures is free, but it says if you want a mean, it's f, m, f, So it's not required, but it's still F. If you want to say thanks to be imaged, author or the creator for this image, you can donate some, something like some few bucks, a dollar or two. But if you don't want to give him a donor or two for any reason maybe you don't have or autonomic B you needed. It's totally OK because it's not our required. Okay. It's not required. It's if you want. So I personally, I don't donate and refer to the image where I got it from and I never had a problem. Yeah. So you can dormant pictures that you're going to use its condone a lot of animals like ours, deers aren't all birds, a lot of animals. And guys, I don't wanna waste your time. Kept Dolan and a lot of images because dawned and I'd take 50 or even 30 or 20 images will take a lot of time. And I don't want to waste your time. Saw just do this process. And Dolan, the images that you're going to need for your own idea, for your own activity book. You can see I have already downloaded some images. Picture right here. So of course they took a lot of time. Alright, so when you're done, so positive, this video, go to Pixabay. Don't want as many pictures as you can depends on your opinion, your own idea, the idea that your habit. And finally, when you're done, continue watching this video. All right, now, I believe you have all the needed pictures. So now what we're going to do, let's go to this one, like this one. And now we're going to this page right here. So the first page, I prefer it to be a welcome our parent notice like for patents. So let's go up this text and put it right here above. And then not currents. Like if you have a knack for something or not or anything you want to you want the parents to be aware of. You can't write it. You can just write it right here. Like this book is for kids. Between four to seven or eight years all. Alright. So on the second line graph its again from text. Let me change the color for this page. Make it purple is good. And if you have not, I don't know, but it depends on your idea and depends on the book ideas that you're creates a soul. Maybe the second node is going to be this book will help your kids are the ones to, to remember colors and animals, anemones names. This is a little longer. So I'm gonna click on it. And so on. So you can add the knots for the parents. And when you're done, make sure by the way, you're living. Spaces right here. Just little bits. Okay, so this base should be full format. Few have only 34 or something to say to the parents. It's alright. And then what we're going to do, we're going to go to the second page and type in something like this. To something like higher, changed the color. The red is good. All this limits purple. And then we're going to look for the dots like this one or this one. Or belongs to only belongs to its enough to. Okay. And now we're going to move to the dirt and read. Read, give it the color red, and click upload. And then we're going to upload the picture solids. Click, upload an image or a picture, and then click on your images wherever you saved him. And ten from Pixabay. Yeah. So red, I'm going to choose this one. This is red. And also I'm going to choose at this heart, I think it's red or pink. This dynasore, for example. And just put them right here on this dinosaur right here. And don't forget to name, named and like the dinosaur and the starfish, the apple. And then put the names on each single animal or each single things. Like, for example, star, fresh. And don't forget to color it red as well. And for the dinosaur on, for all the other things. And then we're going to move right here and click on the text and then type in color. All the red stuff. It could be an animal or dance or some type. On the red stuff. I mean, circle Notes, Column, Buckling, circle, all the red stuff. And then we're going to go again to upload and click upload and put some red stuff with some other colors. Stuff like for example, this dinosaur or this golden fish on this green fish or this war or birds. So on. So I think the idea, it's very easy then when you're done with the red, go again with the green and then circle all the green stuff. And then when you're done, go with the blue circle, all the blue stuff and so on until you're done. So it's very easy and just to save time, I'm not going to go through all the process. I know. Now I believe you know how the model works. All you have to do is upload a picture and put them right here. So it depends on your idea. Maybe the idea that, that you have is you have a better idea than this one. It's a better idea than this one. So it cannot carry this video. So when you done creating your, your book, meets me in the next lecture, where we're going to see how to design a cover for specifically on activity book. So I'll see you in the next video. 