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Complete Beginner's Guide To Cryptocurrency

teacher avatar Robert Reed

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. General Overview of Cryptocurrencies

    • 3. Mining and The Blockchian - Technical Details of Crypto

    • 4. Cryptocurrency Wallets Explained

    • 5. Earn Crypto By Blogging With Publish0X

    • 6. Other Social Media Sites to Earn Crypto

    • 7. Get Rewarded With Brave Browser

    • 8. Earn Free Crypto With Coinbase Earn

    • 9. HODL, Lending, and DeFI

    • 10. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in both the technology and finance worlds. Unfortunately, many people are confused by cryptocurrency and are worried that they will loose their own hard-earned money. In this course, I will show you how to get started in cryptocurrency without risking ANY of your own hard-earned money.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about the basics of cryptocurrency. Some of the topics we will cover include

  • What cryptocurrency is and how it works

  • How crypto is similar to traditional money and how it is different

  • Some of the advantages of cryptocurrencies as well as the risks of using it

  • Why the "Blockchain" and "Mining" are essential parts of cryptocurrency.

  • How you can earn some FREE cryptocurrency by writing blog posts, browsing the web, and watching educational videos

  • An easy way to create your very first cryptocurrency wallet

  • Some of the different ways that people trade, invest, and lend cryptocurrencies

This is a complete beginner's course, so we will start with the most basics concepts. I will help you understand what a cryptocurrency is, how it works, and some of the key terms associated with cryptocurrencies. One of the best ways to learn is by doing, so I will show you how to get some free crypto currency "pocket change" that you can use to experiment and play around with. This is a beginners course, and we won't get too bogged down in extensive technical details, but I will give you the skill set and tool that you can better understand and appreciate this fascinating new technology called cryptocurrency.

NOTE: Cryptocurrencies are inherently risky investments that also carry tax liabilities. This course is an introduction to cryptocurrencies and should not be taken as professional financial advice.

Meet Your Teacher

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Robert Reed


Welcome! I am a veteran and current MBA Candidate. Teaching and tutoring are passions of mine. My first job in college was tutoring other students. I love seeing the magical moment when an idea finally "clicks." When I am not working, I enjoy gardening, inline skating, and playing the harmonica.

