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Complete ARCore & ARKit Gaming Developer - Creating Multiplayer Games in Augmented Reality

Sebastian Armand

Complete ARCore & ARKit Gaming Developer - Creating Multiplayer Games in Augmented Reality

Sebastian Armand

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42 Lessons (3h 14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Requirementes for ARCore (Android)

    • 3. Requirementes for ARKit (IOS)

    • 4. Download Unity

    • 5. ARKit / ARCore in Theory & Problems

    • 6. Download ARCore & ARKit

    • 7. Explanation and Structure ARCore / ARKit

    • 8. The ARInterface

    • 9. IOS - Transference of the Example Scene to our Phone

    • 10. ANDROID - Transference of the Example Scene to our Phone Part1

    • 11. ANDROID - Transference of the Example Scene to our Phone Part2

    • 12. SimpleAROptions

    • 13. Scaled Content

    • 14. Match Scale

    • 15. ARFocusSquare

    • 16. Introduction to Photon & First Connection to Server

    • 17. Serverlogic in Theory

    • 18. Connection to Masterserver

    • 19. Connection to Lobby & Room

    • 20. Spawning Player & Movement

    • 21. Modification Tanks

    • 22. The Shooting-Script for the Tank

    • 23. Loading an Explosion

    • 24. Life Display on the Canvas

    • 25. Modification ShootScript

    • 26. Life Display with Slider

    • 27. Adding more Objects to the Gaming-Map

    • 28. 3D World Space Canvas for the Tanks

    • 29. Mobile Control

    • 30. Gameplay Modification

    • 31. Augmented Reality & Multiplayer Theory

    • 32. Setting up the AR-Scene

    • 33. "PLACE MAP" & "PLACE MAP NEW" Buttons

    • 34. ARShadowPlane & Modifications

    • 35. Demo - Car App

    • 36. Download Car & Setting up the ARFocus Square

    • 37. Place-Car Logic

    • 38. Color-Buttons in AR

    • 39. Demo - Helicopter App

    • 40. Download Helicopter & Setting up the ARInterface-Scene

    • 41. ARPlane & Boxcollider

    • 42. Modifications

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About This Class

Build your own Augmented Reality Multiplayer Games with Apples ARKit & Googles ARCore!

  • Create one of the first Multiplayer Augmented Reality Games at all
  • We will use the ARInterface that combines ARKit and ARCore in one Scene 
  • All Apps are running on IOS & on Android 
  • Learning by Doing, we code all from scratch

Why should you learn Augmented Reality?

  • Augmented Reality is in it's early stages
  • There is still much potential to create awesome Applications.  
  • The demand for Augmented Reality apps is bigger than ever before   
  • Break into a brand new industry expected to be worth $165 billion by 2024 

The most awaited battle between Google and Apple has finally started. The war of augmented reality SDKs. Google’s ARCore is the answer to Apple’s ARKit’.  So the question is: should we use ARCore or ARKit for Augmented Reality Development? - The answer: It doesn't matter. Just use the ARInterface that combines ARKit & ARCore.

