Complete Beginner to JavaScript Developer Series

Martin Kenny, Author of "Malibu Code: Learn HTML, CSS and JavaSc

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About This Class

This course has been designed as a step by step guide for the complete beginner to web development that has never done it before.

In this course we will start with some of the most basic elements of what happens when you click a link in a browser. From there we will continue through HTML building the foundation that will serve us throughout our journey into JavaScript and beyond.

In CSS, we learn the importance of taking ownership of a project and the powerful feeling that comes from being able to make changes to a website based on your knowledge and taste. This is the section of the course where we redefine what a successful web development career looks like and the importance of involvement and commitment.

JavaScript is where we let our foot off the gas and turn everything up a notch. With the core skills we have learned from HTML and CSS we can start to build dynamic and interactive websites that allow us to show more- or less of our personality or make a statement about what we do. So if you're ready to step up to the higher opportunity and better challenge, join me on this journey into JavaScript.

Let's get coding and have some fun!


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It is said that a person who truly understands something can make it easy for others to understand it too...clearly, Martin Kenny gets it! I've watched so many videos, trying to grasp JavaScript and most instructors say it's simple enough for beginners yet seem to forget that they're not talking to one of their peers as the lessons go on. I've been looking for something that does just what this course does; gets to the point, and spells it out in simple terms. It was a short course, but I think I've learned the most from it!





Martin Kenny

Author of "Malibu Code: Learn HTML, CSS and JavaSc

Martin Kenny is the author of "Malibu Code: Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript," a book that teaches the fundamentals of web design and interactive website programming through the metaphor of surfing. The original phrase, "surfing the web" comes from surfing, and yet no other web design or programming courses explore the power of the surfing metaphor beyond this common phrase.

In Martin's courses you will learn coding skills faster by building on top of ideas you already understand, instea...

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