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1. Course Introduction: hello and welcome in this course, I'm going to show you how to get started in crypto currency for free. That's right. I'm going to show you several ways. Toe, earn your very own crypto currency and get started without putting any of your own hard earned money at risk. Hello. My name is Robert Green. I'm a crypto currency blogger and enthusiast who has written many articles on several of the top crypto currency platforms. In this course, I'm going to give you a dinners over your crypto currency will discuss a little bit of history, how it works and several weeks in terms that you need to be aware. As I stated, we will also show you several methods that I have personally used and tested to give you a way to earn your own free crypto. Once you got a little bit of crypto in your wallet, I'll show you some of the things that you're gonna do with, such as decentralized financial lending or Cryptocurrency trading. I hope that you'll trust me to be your guide throughout this course, and I look forward to starting. Are learning journey together 2. General Overview of Cryptocurrencies: everyone and welcome to the first video in the course on Cryptocurrency. Now, for this video, we're just going to be doing a very basic overview of what Cryptocurrency is a little bit of the history and we're going to save the technical details for later lessons. So let's start off with the master himself. For those of you who don't know, Bitcoin was the first Cryptocurrency and it was created by a group or an individual of people known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Now no one really knows who Satoshi Nakamoto was. It could have been a guy, a girl, a group of people. It could have been some secret government organization. Nobody really knows. But the important thing is that they created Bitcoin as a result of the U. S. Financial crisis in 2000 and eight. And you can read through this official documentation if you want, or you can view it on Bitcoin dot or basically just previous cents an overview of what Bitcoin is and what it's designed to do now for an overview. Bitcoin is a virtual currency or a digital asset. It is decentralized follows An algorithmic generation pattern, isn't and as a peer to peer currency. Now we will cover all of these topics as we move through this slideshow. So, first off, what's a virtual currency? Ah, virtual currency is simply a currency that exists Onley in Elektronik form. So if you have a dollar bill or a coin or something like that, that's a physical representation of money. However, if you have dollars in your bank account that is a virtual currency because you don't able to physically touch it, you can't hold it with your hands. So when you think of Bitcoin, I want you to kind of think of a credit card or a debit court. It's still riel. It still exists. It's just not in physical form. It allows you to transfer value without actually having to write a check or terry cash somewhere. So an actual physical Bitcoin does not exist. There simply representation off value that are stored in a digital system. In addition, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, so if you live in the US, you know that the money supply is controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank. If you live in a different country, your money supplies controlled by some central government bank. Now what this means is that the government, the central bank, can determine how much money there's going to be, what the interest rate is going to be. Crypto currencies, on the other hand, are not controlled in the same way the power is spread out. And there's really no central authority that controls Bitcoin Bitcoin his mind by hundreds and thousands of computers all across the world. So this resist censorship, it resist corruption. If the Federal Reserve system in the United States woke up one day and decided that they wanted to print a trillion dollars, they could do that. However, if one Bitcoin miner woke up one day and decided that they wanted to print more Bitcoin for themselves, they wouldn't be able to do this because they're competing against all of these other computers in the world. So it has some security built into the system, and this kind of goes along with the first point. But crypto currencies are created through an algorithmic generation process, and what this means is that there is predictable inflation, so Bitcoin every so often Bitcoin miners will receive a reward for mining the Cryptocurrency. This is the only way that new Bitcoin can come into existence is through this mining process. However, if we look at central banks, they can create money out of thin air. They can do it whenever they want. So what crypto currencies do is they allow us to have a stable inflation, and some crypto currencies have limits. For example, Bitcoin. There's only ever going to be a certain number of Bitcoin that his mind other cryptocurrencies don't have a hard cap on the limit. But this limit increases with a predictable right. So the key take away from this is that crypto currencies are generated through a an algorithm, a process that rewards miners, and they have predictable increases in the money supply. Cryptocurrencies air also peer to peer, which allows individuals to quickly transfer value between each other. So if I'm paying you for a comic book that you wrote for me, I can send Bitcoin or U S D. C. Coin directly to you. I don't have to go through a payment processor. I don't have to go through a bank or a traditional financial institution. Not only does this work for sending between individuals that see each other, but I can also send money across the world. A lot of times people have trouble sending currency abroad because there's so many different steps and legal processes that they have to go through. There's high fees, and it takes such a long time. So cryptocurrencies, whether you're sending money to someone across the table or across the world, they allow you to transfer value directly between individuals. So in summary, I want to wrap up this introductory lesson by saying, Think of Cryptocurrency like cash, but in a digital form, think of it as a debit court but also think of it as a debit card that gives you more security and more freedom and will expand upon these concepts in a later video. I just wanted to give you the broad overview that so that you can have a general idea of what we're talking about. See in the next video 3. Mining and The Blockchian - Technical Details of Crypto: everyone and welcome back in today's lesson. We're going to dive a little bit more into the technical aspects of Kryptos. We're not gonna get too deep, but I do at least want to cover some of the main topics so that you'll have a good understanding of them. These are Blockchain Mining and the Public Ledger. Now, First off, we need to understand that Cryptocurrency is a way to facilitate the exchange of value, just like cash, credit cards, checks. They're always to transfer value, form one individual to another individual, and these groups of payments are arranged into things called blocks. So let's suppose that Joe sends $10 see coins to Sally Leroy sends $1000 see coins to compound finance, and Fred wants to send five U. S. D. C. Coins Toe and Kim for her birthday. Now, the way that these transactions are verified is through a decentralized computer network, so Fred can't send his coins directly to Aunt Sally. They have to be processed through the network, and the reason why is because remember, there's no physical things such as a Bitcoin or a U S. D. C. Coin their entries on a public ledger. So it says, and Kim has this many Bitcoins assigned to her account. So what we're doing when we're sending crypto were really changing the value that's assigned to someone's account. So what Fred is basically doing, he sang I want five U. S. D. C. Points to be taken out of my account and attributed to Aunt Kim's account. So this is sent to a decentralized computer network, which solved a difficult mathematical puzzle required to verify these transactions and different cryptocurrencies implement this puzzle in different ways. But the basic thing is that the computer has to work really hard to solve a puzzle. Now all the computers on the network are working to solve this puzzle, but only one of them is going toe win, and the winning computer is rewarded with crypto currency for solving this problem. This is known as mining, so mining is a reward for verifying the transactions. Some miners mind by themselves, but most usually miners join what is known as a pool, so it's very hard for an individual minor to solve the problem and win the prize. But by joining with other miners, what they can do is split the winnings. So if one computer wins, they will split the winnings among all the miners in the pool. Now, Cryptocurrency transactions are grouped into blocks and we're going to go back. And we're going to say that we have the same three transactions and what we have is a block number 100. Now, in reality, Cryptocurrency blocks keep going every 15 seconds or every 10 minutes, depending on the Cryptocurrency. There's a new block of