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1. Intro: hi, everybody. And welcome to a complete augmented reality gaming develop across evil coat here several augmented reality apps from scratch. And before we go and have a look at what we are doing here exactly, I want to demonstrate your the two special futures off this course. So for us, the target off this course is to create an augmented reality multiplayer game. That means we can initialize the multiplayer gaming map in the real world. And then you can play in our air against your friends. So in the living room and the garden, or wherever you're running at this time, augmented reality multiplayer games are extremely rare. You can only find a handful off them in the stores at all. Secondly, it doesn't matter if you're using an iPhone or an android device. Cfcb quote here from scratch are running on Iris and on Android. This is because we will use a special A P I for immunity, the so called our air interface that combines a rare court from uber and a record from Apple. And just one scene that means we have to write the code only runs and never unless you can roosters for the APP Store and Google play store in order through crates. The main apse. Order what you player are again. We will need a lot off knowledge. Both augmented reality and multiplayer games. There four of you start from the basics augmented reality perceived, for example, by having look at different possibilities. We can initialize the area content in the real world by creating a car up in augmented reality. There we can generate automatically planes, and on that weekend, place was a car. The color off the car. We can change as well. We will Great Markelis life size helicopter where we can control the helicopter of dry buttons. And furthermore, we will need all the basics off multiplayer games. We will learn them by creating a multiplayer thinking for PC from script. And this we will build up step by step until we can display is a game in augmented reality . Sold summarize. We will learn here all the basics off augmented relative combined for a multiplayer. If you're interested in creating EPS electors, then it would be nice to see you again in the first lecture 2. Requirementes for ARCore (Android): So in the short video, I want to mention the requirements for our air kid. So first off, you need at least an iPhone six s or in Europe, and you need at least an ex court nine. It's called nine. You can download from the Apple Developer Page, for example. Type Google X code nine. Don't load. Then you can see here the first link. If you're not already registered here, then please for us tutors and then lock in. Then you can see here. Don't know page from EPA. And if you're a scroll a bit, don't you can see it's called nine and this you must don't load. Also important is that you are using a make across as a rice you can't down load X code. 3. Requirementes for ARKit (IOS): in this short video, I won't refer to the requirements if you are using an interim. I'm here on the our Air Corps pitch from Google. I'm the link is in the attachment. So we need at least run off these android devices in order to use our air corps. And if you haven't already downloaded the employed studio and then do this piece as well because we will need this and what we need to do, their exact we will talk about later. So far, no, it's enough if you have at least one off these infrared devices and just don't know what years the entr oId studio 4. Download Unity: So, first of all, we need a game engine in order to create the augmented reality apps. I'm here on the page. Unity three d dot com Let's click here. Get unity. You can truth a plan. Click on Try Personal Across as long. Our company doesn't earn more than 100 k in the year. We can get unity for free. I think the most off you will not. Karen Rosen 100 k Therefore, let's don't want this. Let's click. Continue soldiers d Important part you. I recommend to leave. Everything is it's tense here across. We will need all those components later, so let's continue entrust on altars and make the installation. 5. ARKit / ARCore in Theory & Problems: before we stop. No, I want to show you are a kid and our Accra are raking in serie because only when we understand the trekking reiz derail a park and prevented problems Rich reckitt and a record still half for this I made a smart running here So roughly said the trekking results from two suspects on one hand by the future points And on the other hand, by the I m u z I'm your which means initial and resume unit stands for all the physical Centaurus which are in R A mobile device. For example, the sharp scope this descends were debt. It takes the exact position off your derives when you're moving it, for example, then we have the future points. This special points are projected onto the camera picture of the chorus or recordings from our camera on nothing more than a lot off single pictures went up in a row. That means, for example, when your game is running proofs 30 frames per seconds, then 30 single pictures are plate in a row and right on this single picture us the other written projects the future points on special contrasts. You're probably already noticed future parents a record and a record displayed them grifters, yellow points. What happens? No. Is following. I created not us monitoring him this to pictures should be to friends and this starts should be Is the future parents which are created by the computer vision I've written. So for example, when the person is moving, then the future points are also moving. And no, this two frames are compared with this corporation. It is possible to detect the distance between position A and B. So this concept combined, ref, see, I'm ju lows us to make rich breaking from this point off you there are obviously a lot of problems which are want to mention oh so fresh for the computing power is a big problem. The course when you imagined that our A game is running roofs 30 or 60 friends for Satan Then you could see her much per right. Raking needs despise rate reason, right? A wreck it in our area. Cora, our only running on the nearest cell phones on all their cellphones read as possible to run augmented reality apps like Pokemon go there. You don't have the future point aspect. They are only brooking with I Am You. Another big problem is excessive motion. When removed, the screen prefer us. We can't detect no more future points, and then we can't. Director. It's a real good solution for this. Could be, for example, to instruct a user Don't let him to move the camera too fast. Same point for the brightness. Renate stock. We can t take future points rail Next Problem R Texas You should always point out to the user that he should use texture us that have a lot off contours across. When we run the augmented reality. For example, on the right surface, it is clear that we can't detect future points. And the last point which are oneto mention here is it takes time to take future points and planes. The planes are Bryce Rake rating by combining the future points and as I already set drinking results by comparing two frames, therefore, it's clear that it takes time toe detect planes on that we may be short and from the user before the usual things that anything isn't breaking because it takes a moment to take future points. These are all problems, but we s develop our should pay attention for. So this is rough explanation off the trekking and throw. Everything is working in detail. We were see in the next videos. 6. Download ARCore & ARKit: in this lecture, we will don't know the project that combines our record and our air court for this Please have a look at the attachment off This lecturer there I uploaded you this link here and also this get hop project. So does get up. Project was created by unity Technologies Important to say is that this project is not officially and supported across the project grows Many created to show or you can combine are equal and our kids in dress run project and as unity say sir, it's experimental Brought nevertheless, this project brooks where we read it and rendez and update for this project or some buck fixes. Then I will inform you of course. Or if you have some problems in general with this project then you can always write me a private message off course or open on your threats here. Then I will try to answer your as soon ast possible Fresen more. We have a good documentation about this project here. If you're wrong, you can read all this stuff. The important aspects off this projects are really good explained For example, the example scenes about the example it seems we will also talk later across. If you understand hers, example, it seems, are working in detail. You can modify them, and then you can create pretty much every augmented reality app you want, and this saves us off across a lot of time. Then we a few the quote from the a p I. This is a cold, which combines a record and aria core. If this coat we don't work very much because the only T already made all the scripts briefed this message. What? We will see this later. So no, let's don't note this project Clay clone or don't Load. That will take a moment. I renamed the folder to a record our Air Corps multiplayer and No, Let's open this folder riff Unity. Um, here we can click, Continue. There's no problem. Everything will working here. Amata River near a Russian off unity. Okay, that's everything for this short video. And in the next video, we will have a look at the structure off this project. 