12. let's design the cover for activity book: Alright, it's concentrations. So now you have your own book. It's already created and you don't let, you don't want it on the P, D, F, always remember to dole your book as a PDF from Canva. So when you're done creating your book and you're already Dolan yearbook. Now there are some things that are very important we need to focus on. First, or are they the count of the pages? So for example, this book has two to four pages. Good. Because this one is very important to design our activity book. So now first let's get this information. We have its discontents. This PDF, it's online, Double ten. And it's the duty for the pages long. All rights. So we're going to go to Google again. And then we're going to go to keep dp. And we're going to go to the indexed, the book ball dot. And then we're going to click on the GDP cover size calculator. And we're going to enter the details. Saw mine double then. And it's terraform pages long telephone piece. And whites creek saw the typewriter is white and then we're going to click, Calculate the size. Alright, so we have now. So the full width is 1632, cool. And full high is ten dots, five inches. All rights. So now we have the fluid which is 16, dots 32, and full high, which is then dot 25. Now we need the cover, PNG D, like this one. We need a cover like this one. So what we're going to need it is going to be a second guide for us to create the cover encounter. So from where to get this one, we're going to go to, Kindle Direct Publishing, cover templates. Ok. And we're going to enter the details. So our book is eight double Dan and beiges counts out 3434 bits on the beaches are whites. Then we're going to, I'm going to click download templates. So I kept the B and G for the PNG for and I deleted the PDF for. Okay, I think I still need this V i still. Now we're going to go to Canvas again. So let's go to carbon. And we will click custom dimensions and do it. It's 16 dots, 32. First mixture, it's own anxious before entering your details because if it's not pixels, so I'm going to add two to 222 and then I'm going to change, it, pinches, it's going to be automatically change. So make sure it's on the edges. Anyway. It's full, it's 16.3216.32 and then 25 and then collect created design. Alright, terriers. So now what we need, we need to Dolan the guide, this one. And let's, let's color this one. So I'm going to choose background. And then you can choose any background you like. I think this one is good, or maybe this one. So this is the idea you can choose a background or an element or a picture. Like for example, gets depends on what you think which will work for you depends on your idea. I don't know what idea on what activity beaucoup just created. So I'm I'm choosing the editor, it's going to fit me in your case, just be smart and know what's a picture, what's the better picture or has the better background color, it's going to fit your cover. Anyways, so this one is good and I'm going to name it. Learn the colors, names and animals. Names. Alright. So, and as I said earlier, it should be, it should be, it should be only in this half, like the right-half. Learn the, learn. Learn colors, names, and animal. Alright. So we're going to put it in right here. Is choose color. Purple is still good. Yeah. First let's get our templates. Okay. So the, so the text is should, it shouldn't be beyond the red, the red color right here. And also the text cover this area because it's for the bar called. Anyways, Let's make this one transparent it okay. I think now it's like yeah. Yeah, I think it's in the middle and it looks amazing. Right? Okay. So now I'm going just to delete these templates by click on it and then click right here. And I think it's a very simple and It's amazing cover for a book in your case. Just take it the entire time that you have in the world. I'm sure you've got chapel it diatom. Just choose all the pictures. Just try this one and try this on for all the pictures are all the colors. Try all the bug ground tablets and try everything. And try to make this, this cover for your book, Amazing. And for the sake of time, I'm not going to choose another one. I'm just trying to teach you how the model works, are right? And and your churn is to be creative and be smart and choose. Anyways. So now when you're done, just go and click. Don't want an always open all the time. Just choose pdf parenths, and click. Learn colors, names, and animal names. Say, All rights. So now what we have, we have two things. We hold the contents, what's inside the book, and we and we also have the cover for our buck, the cover for our soul. In the next lecture, I'm going to show you how to publish now because we're, of course we read our book is really in the next section we're going to see how to publish our activity book. 13. let's publish it on the KDP: Okay, now let's publish our book. And this is an activity book, so we want the customer to receive it as a physical book, as attachable book as I paperback. So of course we're not going to policies as a candle epoch because the customer will receive it as an e-book, as a digital book. And he's going to be a matter. Of course, we need, we need it as a paperback. So I'll click paperback. And for the book title, always guys, make sure the the text in your book, the title on your cover book should be the same as the book title in here should be essay or otherwise. So it's going to be accepted. And the dissolved turtles sockets optional, but I prefer to add some text right here for the keywords. Alright? And then we're going to move to the author. So just type in your arteries, your name otter. And then the description. This one, it's of course a necessity. Just take your time or right. Description for this book and explain in the first chapter, the second chapter in the dirt, shorter chapters and stuff like that. And then click I own. Okay, I'm going to type in something, saw around wastes time, and then type in, always choose, I own the copyright and the whole necessary to publish their rights, a name, and then for the keywords, the keywords Japan. Thanks, that are relative to your book like learning colors, names that are animals like animals names, animal names and colors. Neves, and