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Complete Google Search Course - From Beginner To Expert

teacher avatar Wilfredo Barrios, Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

36 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. 1.01 Presentation

    • 2. 1.02 English What You Need To Start Off

    • 3. 1.04 Types Of Tools To Find Information On The Internet

    • 4. 1.05 Types Of Resources On The Internet

    • 5. 2.02 Introduction To Searches In Google

    • 6. 2.03 Customizing The Results Page

    • 7. 2.04 Special Features In Searches

    • 8. 2.05 Omitting Unwanted Results in Searches

    • 9. 2.06 Searching Exact Phrases

    • 10. 2.07 Knowledge Panels and Suggestions Carousel

    • 11. 2.08 The Tools Option In The Results Page

    • 12. 2.09 Information Credibility

    • 13. 2.10 Tips for More Effective Searches

    • 14. 2.11 Searching For Images

    • 15. 2.12 Searching For Videos

    • 16. 2.13 Searching Other Content In Google

    • 17. 2.14 Search Suggestions And Related Searches

    • 18. 3.01 Keywords In The Searches

    • 19. 3.02 Introduction to Advanced Search Operators

    • 20. 3.03 Logical Search Operators

    • 21. 3.04 filetype:

    • 22. 3.05 site:

    • 23. 3.06 intext:

    • 24. 3.07 related:

    • 25. 3.08 inurl:

    • 26. 3.09 intitle:, inanchor:

    • 27. 3.10 define:, cache: and the operador *

    • 28. 3.11 Google Advanced Search Page

    • 29. 4.01 Other Google Services

    • 30. 4.02 Google Trends

    • 31. 4.03 Google Alerts

    • 32. 4.04 Google Translate

    • 33. 4.05 Google Keyword Planner

    • 34. 4.06 Google Drive

    • 35. 4.07 Managing Your Google Account Options

    • 36. 5.02 Learn English On Your Own Account Using the Internet

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About This Class

With this course you will get the skills to search and find any type of information on the Internet with the help of Google.

  1. First of all, you will learn how Google works and also the basic concepts of Internet searches.

  2. You will know how to perform quite complex searches with very simple techniques.

  3. You will find great resources on the Internet that will surprise you that they are free.

  4. Learning to use Google at a high level, will allow you to find solutions to all kinds of problems very quickly and accurately.

  5. You will master all the search options that Google has for you.

  6. You will also learn about other Google search tools that will complement your skills to find information.

My name is Wilfredo Barrios, and for me it will be a pleasure to be your instructor in this course, which will give you the necessary skills to find anything on the Internet. Think about it, being able to find quality information on the Internet, will give you the opportunity to find solutions to practically any problem you may encounter in your daily life, but more than that, it will give you peace of mind that at any time you can go to the Internet to improve in anything you want to undertake.

This is just a small summary of what you are going to learn in this course.

  • Complex searches using basic ideas and search techniques.

  • Advanced searches in Google with the help of operators.

  • Additional Google services to complement and improve your searches on the Internet.

This is the course that will allow you to get the most out of the vast majority of resources available on the Internet, regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an advanced user, you will obtain knowledge that is usually obtained after a long time by trial and error.


Who this course is for:

  • Students at any stage of their education who want to find quality information on the Internet.
  • Professionals who wish to be able to find specialized information in their area of work.
  • Self-taught people who want to learn new skills about, such as learning a new language, learning to play a musical instrument or any other skill.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their job opportunities by being able to find resources on the Internet to learn the skills that the market requires.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Wilfredo Barrios



I am currently teaching how to learn English to people in my YouTube channel, and I am doing it, teaching the things that are not taught in the classroom. I had the opportunity to reach a very good level of fluency in English learning some things that allowed me to attain the dream of being bilingual. With that, I discovered that I am really passionate about sharing what I learned about it.

I started making videos for YouTube and now I want to reach more people using the Skillshare platform. It has been an incredible resource to get amazing knowledge about several topics.

I love to learn about new and exciting things, but above all, I love to share the knowledge I have acquired in my life. I hope your are going to find my classes really helpful.