7. Explanation and Structure ARCore / ARKit: in this video. We're gonna have a look at the structure off this project and we will also talk about the example scenes from our kids and our core. But first, let's link or a project riff unity by choosing here organization No, let's have a closer look. A t s set the folder Google Our core is the official from Google and unity a record pluck in this official from ever And in this fold us we have all the basic example teens and assets. Then we have the Unity Area Interface folder this d A p I from unity that combines a record and a racket. And this is the main folder from this project. Thanks. Networking are really is an example project. It's already combines multiplayer augmented reality. But we want justice across a suicide solution. We will use 40 This is my opinion much easier to use and we will also create a multi prayer from scratch. So it's also easier to understand. Hold A multiplayer is working in detail, but for no let's have a look at the two example seems from Aria Kit and aria poor. Of course. Here we will see the boats off them have the same high level futures and that this rupture off them are basically the same. So let's open the two scenes. First, let's go on the Google, our airport scenes and we're Yeah, and let's open it. Then it's Goto Our reacted examples Jonah TRX unseen and let's make Right leg and click open seen editor toe open, both off them at the same time. So by default we have decorated motion trekking and both scenes. That means if you place objects in the real world, we can, for example, work around objects. Fraud that we can see is a random Q p A. For example, in the wheel road, we can rock Rhonda's Cube when we play the scene. Our eco Racine has no rhythm cube, but what we correct it's really cute. Then we would also see the motion braking effect on the scene and Price Ray, who we can transfer to seem to already rice. We will see soon for no. We will only talk about basic functionalities, then by default. We have decorated future points in both scenes. The future points are the particular that are created by the computer vision I've ridden Richard. I already mentioned the game Objects Point Lot particular example and point lot are holding the scripts, which are responsible for the future points. Another thing I want to mention no is. We will take a closer look at the scripts later then when we need them. So for no, we only talk about the objects into the structure. Frizzle more. We have the plane detection and both scenes. This planes are created by combining the future points. That means planes can be only created when we have detected enough future points and Google's basic scene. We find the code for the plane detection and the script, our Air Controller script on the example, control or object. And this is the blame prefect. We create your and it is our record seen refrain to script on the generate planes. Object hit Testing Its next thing we confined broth scenes roof. This future, we can place objects and the real right on planes, for example, are a kid Has the object hit? Q. Parent rail confined the script for those future. The object we want to place is linked. Briefed the script. In this case, we can place this three D object, and it's our across scene. We can find the same future in our air control, a script and descript. We have to enter roid and Status Cube that we can place and that are basically the important high level futurist we can access toe and riff those futures we can create pretty much every augment reality up we want. That's its for this video, and in the next video, we're gonna have a look at unities are interface. That's the A P I that combines this bull scenes. 8. The ARInterface: so no, let's have a look at the basic seen from unity that this ah so called simple are pressing. We will find the scene under unity area interfaces, Examples simple rs in and in this folder we also can see all the other example scenes and the next videos. People also talk about them. But now let's open the simple aria scene. So first you're s are Wyndham Coupe was the orientation Then we have years, a directional light. There's basically like the real son which makes shadows on our game objects. And this object has also a script that address the brightness. And in this scene we have hit Cheuk game object as well You can find a place on planes script this the same as the hit test example and rift descript you can place to sit cube onto a plane And last but not least, we have the game object aria route On this game object, we can find all the scripts incorporating the future points and planes into scripts are controlled by the air controller and descript. You can enable dis enable those scripts depending on whether we needed or not. And the best thing on the scene and this project is following. I want to show you this now. So let's click Play soles er interface simulates real planes in the 80 tour and this planes we can directly test hit Cube testing Soto place game object onto the plane. And everybody who already records a record or our aircraft knows exactly how annoying it is to test the augmented relative part the course roof, a wreck it or our air quality. You only can test the augmented reality bread, transferring everything toe the cell phone and this takes a lot of time. Therefore, this future saves us a lot of time. Of course, we want to test the augmented relative partner. We can do this breath two clicks and that's all abroad. Simple are s ing and this scene We will transfer the next to videos to our mobile devices. We will stop refire s in the next video. So when you only f and n troy, then you can skip the next video 9. IOS - Transference of the Example Scene to our Phone: so no rebuild. Transfer the scene toe our iPhone. But first off, I want to refer to the requirements. So we need an IPHONE six s or new, the newest version off unity and the nearest from eggs cold. From there, you can get X code we already talked about in the requirements for you. So if you don't have already don't ordered X cords and first, please go back to the requirements video. I also applauded you link where you can find step by step tutorial where you can see exact same and what we do know. So if you have any problems, represent France fair, then please check this link and make sure that you have installed on the newest version off we Cremins. So the newest version from X Code unity and from your iPhone when you will still have problems then is already set. You can always write me a private message. We'll create a new threat in this course. So for the trance fair, we have to do following first off all click on file. It's settings here we delete everything and then we had raw scene. Then let's which toe iris by clicking switch platform. This takes a moment and no, we need to shake the player settings. He lets type our company name and so product name on our settings. We need to shake the camera description. Here. We need a string, then check the bundle. Identify our here. You can write com dot organization dot product name. This buys Raised officially your you can see on your rep side in the EP store and it last, Let's make the default orientation toe landscape left. No, we clicked, built and run. Let's create in your folder. Give it a name and click safe. Once the build is ready, it's cold, shrewd, open or medically. Is that not the case? Then please open this folder manually. For this, go into this photo of you just created and double click the X court fire. No click on unity iPhone. You need to shoes. You're a team. If you don't only very created a team, then you can do this year under it in a cone, and then we can click play. You need to enable develop or more. And when you run this F or the first tire. But in this case, you should get a message here from its code 10. ANDROID - Transference of the Example Scene to our Phone Part1: No, let's have a look at her. We can transfer z are assumed to our inquiry device. There's a bit more complicated than dress transferring is the scene toe our iPhone because we have to pay attention Toe several things here especially then render sister of first time your transferrable to your device. Therefore, if you have any problems referred transference, then please first check the current with Raymond's So the new risk aversion off unity en trois studio and you're entering device. Otherwise, please check the link from the attachment dare whistling from this rep site here. If what we do know is toe for us for you, then you can shake this link there You can find everything we will do now. And of course, you can always ask me if you still have problems. So first of all, let's don't load Android studio for debt. Let's type in Google Android Studio and let's don't load the whole project. Next we will do the insulation and really important here is please remember where you save enjoyed studio on your computer because there is a so called sdk would folder the past off this STK root folder We need in a few seconds across. We have to tell unity. Read this past is the next thing we will do is go toe fire bit settings and truth. Android here confirmed roofs which platform? We also at your a walker and seen Let's shake the Blair settings. First, let's type here our organization and our our product name. Then, under resolution and presentation, the truth landscape left for the orientation. She also wonders. Here are settings the bundle. Identify where this the official euro L You can see on your website in the Google Play Store. Here you can write common about your organization dot your product name and also important here is that multi threaded rendering is turned off. No, let's click under build settings on build. We get a message that we have to choose the sdk Fuller. This is the folder from entering Studio I just mentioned. Therefore, please shoes. This folder here. In my case, it's under applications. Once the build is ready, Xander's Fuller should open or medically, and here you can see the A p K file for our infrared device. If you have received another ever message on rail, should select the J D K folder, then please goto una to you references external tools and shake that both path for the sdk and really kr filled If you haven't already. Don't noted the of our development kid. Then you can don't know this here. Then click this link here. We need the version eight from the J. D. K. Click Accept license agreement and then truth your version and don't notice you. This is everything we have to do for a preparing unity. And in the next video of evil, prepare what device? 