learn for kids, and stuff like that. And then the a-dagger, choose a category. So it's nonfiction. Cocaine. August, sorry. It will take a lot of time. So I'm gonna choose robots, even final, it's not robots. You have the right to choose two categories and then click Save. And then does this book contain language, situation, or images unabridged for children that no, it does not have. So click now and click, save and continue. And then choose a slimy for free canopy, ESPN. And click right here. All right. Then the option, the option black and white, and it's black and white with Weisberg VS. And it's 68 double ten. Nobly nor bleed and math. Math. Ok. Now we'll go to abort the manuscripts. Like what's the inside of the book? Learned economy, OK, areas. What's going to be inside of the book? So I'm sure it's going to take a lot of time on ongoing to cut it and get back to you when it's done after 321. Rho. Alright, so, so far so good. So as you may have noticed, it taught me a lot of time to upload the manuscripts as well as the book cover. And I am sure you have noticed that the clock right here in my computer is changing and it took me two hours but to upload the book cover and the manuscript, it took me an hour because I was having a very, very bad and slow internet connection. Or they move anyways, It's not our song, song. Now, as you can see, I have already uploaded the manuscripts, what's inside the papers, and I have also uploaded the book cover salt. When you upload them, you need all the time to, before click, save and continue solving. It can continue to the paper under right, and the price in. We need to click Launch preview. So we're going to see how it's going to look like. And if there is a problem and something that should be fixed. Kay, this is the cover and this is the node for the ponds. And I think it looks good. It looks as if there is any problem and suggestions they want you to change. It's going to be appeared right here. Anyways. Now what we're going to do, I'm going to click approve. All right. And then when you go into like approves all the page counts. So this is the summary of your book. It's a black pepper with green peppers and I'll play it Matt. Matt. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. So what's the difference between math or glossy? Glossy? It's going to take more money to be great. It's going to be shine. The book cover. It's going to shine and it's going to be, it looks amazing, but it's just going to take more money from your pocket. Anyways. Okay, so it's just click Save and Continue to their pricing. I'm going to just maybe $7. And my royalty on each soul book it's going to be $2. And I think it's good. And for the Muslim code or Japan, the job pioneer marketplace always make your price little high, more than 100 thousand. And when you're done and everything is just cool in the nth, correct? Publish your paper back. 14. the coloring books on kdp: Hello guys and welcome to this section, section five. So in this section where we're going to see, we're going to learn how to design a simple car in Book. Of course, it will be for kids, just like this one. So the principle of a coloring book, how it does its work, it works as the following. A page should be the coloring page with the simple design. So for kids to color. And then the next page should be empty, like this one. And it shouldn't be empty like completely empty without any text or any words. Otherwise, amazon, could it be? It's not going to accept it. It should be at subtexts like for example, empty page for safety, and then design or architecture to be colored, and then empty page for safety. Otherwise, if you, for example, if you're live, it's totally empty without this simple sentence that says empty fish for safety, the customer here would think that maybe there was another picture right here and it didn't print. So he would give you bad or only one star as a review. So indeed, DOM liberates empty. Just type in something explaining things more like, in my case, I type in empty page for safety and then another design and then empty page for safety and then another design and empty page for such as saw, you would ask me why would you leave way where it's necessary to live our page empty? I would say it's four. Saw this page. It's not the colors. I'm not going to be bullied bullied in the mother page, for example, if I call this one, when I'm going to turn the page, which is this page, the colors that have been used to color this design. It's going to be also in here just a little bit. It's going to be a bleed in this space. And of course, it's not that good for the customers. That's why we'll leave a page, empty page. So that's exactly what we're going to see in this section and hope you will enjoy it. 15. the right sizes for coloring book: All right, so what are the right sizes for our coloring book? Derives sizes for a coloring book. It's the same as the sizes that we used previously on our activity book. So the sizes for coloring book, it's going to be on inches, eight, double ten as usual. And then we're going to get created design. So that's the right size for a coloring book. So let me change the color for this base or it's going to locks. And then I'm going to add more pages. I changed the color. So you're going to see exactly the sizes of my page in your case, just don't change the color, white as the background color. Anyways, let's move to the next lecture, the dirty lecture we're going to see from where we are going to get the designs or the pictures, white and black pictures