transactions that's generated. So let's just suppose that these three transactions we discussed have been included in block number 100. This is where the Blockchain comes into play. The blocks are linked to each other, so we're not just processing transactions in isolation. Each block that the network creates includes a confirmation of all the preceding blocks before it, so older transactions are more secure. So let's suppose that Fred sends his five U S. C. C coin to thank him in the next block. Axel, send some money to Steve. John sent some toe. Uncle Brown and Max send some to fulcrum. Now, when Block one is confirmed, Block one, a one has confirmed. Not only is it confirmed, but it confirms Block 100 when block 102 is confirmed, blocked 101 and Block 100 or confirmed. So as we go down, we see that with each passing block, the old transactions get mawr confirmations, and this makes it more secure because there's more of a history off these confirmation. So if a hacker tried to enter the network, not only would they have to undo Block 102 they would have to do under block one a one and block 100 so they'd have to do more and more work to reverse these older transactions. Now a public ledger is simply a way of looking at transactions on the Blockchain. Basically, it's a history of transactions. So if you think about your bank account, you have deposits you have withdraws. This is essentially a ledger because it shows all the activity associated with your account . Public Ledger is very similar to this, except that you can see all the transactions on the Blockchain so we can go back and we can see when Axl sent that money to Steve, we can go back and we can see when Joe said that u S C C coin to Sally. Where was that money before Joe had it? Where was that money before? The person before Joe who had it? So we can trace these funds. So it's very good for being able to see the history of where funds has been. Obviously, there's some important implications for that. As faras fighting crime right, we can track down funds that criminals are using. It's also important for verifying transactions. We can make sure that transactions are legitimate now. The cool thing is that it's possible to do this without disclosing your identity. Thieves transactions are pseudo anonymous, which means that, yes, we contract these transactions, but it's not want to be your actual name. It's going to be a string of characters or digits, so you might have something like 07 x five Capital M Lower case L that's associated with your account with your transaction. So it gives us the best of both worlds that privacy but also being able to look at the history of transactions. In summary, there's two main takeaways. Blockchain is simply a group of subsequent transactions that are all linked together, and mining is the reward that the computers or the users get for verifying these transactions. I hope that this cleared up some of the confusion you might have about common terms, and I will see you in the next lesson. 4. Cryptocurrency Wallets Explained: all right. By this point, you are probably done hearing about the background and history of crypto, and you're ready to start earning your free crypto. But before you can do that, we need a place to store that crypto currency, and that is known as a wallet. Now, remember that crypto currency is a virtual digital assets, so there's no such thing as a Bitcoin that you can actually put in a physical wall it like you do with a dollar bill. However, we do have crypto currency wants that allows you to store your Cryptocurrency. Now, you may have heard of a ledger Nano s or a treasure or any other form of crypto currency wallets. Now these look like a USB drive. However, it's important to know that you're crypto isn't actually on this USB. Rather what Cryptocurrency wallets do. Is there a combination of a public and a private T? Now remember, in the Blockchain video, I said that essentially, what Cryptocurrency does is it assigns value two different accounts on a public ledger. What a wallet does is it allows you to have a public and private T that allow you to interact with that Blockchain, So there's no Cryptocurrency in your wallet. You're simply given control over a specific amount of crypto based on what public and private tease you hold. The wallet is really just a software application that facilitates this process, so I know that's a little bit complex. And this is supposed to be a beginner's course. So let's break it down. A public key is like your mailing address. If I have your mailing address, I can send you a birthday card. I can send you a present, right? I can send whatever I want. This is what your public T does on the Blockchain. People can send crypto currency. They can give you a tip of crypto currency. They can pay you using your public key. Not only does a wallet hold your public key, but it holds your private key. Now a private T Think of this like the password to get in your bank account where the key to get in your house. If I have your public mailing address, I can send anything. But if you want to give me something out of your house, if you want to give me something from your bank account, you have to have the private key. So what the wallet does It really combines these two functions in tow one. And there's tons of different types of wallets out there, divided into two main categories. Hot and cold. Now, hot wallet is any kind of wallet that's connected to the Internet. So if you have a Cryptocurrency wallet on your phone on your computer, even if you're not running the application at that time, it's still considered a hot wallet because the device that that wallet is on is connected to the Internet. By contrast, a cold wallet is not connected to the Internet, so you may have heard of a paper wallet, the treasure, the treasure of the ledger that I showed earlier. Those are cold. Wallace. A paper wallet is a cold wallet, even a ballet Cryptocurrency wallet. It looks like a credit card is still a cold wallet because it stores your public and private keys completely offline. Now, one option that I do not recommend is using an exchange, So an exchange is a place to buy and sell crypto currency, and what in exchange allows you to do is deposit your funds on to their own wallets. And basically what happens is you no longer have the crypto currency assigned to your address anymore. It's assigned to that exchanges address, and what you're doing is you're trusting that that exchange is going to honor this crypto currency that is going to honor its obligations to give it back to you the vast majority of the times. Yes, it does Give it back to you. There's a lot of good Cryptocurrency companies out there, but there's also a lot that are sketchy and basically scams. So unless you I feel very, very confident, I would generally recommend keeping your Cryptocurrency in your own wallet and not leaving it on an exchange for long periods. If you're making a quick trade, it's inevitable that you'll probably have to put it on in exchange for some period of time . That being said in this class, we're going to be using meta mask now meant a mask is one of the most widely used wallets that there is, and it allows you to receive sand any type of DRC 20 tokens. Now, again, this is a beginner's class. We're not gonna get into all the details, but basically different crypto currency wallets support different currencies because different crypto currencies have different implementations. They have different technical details, so not every wallet supports every crypto currency. For example, the meta mass that we're going to be using does not support Bitcoin. It does not support Manero, but it does support other coins like die or basic attention tokens. So again, this is a beginner's course. Everything that we're doing in this course meta mask will work fine for you. So it's a It's a great wallet that I personally use, and we're going to use that for the class. So with that being said, let me give you a very quick demo of how to install and get it set up. All right, so we are now on meta mask dot io. We're going to click on debt Chrome extension. You can use meta mask on different browsers. Chrome. What cool thing about the brake, rather, is that it can use all of the extensions from chrome, so if you have brave, you can use any extension that was designed for crime. But if you're using on mobile, if you're using it on IOS, there's also ways for you to do that as well. So we're going to be using it on Brave. Just going to take a minute here to load. And we want to add this extension to Brave and Alice has meant a mask has been added to brave. So what we see is up here in the right hand corner. We have the little Fox icon. Now we can click on this and we want to click on Get started Now. The cool thing with Metta Mask is, once you have a wallet, you can restore your wallet onto a new computer. So if you have, if your computer goes dead, you can recover your wallet. You're not losing all your funds now. We do not currently have a wallet, so let's go ahead and create a new wallet. It tells you a little bit about madam asked what it allows you to do, and you have to agree to the terms and conditions to use it. It's