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1. 1.01 Presentation: welcome to the scores, which you will become an expert finding all kinds for information you may need on the Internet. My name is Wilfrido Vargas, and I'm going to show you how to do basic and advanced searches in Google to find a solution to all kinds of problems and challenges that you will encounter in your daily life . However, the most important thing is that you will realize that the fact of knowing how to do effective searches on goal will prepare you for the future in which formal education is no longer going to be enough. And it will be a sensual to be a soft on person to learn what is necessary to be updated and excel when getting a job. We live in a world that is changing at an impressive speed. Jones Do a couple of searches on Google or you to, for example, Jones that will disappear or jobs of the future. Then you will realise that it will be necessary to learn your skills to adapt as quickly as possible to the year market for the coming years. The best thing is that the Internet has everything you need to learn the skills you will need through websites, courses, all the books on all kinds of resources. But you have to know how to find him, and that is what you will achieve with this course. The following is exactly what you will learn a cure. You will know the types of resources that can be found with Google and also how Internet searches work. You will learn to the basic searches using the different tools and filters to reduce the amount of resource of websites, images, videos Another continent can research with the goal. You will master search operators that will allow you to find words or phrases in specific parts of the Web. Pages also finds for your price where science similar to one that you will specify you will have access to websites that are down, and you will also be able to do all kinds of very complex searches. Apart from the basic and advanced search techniques, you'll also learn to use some additional ghoul tools that are a great compliment to the main search engine. These tools with Syria to find search trends, Cuban analysis, social order said Google can send you by mail to notify you about new accountant US. Specify also a service that Google offers to store your files in the cloud. And, of course, you'll learn how to manage your Google account to get the most out off it. In short, this course will be your guide for you to find and take advantage of all the human knowledge studies available on the Internet, Noli said. You will be able to use to learn what you want, an improvement, practically any skill that you can think of. This girl's was assigned for people who feel that formal education is not enough or for those who want to learn faster and more effectively. If this describes your this is definitely the cars you shall take to make the most out of all the knowledge available on the Internet. So thank you, and I can't wait to see you in the course 2. 1.02 English What You Need To Start Off: the first thing you will need. These, of course, an Internet connection and a device with a Web browser. This could be a smartphone or a computer. However, I strongly recommend to use a computer since the videos having recorded use in what, by this way, is going to be much easier for you to put into practice everything you're going to learn. Although everything that I will explain, you'll also be able to do it in a smartphone, but with a clear limitations. So for device with such a small screen, once you have your computer connected to the Internet, the only thing you need is a Web browser. The one that we are going to be using during the course is Google Chrome, but it will not make any difference if you use a different way. If you don't have promised, I'll get you can download it just by doing a global search. For example, Crumb download. Now we go to this thing that says Graham. For computers on this page, go to the bottom and here. When you click on these blue bottom, you will be able to download and install the browser on your computer. If you prefer another round, sort of suggest Firefox or opera. You just have to do the same search by changing the name of the browser. For example, Firefox Download or Oprah download. Later, you will realize that it is very useful to have more than one browser installed, because doing so allows you to use more than one account of the same service. For example, you could use more than one goal account in the friend browsers at the same time. The next thing you knew is your human account, which gives you access to the full range of additional services at school offers to get your human account for the first time. Just go to the Google home page and click on this bottom that says lugging. Then go to the assumption that says Create account on this patient. That happens and you're going to write your first name and last me your user name, which is one girls before the at symbol in your email address. Then you only have to set a password bigger next, and then follow the steps to complete the creation of your new goal account. 3. 1.04 Types Of Tools To Find Information On The Internet: on this card, Stone will focus mostly on searches using the google dot com site. However, there other search tools that can be used for free on the Internet. We could talk about about searching the in, similar to go, for example, being dot com. Also, there are more specialized tools, such as the welfare. Now far that comes site, which is used to find scientific information. There are also there. Website step can be used to perform more specific searches, which we're going to be analyzing the next medias the areas that you become an extra finding information with Google, but also that you are going to be able to use on recognize other search tools that complement results that you're getting with Gula. Something that is very interesting is that Google has some additional services. Be John, the main website that will help us to improve searches. For example, you do, which is also armed by cool. You two is the second largest searching on the Internet. Of course, it is not the only complementary service on by Google, and later we will see other services that Google has 4. 1.05 Types Of Resources On The Internet: on the Internet there old kinds of resources that satisfied virtually any type of need we may have. It could be entertainment, work, learning or business. For example, you can find all kinds of videos, music, images, articles, books and experiences that in one way or another we can consume. And this woman, I'm sure that somehow you are already taken advantage of many of these services, such as Facebook, YouTube or Netflix. Just to give you some examples, however, these are a limited part off all the things that can be found on the Internet. And it's for this reason that it is essential to have a basic knowledge about searches in Google to be able to find them. Knowing how to find information on the Internet is a fundamental skill for anyone, regardless of why they dio, because it is almost like knowing how to read or write in interconnected war, where we leaving, it's in this example. A person who knows how to read them right has the ability to learn any skill that is rating in books without a name for someone else to teach them how to do it. A person who knows how to search and find information on the Internet. He's able to find and discover how to use the resources that will serve to learn anything you can imagine on the Internet is available. All the human knowledge that we have accumulated throughout our history as a species and knowing how to find it is like having superpowers toe, learn and do whatever we want. The system kal of the course, being able to find videos, music, books, communities or currencies for you to be prepared for the super connected world to which we are going, we're knowing how to use all the variety resources on the Internet is going to give you advantages to excel in practically any skill you on your take. 5. 2.02 Introduction To Searches In Google: Okay, This video's just re interview some of the basic search functions, but now we're going to start doing some Google searches, and I will also explain some very simple concepts for you to start once for our to search for information. Using Google is Barry ISI. Just go to the gold dot com website Type one or several wars in the search box and press return. Simple. This doesn't require any science, but you will realize that there are many more options to find information on the Internet. So if we do this search, for example, Howison fourth, you will see the result speech. But depending on the type of search you do, you will see some special features that I will show we with some sample searches because somehow you will recognize what type of search you are doing. Whether you look for information about celebrities, places a band's another types of things. In this case, we are looking for information about someone who is a celebrity. So on the results patient, you will find links to his personal data in Wikipedia, and you will also see these panel on the right where you will find additional information such as family data, height movies were he appeared on below. You will see other famous people related to the person you are looking for. But if you search for a place, for example, Paris, you will see tourist information on a specific data off that place, such as the area of the city, whether information currency and also search yourself related places, another type of resource that will appear to you from time to time. Our Google ads, for example, during the search Atlanta hotel. If you look carefully in the first results, appears this a small box indicated that it isn't. These are things that have been paid by companies to appear in these positions at the time a user performs a specific search like this. In this case, these are companies that are related to hotel room reservations in Atlanta. Google is also useful to find all kinds of multimedia resources, suggest images, medias and maps, for example, to change between the type of content that we want to find. Ju just have to click on one of these stamps that our at the top of the results page, but later you will learn in detail how to find images and medias taken advantage of the advance capabilities for it. Well, I will see you in the next video where you will learn to customize the results page. 6. 2.03 Customizing The Results Page: the old results page is very easy to use and understand. You do a search and you get the results on the page that has a specific number of links that ghoul orders based on the relevance the first time these page appears, you will only see 10 links in the results. It is very likely all the options on the page will appear in English or maybe in a different language. But that is something we are going to learn how to change. These are the two main changes that can be made to customize the page. So if we want more than 10 results to appear, which is something I recommend to dio, just look for this setting assumption at the moment of making this video. It appears in these option burke in the top part of the page. But this is something that can change from time to time in the menu that is this plate. Just go to the option search settings. This is the Beijing where you will specify how many links you want to appear in the results page. Just by dragging this small box to the right and choosing the amount you prefer from 10 2030 to 100 results. I think 20 or 30 results will be perfect. Another important option is the one that activates or deactivates the safe search functionality. As it is explained in these short paragraph, it's theirs to filter the information and hide results with violent content or for adults, although it is not 100% accurate. But it is a very useful option to protect Children who use a computer. The option that says spoken answers is useful when you do a search on your smartphone, because if you have activated assumption on your phone at the time when doing a search along with the results, you will hear an artificial boys that allows you to listen to part of the found accountant . With this is more check. You can specify if you want to open a new tab in the browser when you click on the any link in the search results page. The assumption of region settings is used by Gul to know where you are located to show you the results related or close to your city now to keep the changes just like on the same bottom, or if not cancelled so that everything remains unchanged. I will save these in this moment on, I will return to the results page where you will see the changes reflected to change the language in which the rule options appear. You can do so by clicking on the settings option, then on the language assumption. Here you can choose in your language and click on save. But have you noticed something? This is the same page in which we changed the other options. Just click on these that says search results and you will see all the previous options. Now I just go back to languages. I click on Spanish, for example, and then save. As you can see, the language of the different options off here have changed through a Spanish. Now we're going back to English, just like on reference. Yes, Regan computers. And it was good. Then you, Thomas, now English and then click on weather. Then all the options were doing to English 7. 