11. ANDROID - Transference of the Example Scene to our Phone Part2: no people prepare or mobile device for our Air Corps and the transparent for this. I also added your link. You can also see all requirement. The first part off this we already done in the previous video. The next part is no toe preparing the mobile device. Let's start Brian Abel, developer options for this and No. One. A Google picture. If you have another android device, then the structure could be a bit different, but in general should be is the same Soto enabled Developer mode Goto settings system a boat phone, scroll a bit down and search for the big number. Click multiple times on the big number. Then you should see your are no developer. No, go back to system there we can see knows developer options. Click on this and also enable USB debugging. Also really important is to download. Our airport is decayed. For this, I use a modified version that works on any android phone. I upload a Judas link and this fire if you want, you can use this otherwise you can don't love the A P K from here. For this course, I will use modified running off the A P K. Of course, I always have problems with the officially from Google. So let's don't load ZR Air Corps if you're of Dundas And if you use make, then you should don't know the android fight Trance fair. The chorus we have to transfer or built with the years be toe or our device. If you use or windows, then you don't need the entire oId file transfer here because Windows recognizes immediately Android devices. No, let's make another smaller preparation on our android. We have to change some settings under connected devices. Here is being there. We need to shoes that runs fair fires option. Connect your and for it form with the computer. No, you should have access to the photos off your phone now, Kobe and pace a bit and see our airport, a PK and one off your phone. Fold us. I used to fold downloads. Finally, we have to install ZR echo a PK on our android. For this, go into the download folder and execute. See a PK. If you have installed a record correctly, then you should opens the aria scene and I don't sing. If you're seen Looks like this on your phone, then you haven't installed our Air Corps correctly. Then you can, for example, restart reform or installs the airport epic, a new that will help in most cases. 12. SimpleAROptions: know that we have tests simple are resting on or a phone. Let's take a look at the other example Scenes. As I already mentioned, this project writes a solid base for every augmented relative. For this reason, it makes sense before you start to create your own EPS from scratch toe get a rough idea off what actually exists you. So the simple are s ing we already know, but it's Ray just will also be a row basis for Rosie our air multiplayer game. And there you will also see and what I mean, bruv, a solid base because it's, er airport. We only have to take care of very little across. Most off the augmented reality have already been done for us, So the next scene is the so called simple. Our options. Let's open the scene. If you want to transfer, here's a scene to your throne, then Ukraine Duris off course. But I run show you this part because we already done this in the previous two videos. Let's get play So the most off this self explanatory is a random cube. We have fun. Every scene and functionality off the scene is also easy if we detect enough future points and then we can show or hide planes and by clicking the buttons the same we can do for the future points. And all of this is controlled by the agree script. Some of the concept reveal use for or perhaps like the car up, but we will quote this from scratch. Therefore, I won't go into a description because we will see this later. And that's actually the important things off the scene. Andan the next radio. We have looked at scale content. 13. Scaled Content: in this lecture, we're gonna have a look at the scale content scene, so let's open the scene. First, let's click play. So if he clicked the fire button, then we will spawn bullets, which are controlled by this Object Shooter script. And in the script, we make a rate costs in the forward direction, starting from the position off all main camera and under force, we can change the speed off the bullets. For example, when the shank Villiers here. So this future just for demonstrating physics in augmented Relative and the actually interesting partier is holds the content a scaled crossman people scare content the most off them would scale the game objects, for example, by a changing here radios off the size. This could work, but this has a lot off. This ad want teachers, especially for the physics across. You can't scale physics immunity. For this reason, unity has a good solution for this. Instead, off scaling became object. They scale everything, runs a game object, especially. They scale the main camera, but change in values off the our air route across the main camera is under the our air route game object, So this would be the same effect. You can see the future here. Brandi, for example, moves the sliders. Only the radios off the air would are changing and not scale will use off the Cassa. And this actually the important part off the scene. Well, no. I want to demonstrate you how easy it is to modify the scenes off this project even when you have no coding experience. So I want to change this castle. No riff and animated character. The animated corrector we can find on the store. For that. Let's type in the search bra skeleton and free only. And no, you can don't know this project here. As you can see, the skeleton has a lot off animations to some off them. We want access. No, Let's break the skeleton Pre flop into the scene. Under the game object, you can see the animator component. This component is responsible for all animations. Profiteer is an Alberta under controller. The a writer is by default. Here is the controller that it's responsible for the logic off the animations. We will create no for this Police Goto the skeleton folder. Make right, click create And you made a controller. Give it a name and drop this on the any major component we need. Toe open. The animator Rendall read Doris by making a double click on the controller in tow. This controller, we can pace our animations, so it's a moment when we have a transition from entry to our animations. Then see animations will play or medically, therefore visually see this animations? No, when we stop Oracene, therefore, it's testes, and the next step. I want a second animation for the skeleton. We can duris by pasting another animation into the controller. Important here is that we have a transition but free in the two intimations. Only in this case we can play the second animation. Let's testes. As you can see, the second animation is played only once. It would be nice if we could play the second animation in a continuously loop. We can duris by going to our animations and by enabling look time here and confirmed this brief. Apply friendly. We have to change the skeleton or if the casa. But first, let's change the default scale off the skeleton and paste the skeleton into the day mockery script. And no, we haven't animated skeleton that we can shoot an amended relative 14. Match Scale: is the next interesting example scene and or a project, um, is the metric scale you can friend to seen on the example It's match scale sold. This scene is perfect for when you need to a depth content to a plane. I want to show you how this works. Click play. As you can see this scene creates or medically, um, plains. And if you click on one off this planes with the left, most button you can see the content will be placed in the middle off the plane, and the best thing here is it doesn't matter. Whole big blames are. For example, let's change. The plane will use toe 10. When we know click on the plane, the content will be placed new and districts also ready to do the smaller, for example. Important here is to understand that we don't change the size off the content. So instead of scaling the game object, we also scale everything around here by scaling the main camera was game object, our air route, so we have to Same functionality here likens the scaled content. The reason for this are also physics. The cross would be a shame to size off the content, then the physics wouldn't work well, and the future you confront here under the game object our air route in the script matching scale picker. So if you want to change the content and then you can't do this year by changing the game, object off the script. Another possibility. If you want to use this future, but before example, when you take your map and places as a child under the level geometry object, this will test the same effect to your gaming map. 15. ARFocusSquare: Finally, we have a look at the last example scene. This is our air focused career you confront is under examples are air focused career again . I will show you the scene reverie roughly because we will use the scene later in the car up . And then we have a closer look it all off this futures. So but for no, let's have a look at all the game objects. First, we can seize year under the air route game object. The functionality is for the future points and plain detection. That means they are activated in the scene by default, but especially future here we can find under the focused career so you can see here the objects focused, career finding and focus career focused. And this game objects are linked with this pre flaps in the Essence folder, and what happens here is following runs. The scene has started. The Focus career animation Richard Confront Year under the animations component will be playing, and this animation is played as long if we find a plane, that means once the main camera is in the forward direction off a plane, then we change the game. Object focused career finding toe. This prefer appear focused, career focused and the future makes the arresting much more you'll differently. And then the whole thing here looks more professional and this is actually everything from the scene. What is I already said? We will use to see later in the car up on den. We will see this in practice. 