going to ask for a password. Now for this video, we're going to create a simple password. We're going to agree that we've read the terms and conditions. Now, this is a very, very, very important step we've entered or password. Now, what are password does is it allows us to use meta mask on this computer specifically. So if all we have is the password and this computer were to die, we would be out of what? In order to recover our funds from a different computer, we need a seed fries now, a scene phrase completely restores or wallet. So if someone has received phrase if you send us a screenshot of your seat phrase to someone in India, China, France, anywhere in the world, they don't even have to get on your computer, they can take every single thing out of your account. So never, ever show your seat phrase with anyone. I'm on Lee showing you this because this is a video and this is a throwaway account that I'm never ever going to put anything in. So we're going to click review revealed the secret backup phrase. Write this down on pencil and paper on pencil and paper. Do not take a screenshot. Do not take a photo with your camera because of your phone gets hacked. They can see this words. So write it down. Put it somewhere secure. OK, now, that you have that we're going tohave next, and it's going to ask us to confirm the screen phrase. So let's go ahead and enter this and we want you confirm that. And again, we are all done. And now what we can do if we look at our meta mask, we can see or accounts. We currently have $0 worth of Cryptocurrency. So all right, now that we've installed met him ask, We're good to go. We're good to start receiving and sending crypto. I know that it's taken a long time to finally get to this point, but in the next video, I'm going to show you how to start finally earning your first free crypto currency. Thanks for watching, and I'll see in the next lesson. 5. Earn Crypto By Blogging With Publish0X: everyone and welcome back. Today, I'm finally showing you how to start earning your crypto currency and getting it into your wallet. There's a lot of great sites that you can use to do this. One of the top ones that I personally use and think is really good is published O X Now what publish O X is It's a blogging platform. What you can do is you can post angel can read articles, and the cool thing is that by using publish elects, you get a variety of different crypto currencies. So it's one of my favorite sites, especially for beginners, because you get access to several different kinds of crypto currency, so you get a little bit of diversification. You can learn a lot by reading the articles on the sites you can directly withdraw to your wallet, and the best thing is that you're getting mainstream crypto currencies. Now. A lot of other sites that are still good offer their own unique crypto currency, something that maybe doesn't have a lot of value or that's not very well known. But Publisher Exit gives you crypto currencies that you know are going to be worth something so with that being said, Let's go over a little bit of the background. Publish O. X is a general blogging platform so you can post any kind of articles there as long as they comply with terms of service. You know you can't post things that are illegal or anything like that, but you can post about your cooking. You can post about flowers you can post about fixing an antique core. That being said, the majority of the tips if you're trying to do this specifically to make money, most of the tips or about crypto currency related things, so even you being a beginner, you can still make decent money on this site so you can do a beginner's chance using crypto Currency X or a beginner's perspective on crypto currency wife. So you can find a way to spend these articles into a crypto currency flavor or, if you're comfortable, if you're fine with it, you can do other topics as well. Just be advised that you're probably not gonna get us large of a tip now. The way that you can earn on this is you can earn by tipping other people as well as by receiving tips. So if I write an article, I'm usually averaging anywhere between two and $4 on different cryptocurrencies for an article. Now I know this doesn't sound like a lot, but remember, this is absolutely free crypto for something that you would be writing anyway. So it's a nice bonus that being said, you also received tips when you tip others, so you have the option. If you have a good article, you can press the blue button that gives the author of Tip. Not only does it send a portion to them, but it also gives a portion to you, so it incentivizes you to read articles as well. So with that being said, let's exit out of this really quick, and I want to show you a quick demo off published O X. Now we are on publisher. It's one thing I do want to say here is that you will find ads on these sites. So what I like to do is make sure that I'm viewing this in the brave browser because if you're using a regular website, you will see a lot of ads, so that's just a part of it now, just to create your account. You're going to go to looks. I let me log out here so you guys can see this. All you would want to do is sign up. To earn crypto, you have to enter your email, address your password, confirm a password now to simply tip other people and read their articles. That's all you have to do if you want to become an author. They're trying to make sure that this site has quality content, so you will need to provide some kind of a writing sample. It can be a class essay that you did. I had written a few blawg posts on other sites, so I sent him a link to that. So if you want to do to become an author, there's a bit of a verification, their own approval process. And that's just make to make sure the site doesn't get overloaded with spam. So I am already logged into my account, and I just want to go over some of the basic questions of Public Show X, as well as showing you how the site works. So basically the tips are free, so when you create your account, you can receive tips from other people, and you can give people tips. None of this they never, ever ask for your personal money. These tips the crypto currency that's used for the tips, comes from companies it comes from. Let's say that I'm creating a new Cryptocurrency and I want people to start using it. They will give publish O X, let's say 10,000 units of this crypto currency so that people are used to having this Cryptocurrency and get familiar with it. There's a couple other things, but really guys publish. Allex is very straightforward, so let's just go ahead and show you how this works. On the main page, you're going to see a variety of articles and let's just go right here and click on Hydro de App store updates. Now we could read this article and we would get the benefit of the information in here and at the bottom. We're going to see that we have a tip bar now, depending on how generous were feeling how good the article was, we can adjust this. The default split is 80% of the author, 20% to you. Now you can move that all the way to giving yourself 80% of the tip if you wanted to. Or you could give the author on 100% of the tip generally, unless it's a really, really outstanding article. If it's absolutely great, I'll give the Arctic author 100%. Um, but generally I'll go with the 80 20 split. So let's leave it like that. We're going to tip the author. So I I forgot too long and let me love you and really quick. All right, so we're backlogged in and I'm going to show you how this tip works. I simply click tip and it says you've tipped hydro labs 0.28 die. You've received 0.7 die. So 80 20 split. Both of us get a little bit. Now. What I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how you can earn with this. So I've written several articles, and what we can see is a breakdown of my earnings history. So, like I said, I'm averaging between two and $3 per article, not a whole lot. But again, remember, this is free money for doing something that you're already doing, and it's giving you exposure to a bunch of different crypto. So what I can see is there's different kryptos that I'm earning. I'm earning Project Hydro. I'm earning the dice table coin. The basic attention token bounty O X. So you get exposure to a ride range of currencies. Now when you want to withdraw this, let's say it's been a while since I've made a withdrawal. Would you simply go to payments and you click Withdraw now before doing this? What you need to do is you need to verify that you have the correct address. And remember when I told you guys about wallets? Meta mask has a public key and a private. Now, which of these keys are we wanting them to send funds to? That's right, the public address. So we simply click on our meta masked and click on this. This is your public t. Copy that to your clipboard, and what we're going to do is we're going to make sure that publish O X has the right public tea, and the way that we're going to do that is by clicking settings. We're going to click wallet, and we're going to copy and paste this address. Now I already know that minus right, So I'm not going to change this. I'll go back to my dashboard, my payments and then I'm going