2.04 Special Features In Searches: At this point, I'm sure that you have done many searches on Google in which you haven't noticed that the door occasions were certain. Special features appear that complemented results in this video. We will go a little deeper into all these because they're a very important part when it comes to finding information. The first of a search features that we will see is a dictionary, for example, when you want to know the meaning off a new world, you can use Google to know its meaning if we look for a world like conjuncture, which is usually used in political issues, so to do it just have to write, define conjuncture and in the results of the dictionary will appear. You can continue looking for the meaning off new wars directly, and these text field below are the meanings of these words. And if you click on this arrow right here, you will expand a dictionary to get additional information on these worth including the option to choose the language to be used. In this case, this is a very unusual world, So if you search it as a single word, goal is going to predict that you are looking for the meaning and additionally will appear in the results simply by writing these words. On the other hand, if you're looking for a very common world, for example, dove, if you searched the land, the dictionary will not appear. But if you add the world the fine, though now you are specifying two goal that you want the definition off these words. The next search feature is the weather information. When you want to know how the weather is in any city in the world, just write the name of the city and then at the world weather at the beginning were at the end. For example, if I want to know the weather in Mexico City at this moment, I right, whether Mexico City and then when the results. You can see a graph with the temperature during the day and also if it is going to be quality or rainy. Another very simple about the useful feature is the time in the searches to a pure, you only have to type time, and then the current time of the place where you are will appear, although this is not very useful because surely it's enough with the time that appears on the screen of your computer or your smartphone. But this function is useful when you need to know the time off some other city in the world to do it. You just have to put the name of the city followed by the world time. Another feature that is quite useful is a language translator. In this case, we have to remember that Google has the full Google translator, which we will see in a later video. But we also have a simpler version that appears in the results. To make it to appear, you only have to include the world translate followed by the war. You are looking forward, For example, translate Sin City. Google will try to break the new land, which analyzing the war that you wrote. But this is something that you can change in these drop down list. When the translator appears, you can write directly on it to know the meaning off all the wars, so chest Gasser or any other if you now decide that you want to translate a world from English to Spanish, just like on this little belong here in the meal, and that's it right. It was in English and translated. Apart from that, you will also have these arrow to expand the translation. Entertain other related results. The unit converter is an herbal, useful search feature on many occasions to see it just had to write a commission, for example, meters to fit. These unit converter is interactive. I mean that the units can be changed with these drop down list and the results are updated automatically. You can also write directly to any of these two units to perform the commercial instantly. Another of these search features that I like a lot is a calculator To make it to appear, just write any arithmetic operation such as to loss for these can actually or worst like any other. For example, the one that comes with Windows. Google also has the ability to show graphics off simple functions that are coming in math classes. For example, if I want to see the graphic of the cast of X function, are you only right? Cause space. If this graphic also have some degree of interactivity because you can move on, view the current in its well moving the mouse. Google is also very effective to show information from mutually any city or country in the world. If we know the search capital France and the results, you will see this box in which there is geographic information with Paris, along with some related searches. But additionally, we also have these arrow to expand the information that is displayed. Now. We can also see your specific information such as the area of the city population, local time currency and even the prize in the hotel. It's over that scene. In short, Google has many special features and that usually appear in searches. But those that do you have just in all the most common. Surely the people at Google will replace in some others. As time goes by on some will be remote. Anything that improves the results of our searches is going to be welcome. 8. 2.05 Omitting Unwanted Results in Searches: Now you're going to learn how to use one of the most useful techniques you can imagine. When it comes to finding information with Google, it is something very simple, but it will still be a lot of times to reduce the amount of results in any search. What I mean is that you will know how to omit certain wars in the results. Let's see how it works just to give an example. We are going to look for some size about a town in North Carolina called Ellen. So we do the search, Ealham, and these are the results we get. As you can see any results page. There is no information at all about a place called Ellen, but instead all the results you can see are about a long mosque, the billionaire founder of Tesla and Space X, which, of course, is not what we want to find. This happens because the information about the Long Mosque is much more relevant than a place called Ilham, simply because it is what the vast majority of people are looking for. At this moment, however, I want to find the sites about the place called Ellen on leave I use in the world along in the search box. So right now I will explain how we're going to do it. First, we have to analyze the results of it. And if you look at them in addition to the world, Ellen also appears the World Mosque, which is the last name of these men. What I'm going to do is to specify that in the results, I don't want the World Mosque to appear to these. I just adds to the search miners mosque without living the spaces between the minus sign or hyphen on the World Mosque and then press return. So to omit award from the results off a search just at the minus sign or hyphen whenever you want to call it so yourself right before the world, you want to admit without spaces between the two. If you look at the new results, one mask doesn't appear anymore. Now the results. We have the information about the town in North Carolina called ILO. This technique term it works in the results is not exclusive for one world. Additionally, you can use it to amid several awards, for example, Now we are going to make a search off photo shop, two different wars. So when I do the search, you look tries to pray that you are trying to find information about the silver for a shop from the company adobe. And these are the results, as you can see, when we did the search separating towards Google things that there was a mistake in the words that I wrote and this predicting they want information about the silver finish up. For this reason, you can see that all the links in the results are Lincoln societies about the suffer. But now to four is Google to search for the two separate words. I cannot to search the two words that are directly related to a server, it using a minus sign. So I add the search minus adobe and also miners for a shop, and it results. You can now see if I do the search of text of the world for a shop, the only place where a disappearing is in this and no one else your searches. You can meet us many words as necessary. In this way, you can even combine it with that band searches that include operators and complete sentences, which we will see in another video in discourse 9. 2.06 Searching Exact Phrases: Now you're going to learn the second search technique that is likely. You will use a lot one searching information. You will learn how to do a search, often exact phrasing goal. This is extremely useful. For example, when you know a certain phrase that you remember from an article or the lyrics of a song, and it also serves to reduce the number of search results in Google, you can have all the words you want to do a search. But what will happen is that goal. Which of the results of sites that contain all the world's off part of them. No matter if they are in the order, you're writing them. For example, if we look for the phrase how to repair a cell phone, you will see many pages with the information about how to reaper cell phones. But many don't have exactly the phrase we are looking for. Instead, you will see all kinds of work combinations that basically mean the same thing. But if we want to find pages with the exact race as we wrote it, we just have to enclose it in quotation marks, for example, how to repair a cell phone Now you can see that these races appearing in the results exactly as you wrote it. The quotation marks can also years with a minus. Sign told me the exact racist in the results, for example, with search with it in the last video where we wanted to find information about it down alone in our Carolina, we could also have down the search ass villain space minus sign. Open quotation marks. Elon Musk Close quotation marks. With this search, we are specifying that we want results with the world, Ellen. But excluding the combination of wars Elon Musk If you see in the results the phrase alone mosque, it is not appearing in the links of the results because we are forcing gold not to show it there. I remember the day phrase you enclosing quotation marks can have as many words as you went . Just remember to put the minus sign right before the phrase without spaces. Also, you can have more than one phrase in the same search. Throughout the course, we are going to be using the quotation marks and the minus sign toe form even more complex searches in which you will realize that they can be used in different combinations to drastically reduce the number of results. To find Onley, what you need 10. 2.07 Knowledge Panels and Suggestions Carousel: No. Which panels are another off the additional features that appear on the results page, depending on the type of search that is done. This contain information directly related to the search. We dio and generally appear in searches, for example, celebrities, movies, countries or cities, diseases, sounds, sporting events, Siri's medicines on certain things and that have a great relevance for many people. Now let's do some sort of just for you to see how they work. For example, if we want information about the country like NZealand, first take into account that in always panels appear mostly on the right, although they sometimes appear amount the links of the results. The information they contain well, very depending on the type of search. In this case, we are looking for information about the country so we can access the map of New Zealand by clicking here. It also shows information about the country, such as its capital currency and also the spoken languages. A very useful feature. Is this search burn off related places, rival Oh, in the panel in which you can click on any of them to see a carousel over later. Searchers at the top of the results page and discover cell are appearing the other countries that Google believes you may be interested in to access anyone, just click it and to see only countries that appear on this carousel just quick on this arrow at the right age to see more related countries in the same way you can return to the first countries by clicking on this arrow at the left edge. These are other searches in which the knowledge man, it's also appear where you can see that the information they provide depends on the initial search. This case and the search is about Lionel Messi, so you will see the personal information about these sucker football player in the same way . In this part below, there are related searches in which, when you click them this suggestion, scar cell will appear. The same happens with them away. Like the Aven years. A search on the sporting events like the Super Bowl in the search, is the animus. Siri's drowned more. Here we are looking for information about the Premier Li, the British football soccer tournament. As I mentioned, some knowledge penance appear about the links in the results page in this case, and the search is about this song. It's My Life by Bon Jovi. In the case of the knowledge panels and searches of diseases, they appear a little different from those we have reduced the scene. Apart from the basic information off this is you will also see these stabs in which there is information about the symptoms and treatments of businesses. 11. 2.08 The Tools Option In The Results Page: When you do any search your in the results patient, you will see the assumptions at the top that that that says, oh shows the main results. Zero With the stab. You can also change the type of search to images, videos and other types of searches, which we are going to be detailing in the following videos. But the option that interests us at this moment is this one that says tools. When you click it, you will see these additional options rival out which will very of a, depending on whether you are in the main results us in this moment or, if you are searching for images BVs for any other type of content. The first option is to filter the results that go hasn't exit in a certain period of time. For example, you can specify that you only want the results from pages that Google has found Onley in the last hour, the last day, the last week, the last month, the last year or defer assumption that is chosen by the found, which in the case that it will show you the results off any date. You can also specify the range of dates in which Google has found the pages with it. Custom range option. Jews have to choose the initial date, the final date, and then click and go, for example, if we the search virtual reality. But we want pages that have been indexes on Lee during the year 2017. So I go to tools now constant range and I choose from January 1st 2017 until December 31st 2017 and then they praise go. If you look carefully here is indicated that time lapse that I am specifying and also gives me the option to sort the results by relevance or by date. Additionally, I see the option delete to remove this filter. If we go down to the results, you will notice that in links you will see the date in which cool index of these websites This is indicated just before this never tough text that was taken from the base that is linked. These options to the limited dates are very useful when you're looking for news or articles that you know were published on certain dates. The last option that is displayed with the tool bottom is the one that says all results. When you click on it, you will see these other option that says verbatim. What the second option does is that it tells Google that you're looking for the exact phrase in the order you wrote it. It has the same function as a quotation marks you learn to use in the previous media. 