for absolutely free. 16. where to get the designs for free: Alright, so to get the designs, we need first to go to and then work ongoing to search for a mixture. It's on images, and then type in y and unicorn. So I'm going to say, for example, this 1 first and this one, the second one. And then I'm going to look for another one. For example, whites and black anemia. And it's just like that saw maybe this one, this one, this one too. Okay? And there are other vectors, whites on block. So this is how this model walks. And before the woman in the picture, make sure it's free for commercial use or no retribution required. Unsure. All of them are free and not attributional required, like this one, this one, and this one as well as this one right here. And you can don't want as many pictures as you alloc. And then saw just dawned. Maybe 50 or only 30 or 20. And as you like, but it should be more than ten, of course. And when you're done, meets me in the next lecture, where we're going to see how to design our coloring book. 17. create your first coloring book KDP: All right. So now I have DO London 1-2-3, 4-5-6, then designs from Pixabay and all of them are black and whites and ready to be colored. For example, this one, it's black and white and ready to be colored anyways. Now after you don't want are fewer designs, we're going to go again to our design and comfort and solved the first page. It's going to be a lot for our parents, for example. So let's type in parents, right? I hope you see the paper very well because the paper color is white and the ground is white. So I'm sure you cannot identify between the the two white colors. So that's why I'm going to change the color to a little cream. So you can see, you can notice the paper clarity in your case, don't change the color of your paper anyways. So this is the not-for parents. You can't again, some knots right here. And saw this page is going to be the name belongs to, which is this book belongs to K. Live, it's black I think. And this goes to the elements. And use the dots. Okay. Let's change the color of the dots sort Jason color, clicked and of color on collector here. And choose any color you like. And then we're going to move to the next one. And we are here, we are going to applaud off our designs. Only me click upload, and then click upload an image and upload for example, this one. Let's applaud the other two. And this wide gap to the tiger. Alright? Alright, it, since the dawn has been finished. Now what I'm going to want to choose the first picture and collect on the first picture sorts can be placed. And then I'm going to resize it so it fits on the entire paper. Not, absolutely not. The entire paper saw what we need to do it you need to leave some space right here on some space right here, under here, and from above as well. And then what I'm going to do, I'm going to go to the next picture and collect text and then type in empty for safety or empty. So you can type in whatever you like or you can traverse. For example, Mt saw. It's because we will not bleed on the next picture, you can type in anything just so you can the library to dictate your customers are clear idea and a clear overview why this is empty. And also on the notes right here, you can type in something like some of the pages are going to be empty so that the previous design, the colors of the previous design will not bleed on the next page. Or just make sure it's going to node that's already. Anyways, saw this one bits which will be empty. And then I'm going to go again to upload and upload the next design. I think it's better to flip this design. To flip it, okay, I'm going to use this one. Okay, try to be in the middle. All right, I think now it's good. And then what I'm going to do, I'm going to click on this page and then copy the page. And so now we have two pages empty for safety, but I'm going to lower it to move it down. Okay. Now it's right here. Ok. Now I'm going to go to this page and choose the next design, which is, let's choose this one. Alright? Alright, it's good. Yeah. And then what I'm going to do, again, I'm going to go to this page and copy the page and then move it so it can be right here. So after I copy the page, I'm going to click on this down arrow so I can move it down. Anyways, then I'm going to go to this page again and choose another design. So I'm going to this tiger. All right? So this one has a designed S1 is empty, this one, and this one should be empty. So I'm going to duplicate our copy this page and then move it below, below the space shuttles, that tiger design anyways. So this one is empty or also for design. And this one, I'm going to put this design. Alright, good. So I'm going to again duplicate this page and move it below. I'm going to delete this one. So yeah. And I'm going to add the last design. I take all of the design I'm going to add again in this one and the only part of it. Okay, this is alright. And then I'm going to do, again, I'm going to duplicate this one and move it below. So I think you know how the model works right now. So just do what I am doing in this video. And then when you're done, click publish and click Dolan. And choose, always choose as a PDF brands. And then but just make sure the pages are white. I changed the color of the pages so you can see the pages. Make sure our, all the pages are whites. And when you're done, go to publish and Catalan PDF brands. Make sure all the pages are check done doll and our rights. 