16. Introduction to Photon & First Connection to Server: in this lecturer, we're gonna have a look at the basics off multiplayer games. That means that what we do know has nothing to do with augmented reality. But these are the basic requirements we need in order to combining augmented reality of multiplayer and price. Ray, these basics you need for all multiplayer games means, if you notice that augmented reality isn't something for you, For example, then nevertheless, um, your of knowledge proof that you can create your first multiplayer games soar. As you can see on the site, we don't use a service side pollution. Unity is integrated. Multiplayer rays are. We will use Fulton. The course I sing photon has that one state and that's revolting is made much more user friendly and that you can see much frost on results here and off course. You also can create a whole source. I part by yourself. I'm reformed using other assets or services, but for debt. And I only can say if you have the time, then you can do this. But in my opinion, that makes no sense. Because services like Fulton already has done all the important parts for us and D services . Saves us reeks off time. And when you have really a lot of players richer using your moody player services and you can skaters riff Orton ready sheep Andi Simple. So we can your fortune for pretty much everything as you can see this year, for example, for IOS, Android Windows, Pittsy, PlayStation and much more. Also really important here is to shake the price and the documentation. Let's start here with the Bryce. As you can see, Fulton is for free only if we have more than 20 player at the same time on our server, and this will cost money. So this is perfect for testing multiplayer, and you can also calculate your more expensive It is if you have estimated playoffs for your game. The next parent I want to mention is the documentation, the documentation we can find here. The documentation. Our Fulton is also really good. Here are all important things, and we need, for example, in order to understand the coat, I would say Let's start Goto, sign in. If you haven't already an account here, then please for us, create your own one here and then look in under your applications, we can create our own Fulton clothes. Yep. Rift this service, Andrea. Free access to afford and server. So let's create in Europe. Important here is to shoot Thorton real time and give it a name. I recalled us, our aircrew, our record multiplayer. So if we created one, then the idea is relevant. Please remember this idea and co produce across we will need is a new a few seconds. Next, Go into the essence store type important and networking in order to don't know the whole project and import. Fulton, if you have important everything correctly, then you can see it's a following window here. You need to type your email references or the EP I d. You just created click on set out project. No, you should see the following message that you have set up the project correctly. And indeed, with these few steps were set up the complete begin for the server. You will take a look at that. No, no. If you go under the 40 munity networking folder and there was a demo Florida here you can watch a lot off example Scenes of a server connection in the back room, for example, here are stuff like shits and more demo games. Rich are already set up for us, but really interested no in one off these demos in order to shake. If he actually have a connection to a fortune so far, let's open the demon trump and run scene. If we click no on player, we actually can see that something happens and that we are connected with something. No, let's it a second client. We goto file Pillet settings at the scene and switch the PC or make platform following by clicking, build and run. After some time, this folder will open. You can see here are built. We just created Click the Boot and then play and opens the client off the unity area. Tora, Israel and as a consumable, we made a full functional multiplayer game with a few clicks to play us, and objects in the scene are also displayed synchronously and this concept really create from scratch and the next videos 17. Serverlogic in Theory: before we start no great or first multiplayer, let's have a look at the basics off money players in Serie SoHo. The whole server logic is built for this. I also made a smart roaring you because if you understand it was a procedure is working, then it's much more easier to understand. Holds the Croat is rocking. So let's have a look. It's, Ah, several logic from the point off you off Blair. Their first thing. What Blair usually does if you want to play a game online, is to click a button. For example, play online or multiplayer. It's a moment where we do this. I'm we create a connection to a silver. In our case, this is a server from Fulton, really just registered as Ray. We call it this master Silver because first off, all every single player needs toe connect Rift Masters over before I can connect to the lobby and then through the room. The next step is the connection to the lobby. The lobby is a kind off matchmaker across the lobby. It's all the logic that is responsible for and which rooms a player can connect. For example, if one has a maximum players, then the logic from the lobby, the connected player and through the room to, for example, and this is the last step. Then we are in the room and there we can see are the playoff and we can interact with them . For example, this is basically the most important thing, and we need to understand, and this structure we look great in the next videos, step by step. 18. Connection to Masterserver: in this video, we will create a connection toe the master silver especially. We will do this part. That means if we click a button multiplayer, then we will create the connection. Toaff Orton's master So go. But first, let's save our scene. Redoute us by clicking fire safe scenes. You're right, the name I call this movie player Think game and I click Safe and No Frequency and the Essence folder, The new Crater scene. Let's also create two more photos. I will call them Assets and Scripts. Let's drink in the Essence fuller or a Skeleton folder to give our project more estructura . Go to the Iraqi bar, make right click Great, Empty. So in this game object and we will create the script on that. We can find all the logic that is responsible for the connection to the Fulton's Over. Let's create descript Go to the Scripts folder, Make right click Great See Shop script. I called US Network Manager script and let's drop this script on the Net. Group manager. We also need cameras. Let's create us by making a right click. You I canvas on the skin risks. We will create a raw button under your I. But it's called us multiplayer and the text will be also multiplayer. As I already said, this will be the button that will create a connection to the muscle Silver and I came. Object we will need is a panel. You can also friend this under you. I penalty on this panel. We will create a text and in this text we will see is a current state off our our connection to the Fulton Silver. Therefore, I will call this in four No goto scene and truth here too deep. This makes us easier to scale the canvas. You can also click here on this window and hitting old. Then you can place those penna in the middle off this canvas for canvas. We will create and not all script. So create see shop script. I will call this stock game script. Let's at descript with the canvas. You can also reading scripts by clicking the component button. No, let's go to the network manager. A script. First, people create a connection to the in full text. So let's write public text text in force. And as you can see, the text is highlighted Red. It means the name space isn't important correctly. That changed us the name space for the text ISS Unity engine Doc, you, I and the stock A message I will call a message fort network dot connect using settings And as you can see here in the summary, we can connect Rift This message to the Fulton Server. This expects Parramatta String. It doesn't matter who we named the string. Therefore, I named this version 01 and in the update message, I want to call the current state off the connection to the Fulton Server. Therefore, let's write text in food, not text equals fought network dot Connection State detailed. We also need toe it. Unity's to a string function in order to transform the current state in tourist ring. It wants reviews, a reference. Let's at the reference to the script. And as you can see here, brief this one line of court. We are connected to the master server. The multiplayer button doesn't work across three roads. A message for creating a connection to the photon server in the stop message. Therefore, that changed is the possibility where we can do this is, for example, when we disable the network manager object by default and then enabling this game object by clicking the multiplayer button. Let's create this coat in the stock games group first, Let's creates the name Space unity engine dot your i this for all buttons and takes. No let's write a public button stopped game button and the public game option. Network manager Object said their connections. And finally, we can create following start game button dot on click thought it, listen up and start game funk. That means whenever we clicked the stock in button, then we will call the function Start game funk. Therefore, it's great dysfunction and in dysfunction. We will disable the stock in button, and we will enable the network manager object. That means when we clicked the stock in button, then we will decorate the network manager script and this route. Rohypnol. That's testes, as you can see by default and happens nothing. This is a good sign. Let's click the multiplayer button, and now you can see a message connecting to name server. This is a message that say something with the Internet Connection isn't okay. Therefore, let's start to see new and, as you can see No. We have a connection to the muscle survival, and this is actually everything for this video. And in the next video, we will create the connection to the lobby and then to the room. 19. Connection to Lobby & Room: So in this video, people created connection toe the lobby and then through the room. Therefore, let's go toe the network manager and then to the network manager. A script right click edit script. First, let's call a function Reut, unconnected toe master. And then, he barked, would look connected with