to click Withdraw now these withdrawals have to be manually approved, so they will give you your money. I've never had an issue with them paying me anything like that. They have to be manually proved so it can take a few days for this process to work, usually about a week, depending on when you submit. Once you withdraw, you will see when you request the withdrawal when it's confirmed and then you'll also see it processing through the network. So once they sent out my die, it gives you a link to where you can actually see the transaction and processing on the block chain, which is really cool. At this point, it's not something you need to worry too much about, but just know that publisher Lex gives you a way to earn of right of cryptocurrencies, both from reading and from writing articles. So let's go back and finish up the slide show. So in conclusion, publish elects is an easy way for beginners to get started with crypto currency. It's easy to be in traction, so there's a lot of Cryptocurrency websites out there that people like to use. However, a lot of these websites you might have heard of steam it or minds or any other crypto social media sites. They're not bad sites, but as a beginner, as a new user, it's hard to gain traction because a lot of people have been there for a long time. With publish O X, you can build up your follower account, but your article is on an equal footing with everyone else. If you're on steam it, or if you're on something like that as a newbie, you wanna have a very, very hard time getting people to read your article. So of all the crypto social media sites out there, I would say Publisher X is definitely one of the simplest and most straightforward for beginners. I'll share some other ones with you in a subsequent video, but if I could only pick one, it would be published Alexe simply because you get well known Cryptocurrencies. You don't get their own crypto that you have to trade on an exchange or anything like that . It's straight crypto currency that you can use that you can save and that you can trade Hope you found the video useful and I'll see you in the next lesson. 6. Other Social Media Sites to Earn Crypto: everyone and welcome back. Today, I'm going to be sharing a few more sites where you can earn crypto currency for social media activities. Now the first of these is steam it and steam. It is theory. Jinling, very first site where you could earn crypto for social media, now does have some advantages. Very, very good earnings potential. I've seen some posts that are making 70 80 upwards of $100 for one single post good earning potential. However, it is hard to break in to this. And what I mean by that is I will go in all the details, but basically steam. It rewards more powerful users. There's a lot of wealth and power inequality on the site to use that term. So as a new user, it's going to be very hard for you to build up your account. You're going to really struggle to gain a lot of traction. That being said, if you can break through, it's incredibly rewarding and very lucrative. On top of that steam, it has a lot of subcategory, so they have D tube. They have subsidiary things that air underneath them, and it's more of a it's not just one social media platform. It's an entire ecosystem, so you could make one post and earn five or six different types of crypto currencies just from posting on steam it. The flip side of that is that it is a tax nightmare because, at least in the U. S. Tax in crypto currency is not very friendly. So you have to report every single crypto currency transaction. And if you aren't 67 different types of crypto currencies from one post, you have to report all of those you have to report the capital gains that changes soas faras that it's kind of a nightmare. So unless you have a c p a doing your taxes or you're making a ton of money, I would be be aware of that when you're thinking about using steam it up. Trend Uptrend is very good for learning about crypto currency. They have, in my opinion, one of the strongest communities of Cryptocurrency users. Now there's a variety of reasons for this, but the number one is that uptrend is just crypto currency. So with steam it with publisher lets you can publish anything you can do photography, you can post a point whatever you want to do. But with uptrend, your posts have to be either crypto currency related or Blockchain related. So sometimes I've seen people stretch the rules a little bit, and we'll talk about technology in general. But it's really supposed to be confined to crypto and Blockchain. If you go off topic, you can actually get penalised and have points deducted from your account and things like that so great for learning. It does have a narrow focus. One thing about uptrend is that it uses a native token. So if you remember on publish o X, I told you that you could receive basic attention token or die These air crypto currencies that are well known that air well traded by average crypto investors. Now uptrend has its native token be one up, and the price of this fluctuates wildly. So be aware of that. Um, my my views. The up train is best used for a learning tool for increasing your knowledge for sharing your knowledge, at least for me. Personally, I've had better monetary experiences by using other sites. But the great news about crypto is that you could make one article and you can post it on Steam it, you can post it on uptrend. You can post on publish elex. You can make use of all of these different sites so really quick. What I want to do is I want to give you an overview of steam it and I want to give you an overview off uptrend. So let's just take a quick break and head over there now Here I am. Let's go ahead to uptrend. This is uptrend. And as with everything I do, recommend viewing it in the brave browser because it you will see a lot of ads if you don't let me just give you a brief overview. This is my account and I have a trending off following an unsubscribe page, I can see articles written by people who aren't following and let me show you how this works. Let's suppose I see an article here. It's not crypto that they don't understand. It's fiat. What I can do is I can read this article. I can up vote now when I up vote this author, it gives them a certain amount of points. Now, once you get points on uptrend, you can either use these points for really three different things. Number one, you can level up your account. So let's suppose that I'm a level one user brand new to the site and I get 100 up votes. I will get 100 points on my uptrend account. Now it takes me points, but I can level up my account. So let's suppose that taking those 100 points instead of spending them, I use them to upgrade toe level two and then level three and four and five and six. And by time I get to level 10. Now when I get one up vote, I get two points and when I'm at level 30 or sorry, 20 I would get three up votes, right? So the more points you invest into your account, the MAWR rewards you did, even for the same number of up votes. So that's one thing you can do. The second thing that you can do is you can boost your post. So if I have 10 1 up, each one up can boost my post for 10 views. So if I spend 91 up, I would get 90 views on my article and It's a bit of a balancing game. You're hoping that for those 10 views, at least one person or more is going to give you an up vote so you could break even. And then, lastly, you can withdraw your one up now for me personally, this is something I don't really do a lot simply because up one up, the price is very volatile, yet fluctuates quite a bit. So it's not something that I personally do and one up as a token. It's not a token that a lot of people outside of uptrend are really using that much. It's not like a Bitcoin or and Ethereum or anything like that. It's a valuable token, but you just have to keep in mind that it does have limited use for right now. My personal opinion, I would definitely use uptrend. But keep in mind that it's more of a platform to learn about crypto or to get your own message out there. It's not, in my opinion, is great for monetizing as some of the other platforms. Now steam it, steam it, let me long in here steam. It is a social media site. As I said, Ah Blockchain based, and you can see that the earnings here are pretty good. This author made $100 on a post. Here you have a $9.9 dollars, $4.8. 