18. design the cover book for amazon kdp: Okay, so now we have our book which is ready to be published within the Amazon platform. But we have only the content that book, what's inside the papers. We have to create the cover, of course, soldier greater coverage score again to come from. And we're going to choose the custom dimensions. Once before choosing the cost of dimensions, we need to gather some information that's really going to help us. First. The information that's required to need, which is the count pages. For each book, this book has only 1414 pages. Alright? So first we are going to go to the GDP and the football, the sites that I have already given you. And we're going to click EDP cover size calculator. And the book is 910 inches and the baits, the page counts are 14 and the pages are whites, not scream, I change them to Queen. So you can just see the pages clearly on this course. But in your case, choose white. Anyways, let's click call glides. Okay. It says that the counts pages are very low. It should it be 1426? That's why I'm going to choose 26. Just designed a book that has 26 pages or rights. So I designed a small block is just to win. And I want to make this course less than two hours. That's why anyways, they choose Calcutta or cover size. And here are the, the most important things. We are going to your first full width, 16.30 and high, which is 10.25. All right. Then what I'm going to do, I'm going to just save them and gone back to comfort. Then I'm going to click customize dimensions and make sure it's on the inches. Alright? And then I'm gonna choose 16.30. Double, then points 25 and create this eye. And after that, we're going to go to the Amazon Kindle and choose our custom dimensions, which is eight, double down on the counts pages 26 and, and whites and ng-click dominant. So I'll click Save. He is. So here we are in areas or design. It's totally empty. It's empty as you can see. So it's good. Pictures and gets, let's see if we can have any model kids, model, colors. Colors, maybe something. Alright, this one is good, I think. Yeah, it's simple, but it's good or this one? It's simple. Positing, it will work. So then let me grab the title. Coloring book for kids. I know it's boring and it's not eye-catching. So in your case, just take your time and try to design a book cover that it's going to be, that's amazing, Einstein. Anyways, then we're going to go to update and applaud our guide that's going to help us. So let's try. It operates like exactly above our templates. Gut. Make sure that takes x going beyond the red place where here as well as above or beyond the barcode right here. So I think that's good. Yeah. And then when you're done images, okay, and let's see if we can change the color, maybe red or blue or orange, green. I think verbal. Are blue is good. Solid shoes, purple for now. And didn't. I'm done. I'm going to choose as a PDF and then click dollar. So now what we have, we have the book, and we have the book. And in the next lecture we're going to see how to publish our book on the Amazon Kindle. 19. publish our book on the amazon kindle kdp: All right, so now it's time to publish our baby. What are we going to do? We're going to go again to get a b. And the measure, it's the paperback, not the ebook. And then so it's English. It's not the market. This is the language, so it's English, the language of the book, it's English, and then the book title. So as always, make sure the books are sold is seen as the title on your cover. Coloring book for kids. And the subtitle, simple for kids with a name and animals to be colored or something like that. And then the outer type in your name or whatever name you like. And then, and then the description. So I'll try to come up with a nice description for your book, learning just to win time. I'm not going to waste time trying to write a description anyways. So of course, our own the rights are they hold the republish rights and therefore the keywords. So I'll type in the keywords are relative to your book, like caldarium, book. Books for kids. Cbt works and stuff like that. Make sure to write down all the keywords. And then the category, choose a category. So it's a nonfiction. And I'm sure it's going to take a lot of time, but animals cooking food, clade in humor. So I'm just going to choose any category just to enzyme. But in your case, as always, as I always say, to take your time, check the entire time that you can have all rights. And then UDL nor it doesn't it doesn't not have pictures are stuff for. All right, then when you're done, let's go save and continue. So assign me for free is beco. And for the print option, the pages are black and whites with the Ontario. And for the size, let's choose our solutions. A WAN. Yeah, it's a tuple, ten. And nobly Norwegian coast to close the book went into river. All right. Alright. Now, for the manuscripts, for the manuscripts which going to applaud, what is it? What's going to be inside like papers? What's inside of the puck is going to take a lifetime. And I'm going to cut the video and get back to you on its done. And it says our file, it's done. Alright, so now what we're going to do, now, it's time to upload our cover. Yeah, it's some to upload our cover. And don't check the first option which is to use cover creator to make her book, which is made by Amazon. I don't like it personally, to be honest, I don't like is maybe you can try it for yourself and maybe you can review of it. I don't know. So I always upload cover that. I made them using compounds. Anyways, I'm going to upload upload your file. And I'm going to cut the video and get back to you