12. 2.09 Information Credibility: it is really want to talk about something very important when it comes to finding information on the Internet. Remember that the Internet is a place where any person without limitations, camp all this any counter they went. It's necessary that you take this into account to know how to recognize the credibility of the information you are finding when you know how the recognize, high quality information, you will be able to prevent fraud and other illegal acts that you may come across on the Internet. For these reasons, some of the tips that must be taking into account will be the following. When you find information on the Internet, the scope of the coverage of the counted in the websites must be analysed, considering periods of time, geographical areas and limits on the topics that are prescribed. The authority of the creators of the content must be considered. What I mean is that if the content is created by experts, my educational institutions also the prestige of the members of the website on the reputation they have on the subject they are publishing. It is also extremely important to know how to recognize the objectivity of the information to give an example. It may be the case that you find a very well written article, but in it is being used the language persuading you to do something else such a PSA purchase. It could be some kind of down out. Or maybe it is enticing you to participate in some type of contest. If you count that you found that you realize that there are errors in some part of the information, it is likely that it was not great in by a very knowledgeable person. In this case, it is very to keep looking somewhere else. Another thing to take very much into account is the date of publication of the information you found. Remember that the content on the Internet is constantly being updated on, depending on the topic you are looking for. If the information was published a long time ago, it may no longer be useful for you on the Internet that bounce all kinds of malicious sites . So when you find content that leaves you with some doubt, it is very to conduct a deeper search to find more reliable sources 13. 2.10 Tips for More Effective Searches: with things you have learned so far. And of course, I am sure that you have noticed that Google has many options that we can take advantage of when making effective searches. But there are still a lot of things that you will learn in the following bilious. For the moment, you can download the attached document to these video. What I have left the summary of the search techniques that we have Bradley so far use it right? It should be doing some searches on different topics the rainforest, what you have learned. Now I'm going to mention some things that are very useful when doing Google searches, which will serve you in both simple searches and also with more complex searches. Fanciful. It can assure you that doing a short search planning will help you, Ah, lot define what you want to find and also the type of counting you're looking for being articles, videos, images or any other type of content and everything that is very useful is knowing how to find suffer programs to view or play the contra do download from the Internet. Among the contents that you will find, I can mention videophiles all the files images compressed files such as those with extension that right or that's it. If at some point you download some kind of file that your computer doesn't recognize or you don't know how to visualize it, just have to do a search with the extension of the file and the words suffered. For example, at some point you kill. Download a file with the DOT people extension, which is a type file that corresponds to you. Looks so to find a program that allows you to view these files. Just do the search. Suffer space that people or you can also do the search file space. Don't people in the results. You will get information about this so far you can use to view these files. If I only remember that the angle you can search for anything simply by asking a question exactly as you will ask any person. For example, how do I learn English? Other examples of searches will be When is the next solar eclipse? What is a placebo? Why is the sky blue? How can I make friends? You can write virtually any question, and it is very likely that you will get very good results. However, with everything you have learned and all the things that you will learn the following videos, you will have a great advantage to find solution to many of the problems that you will face at some point. You will also notice that as we produce through the course, you will learn more search techniques and you will find patterns in the searches. Well, with the same mean that you will find out what are the words or phrases it can be out of the concepts that you want to find to obtain better results. 14. 2.11 Searching For Images: Now that you know how to do searches with a very good level of complexity, we're going to learn how to do searches for images, videos, another specific content in Google. However, as you now know how normal searches work, you will find that searches for images or videos were practically in the same way. But since they are counting with different characteristics, additional options will appear. The daughter specific to images for BDS that do not appear in the searches with So in the beginning of the course. Okay, let's look at something that is probably going to have many results. For example, Qatar in 2000 trying to to get results about the Circle World cough replay. Think at that. When you do the search in the main side of Google, the first results are going to be links to websites because the search was done in a Google homepage. Now, to change to the image search, just click on deception that says images in the options Bar of the Results page as well as a normal results. Google and show the most rhythm on the range is on the first positions. But as in the main results We can also customize the search for shells on Lee, the type of images we want to see. One of the first substance we have to do it are these bottoms that appear at it up with some keywords related to the search. We just there. What they do is that if you click on any of these awards, you will add a filter to show you the type of information they are specifying. It is example. We're looking for information about the soccer World Cup in Qatar. So Google is suggesting that apart from the information about it, you may also be interested in information about the stadiums that will be used in cattle 2022. All you have to do is click on the bottom that says stadium or stadiums. By doing so, you will only see the stadiums off the World Cup 2000 and 22 in Qatar. While you add filters like this, you will see appearing all the additional filters. The further would use a number of results. When you're looking for images, the first thing that appears is this great off images where you can see a small preview due in large and see it more clearly. Just click on any of these some nails. When doing so, the image appears a little larger, but additionally, these assumptions will appear on the right side. In this part are the related images were usually appear, images that most resemble to the one you are seeing. When you click on this bottom that says you more. You will perform a new search in which the image your viewing will be taken us a reference to the A new search image with the new results. There are also other options that are usually quite useful here at the right. I'm talking about these bottoms that say, as do and collections. What the healthy option does is that if you are using your Google account, you will save a reference to this image in something similar to a gallery, which you conexes with the collections bottom. This is very similar to keeping your favorite images in the cloud so you don't have to down over them to your computer, and also you will keep the information off the Web site that they are linking. There is also another white search for images based on images that you already have on your computer or even in the same browser did it. So you just have to drown. Drop the image you want to the search box off the images in goal, for example, we can render up any of the images in the search results on. In doing so, you will see this message that is telling you where you can grab the image to start the search. The results will appear in this way, but as you can see, the image of staff is still active. It so it continues being an image search in which cool is trying to relate the image to announce concept in this case, the World Cup of 2022. Now, to see the results as we were seeing them, um, I'm gonna go. You only click on the assumption that says old sizes. If the image you want to take us a basis to perform the searching goal is in another tab of your browser, what you have to do is drive the image without letting it go. Then you have to help with the mouse pointer over the town where we are doing the searches now. you have to wait a couple of seconds and then you have to drop it on the Google search box in the same way Go will try to relate the image to some unknown concept. But if the one that appears is not the correct one, you can modify it manually and then just press return. When images is stored on your computer, you can drag it from the folder where it is. Dan Goure will applaud it and perform the search on their way to do it is by clicking when this is my bottom, that has the shape of a camera, then selecting the upload and the image tab on Dan Sect in the image file with these bottom to find the file to complete the typical human searches, we will now see the different filters that appear when you click on the tools bottom in the results page. If you notice something when you do an image search, you will see some additional filters that appear in addition to a normal search. With this filter, we can search for images with a specific size just by clicking on. Any of these options are displayed. One of the most useful options in the image results page is this filter that allows you to choose the dominant color in the images that are showing the results just like on the different colors. And as you can see, the images and the results will change, depending on the color you choose. For example, if we want images and for the World Cup where the game field is shown juco, choose the green color that should be the dominant color in the images. With the filters of the option usage rights, you will see the images that have been published with different rights of use. The filters of the option type allow you to specify if you want to see images with faces of people. Photos also clip art where you will find lower Some vector images, mostly on with the option off line drawing will appeal, drawing like images. The last option is to find animated images such as animated GIFs. Time filters will work in exactly the same way as normal searches. You only have to specify the dates in which cool found the images you're looking for by doing these, only the ones that having uploaded in the time you specify will appear and finally is the option more tools that allows you to see the restorations of the images John's beloved thumbnails of the results. 15. 2.12 Searching For Videos: spiritually. For video, single is much simpler. Dance the ricin for images because the results page and doesn't have so many options to filter medias to access. Single the option to search for videos, jewels have to do any search and then go to the video step where you will see the results in a very similar way to the normal results. However, here alone with every link, there is going to be a small preview of the video to find BDS. It is best to do the search, and you do, but the video search functionality in Google allows you to find media's from anywhere site on the Internet. If you notice here Jones below each link, you will see the Web address where the video was found. Also the date of publication on a short description of the video. To reduce the normal results and improve the search. Just click on it tools bottom, and the filters you already learned to use in the previous videos will appear. Of course, they're not going to be the same filters simply because the videos have different characteristics. For example, now you have the option to choose the duration of the videos in results, short videos that last up to a maximum of four minutes, also from 4 to 20 minutes and long videos that last more than 20 minutes. Here you can also feel told the results by publication date, just as we have previously down. You also have the option to choose the quality of the videos in the results and with these other options, you can include be views that have some titles. Another quite useful arching is the one that allows you to choose the website that contains the videos of the search. These well size will very depending on the search you are doing about was defiant website in the results, we can do it more effectively with the search operators that you will learn in the following lectures. In most cases, the best thing you can do to find media is doing the searching your toe. Keep in mind a duty with second largest searching in any world just after goal. I'm in the duty with second website that people use the most to find information and this is for a very good reason. On YouTube, there are videos off almost anything you can think of thinking about this fact. I Previously great car is called How to Become an experience YouTube user In it. I explain in detail how to do it. Band searches in your to to acid occurs. Jews have to enter to my profile hearing skill shirt, and there you will find it. 16. 