lobby. This function is a so called callback function that means whenever we are connected to the master, then dysfunction will be returned. That means we don't have especially, it will say that we want to call this message across. This happens or medically when we are connected to the master and roof de bark. Don't look. We can shake if the unconnected toe master function is working. So when we are connected to the master, then we will print out and the concert connected with love you. Let's test us collect the multiplayer button and, as you can see or function returns the debarked outlook message. Therefore, we can execute a lot Next command. That's right, folks net for dot Join lobby. Riff this line off cold. We will connect to the lobby. No, we can call another Corbett function on drawing lobby function and also de bark that look connected with Laurie. And here I see a small mistake. This is connected, roof master and not refloated. And this function returns also our debarked outlook message. And as I already said in the lobby, we will run all the logic that is responsible for the settings off our room settings for the room. You can also see here on this link. If you want. You can read all the stuff you will find here. More informations than that. What we do know everything. What we need. No, it's a code for the room options. For example, on the current off the playoffs, let's right here. Room options. My room options equals new room options here of we have access to the room options. For example, toe the count off the playoffs. Let's set Max playoff toe tool. And no, we need to create our room. Fulton network dot Join or Red Room Wrist us. We will create a lot of room. This method expects three parameters. As you can see this year, it's the first wrong is the name off the room. The second is for the settings that what we just created my room options and at last we will write type love you dot default that Embry Wrong, change anything and finally, let's great. And if condition we will say If the connection state is not joined, then we won't change the text in four startext as a rise. If we are joined to room Zen, we will say text enforced Gore Tex equals connected to plus fort network dot room dot name . This returns the name off the room class players online Fort Network dot Room Thought Player count and this returns count off the player from the room, and now we can shake. If everything is rocking, collect the multiplayer button. As you can see, Re only can see connected. Does this because the size off the text is too small? That's changed us. Let's change the with 2000 and as you can see, we are connected to room run and run. Player is online, but let's let's hear some spaces and it last. Let's create a second climbed in order to shake. If the room settings are working, let's click boot. Then let's open the build and let's click the multiplayer button in the detour Israel. And as you can see, the room options are also working. We have to connected players 20. Spawning Player & Movement: in this video, we will spawn our players because we already have a connection. Toe the room. Let's great an empty game object. Name this enrollment. Make right. Click on the environment. Three D object plane scaled a size toe 100. There's just temporarily environment in order to test the movement off the things we will replace. Explain later. We'll see our airplane, but for no, we will change the color off the plane. For that, we need a new material. Let's go in the SS photo Make right leg great material until a change. The color toe this value and Rick and dropped the material on the plane in order to change the color off the plane. No, we need a tank for our game. When you write T 95 into the search bar you refined distinct here, Let's don't load. And in protesting, let's move the new folder under assets and let's go to the prefect's. This is under 30 and 95. The Eagles s it and trick and rub runoff this into Racine. Reset values off the environment. And no, please go to this link. You can find us link under the attachment off this video. As you can see here, this is an example how we can move or are playoffs. That's Kobe is a cold, great a new script under as a Tink. Let's call this movement Tink script Moved this in the scripts folder and no, let's open the script. Right leg edit scripts What we are doing here is following with Get excess horizontal or get excess radical. We are asking whenever we are hitting W. A s Roddy, Then we will set up temporarily Rabel X Or is it? And that Ray birds are then responsible for the speed of over rotation or they're moving in the forward direction. Let's testes when we hit No w A s Retief. Then you can see the think is moving. Let's create to spawn points for the playoffs. Go to the environment, make right click great empty. Let's renames a game. Objects to was born 0.1 and spawn Point to and change the position off the spawn point. Go through the network manager a script first, Let's it hear the references to the sport points public transforms born, point run and public transform, spawn poor and to set up the references that's ought to rename the Tink and at a new component, the Fulton View. This component is important in order to spawning game objects in the multiplayer mode and what this component is exact doing. We will see later. From now. Let's open the resource is folder under the 40 Unity networking and let's wreck interrupt the stink in this photo. No European deletes the tank. So from this folder we will instantly ate the tank into the scene. For that, let's go back to the network manager. A script, right? Another cool bake function. Voigt on drawing to room. When we are connected to the room, we will start a new crew routine. I will call this born my player. The protein is perfect for when you want, right, especially time before you execute coat. We can say this roof You'd return new read for seconds. In our case, we will raid one second before we will execute the next line off court and we say Game option it. My player e Kurds folk network got instant e eight think 1.1 dot position and kryptonian thought identity as game object or if this line off court, we will only spawn right ink from the resource of Florida at the position. 1.1 we dress created. We showed serious No. Therefore let's click play and, as you can see or a thrusting this morning after our run second. But we have two players. Therefore, let's modify or a script. Let's copias Ah Karapetyan spawned by a player that changed us to support my player to Let's also copious the whole spawn my player in Karachi and here a tour. And here is the tool. No, we need an if condition. Let's say if Fortune network dot playlist what length is bigger then warden, then we will start on my player core routine. I don't rise. We will start the car routine. Sport my player, too. That means when one player is already in the room, we will start. The core proteins spawn my player and other rights. People start to crow routines born my player toe. Therefore, we have no two different spawn points. Finally, let's testers river second client grades the new boot. Let's open the build also in the editor and as you can see no, we have two things on to a different sport points. But we have two problems. No, for us. The Blairs are not synchronously. And second, if we want to move or writing, we move both off them. And this we're gonna have a look at in the next video. 21. Modification Tanks: So in this video you will solve the problems from the last video. But first of all, let's click play and multiplayer. We have a small display problem across the tank this morning, but we can't see the think in the game view. Therefore, I'm fraud test purposes, and I want to change the game use. We can do this, for example, by assuring birth swindles at the same time. And as you can see, the over your is much better. No, no. Let's trick interrupt the tank pre fit into the scene. Go on. The resource is Tink and no, let's talk about the Fulton View across. The fault of you is one of the important components from Fulton. You can see here observe components under observe components we can drop came objects like our think and everything that is under observed components. The transformed data is like position, rotation and scale. From the game, Object will send permanently into the Falcons server and from the Fulton Server. All of the's data's will tend to all clients off the room. We are connected roof. That means when we criminals a tank under observe components, Then this think humble display pretty much synchronously on all clients. No, let's opens the movement. Think script, because here we have the problem. I'm debt free, are controlling both things and risk script. It's the cross riff, this coat, the Fulton sir. What doesn't know Rich Tank belongs to Rich Client. But we can change this, for example, and by telling Fulton, explicit, the descript belongs to our think we can Duris as following, we will say Fulton View, view. And in the stop method, we will Safe's folk view component in view. Right saying view. Eagles get component Fulton View And now we can say is View is mine. That means if this script belongs to our client Onley, then we can execute the cold froze movement. Go to the pink and click apply cross. Now we can delete the think and let's test the strangers on to clients, create a new built open the built and know only one thing is moving and the other Klein is working as well. But as I already said, this is not 100% synchronously. Therefore, it's no care about that. We can change this by Eddings that thinks Fulton transform you component. Let's enable here. All three Bolivians sort of position, rotation and scale and under interpolated option, I'm sure. Slope and a slope speed. We will say it him. And finally, we will drop the new component under observe components. And when we run no, in your boot, we can see you. Um, that this is much better. No. 22. The Shooting-Script for the Tank: in this video, we will create shoot script for our think for that rebuild drinking for up the tank into the scene and change the game view. Make right click on the link Great Empty called us shoot position and changed the position off this