once it's totally done. So see you. So it's done. And by the way, even if it says more uploaded, just give it time because in the background it's still working and is still functioning. And so after a few seconds, it will show you your cover. Anyways. Once you're done, you cannot click, save, and continue to go to the next step, which is their rights under pricing, because it's necessary that we should click lash preview to see and to lock your book will looks like. So anyways what I'm going to do, I'm going to click lunch preview. So it's completely done. Saw her is the first cover of our coloring book and this is the next page. Next page or so, if there will be any problem, there will be a pure right here. They would say, for example, page number, maybe four or five should be fixed. Like for example, if the ear was the most ash for this letter cat was exceeding beyond this part right here, they would ask you to fix this problem. So since there is not going to click approved, and then we're going to move to the next section. And here we are in the summarise, all the interior is black and white. Interior with white papers. It's a PDF cover, it's Matt frame size eight, double ten, and the count pages 26. The cost for the French, it's going to be 2.15 to dollar bonds, $0.15 solids click, Save, and Continue. Solve for the price. I think four or $5 should be enough. Yeah, let's make us actually $6 for the 24. My role, it's going to be $1.59, which is good, I believe. Yeah. So for the Japan, I always make it above, above 100. And then when everything is done, all as we have to do is click publish our Auerbach. 20. ebooks on dkp: Hi guys and welcome to section six. In this section, we're going to see how to write your own epoch. And also in this section we're going to see how to design your own cover book for your ebook and for your paperback. Anyways. So it's your own epoch. I don't know what idea you have and I don't know what's kind of epoch you want to write. So when you go to write your own ebook, you'll, you'll need a Microsoft Office words. And as I said earlier, it's your own e-book or know what kind of ebooks you want to read. So I'll just write your book and make sure it's at least 25 log pages. And then when you're done, save your own epoch, lemme show you, evoke that I have already written right here. So this is one of my ebooks or have already written, it's the right legacy. What would you choose money or knowledge? This e-book, it's already published on the Amazon KTB. Anyways, for the first page, make sure it's containing the title for your e-book, as well as your alter your name, the name Archer. And for the second page, it must be a pitch for copyright like just type in again, the title derived legacy and copyright 2020 bytes you draw. All rights reserved include a right for cell or reproduction in whole or in part in any form. And also a mixture. The dirt speech is for the table contents. Like the page one contain the title page, which is the first page, and the copyrights in the second page, and the table counted, which is this page in the page number three areas number independent, arbitrary, and the forward and the warning and chapter 123 until chapter 11 and the DNE. Right. So when you've written your own book, what I want you to do, I want you to don't lend this. This where this went wrong right here. So this winter are, it's going to be with this lecture in the description. So I want you to do, wanted to download it and then we want to, you want to copy all of the words. So just click on some of the words like this right here. And they can control a, and control it's going to copy the entire book of the words of the concepts, and then right-click and click Copy. All right, then we're going to go to this. Whether r, which I'm going to leave it in the description salts necessity, you must DO learned it because we're going to resize the box or we don't know which size is this. The, the pages for this. That's why we need we need the soul click, saw click on the paper back, and then click English, and then collect six double. My ebook must be six double. Or if you prefer back your physical book anyway, let's collect six wi and make sure you call to delete it the latest and right-click and click past. And hilarious. So of course it's not organized yet. As you can see, there are a lot of dots right here. So let me delete some. So take your time and organize your book because it's going to be disorganized. And when you are done in the edit is going to be something like that. Let me show you. It's going to be something like that. It's going to be well organized. 21. let's design the cover for our ebook: Alright, so after you have done all what I have explained in the first election of this section and now I believe you have your own ebook. Oh, well organized and with the sizes that comes with this webinar, right here, you have choosing your own size. Anyways. Now, what we have, now we have the entire book, but we need the cover book. So I'll go and design our couple of buckets. Go, comfort. And then what's before Gore campaign? We need to go to the GDP and football. And click EDP cover size calculator. And solve. Our Ebola or our physical book. It's 57 pages. It's six double line and contain 75th. To remember, it's OK. It's contains 58 pages, good. 58 beers and white. And then click calculates cover size. All rights. So the foo with its 12 dot three-eighths. And Phu Hi is nine, 25. And click play created design. Okay, I think it's better to choose background, simple color, like this one or this one. All right. Then ongoing to retype in again the the title. And I forgot to draw on the guide. So let's go again to the GDP. And almost all Tia. And page count first selected six dopamine unclick doll on Tom play. It's alright. And all I need is the PNG form. So I'm going to approach right here and delete this. So it's gotta come again, click upload and upload our template cover. Okay, it says that the file is more than 25 mega megabytes. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to click on it. And then I'm going to choose where is it, modify. And then just apply just a little bit with the colors again. And then click on this x. So it's going to ask you if you want to save it or to ignore it, just click save. And then let's try it again. All right. Let's go again and click upload. And curious. Alright, so I think the title, it's in the middle. And let's maybe changed color. Block is good. Okay. So let's look for elements like this brain maybe. Alright, I think though it's until not that it's good. So click down and the down as a PDF brands and collect data. And right here, I have already created a cover for this book. It's right here. Here, yes. So I don't know which one to use, but this one, it taught me almost animal half an hour to create this one or a little less, maybe 20 minutes. So I don't wanna, I don't want to waste your time, of course, guys. So that's why I'm going to use maybe this one or just this one. Let's use this one. So in your case, you know how the model works and take the entire time and try to come up with something catchy. So now we have, now we have the latest one. Now we have the cover, and we have our book. And in the next section we're going to see how to publish our EPA. 22. publish our ebook as a paperback: All right, now here we are. Now we have our epoch. And it's not as a PDF form, it's Microsoft Office Word. And that's not a problem at all because Amazon Kindle accept PDF as well as Microsoft Word's epochs as our Microsoft Word. Anyway. Now we want to publish it as a paperback. So this okay. All right. So this ebook, we want to publish it as a paperback, like a touchable, as a real book, as well as a Kindle eBook. First of all, let's publish it as a paperback, saw click paper, right by the way, this is the, the coloring books that are in that we have created before. Now, it's life and it's published on, anyway. Let's collect paperback. So of course as the title should be the same as in the in the cover. So the right legacy. And the subtitle. Just type in whatever small business book for people who want to start small businesses or something like that. Anyways, because this book and for the, by the way, for the siri Andy deviation on number, doesn't matter. They are optional. Okay, the Arther should drop. And the description. I'm going just to copy the software tool. In your case. Try and write a nice tight in your case. Try to write a nice description that describe the book and how it's going to help the readers and stuff like that. The public rights. Yes, I own the copyright and the whole denser publishing rights because it's mine. And for the keywords, business, books, e-books, e-books, and stuff like that. You can go to the category nonfiction, trouble, junior, managerial friction, indication. So it's gonna take a lot of time. I'm just going to choose educational general and adopts and know and collect continuance save. Then I'm going to click, gets a free GDB is bar. Click. Click fee, ESPN and sold the interprets options do papers are black and whites width into with green and black and whites and drew with white papers? Yes. And it's six dopamine mobile lead, and Matt. And now we're going to upload the manuscripts, interiors. And let's now applaud the, Alright, let's applaud the cover. So once it's done, I'm going to click latch for the preview. Alright, areas and the logs. Perfect now, or I'm going to do, of course, you're going to click next to see if there is anything that should be changed next, next, next for the forward. And when you make a mixture, that's all the pages are good-looking. And if there was, by the way, any problem you're going to see it's called appear right here. So just click approve. And then it's going to take us to the next and the last page or the last step. For the last step, what I'm going to choose and portraits for a price. So for the price for this paperback, this physical dysuria book, I think $5 or $6. I know some people they might replace it with $19.20 dollars. But I think that's a lot for me. $7 are more than enough. Alright, and, and in the end, when you're done, click, publish your paperback book. But says, I have published this book. I'm not going to publish it once again because I already have this book published on the Amazon. Let me save it as a drafts. And let's go to the bookshelf. And in the next lecture we are going to see how to publish it. But other Kindle eBook or gone to collect creates a Kindle eBook. What's before this? I'm going to need to create the cover because the cover book, the cover for the paperback book, it's completely different for a couple of our cover for Kindle e-books. Anyways, we're going to see this in next lecture. 