2.13 Searching Other Content In Google: the birth from images of medias in the Google wave, said, You can also find other times for different types of content. In the top part of the results page, for example, you can search for books, maps, nears, financial information. Another contend that does not appear among the assumptions. For example, Google flies to find information about flights in several countries. Ghoul patents to find patterns off Many mentions Angle Scholar to find academic information . Each of these specific search area single has different options to filter information in some of them. Little Bottom will appear with completely different filters to reduce information such as Google books, where these filters will work in a similar way to what you have learned to win. Searching for images in other cases such as Google Pants and Gold Schooler Result Space will be completely different from the ones we have already seen. But they will show different options adapted to the type of content to filter the information, and this curse will focus on learning to find the most popular content, such as websites and multimedia content. So we will not delve into other types of searches like these ones. But if at some point a unit with their health perform. Such searches just have to do a search on the main goal side, such as how to use Google patterns, and you won't see many sides or videos on how to do it. Another very valuable resource for finding information is Google maps. This still basically serves you to find maps from practically any place in the world. However, it has so many additional options, so I complete cores will be necessary to learn how to take advantage of all the options it has. For now. I can tell you that it can help you to find maps off anyplace you want, where you can find all kinds of information about the place. And also you can use it to find routes to places you don't know. Maybe I will make a cursing Google maps in the future, but for now, I think that is enough 17. 2.14 Search Suggestions And Related Searches: to complete this section of basic search techniques, you're going to learn about the capabilities of Google's search immune to predict related searches and a spelling correction. What I'm talking about is that when you are right in the string of text in the search box, goal is going to offer a serious of suggestions that will change as you type in the words. The suggestions are really good to give you a DS on how to find what you went with different combinations of words so you can find bear results. We're going to do a few searches so you can see how it works. For example, for this moment I want information about the rubber band, a CDC, the official name of these bands years, a c slash D c in capital letters and with a slash in the middle. But you don't have to write it exactly as it is, because years, by writing the letters a C. D. C. Google will know that you want information about these rubber band and is going to show several suggestions related to a city Seem if you notice here goalie showing different suggestions by adding name off some of the most popular. A CDC songs produce any of the suggestions, just click on it, or you can also choose the option with the arrows and the return key. If we do another search like Barcelona, there will be appearing different suggestions about the soccer team off the city. What if I add the Wards City? Then suggestions will be completely different, because Google will know that I am not talking about this Circle team but the city of Barcelona. Another way to find a DS of related searches is also provided by ghoul. When you have done a search, just go down to the bottom of the results page, and here you will find the related searches to the one you just did. All you have to do is click on any of these searches on the new results will appear now. The phrase you click is appearing in the search box, as if you have resonant. Another thing to mention is that Google is very good at correcting the spelling errors in searches and show when the results of the sentence with the corrected word, for example, if I do the search, learn Spanish but intentionally, I'm gonna write it with spelling errors like Learn Your Spanish when during the search and this woman, Google has detected the error and corrected to show the results of learning Spanish. You can realize this because when Google corrects the spelling, you will see this message at the top, indicating that the results of learn Spanish are shown. But you will also see the option to force Google to search for the phrase Learn your Spanish with this thing that appears here. Finally, a must mentioned that when you do a normal search and would you write a word or a phrase, Google doesn't care. If you write it with upper case or lower cases, the results are going to be the same. However, there is some special cases in which, if you use certain search operators, they must be capitalized. But you're going to learn how to use them in the next section off at band searches here in the course. Now I want to congratulate you for having completed decision in which, although you have only learned to do basic searches on Google, you already have the necessary knowledge to find many things that could possibly have been very difficult for you. Now imagine when you learn to perform my band searches, you will not have limits with what you will be able to find on the Internet. 18. 3.01 Keywords In The Searches: Now we're going to start the third section of the Oscars, where you will learn how to do more complex searches to find anything on the Internet. Here. You know, the sir Seeing the Google search engine as a two with its own language would you have to learn in order to get the results that will be very difficult to obtain just by typing some words in the search box. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to choose and recognize the world's that will give us the vast results when searching for information. When we do a search in Google, what we do is that we write some keywords, press return and get the results. Many times the words we choose our know the most convenient to get the best possible results. So to choose more effective cures there some tools on the Internet to so or even Google has it sound tool for that purpose. To find quality information. It is important to be clear about how to choose the right keywords because it is something that most people are. Companies that create and publish content on the Internet take very seriously these works in this manner because those people are companies. One people who seek information to be able to find their websites or their content, either to grab a community of followers or to sell up around that users may be looking for . So to improve the quality of the key words you use, there are some very simple tips that you can follow. I could mention think carefully about what you want to find and try to relate it to common words, which people usually used to refer to it. Choose the words that you think might appear in it takes all the place you want to find, think about how it will be described and also its characteristics. Also, put yourself in the author's mine while you're trying to find, I mean that if you have to write about what you are trying to find, how would you have written the advantages, disadvantages, characteristics, compliments, characters and related places. You can also get more Cuban ideas with some tools that are available on the Internet. For example, if you're searching ghoul, people suggestion. One of the verse eyes that appears in the results is your tool dot io. They can help you to find related cures. Once you're in the side, just have to write a word. A phrase on only related alternatives will appear. That's right. With learn Spanish and the results, you will see the list of suggestions you can use. At the same time, this information will be hitting for users of the site who paid to have more information about the cables, such as the search, volume, trend, commercial and competition of each cure. However, in this case, Google provides a keyword planning tool, which is completely free, and it also shows you all this information that is hitting a much more detail, which you will on two years in another 1,000,000,000 this cars. 19. 3.02 Introduction to Advanced Search Operators: Now you will learn how to use that bound search of prayers that can be used in goal. The super errors allow you to reduce the amount results in your searches in an amazing way , allowing you to find the information you are looking for much more easily and efficiently. Even considering that there are several search of prayers that we have at our disposal, they are quite easy to learn. For this reason, in the next videos, you're going to be learning how to use them one by one so that you can master them in no time, although something that is true is that in most of the time is going to be enough with what you have learned in the previous section. However, being able to use advanced search for errors will allow you to understand and take advantage of the information available on the Internet in a completely different way. It will be almost like speak in fluent in a foreign language that allows you to access it knowledge that is only available to a few people. It's going to be amazing what you're going to be able to do. Among the things that the band search prayers allow you to do. I can mention you can much two different surges into one. You can find any type of file on the Internet. You can do a search within a specific website or in certain types of websites. You can search for a certain extent in parts of the websites. You can find similar websites what we're saying that you specify. You can access the Web sites when they are not available. You can also combine several search of prayers with the search techniques that you have already learned. In short, the possibilities are humongous, and in the next videos you will learn to use the search operators. One might want to take your search skills to the next level. 20. 3.03 Logical Search Operators: the first search operator that you will learn this section easy or operator, which will help you to perform more than one search. At the same time, the best way to understand how it works is with some examples. First, I will do to searches use in two different keywords, and then I'm going to join them with the help of the or operator. So in order for Google Toe identified as a search of prayer, it must be written in capital letters. Let's do a search in one town for the war in marble and in another tab DC comics. If we search for each of these worlds in the result space, you will notice that in the town where we search for Marvel if we do a search for the world's DC Comics, eat may appear only once or twice or simply. It doesn't appear at all in the results, but sometimes it will appear in the related search just in the results page. The same happens in the tablet where we did the search for DC comics here with socially warm marble, and the same thing happens. So when we are going to do it is the fourth school to show these two results in the same page. To do it, we're going to the search marvel or in capital letters, open quotation marks, the C comics close quotation marks. We're going to enclose DC Comics in quotation marks to take these two wars as an exact race . Otherwise, go will understand that the war that is joining the or operator error is the world we see with the world marvel. Now that we have done the search, we look for the words Marvel and DC Comics in the results. More will appear several times in the results on the same happens with these economics. When you're using these operators, you can also specify a war that you don't want to appear in the results by using mine assign found by the world to be a major. As you learnt in a previous video, for example, in the search, the Were Universe appears a few times. But if I wanna search when I want results off the world, Marvel or DC comics but are made in the world universe, I will write like this Marble war DC comics enclosed in quotation wars, space minus universe with this Now I see that the world's Marvel and DC comics is still appear in the results, but sides containing the world universe have been omitted. Another way to ride the same search is by replacing the or operator with a symbol that has exactly the same function. Zero. It will be marble, the symbol the C comics miners universe on the keyboard that I am using. At this moment, the key for the symbol is just below the escape key. Your case irresponsible that you will find it in a different place when you're cured. Another a prayer that used to be used easy and the operator. The purpose of this operator, West Wrinkle pages showing the two key, or is that is, was joining, for example, during the search marble and the C comics shout sides to contain in these two wars, however, now it is no longer necessary to use it, because just by doing the search, marble DC Comics has the same effect. What it means is that we will includes it implicitly without having to write it in the search. This is exactly one makes a difference when we use the or operator because what I am saying to go with the search Marvel or DC Comics is to show me the pages that contain either the warm marble or the world DC Comics, but not necessarily the two words in the same page. 21. 