game. Object. This game object will be responsible for the position from dead people. Instead, she ate the bullets into the game. Confirmed this roof apply We need another came object. Make a right leg three D object seal. This will be raw bullet. Let's change the scale in order to make this more looking like a bullet Names the game object bullet. We need a new component for the bullet rigid body trump The bullet in the resource is folder under assets. We will create a new mature in order to change the color off the bullet. I want to make the bullet. Blake and I also change the far very ribbit under scripts. Make a right leg. Great See shop script. This will be a lot Think shooting script at this component toe the think right click edit script. First off, we need or references a photo of you, you the public game object bullets and the public and forth that we will set upto 30 by default. This force is responsible for the speed that we can truth the bullet and to stop method we need access to the Faulcon view component evil safe The component photon view and the view No, we can ask if view is mine. So both this script belongs to our climbed and input dot Get keyed on he called space This function will return crew whenever we are hitting the space bar means both off these functions must be true Onley Then we can execute the following cold vivareal right view dot rpc should bullet Fulton targets don't all transform but find shoot position dot Transform position transformed that financial position Don't transform dot rotation first of all, the few dot rpc means following RPC um stands for remote procedure call and this allows us to send a message to all clients off the sober We are connected. Roof shoot bullet will be the name offs a message we will send to all clients off the room The Fulton targets start all we especially say that we want toe sent a message to all clients and the position ends of rotation are Additionally, para made us. We can give our new shoe bullet method. I would say Let's great the new shoe bullet method in order to make this more clearly. First of all, we need to stop the new method. Briefed a key road pardon RPC in the skirt crickets. Then we can write a normal message. S we called us here. Let's give the message of the two parameters. The 1st 1 is position toe the position we can excess for if Victor three and name and the same we need for all the rotation to the rotation we can access for of your attorney in and also the name and this message we can execute. No coat a sri notice from unity. We will say game object g o equals Instead he ate bullet the position and rotation redress crated s game object so summarized We are loading here new bullet into the game when era really hitting the space bar and debt on the position off the game object riffs. And I am sure position and we also need to move the bullet in the forward direction Redux wrist by accessing and through the rigid body off the bullet and adding the bullet, the Hello Kitty function. And there we say, transformed. Thought, transform direction. Victor Free adored forward and drift speed off. 30. It lasts. We need toe. Connect the bullet with the thing shooting script. Click. Apply on the Tink and Go Toe Fault Community Networking Resources and Rick interrupt the bullet prefab onto the script. Delete the Tink and let's testes starting the game and you can see the bullet is loading on the right position. But the bullet looks strange. Um, let's check this. We need to change the right value. I confirmed this roof. Apply and deletes bullet. And finally, let's test us on to clients and the bullets are displaying certain Cronus Lee. 23. Loading an Explosion: in this video, we will generate explosion as soon our bullets has a collision River Ox Collider. For this Goto s, it's import. Pick it particle systems and important the whole package. That takes a moment. You can see an error message. Let's clear this. Let's make a double click on the message. This brings us directly to the place where we have the problem. Z ero comes from the explosive script. We will delete the script because we don't need this anyway. Right, Click delete. And as you can see, the error message is gone. No, let's go toe standout s It's free. Phipps trick interrupts the explosion prefect into the high Ricky Bar. Let's have a look on the explosion. I think this looks good. Therefore, let's take this moves the explosion prefab into the resource is folder across from the resource is folder. We will instead create the explosion. Next, we need to give our bullet important view and under observed components rebuild Reckon drop the position data from the bullet. Under it component, we will create a new script. I named this bullet explosion script. Set up the references Fulton View of you and Public Game object explosion in the stop method, we need access to the Fulton View. View equals get component. Fulton View. We can delete the update message across. We don't eat us. We need to call unities on collision. Enter function riff the collision perimeter. We will say if view dot is mine, this function will be executed as soon our client has a collision River box collider. Then we want access to the component Sphere Collider off the bullet and we will set us to fourth. This has the back road because when we don't set the bullet to force as soon as we have a collision, then dysfunction could be executed several times. Then we need access to the component mesh renderers and centers also twofold. Create a new game object explosion. On that came object People instantly ate the explosion. Riff fault network dot instant e eight explosion. So the name officer pre pheap in the resource is folder and drift. The transformed thought position and Crotone ian dot identity. So an unchanged rotation at the foot of you toe the explosion Go to the explosion prefect at Component Fulton view in order that all clients can see the same explosion at the position under observe components, and I would set here is a frost tool. Zero across. The explosion for us is too much, and at last we need another script. Destroy explosion script. And this is simply for the storing the explosion after, For example, run second safe descript. And let's also destroyed the bullet. After our one second set up the connection to the script. Stop the game. And as you can see as soon our relatives, the collision of the box collider Z explosion is loading. Another thing I want to change. It's the force off the thing shooting script. I will set this toe 200. Finally the fast food and run Ruth to clients. 24. Life Display on the Canvas: So in this video we will give our things life. We will display his life on the canvas and whenever or think has a collision with a bullet . Then we will decrease the life. First off, let's go to our think at a new component registered body. Let's increase is mess, for example, Toe 10,000. In order to make the behavior off the think more like well and off course. What think need a box collider is necessary across. We need to interact with the other colliders. Lets reset you. We need toe customize box collider The easiest rate tourism is rough Edit Collider Fellow halting roofs of Colorado. You can make this more decorate when you click. For example, too deep confirms a change Iris will apply and then you can beat the tank in order to give the bullet and exact identification, we need a take and truth, the new take credit and you a script. I've named this health script. First off, we need off course or references the public and health and this into drop your safe a wildlife. If all of you, of you and you text take stove, the text takes tough other we need the name space Unity engine thought you I we need access to the view. Let's write, Take stove he could game object don't find take stuff, don't get component text Kobe this and changed us for takes tells other Take stealth and take self Also will be the new text game objects on overall canvas. Therefore, let's create some new game objects and force the canvas. Let's go in the scene and click to deal. Make a right click on the canvas. You I Pennel I will name this left health changed the size off the penna and the same for the right side. Right health. It's old and truth window on the top, right under dependent we can create a new takes. No, we need to the exact string off This name here takes tough in order to find this game object and the same four takes tells us you I text and named this text of other place the text in the middle. So that means first the signs that takes game object roof game object would find text health and then we have access to the text off this game. Object roof, get component text No, we will need the on collision. Enter function for immunity. Let's ask in dysfunction if collision dot game object Don't take it, girls Bullet means If overthink has a collision reserve, bullet and view dot is mine. So if this thing belongs to our client, then we will execute the following in the Curly Prickett Health Minors equals 10 and take stealth boat text eagles a string playoff one plus in Detroit, half plus percent. So if we have a coalition river bullet, then every single time we will decrease the health minus 10. Enter of text, health or text. Beaver displays the current health on the canvas. Then we need to create a new remote procedure. Call. Let's name this message Damage other and Fulton targets. In this case, we need others into the perimeter. Health. We need to create the damage as our message. Let's say avoid damage also that expects perimeter intel above the function we need to write pun our proceed in the script Ricketts and the function we will riot text of other don't text equals the string player tool plus health plus present, so that means following across whenever we decrease our life then all as our clients in the room must also sees a new health for you and exact us. We can do by calling a new remote procedure call rare because the message Demetradze and this message which will execute on all a stark lines. Let's test us in order to make this more clearly, Solar changed the games. You here, I can see it's more back. Let's fix this. Let's replace the left health text. I delete this and Copias right health