23. design the book cover for our ebook: Alright, here we are again and now we're going to create a cover book for the same book. But this time we're not going to create, to create it as a PDF. This time, we're going to create a simple picture. Anyways. So this is our paperback and it's already published. Its benefits says drafts. It needs only one collect what's I don't wanna publish it anyways. Now we're going to see how to publish it. Azar ebook. So let's click Create Kindle eBook. Sold the book title, it's already turned. The salt denotes already from the paperback and outer names already there, the description, the keywords, and now the age, great undergrad. So my ebook for let's click babies up to 18 plus second grade. Maybe if it's not, I'm going to choose survey and 12 grade or more. And then I'm going to click Save and Continue. Liquid this as no. And in here we're going to applaud the manuscripts and ear, as you can see, applaud the cover, but the cover. It must be only as a form as JPEG or t i f double saw. And the cover that we have, it's on the as a PDF. That's why we're going to need another cover for the same book, but for the e-book version. So again, that's gotta come from. And let's click GST or created design. And click book cover. Because this time the dimensions and the size are not a problem. Any size and any dimension. Dimensions are perfect. Let's click on this one. It's like amazing. So legacy. Still it, this one. How to manage your business effectively. So dots will do good. I believe it's simple but yet an amazing cover. Ok, now clocks got, let's say maybe this color, red. Alright. So now when you Dolan discover, choose JPEG. Jpeg, Yeah. And collect Tao and alright, now we have the cover for our ebook version for our book. So in this, in the next lecture, we're going to see how to publish it as an eBook. 24. how to publish my book as an ebook: Alright, now we have our book as our paperback. As our paperback, it's published, almost published because there is only, we are only one click away from published in paperback. But I don't want to publish it because I already have another, the same version of the same book published. So now when we are going to do, now we're going to publish it as an e-book, as an electronic book on the candle epoch. But instead of going off, clicking on the Kindle e-book, we're going to click create Kindle eBook. And since we already have the the, the cover as, as an image as our JPEG JPEG file. Now, we're good. All right, so let's go collect creates candle, EPA. So the first saw, all the information's are automatically published as an e-book. Saw the book title is the right legacy, the sub-goal business book, the archer, the description, and the keywords. All right, and now we're in the age and grade. Drench, great ranch saw. It's for children, books, rain soldiers. I prefer one, maxima, 18. You can leave it as areas. So let's leave it as it is. And click. I'm ready to release my book. Or if you want to reach somewhere else, you can choose the dates where you want your book to be published. Anyways, I'm gonna click, I'm ready to release my book right now and click Save and Continue. So live it as no. And for the manuscript, where is it here? Yes. Okay. Let's click Upload a cover. Click upload the file. Choose this cover that we have already created because it's accept only GPG are t i, f. And instead, if we have a PDF cover, it's not going to be accepted. Anyways, it's going quick clash preview. So instead of showing us our paperback book, it's going to show us on the candle because most people are going to read this book as an e-book on their phones or on their Kindle device. So I think it looks good size little pig, but that's, let's make the font size or even one. Okay, let's move it to three again. All rights. I think it looks good. So now what I'm going to do, I'm going to get back so that I can spell tutor, OK. For the Kindle eBook SPN. It's not to require as, as you can see, Kindle e-books are not required to have an ESPN, okay, everything is good. Click, Save and Continue. And for the price. So if you want to get 70% of the royalty, you need to make your book between $3 up to 9.99 or $10.9 dollars for example. But if you placed, for example, $10 or more, then you need to choose to get only 35% of your royalty. Alright? So personally, I place my ebooks four to $5 and check get 70% of the royalty rights. So that sets. And when you're done, click publish your Kindle. Epa. Yeah. 25. Amazon kindle kdp ebooks end: Hi and congratulations, you make it till the end. Now I believe that you are not on UB anymore. Now I believe that you have all what it takes to create your own non box or a journal box. Or occipital books are coloring books or even ebook, and publish them within the Amazon platforms. Song, once again, I must, I must say, congratulations, please guys, if you like this course and if you think you learned something. So we all want to ask him from you right now, only one asks can be used to rate this course based on what you think that I deserved. Anyways, how much books are not Box or Dropbox it takes to start seeing some nice income come in from Amazon Kindle. The short answer. It depends. So if you're making only not spoken journals, it's going to take a lot of books that should be published in order to see some nice monthly income coming from Amazon. But if you're designing something like, for example, car inbox or yeah, gardening books like this one for example, then a career that's less than maybe 50 or 55 client books will do good at, will do very good. And you'll start noticing some amazing money flow to your bank accounts. So, yeah, if you have any question or FDR is something that you didn't understand, you can ask your question within the question sections and there'll be more than happy to answer. You are even to guide you. Saw that sets and I wish you all the best and good luck.