3.04 filetype:: the following the parade or that you will learn to use is file. Type the separate or allows you to find in several types of files on the Internet so that you can use them or take a DS for your long price. For example, suppose you're going to make a presentation about a business plowing in your job so you could do a search like Business plan file type colon, ppd. X. Of course, putting business plan inside quotation Mars to search it as an exact phrase, followed by the file operator Colin Sign an extension of the presentations created in Power Point B B D. X, the operator file type on the file extension. Always have to go without space in between. And the results. You can see that a PPT extension is indicated in each of the links. This means that there is activity presentation. You can also realizes by hovering the mouse over the links and gels below. You will see the link with the X station PPT X at the end to download the presentation, just click it and choose a folder to save it in the same way you can search for Excel files pdf files. World files Another file such as text falls. These file type of Pereira can also be everything in the form GST coal, since they are basically the same operator resemble If I search for business plan space DST comb PDF, it would perform the same type of search to find documents in pdf format. Always remember that along with the search of prayers, you can also use the full thirst in these bar that is up here, which you have already learned to any previous medias. So, aside from looking for PDF documents about a business plan concept, you can also specify it, for example, that he only one documents that having and exit in the last year. 22. 3.05 site:: the operators site is one of the most useful off all because it will allow you to search for whatever you want within a specific website or also on Lee. Taking into account a certain type of website. The way it works is that you write a keyword liver space, right the operator's sight with coal, followed by the website address where you want to search, for example, if we want information about the archaeological side. The count on Lee in the French version of Wikipedia Research Tickle Space site Colon. If our dot Wikipedia dot orig and the results you can see appear in all the links to articles that are only in the French version of Wikipedia, another way to use this operator is by specifying the type of websites rather than a single website. For example, we can tell cool to look for information on Lee on government websites or educational institutions. In the case of educational institutions such as universities, the websites don't have the dot com at the end. Instead, they have the dot e, the Jew domain and the government websites usually have the dot co domain, for example, with search university space site colon e VDO. You will see a lot of links to the main page is off many universities. If no, I changed the down ev, you ending 40. Don't go in the search. You will see government websites and the talk about universities. The site operator can also used in combination with other operators to perform much more complex searches. And you will find it out in the following searches that we are going to do. We're going to do a search about the ill mosque. Remember Ill. A Mosque is a businessman well known for being one of the people who has changed in the world, thanks to the company's he runs one of those companies is dedicated to making electric cars called Testa on. He is also the leader off another space exploration company called Space Six. We're going to look for information about this man into pages that I like very much for the high quality off articles that they publish. They are the pages off futurism dot com and matchable that come on these pages. Articles about Pignoli are published mostly, and they have published many articles about Elon Musk, so they are ideal for this example. So what I want is to find articles about ill mosque on Lee within the pages of future is in that Come and mashable dot com. In order for Google to show me exactly what I want, we are going to write it in a way cool on the resistance. It I will write L A mosque in quotation marks so that I can look for eat as an except phrase fault may decide operator colon futurism dot com. But since it is not the only website where I want information, I will use the or operator to include the results off the mashable website Adan site, colon mashable dot com. I press return, and in the links you will notice that there are Onley links linking to these two sides that talk about a long mosque. No, I want to make some modifications to the search. As I mentioned earlier, these businessmen rounds the electric car company Tesla. If we look for testing in the text of the results page, it will appear several times. But suppose that we don't want our egos that speak of the test like company. But we want everything else related to Elon musk. Now, let me ask you, why do we have to add research? Do you remember it exactly? Let's add miners. That's not to the search. With this, we eliminate all the results that contain the world test in the same search. We can also add another or operator and add an additional websites because there are no limits to the So finally, don't forget. The operator side can also be used in our types of Google searches like images or medias. So you only have to take advantage ofit because this a prayer gives your analyst possibilities to find accurate information on the Internet. 23. 3.06 intext:: the following search operator is in text. This is going to be used to search for words or phrases within the days off a page off any website. We're going to use the website off futurism that come as an example, since it has a lot of counting to be able to practice with search examples. Okay, let's give an example in which we are going to look for articles that contain the text back to the future, just like the movie of the eighties that has the same name back to the future. Apart from that, we want to find articles that are only within the side futurism that come on that having published Onley in the year 2000 and 17. So what we do is write in search box in test column back to the future in quotation marks to find the exact phrase and now space site Coal future. Isn't that come on, President. During with this search, you will get more than 300 results, but I only want articles published in the year 2000 and 17 So I click on tools, click on the options to filter by dates and then the option custom range. I ride the initial late on the final late with this. I only see on the four articles that meets all the conditions. The in text operator can also be used more than once in a search. For example, if we do the search in text colon ill mosque space interest, Cole, Microsoft, it will show pages that contain both words. They were Microsoft and the combination of words ill a mosque. You can tell this in results because if you look more carefully right here in this neighborhood of text, both worlds are appearing Microsoft on a low mosque even when this entrepreneur we have already talked about has nothing to the within Microsoft company the weekend that as many in taste operators as we want the reserve variation off the separator that we can use to search for several wars, it is the operator all in text, for example, and the brilliance search. We can reduce it to all in taste. Comb Illan, mosque, Microsoft. Here It is not necessary that the keywords are together with the operator and they can go with spaces, since in all the world cento the right off, the operator will be taken into account of the search. If we see the results, both givers appear in the text Raymond of the results, just like in the previous search in which we used the in text operator more long ones. 24. 3.07 related:: on the Internet. We will find all the kinds of wear size about different topics. But sometimes we find real gems that give us a lot of value with account and they contain. For this reason, when we find search and interest inside, we may want to find more similar websites. This is exactly what allows us to do. The search operator related the way it works is very simple. We only write related colon, followed by the website address that we want to use as a basis to find other similar where sites altogether and without spaces, for example, related colon future. Isn't that come the sight of futurism as we have already seen use of low, in which they publish content about science and technology? Mostly So the results. We get our blows of these type let's see some size by clicking millions off the results. Remember that this operator is not intended to be used in combination with other operators as we have been doing since its function is simply to find websites similar to the one that we are indicating something additional that is awards. Mentioning is that there is another way to find similar wife science with help off Google, using an option found in the results page the find assumption. Just have to do any such. And if you notice right next to the links, there is a small green arrow which, when you click it, a small many will be displayed in which you will have the option similar, which has exactly the same purpose as a related operator. 25. 3.08 inurl:: when we are browsing the Internet with awaiting where bases that have a Web address, or URL, which is composed off the main, the main off the page. And it is followed by the address assigned to the page within that domain. These Web addresses displayed any browser's address bar right here. Google also allows us to find pages that contain certain words in the world dress. So to do it, we have the search operator in U R L. When we use this operator, Google will search for the keywords within the Earl of the Pages in its errors. Let's see how it works. We are going to look for pages within the website futurism that come that contain the word Sampson in the URL For these widow. The search in your l Colon Samsung Space Site Colon future. Isn't that come? And the results We can see that the world Samson is indeed appearing in the Ural of each page. Within this site, the Earl of the Pages is the green text and starts with H T T. P s. In order to see all the something wars more clearly. I'm going to do it. Thanks so much within the browser. I just press control plus f no, I write something. If we want to find pages that contain more than one world in the same girl, we can add more upper errors in U R L to the search with the additional workers. For example, if we want to find pages about the Samsung Galaxy note phone imaginable dot com site. The search is going to be like this in your URL colon Samsung Space in U R L Colon Galaxy Space in Euro Colon. Note. Space site. Colon mashable dot com Well, here are the results where you can realize that three wars are in the address of the pages within the site of mashable dot com. One thing I have to mention is that the reason operator called all in ur l, which is supposed to search all the key words at the right of the upper error when the search is done. But apparently it doesn't work. A suspected for simple. The previous search will be like site colon mice. Will that come? Oh, you Earl Coolum Samsung Galaxy Note. But when person return, we don't get any useful result. However, if I remember this site operator. Now it shows results, but if we see the well address of each result, it doesn't contain the words that were specified. I'm mentioned in the so prayer because possibly at some point you will find it in some reference about search operators you have to take into consideration. A goal usually makes changes or disabled certain options in searching in and some things may stop working. 26. 3.09 intitle:, inanchor:: Now I'm going to mention two other search operators that they're not very well known, but it is necessary to take them into account in certain and band searches. This woman's you already know how to use the in text on also the in U R L Operators, as you now know, to use them effectively, just have to know that in text makes a search of the keyboard that we indicate within the taste of the pages and in your l makes a search of the keyboard within the girl off the pages. The next operator rewards very similarly searching in a specific part of the pages. I am talking about the operator or entitle. What it does is that it searches for the cable that we negate within the title of the Web pages. The title of of Web page is a specified in internal HTML code of each Web page. We're going to look for it very quickly at this moment in the ground browser. When you are in any webpage, just press the F 12 key, then in this part of the Opens press control plus F to search for text and then write a world title. The title of the page is the one that is inside the HTML title tells, however, another way of knowing the title, if any webpage, simply by having the mouse over the top of the page on the title, will appear in this way. So when you're in a search like Entitle Marketing, we will find pages that contain the word marketing in the title of the page. Another search, a prayer that we can use, is in anchor. What it does is that it searches for the pages where the keyword is within the underlying taste of a link. At least in theory, that is what it is supposed to do because when doing a search using this a prayer, the Cube or usually appears in title and it takes, or in the URL, as though they're operators that work in a similar way. These two operators have their extended version all entitle on, also all in uncle, where it is supposed to conduct the search, taking into account all the worst of the right side off the operator what. As you can imagine, the results are not exactly what you will expect 27. 