Complete Facebook Live Course - How I reach 1,000,000 people per day!

Michael Suppo, Your Superhero on Skillshare -

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15 Videos (1h 12m)
    • Why you should enrol in this Facebook Live Course!

    • See My Proof That Facebook Live Gets The Best Reach For Your Facebook Page

    • How My Live Video Went Viral Locally!

    • How Other People are Using facebook Live final

    • How To Start Facebook Live Streaming

    • How To Live Stream From Your Desktop Computer for Free!

    • How To Optimize Your Stream for Giant Visibility!

    • The Secret Strategy To Getting 1,000,000 People Reached A Day!

    • Exact Method: How You Can Get Visibility To Your Target Audience!

    • Another Way To Use The Secret Facebook Live Strategy!

    • How I Use Gaming To Entertain Your Audience!

    • How To Draw & Add Video Filters On Facebook Live!

    • New Face Filters For Facebook Live - Perfect for Engaging Young Audiences!

    • Showing You How to Go Facebook Live With MSQRD's Face Filters!

    • Use Facebook Ads To Boost Your Viral Videos!


About This Class

If you want to be successful with Facebook Live, Facebook's hot new free Live Streaming app, you should love this Skillshare course!

I want you to take a serious look adding at this incredible business-building tool to your marketing arsenal. You will be given techniques and strategies that will turn your Live Streaming broadcasts into a channel that will attract viewers and fans. Take this course today to get the best results with Facebook Live Streaming!

You will see how I managed to get 1 million people reached in 24 hours organically in a Live Stream, which is something I would find impossible on YouTube. 

  • If you want confidence to use Facebook Live, this course is for you.
  • If you want to grow your customer base on Facebook Live, this course is for you.
  • If you want the best techniques to connect with 1.7 billion customers, this course is for you.

It doesn't matter what your niche is, I have you covered. which is something no other course on Skillshare does!

Don't delay, every second could be costing you money!





Michael Suppo

Your Superhero on Skillshare -

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1. My expertise with Facebook Ads and Marketing has led to my 200,000 fans on my Facebook Page.

2. I have built my YouTube channel to 134,000+ subscribers and over 11.5 million views using a repeatable video launch model with Google AdWords!

3. My success with Instagram Marketing has led me to build an account with 51,000+ followers!

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► Don't delay, every second could be costing you money! ◄