30 so you can make quite a bit of money not going to go into all the details, how to set up an account. The one thing I will say is that it can take up to a week to get a steaming account set up . You have to go through a verification and application process, but once you log into steam it you have a steaming account. You have access to other services such as D tube. So with D Tube, you can post a video there, and you can post it to steam it all. At the same time, you can earn lots of different crypto. Um, there's a few other sites. There's mines. One thing I will say about mines, I don't really recommend it. Um, four. For a monetary use, they have again their own proprietary token. It's called the mines token again, kind of similar toe one up in that there's not a huge demand for it outside of the platform , so similar toe. One up, All it really does is boost you within the platform itself. Unless you're a huge user, it's not gonna give you a lot of money. Another thing about minds kind of to be wary. It kind of has a right wing leaning political ideology. So if that's not something you're comfortable with, I would generally stay away from that site. Library Library is another one. It's something that a lot of people use for sharing uploaded videos again. I've not had a whole lot of success monetarily there. I just mention it. So let me get back to the slide show and something that soul of I would say again. But by my own estimation, the best beginner site for publishing and earning Cryptocurrency is publish Alexe. I say that because you're getting mainstream crypto currencies. If you get a basic attention token or if you get die stable coin from publish Alexe, you will be able to use that now. If you get uptrend there one up token or if you get a minds token or something like that, it is valuable. It is a reward for your effort, but as a beginner, it's going to be harder for you to find what to actually do with that. Does that mean you shouldn't use uptrend? No, not at all. I definitely recommend using uptrend and steam it. But just be aware, from a monetary perspective, that's probably not going to be your best bet. Now I do have to be honest. There's a lot more social media sites out there. There's so many that I couldn't even list all of them. Some of them are good, some of them not so much. And just because I didn't cover one, it doesn't mean that I'm saying you shouldn't use it. These are just some of the ones that I use the most and that I think would be beneficial for beginners. I hope you found the video useful, and I will see you in the next lesson. 7. Get Rewarded With Brave Browser: everyone and welcome. Today I'm going to be showing you how to earn free Cryptocurrency using the brave browser. Now Brave is a Web browser, just like chrome Firefox, Internet Explorer, whatever you may use. But it pays you for receiving advertisements with their own crypto currency that they call the basic attention token. Now, with Brave by default, it blocks all of the advertising. So even if you don't care about crypto or anything like that, I recommend giving brave a shot because it really does block advertisements. And it's so nice to be able to use the Internet without having constant pop ups and ads. But if you want to earn a little bit of crypto, you can enable advertisements through brave. And there's really two different ways. Turn with brave. The first is as a browser as someone who just casually browse the Web and as a creator. Now, the first way that you can earn is as a casual Web browser, as I said by default. Brave blocks advertisements, but you can opt in to receiving adds about five per hour now when you view these ads, but brave pays you for your attention because you're not being bombarded with thousands and thousands of ads per hour. You're more than likely to give your attention to the very few adds that you do receive so you can earn at least my personal experience. I'm earning around 5 to $10 per month just from viewing advertisements, and I cant tell you guys how much this is very, very passive. They're not obtrusive ads, most the time. I don't even notice them. So really, this is true passive income. Now you can also learn through brave. As a brave creator, you can receive tips on popular social media channels. So for me, I have a YouTube. I have a Twitter. I have a read it. There's a few other channels, depending on what social media your active on that you can sign up for. And if people like your video or they like your tweet, they can send you a small tip off. Basic attention token. The amount that you can earn for this really depends not only on the size of your audience but also how engaged and active the audience wants to be in supporting you. So I can't really put a dollar figure on this. But if you have a somewhat Lord YouTube following, especially if your user bases tech minded, you might be able to make considerable money doing this. Lastly, you can make money through referring others. Now I am not including my bravery for a link because I don't like referring people. And then I'm thinking that I'm taking advantage of them or anything like that. But when you use brave referrals, you can get money for referring other users, and it doesn't impact them negatively in any way. It's it's brave, gives you a grant and give you money for basically having new people try out their products . So all around three different ways that you can earn and make money with brave. At this point, we're gonna take a little bit of a break while I show you the video how to download in, stole and set up brave get started. Of course, we want you download brave. I'm using windows, so we're going to go ahead and download that. Let that install. We want to keep the file. Okay, now we're in brave. We can take the welcome tour if we want, or what we can do is skip this, so it's possible to import all of your bookmarks and everything like that from chrome. You can do that if you want. For the purpose of this video, though, I really want to show you strictly how to set up the crypto currency earnings. And the way that we're going to do that is we're going to click on enable rewards now. You could also do that by clicking up here in the upper right hand triangle. What we want to do is think, join rewards and going to create a wallet for us. Now this wallet exists on break. So what we want to do We want to verify this crypto currency wallet and the way that brave works. At least for right now. You can't just use a metal mask or a treasure or a ledger. Anything like that. You have to use their default wallet, and that is going to be through uphold. So you do. There's There are a few steps, but it's definitely worth it. So go ahead and verify your wallet. Now to join and verify through uphold, you are going to have to fill out your email, address your passwords and I've already filled this out, so I'm not going to be able to duplicate it, because what uphold does is it implements, know your customer procedures. So when I created my first account, had to send in my identity documents to verify this account. So it's not going to work if I try to re verify again, because they already have my personal information. But setting up the account is fairly easy. You might have to submit some photo I D. Something like that, and it will create your account for you. Let's go back to brave and I want to show you how to actually turn on the rewards because, remember, by default it's blocking all the advertising. So if you want to exceed the reward, you have to opt in. So this little slider, but in here you click it to make sure that it's on. And one thing that you want to do is if you are strictly wanting to keep the rewards for yourself. What you want to do is turn off auto contribute because what auto contribute does. Let's suppose you have you visit a YouTube channel, a few websites that the money that you receive from your ads, it's automatically going to send that out to the creators through the channels that you spend the most time on. So just turn that off for now and you can still manually tip. Your creators will show you how to do that in a minute. So go ahead, turn that off and what you want to do. If you want to go toe ad settings and select the maximum number of ads, this is going to give you the most ads now if we were to go to a site, so let's just use an example here. Let's suppose that we were on YouTube. We found a creator whose videos that we really like. So what we can do we're going to long in. We're watching a video on their channel and what we can do. If we want to tip that creator, we're going to click on Brave Rewards and we're going to click. Send a tip so this allows us to send Cryptocurrency to our favorite creators or we can keep that crypto currency for itself. We can save it. We can cash it out for USD. We can trade it to a different Cryptocurrency, but the important thing is it allows us to earn crypto currency for free. However, that's not the only way to earn crypto. What we can also do is if we own a YouTube channel if we own a reddit account. If we own Twitter, we can set yourself up as a brave creator. And to do that, we want to go to brave creators and again with this brave creators program. I have already created an account, so it's not going to be possible for me to create another account under the same email address. But what I'm going to do is I'm just going to show you a quick snapshot of how it would work. You would enter your email, you would create your account, and then it would ask you to verify what channel your own. So I have a YouTube channel. I would sign up for YouTube. If I have twitch, I would sign up for Twitter, and they're adding new channels all the time. So using grave, even if you use chrome or Firefox, you could still earn these basic attention tokens from braves simply by setting yourself up as a creator. If you do like me. I'm earning for viewing ads. And then I also have the ability toe earn when people tip my channel. So by foreign, away brave is the best way to, in my opinion, to earn