3.10 define:, cache: and the operador *: there are other additional operators to perform searches that may be very useful. At some point they are define and cash. What results is that it finds a definition off any worth. It works in the same way as something you learned in a previous video when we only added were the find to any other words. For example, the search define Go on Dove was show. Practically the same results are defined, though the difference is that with the operator or define more detailed information usually appears along with this knowledge panel that doesn't appear when we only search the find out. The cash search of prayer can save your the day when a page is not available for any problem that makes is. Remember what I mentioned at the beginning of the course when I explained how gold performed Search. Google doesn't really look for information directly on the Internet. It does so by searching the that has been downloaded on its service, where there is a copy off each webpage that will has indexes. So if at any time you need to ask is a website that is down or not properly working, you also have the option to access a copy of that same page. That is a story on Google servers to give an example. Suppose you search for anything and you click on any of the links in the results may doing so. Go will direct you to that page, and you will see something similar to this error, which will not allow you to access anything on this Web page, some to access the camp. You store it in the cool servers, just company Web address and go to Google and type the operator cash colon, followed by the others. You copy Without spaces and press return. The base that opens will show you at the top the date and the time it was next. It will also indicate that from that moment, the continent the patient will have changed. The lawsuit separator that we're going to see is a start that can be used as a wild card to replace a certain war that we want to vary in a search. For example, let's do the search. The most store in the world. I will ride the phrase is the most and the world inside quotation marks to four school to take them as except prices and put one space between each sentence and then the asterisk or store whatever you want to call it. Any results if you notice in the text part. The phrase we are looking for appears in bold. 28. 3.11 Google Advanced Search Page: Okay, Now you know how to use the Google search prayers, and you also knew how to perform complex searches to find practically anything on the Internet. However, it is very likely that at some point you will forget one or most of the search prayers simply begins, and we have to accept it. They are not the most intuitive to use. For this reason, Google provides the page of and band searches. We can also perform complex searches as if you were using a combination off operators, but with the advantage that you just have to select some options in drop down list dresses , the advanced search page gels research with words Advanced search. So I click on this link that, says Gould, that come slash advance on their score search. The speech has old necessary options to replace each one of the search operators that we saw previously. We have to do is read a description of each field and write a keyboard you want to search in the correspondent filled. Even here on the right side, there are some examples of how you can bride wars in each field. If we ride the three wars in the first field. It is as if we only ride awards and press return in the Google home page. But deception that says any of these words is like using the or operator between each of the world's rewrite here reception that says none of these worlds. It is like having a minus sign to each of the words that we are including in this field, so they are middle here. Below. You can specify the language in which we want to see the results in the region date in which Google Index student here we can specify the Web page where we want Google to search . It is the same as yours in the side operator with assumption that says file type. We can specify the white kind of fire we want to find. Like when we were using the file type operator at the end to the search. Just have to click on the blue bottom that says that band search. And here are the results that appear, as with any other search. Now, to really find a search with on the page of that band searches is like using the upper errors. Just get to the search box in the results page and you will see the operators that we have specified with different options that we have selected. 29. 4.01 Other Google Services: Google has also other additional service with search engine that can help you in all kinds of situations in your daily life or even in your business. This video I will show you in a very summarized way, the most important services that complemented search engine. Also, in the following videos, we will analyze a few services that will be the perfect complement to find any information on the Internet to find in a single place all the services that Google provides. Just a very simple search like Google robs on the wing we are looking for is this one that says our Google Brown's. On this page that happens, you can find almost cold Brazil tickle offers where you can see a screen shot and a brief description of each one. They are arranged depending on the type off years for which they are intended, which is indicated in these categories that appear in this bar, where to search for information. The watch videos listen to music business and also these other categories. Among the most important services are obviously the goal search that you have been learning to use throughout the course. Also, Google maps that we mentioned very briefly, the Google translator, to which we will devote a full video in this section. The chrome browser we haven't using here is also you do, which belongs to Google. This was services Google Play Music and Google Play Movies are two services in which you can buy exactly that music and movies. Additionally, to the services, Google is also involved in the development of hardware such as the chromecast, which is your still transmit multimedia accountant from a smartphone to a television. Other Harry pros that are developed by Google are pixel phones. Also, these virtual reality viewer called Daydream View Boys Assistance and Computers. And of course, here is the gym all service to get your email account in short there minutes services that Michael mention some that you probably never used and others that will definitely help you on many occasions, such as Google photos, where you can manage the photos you take with your smartphone. The calendar. Google doubts, which is like operation off Microsoft office that can be used in a Web browser. Gold Grime, which is the storage service in the cloud of Google office and also other services dedicated mostly to companies to see the full list of services. That girl has just become these blue arrows. In following media, you'll learn how to use a service called gold Trends. These services were important because it can be used to find a relevant information, depending on many factors that can be personalized also because it revives a different way of finding very relevant information on the Internet. 30. 4.02 Google Trends: the deal that you will learn to use at this moment is gold. Trends to access is still. All you have to do is the search Google dress. So I click on this thing and you will be directed to this page where you will find a message. Explore what the world searching. This is precisely why gold trances for to know What is the search train off other gold users. In the beginning, it can be a little complicated to understand how it works. I'm going to give an example to make it clear, and then we will see some options that are available in the store. First go trends Science A score from 0 200 toe any Cuba or you want to analyze where zero means There are no searches at that time, and 100 means that exactly that is the time when the maximum number of searches of that key will was done by all other goal users. This court is always going to be from 0 200 regardless of the number of searches that users have done. For example, let's analyze the search warrant for the World WhatsApp, the instant messaging application. We all know before looking for these warring Google trends. We all know that before this application was available for years on the smartphones, nobody had never used it because it was a war that didn't exist. So in this moment, we call predict that value. In the days before the publication off, this app will be zero, and it has to be 100 sometime after the publication, when its popularity wasn't it dump because it is the only way it will make sense. All right, let's do research. The first thing that appears is is graft with a maximum value is hungry on the minimum is zero, along with a line that represents the search. String off these words to see the a specific value in each point of the graph, you only have to move the mouse over it, and the value will appear. These graph appears almost linear because we are only seeing the search drink for the last 12 months. But we know that that what some has much more time available. So let's change the range of date in the assumption that is right here. We're going to select this option that says 2000 for Dash present because that is the moment when Google started to keep track of the search trends. The graphic we get now is very different, because if we have a live mouse over it, we can now see that people began to search for these world since 2000 and nine to make it clear, hold my house over these part and here appears that the score is less than one on its maximum school was given in 2000 and 15 Will has a score off 100. What this means is that before 2000 and nine, nobody was looking for these world about in 2000 and 15. It was when it had the maximum number of searches. Remember that the number of searches doesn't matter here on Lee. The relationship between the maximum and minimum number of searches matters generous and his graphic a bit better. We can do a search on Google like what's up foundation, and here we find that it's foundation was in 2000 and nine. So these graphic in the gold dress now makes all the sense of the world looking a little more carefully at the graph. We realize that during the year 2000 and 16 the score is approximately 40. This means that the number of searches in this period of time is approximately 40% off the total data killed in 2015 when it had the maximum score. Now that it has become clear how to interpret the graph of gold trends, we can use it to analyze any other world. But we need to know the search trend that has had old time, and then we can make some predictions or use it to make decisions in a company. First, you have to choose the country where you want the analysis to be made, But you can also choose the option to take into account all possible countries with assumptions. You can choose a period of time you want to be taking into account. Here. You can choose the type of Soviet take into consideration for the analysis, and with this last filter, you can just if you want to show information when so just made in the main Google's search engine image, search news or even searches made within you, too. Let's see, for example, the keywords FIFA World Cup in the graph, you can see that there are certain dates in which the maximum number of searches of the phrase FIFA World Cup has been done? No. So if we analyze them a little, they make a lot of sense because these remarkable increases in the number of searches correspond to the years in which the FIFA World Cup Watts played 2016 Germany 2000 and thing in South Africa, 2000 and 14 in Brazil and 2000 and 18 in Russia. As I mentioned, Google drones can be used to make business decisions in a company. We are going to use an example in this moment to put it clear. Suppose you're thinking and creating a company in which you will teach relevant to people in this new company you want to teach only to programming languages, and you have to choose among Jabba, which is used to the about 100 abs and urinal somewhere. My iPhone, which is ideal for machine learning and swift that is used to develop IOS apps for Apple probes. This company will be established in the United States, and you are interested in knowing which are the two languages that have the most searches among American users. So this is the ideal is an area to use Google trends. Let's search for the phrase learn Java. The breathe of time that we are interested in is the last 12 months, and we also want to analyze on Lee the searches made by users in the United States. No, let's confer the phrase learning java with the phrase learn python and also learn swift. What this graph is showing us is that bison is a problem in language that American people are most interested in with schools that are almost always about 75 on the second Pro Me. Now which that Americans are most interested in, is Java, followed by Swift. You can even see more clearly the difference in this small graph that is showing the language with the best friend, where, obviously, pricing and gamma, she'll be your choices in the final decision. The information that can be used to goes beyond this initial graph, since you can see graphs and by region, and you can even download the data from these graphs in files that can be analysed using Microsoft Excel. I wanted to include these video about gold prints because I know that at some point it will be very useful in your studies, putting the company where you work to solve a problem. It could even help you to decide which careers have the most demand on all kind of information like this. 31. 