the passive crypto income because you really don't have to do anything. It'll once you get set up, it works. You learn these basic attention tokens. Now what happens to these basic attention tokens? They are linked to your uphold wallet, and once they're in Europe, hold wallet. They transfer out about the fifth of every month. So December 5th, you'll get your earnings for November January 5th. You'll get your earnings from December. These will transfer to your account, and what you can do is cashes out. You can send them to a different Cryptocurrency wallet. You can invest them. You can do whatever you want with these fun. So brave is definitely one of my favorite browsers, and I think it's one of the best ways for people to get started in crypto without spending any other own hard earned money. All right, now that I've shown you how to set up install brave, I just want to give a very quick summary. Now Brave is one of the first things that got me into crypto currency because I didn't want to invest my own money in crypto. I was nervous. I was scared, but because I was able to earn crypto for free, it really gave me a lot more piece that I wasn't going to risk my hard earned money. So it's easy to use. You can get free crypto about 5 to $10 a month just for watching ads. Now I do have to say that depends on your country. Different countries have different ads that they receive different amounts. So that does depend. I'm speaking from a US perspective. It's very true. Passive crypto incoming really doesn't require a lot of effort on your part. I hope you found this video useful, and I will see you in the next lesson. 8. Earn Free Crypto With Coinbase Earn: everyone. And welcome back. Today I'm going to be showing you another way to earn Mawr free crypto currency. And that is with the coin based earned program. Now, coin base is an exchange that you can trade Cryptocurrency on. But they also have a program where you can learn about different cryptocurrencies and get paid in those cryptocurrencies for learning about crypto currencies. So all in all, I made about $36 worth of free crypto currency just from using this program so you can earn Tezo's Die yas Excel MZ cash, basic attention, token and O X. Now I do have to say that this program isn't available to everyone. It kind of depends on where you're located, whether or not you can use coin base in your country. And it also depends on your timing a little bit. So when I went to learn about Z cash, the promotion for that had ended so I could still learn about it. But I didn't actually get an easy cash. So the good thing about this is you can earn a decent amount of crypto, but you also get to learn from a trusted source and you get different Kryptos to try out so you can try out a little bit of the die, which is a stable coin. Or you can try out something that's not a stable coin like basic attention token. So it really gives you some nice variety. With that being said, let's go and check out the site really quick. Now, to use coin based earned, you will have to create an account. And again, I am currently signed in. But it's a simple process. To complete an account, you will have to complete verification, and for that you'll have to submit some kind of identity documents. So if that's something you're not comfortable with, this might not be the program for you. That being said, once you do go through the verification process, it's extremely helpful. So just looking at my own stats here, you can see that I've earned $6 worth of Tezo's $20 worth of Die ze cash. That's what I told you about. They weren't offering the promotion when I did this basic attention token, and one thing that I do want to show you here is that what you do is you click on this and you can learn, so you click each lesson and it will give you a short little animated lesson. So let me just show you guys this for a few seconds. Die in the crypto currency that ends to be worth exactly $1. It's called a stable coin because it aims toe have a stable value. So I don't want to go too long into the video, just enough for you. See how the videos are, how they're set up. Once you watch to the end of each video, it'll ask you a very I mean guys. It's a very, very basic question, something like What's unique about die. And you would say, Oh, it's a stable coin. So very easy. And again, just for watching a one minute, 32nd video, you get $2 worth of die. So in my opinion, it's it's kind of a no brainer to use this program. In addition to this, you can also let me show you here. You can also refer friends. So this is an instructional course. I'm here to teach you guys, so I will not be giving you my referral link because I don't want to seem like suggesting this just so I can make a profit. But you, as an individual user, you can earn crypto currency for referring friends. So if I referred a friend to coin base and they completed this lesson on stellar lumens, I would get crypto for referring them so you can make money from yourself. You can make money through the referrals. Overall, it's a really great way to do it now. One thing I do want to point out is that Quinn, by Stern is an exchange, so it does have a little bit of an incentive to give this away. And what I mean by that is you can actually trade crypto currency as well. So as you grow and learn more about cripple currency, you might want to trade basic attention. Token for Bitcoin, or you might want toe take $100 from your bank account and by the dye stable coin. Right and coined based facilitates that So by going through this process, yes, they are giving you free crypto, but they're also having you go through the steps to create an account. So later on, if you do indeed want to purchase or trade Cryptocurrency. You already have an account, so that is a bit of a benefit, but also at the same time realized that coin base is kind of setting itself up for you to use their say verses later on. You don't have to, but it's very convenient to use their services if you're already set up if you already have the account. So with that being said, let's go back. And let's wrap up this tutorial by saying that Quinn bass turn again. Very simple program to use a very simple for beginners. You don't have to go through too many complicated steps, in my opinion, it is one of if you want to do the exchange and trading later on. It's one of the easiest exchanges to use the fees or a little bit higher. But for beginners is the easiest to start out with. I hope you found the video useful, and I will see you in the next lesson. 9. HODL, Lending, and DeFI: everyone and welcome. Today we're finally getting to the most exciting point of the course. And that is what do you actually do with your crypto currency? Generally speaking, there are three options Hoddle trade and investing. And when it gonna cover each of these in a little bit more detail so you can find the best option for you now. The first and most simplest Austin option is Hoddle, which is an acronym for Hold On for Dear Life. Basically, this is a buy and hold strategy and it means that no matter what happens, you hold on to your crypto and you never, ever, ever sell it. If the market goes up, you hold on to your crypto. If the market goes down, you still hold on to your crypto and over time you can get some pretty good returns from this strategy. For example, this is a chart from market watch dot com, and it shows that in 2010 Bitcoin was about seven cents. Today it's over $7500. So again you can see some good returns. However, there are no dividends. So if you did by Big one in 2010 you were holding on to Bitcoin for a period of nine years , not receiving anything. Yes, the value was going up. But it's not like a stock where you receive dividends or a bond where you received interest payments. You're just holding that in a wallet, not really doing anything with it. It's not guaranteed to increase. So Bitcoin had a very good run. However, there's lots and lots of other cryptocurrencies that started high and are now virtually worthless, So you really have to be sure that you're picking the right crypto currency. It is the most secure because you can put your your crypto in an offline cold storage wallet for years and years of the time. And it's not on exchange. It's not susceptible. The hacking. You don't have to worry about someone stealing your crypto. Now this is specifically for the U. S. And I can't speak to other countries. But it has the easiest tax implementations because when you buy crypto for the first time, you don't have to pay tax to buy crypto. All you would have to pay when you sell it is the capital gains tax, so that is something to consider for US investors. The returns do depend on the market, so and yet you, as an individual investor, once you pick your coin, once you pick your crypto, the returns that you're gonna get depend on the market. Once you make your choice, what coin you're gonna go with, It's totally out of your hands. So it's very blade back, buy and hold investment strategy. Now the second option is to trade cryptocurrencies, and this is just like trading stocks. You buy low, you sell high. You can trade from crypto to Fiat so you can trade Bitcoin for us dollars. And