4.03 Google Alerts: Google Earth is one of the least known services of Google, but it has one of the most interesting functions to find information on the Internet. What you can do is Dell Google to send you an email with links to new pages that are published on the keyboard that you specify. Let's see how it works in the first place. I just have to do a search like Google Alerts, and we will go to this. Think when then. So you will get to this page where you will see this message that says, Monitor the Web for interest in new content. This is precisely what we are going to do with this tour. So to tell Ghoul toe I largest through an email when it finds a new page will, in turn, because we are interested in, we just have to write one we want to find in this space resemble would still Google that we went to receive alerts when it finds new pages on the Hubble Space Telescope then and write Hubble Space Telescope in this other space. I'm going to ride my Gmail account where and when the alerts to write. Then I click on this bottom before doing so. We can come for your some options to customize the alerts. Now I only click on this link that says Show options Here. We can specify how many times we want Google to send emails with alerts with the options sources, we can choose the type of website where go, she'll search for the content, whether farms blows new science or videos with the option re young. We can specify the country of origin off the page where goal is going to search on below in how many option we can indicate we are interesting in the most relevant results or the other option that serves to send any kind of results. Now, just like on these blue bottom, just take into account of you. We have not jet entered our email in the browser. It would be necessary to ride the password because you send your email account will happens to manage all the alerts. When you're receiving a little sin email, they will look like this something very similar to the results patiently Google that comes side. If at any time you are not interested in receiving alerts anymore, do you can deactivate them through these link. That says unsubscribe here in the bottom of the email alerts are going to be very useful when you need to be aware, often important, event what you know when it's polished, some content that will be interesting for you, such as courses, job offers, broke golfers, books and practically anything. 32. 4.04 Google Translate: in this graph that you're seeing now the number off Internet users is shown in millions. These users are all people who create content and share it on the Internet. And if you realize even when English is the dominant language, there are all the languages that have a huge presence languages like Chinese and Spanish, or the ones that following amount of users just after English. Knowing these, you can clearly see that most of the world's information is in different languages. This is one of the most important reasons to learn another language, and we will say that clear options will be Chinese and Spanish. But this depends on the needs of every person. However, something that is a fact is that at some point you will find information you need in a different language, and in this case you have to find a way to understand that language. Google has a solution for this apartment problems. When we find information in a foreign language, I'm talking about Google translate to access it, you only have to do a search as translate. The link is this that says Google translate. The way it works is very simple. You only choose the initial language and allows you want to translate the information to. For example, if we write some worse, you will see that it translates them automatically. If we can't be some tanks in another language and paces here, it will translate it in the same way. However, the capabilities of Google translator go much further than translator wars or text because it can be years to find information in other languages and read them in English or any of the language of this list. For example, suppose that we found these page in which they are interesting articles in science and technology, but there is written entirely in Spanish. When we are going to do is copy the link of the speech on Paste It into the Google Translator First, which is the initial language in this case is Spanish to be translated to English. Now we have a link on the side in which, if we click it, we are going to be redirected to a page that is completely translated into English. Here you will see the options of Google translate and what you can change the language you want to page to be translated You can also enter any other page and this page to translate it. We're going to translate. The patient is written in Chinese. I copied the web address and just to take the language. Okay, here is the translation. Ah, here is the original patient. Of course, only the text of the pages will be translated. And now the images that contain text zone with the help of Google translate, you will have access to a lot of information in a large number of languages. But you have to take into account that the translations are generated automatically on depending on the language. Some are not going to be very good, but it is definitely a tool that can help us find information that is only available, you know, their languages. 33. 4.05 Google Keyword Planner: In previous videos of the course, you learned that key words are the words or phrases that are written when you do any search and goal. You also learn that there are some tools, like the key we're told dot i a website where you can get ideas for keywords related to a war you specify. But in the case of the stool, you have hidden some options that are only available to users who pay to access to that information. The reality is that it's not necessary at all to pay for services like that because Google provides its own cure. Planning tool that can be used completely for free to access is still. You will do it through an account in the Goal AdWords service or go Let's in which you will need your human account. We're going to do a search to get into it. We only write Google AdWords As far as I have noticed, Google is changing the name of Google AdWords to go lands, but it'll seems to remain the same. We're going to enter to this link that says, adds that Google that come on this page, we're going to click on these bottom that says signing. Now it's necessary to enter the Gmail account. If this is the first time you're going to use an ADWORDS account, you have to follow some additional steps because these services, mostly intended for companies or people with some time for business in which they need a girl, ties him for a proud or are selling or promoting. Once you're in, you will find this page where you have to click on the option that says tools. Now click on the presumption that says keyword planner, The optional we are going to use is the one to find new cures. We're going to look for ideas to learn Spanish brass return and now click on these blue button to get a story and the results. We have found this amount of keyboard ideas related to the one we are looking for, and if you notice in this part, all the cures appear along with the information that was not showing a cure tool dot io site. In these columns, you can see an approximate number of searches that each of these words have per month. Also, the competition that each of these words has among the users who paid as to go to appear in the results of the users who search for these key wars. But all these is useful when you need to start another Tyson campaign using Go, Let's in the space of the results on option that you can use to Dan over the copy of these reporting a file that can be opened in Excel to make a more detailed analysis off this information just by clicking on these bottom that says, Download your ideas. This is an extremely useful tool to get ideas when carrying out, and band searches were, take it years before creating content, since it can help you to know what people are searching for the most in goal. Also, to focus your efforts on topics that interesting most people do you want to sell a brother or service. But this time this is all I'm going to mention about the assumption within Google ads because there's so many options that you have a dual disposal on variously, a complete calls could be made on how to use Google. Let's 34. 4.06 Google Drive: the last couple service I want to talk about is school driver in itself. It is not a tool to search for information, but it's one of the most useful services to keep back up copies of important documents and files in the cloud to access Google. Drive it coming down from the browser from the computer, installing to suffer to synchronize it, and also from the application for mobile devices, which can be downloaded from the play store for android or from the after for iPhones. First, you have to understand what we will drive is four in case you don't know it, but in fairly simple words. Couple drives serves to create something similar to a folder in which you can save any type of file, where, by doing so automatically, an exact copy of each file will. With saved on the goal service, you will be able to organize them in folders just that it is done on a computer. Own a smartphone. Do you sound? You will need your human account, which will allow you to ask, is your files when you have installed cool drive on any computer or mobile device? So when you make any changes to the fires you have saved in gold driver Using your goal account, the changes will be automatically updated on all devices or computers where you have installed Google Drive on have synchronized the same email account. Now that you have become an expert looking for information, you're single. I am sure you will be finding all kinds of interesting content to download on Google Drive will be a great help to manage all that content. The resting is that the amount of storage that you get with the free version of Google Drive is more than enough since we get 15 gigabytes office space. 35. 4.07 Managing Your Google Account Options: In order to use Google s an expert, you will need to know how to customize the options of your Google account. Remember that in order to use all the services that goal offers, you need to have your Gmail account. This is always going to be the most important thing to enjoy the whole ecosystem off available services from Google To manage all the personalization options off your account, there is a service called Google Account. To access it, you only have to click on the picture of your profile on the Google that comes site and then go to the goal account option. This is the base where you can mollify all the personalization options of your account, such as the language of your gold services, personal information, passwords, privacy, another useful options. You can do it directly in these feature adoptions or in this panel at the left. In the option. Personal info is where you can change the personal information in your account, such as a phone number or alternate email address. In the data and personal decision category, you can change your privacy settings. The option activity controls is to check on the right course of your activity within goal services insecurity. You will have additional options to increase the security of your account. Any category people in sharing you will have a very useful option, the one that says contests With the option contacts, you can manage the content that you have been synchronizing with your email every time you save them on your smartphone. Say, if you didn't know on your phone, you have the possibility to save all your contacts in your Gmail account, and it is right here where you can manage them. This is incredibly useful when, for example, do via phone or when you have to erase all the information when you're a smartphone with a factory reset only have to do to recover all your contacts is to synchronize your human account on automatically. All your contacts are going to appear on your farm. Other option that can be very useful. East my activity. It is found in the category data on personalization. My click. No need. You will reach to these page where you can see and delete all your search history. On also the goal services that you have used. The history of use will be appearing in this part where you can delete everything individually, but you can also delete everything you have done on certain dates. There are many options within the administration page of the Google account, and this video is not possible to talk about all of them. But you can check them. One might want to see what they do. Surely you will find some function that will allow you to make your experience in Google much more productive. Okay? And this woman's You have become an experience searching information on the Internet, and you can use school at a high level. Now you have noticed that only a few people have acquired often over several years Houston and discovering hidden features within ghoul. Now you can take full advantage of the incredible resources available on the Internet. 36. 5.02 Learn English On Your Own Account Using the Internet: there is something else I want to share with you before I say goodbye. It is a recourse. Also available. Curing sculpture where you come during, how to learn English and U around using the Internet. It is possible that you have already or maybe you have already taken it. It's so you know that it is a completely different course than traditional courses to during English, because I focus on learning to discover the method that works for you to achieve the fluency. But most importantly, the scores can help you to learn any other language because the methods I teach are applicable to other languages as well. That car's is always going to be free. For me, it's very important to keep it that way for everybody. It is because it will have served me so much when I started learning English. In my case, it was a very difficult path until I reached the necessary level to obtain a job that ended up changing my life. However I collect you it, I could learn to speak English for a very simple reason. I knew how to search and find information on the Internet using Google. I have the discos will be very useful for you to enjoy the incredible world that opens when you learn to speak English or any other language.