whenever Bitcoin goes down, you buy more Bitcoin, and then when it goes up, you sell and get us dollars. You can also trade crypto to crypto so you can trade from a thorium. Two basic attention token or from basic attention token to the dye stable point or something like that. If you wanted to do that, there's a lot of different options that you have, and there's different sites where you can do this. I've made quite a few videos demonstrating how to use Cryptocurrency exchanges. I'll put them in. The resource is I can't include them in this lecture because that they have a policy where if you've already made something for free, you can't included in a paid course. But I will link thes. They're completely free. They're available to you. This is an example of using coin based pro to trade basic attention token against the U. S. D. C crypto currency. And again, there is a lot of websites. You can do this. It depends on your skill. And here's the thing about trading. Ah, lot of your returns depend on your skill as well as luck. You have to be able to read the charts. You have to be able to guess to predict. Is Bitcoin gonna go up? Is it going to go down? So there's a lot of still, there's a lot of risk involved in it. The trading fees. Now, when you make a trade, you will have to pay a fee for that trade. So different exchanges have different fees. Coined based pro, which I showed you is about half a percent. So if Bitcoin goes up by 1% and you want to cash out, you're really only gonna get half a percent because of those trading fees. Other exchanges will have deposit fees, withdraw fees, so there's a lot of fees that can add up with frequent trading. There's also exchange security. When you deposit funds into an exchange, you're essentially giving them control of your crypto currency. So you have to trust that they're not gonna be hacked number one, but number two that there are a legitimate exchange that they're not going to just steal your crypto currency and run off with that again. I've done videos in the past about what exchanges I use. I will link them for you guys in the resource is so you can use them. Now here's the big kicker. For me and especially, this is a U. S. Based thing. It may be different in other countries, but the tax implications of trading are something you cannot overlook, especially if you're trading very frequently. You have to report every single trade as a sale of one crypto currency and a purchase another. So if you make 10 trades in one day, that's 20. Tax reporting is that you have to do so again, and then when you sell, you're still gonna have to do your capital gains tax on top of that. So, at least for us US investors, this is something that is going to take a lot of work to make sure you get everything right and don't mess up. Now. One of my favorite things to do with crypto currency is to lend it, and it's a way that basically combines the best of two worlds. You can maintain ownership of your Cryptocurrency, but you can also be earning a little bit of passive income while you're waiting for the price to appreciate. Here, your returns really depend on the market interest rate as well is the type of Cryptocurrency that you hold Now. There's generally two flavors of crypto currency lending, decentralized finance and centralized finance. Now, decentralized finance is where you lend basically anonymously. You lend not to an institution or an individual, but you basically supply funds to a smart contract. In a smart contract is basically a computer program that automatically executes if certain conditions are met. Now this is a beginner's course. We're not gonna go on the details, but basically decentralized finance really takes a lot of the power away from banks. Traditional institutions gives you a lot of privacy, a lot of a non impunity, and it's really just decentralized. Centralized finance, on the other hand, is basically a bank. But for crypto currency, you still have traditional place where you're lending your crypto. You have insurance. You have audits, things like that, so we'll get into the difference is a little bit more in the next slides. This is an example of the fulcrum crypto currency lending platform. Now this is a decentralized financial platform, and you can see that there's different crypto currencies. You can end, learn and what we have. You stc coin. The interest rate on that's about 3.8%. The interest rate on diet is 2.8%. So the take away here is that you're going to get a different interest rate, depending on the crypto that you aren't. Now here's the cool thing. If you had If you can see in the top left hand corner, you're getting a one point about 1.9% 0.19% interest rate. You can still sell leaf when the price goes up. This is still your crypto currency, so if it goes from 150 to $200. You can still sell that teeth. But what this is doing is it's giving you a little bit of a way to earn a little bit of passive income while you're waiting for that price. To appreciate an example of centralized finance is next, so or there's another one called the Celsius Network. And basically, with these examples, you are giving your crypto currency to a centralized financial institution that deals with Cryptocurrency. So again, like I said, think of it as a crypto currency bank. Now there are some considerations. Both centralized finance and decentralized finance have different risks in advantages. Centralized finance typically will have insurance, so they're gonna have their deposits. If you put your Cryptocurrency there, it's gonna be insured up to $100 million for example, on next. So they also are audited, so they'll have a team of accountants come in and audit all the funds to make sure they're doing everything right. And for a lot of people starting out, it just feels more secure. They feel more comfortable giving it to an actual organization. However, you have to be very careful about what centralized finance platform you choose. I personally use next, so I trust it. But there's a lot of other C five platforms that you might not want to trust. There might be corruption. They might receive your funds and then run off with them. So you have to do your own diligence, not trying to scare you away at all. But it's just something to be considered it off. The site could shut down with defy. There's a different set of risks. Defy, as I mentioned, is executed through smart contracts, which are a computer program. So you have to trust that these computer programs have been written correctly, that they don't have any bugs. And even though decentralized finance isn't a traditional financial institution, it still has points where an individual or a group of individuals have to perform steps of the process. So you're trusting that those small steps that the individuals perform art going to get a compromise, that the individuals are going to do the right thing. Basically, my personal opinion I've used both defy and see if I I trust a variety of platforms again, I've made videos on this that I will link for you guys in the resource is section, but in general, I think it's a good option to earn on your crypto currency while you're waiting for the price to appreciate. One option that we didn't cover is staking. Now. Staking is kind of an advanced method, and it's not available for all Cryptocurrency. Basically, you you walk up your crypto currency into the network, and instead of mining Cryptocurrency, you get rewards for locking your crypto up and saying, OK, I'm not gonna use my crypto and you get a little bit of passive rewards. It's more of an advanced topic, not something for a beginner's course, but definitely something you should know does exist in conclusion. There are a lot of different options you can hold on to your crypto. You can trade your crypto. You can invest in land your crypto and really in depends on your personal risk preference. In general, I would say that simply holding your crypto is the safest, Whereas trading carries the most risk. Lending your crypto is somewhere in the middle of gives you a little bit of return. It gives you a little bit more risk, and it's totally your choice to make. I hope you found this video useful, and I will see you in the next lesson 10. Course Conclusion: congratulations. You've made it to the end of dinners course on Cryptocurrency. It's been a long journey and we have learned so much together. I hope that you found all the lessons useful. I hope that you've learned a little bit of about the tea terms, such as the Blockchain mining things that you might not have known before. I really hope you've enjoyed using some of the sites that I showed you to earn a little bit of your own free Cryptocurrency. Hopefully you've tried it out and had a little bit of time to experiment and learn different things about how crypto currency works. Once more, I want to send you for completing the course and also for allowing me this opportunity to be a part of your learning journey. If you have any suggestions, are feedback. I'd love to hear what you have to think. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how I can improve the course for less units. Once again, please accept a big, heartfelt thank you for enrolling in the course