text and embers left health position on this. On the top left, the name is takes tothe No, everything is okay. Let's create a new build and run and, as you can see when the chute on the other think the health has minus values on this because we haven't give our health the fault radio. But this we can change easily. And another small mistake am I can see here render bowler test. The collision was the Tink and then the bullet doesn't disappear immediately. Therefore, let's fix this to programs. First, let's go to the bullet explosion script right click edit script. The problem is we disabled vehicle Ida and the mesh renderers in the if condition. So that means we executed only on our client. But we need is for both. Therefore, that's copied this and tasters over the condition. No, this should work correctly and is already said, We need to give our health default value. Let's say public and health equals 100. Another more thing I want to add is toe the strangest Inc. Let's go into the update method and right, if health the smaller or equal zero, then we will execute another remote procedure. Call in order to destroy the Tink on all clients in the room. Let's name the message. Destroy G A and Fulton targets don't all So all clients great. The message Ripon are perceived. Roid destroyed g A. And there would simply say, destroy game object. And because we already said health to public, we must set up the health from outside off the script. Type in 100 and let's testes in practice. So if he should on the other think Zen's the life decreases correctly and let's test it on the other client there is rocking. Everything is very and runs a tank has less than zero life. It's the Tink. It will be a destroy 25. Modification ShootScript: in this video. I want toe modify as a shooting script because we have the problem. We can shoot as fast. You can click on the space bar. I want to limit this. Let's go to the thing shooting script. Create a new bullion. Private bull shoot boot equals true by default. The logic for dead is really simple in the if condition, we will also ask if should bull is true so we can make one shot does. Then we will set the shoot bull to Ford's entry was stopped. Nucor routine is ready. I named the Karajan said Shoot big, create the core routine. And here we say you to return New grateful seconds. 0.5 float means we will read 0.5 floats. Then we were set the shoot bullet back to true. So that means we always need to read 0.5 flawed seconds before we can make a new short 26. Life Display with Slider: no evil place to sliders on the canvas and roof the sliders. We will see the life off the things. Let's go to the panel across. We need to make the penalty, but smaller. It's also customize dependent. Let's choose another fund. Let's start riff left health, right? Like you, I image this image will be the slider. I named this health background. Let's change the image. Tow this one, for example, the wrists I will set to with 300 duplicates that much and called his health bar. I set the Colotto cream. I make the text health to a child under health background. I also Shane she has afforded, and I will write your player running 100% and placed us in the middle. No, we need to change the image type the truth year filled and Tory Santa. So that means we need a brief, the script access to the slider here, and then we can set this lighter here to the health. Let's also change the color off the background, and I think this looks good and no, we need exact the same for the right side. Duplicate the whole health background, make this to a child under right health. It's also Trump Takes, tells other under health background. Move this to the right side and delete text. Health place. Take stuff as are in the middle. It make here the same as on the left side player too, and not are formed where we are here. Let's have a look on following. I will make the unity editores smaller. As you can see, the whole canvas doesn't adept with the size. This is a problem for rentable trance fair seen toe the mobile device because then we can't see everything correctly. There is a possibility. Ho, we can fix us immunity. First of all, let's give our screen default value. I will give the screen the default radio often iPhone seven s. No. Let's go to the canvas under canvas. Gain of crypt. You will shoes scale Rough screen size s reference resolution. I will give this values off the iPhone seven s. And as you can see when I make the Eddie Tours Moderno, the whole your eye on the scaling research screen size. But no, the whole size is a bit too small. Therefore, the change the size off the canvas again Let's go to dependent. I changed the Visto 800 the high Tow 200. Let's mark left health and right health at the same time. In order to escape balls off them, I would set them toe 500 and 250. Move the right, have to the right side and let's customize the fun size. Finally, I will make the Would you play a button. Better looking changed the front and fun size and change the background color off the button. So that was everything for the canvas. No, let's opens the health script. First of all, we need accessed with the image. Let's write Image, Health Bar and Image Health Bar as our that our the Images Health Bar. Until Father Under right health, we need to change the name off the health power came object to health bar. Other similar, like take stealth and takes off. We need no excess toe the images we can write health bar eagles game object. I don't find health bar don't get component image and the same for health bar as our and finally we must set the fill amount. Also images to the health health, but don't fill a month equals health, divided by 100 float across the fill amount has only radios from 0 to 1 and then for health bar as our pace to fill amount off the head bar. Under the coalition ends, the hip bars are under the message damage other an older, shrewd work on both clients. 27. Adding more Objects to the Gaming-Map: in this short video, I want to add several buildings. Toe are gaming map. Therefore, let's go in the store. Type in F B s level. Then you can see this first project here, this pic ege for free. And this has a lot of good assets. Don't load and importance. Let's reckon drops a new folder under s. It's go under Enright Mint and drinking dropped the buildings under environment scared of size of But don't position the spawn points new and it last Let's get some light poles and that's everything I'm frozen. 28. 3D World Space Canvas for the Tanks: and this video. I want to give our thing canvas, Go under for community networking resources and let's go to the think make right click You . I canvas and as render moat, we need toe shoes, road space and we need toe customize the size. And as a canvas we will get a new text. Let's write ins. A text player one chase the front and this ice placed us in the middle and scared the size stone. I think this is OK. This looks good. Therefore, let's confirm this will apply. Go on the scripts. Great. See Shop script. I will name the script Canvas on Tink in this crypt, people. Right now, all the logic that is responsible for the canvas and off the think at the script was a Tink and open it. Copy the unity engine name space and let's at your dot You I public takes play on them and Fulton View, view and free accessing toe the Jew in the stop message. In the stop message, we will ask if this thing's belongs to our client. So if this tank here is our then we will set the text off the player name to me across Viasa, Tink and otherwise, If this client isn't ours, then it's a player. Name is off course as our He leads the update message on the public player name. We need to set up the connection to rescript proof text and let's click apply. It needs to think on Let's testes. If we start so seen, you can see text off. The thing has changed because you can see Noemi instead. Off player one, therefore was a cold from the script is working One thing we need to change course. I made a small mistake in the last video you can see here Player one and player two. This display is not correctly. We need to change the text toe me and other. Therefore, the changed us go to the health crypt at its script. The string from text telephoto text. We need to change Tomey instead Off player one and the same for other to string from takes tells us on the text and go to left health and right health and changed. Ariza takes a miserable So this is better. No, let's go back to the Kendra's on think script if you want, you can also change the color off the text, for example, by writing player name not cool. Its new color needs free perimeters, RG and beef. I will set the color to dispel jewels. This is a red value. If you want to give the takes, for example, another color. Then you can go, for example to Google and type in color RGB unity. And there you can find a list off all RGB color values and the same. We need no for the player as our changed a second perimeter and this would be a yellow color and it lasts the change for test purposes. The default position off the main camera in orderto get better overview off the gaming map , for example, by changing the rival you so for the height and moving the camera a bit thick and changing the rotation, this is much better know. Therefore, we can start note to clients and Sukalo and the text off things are displaying correctly ends the mistake from the text off the slider. Me and other are also correct. No 29. Mobile Control: in this video, we'll let not our control script in order to move the tanks proof buttons. We need this because otherwise we can't control the things later on or mobile device. Therefore, let's get started. Please goto things networking our air and delete the whole standard as its photo. Because we will important this folder. No complete new go to s it's import package. Cross platform input and import the whole project. No, we have some arrows from the tanks networking our air folder. This is because he deleted. Standard is it's from there. Let's delete the whole script, Fuller, because is already said we don't need us anyway. No, we can go understand. That is it's cross platform input. And here we will need the mobile single stick control Prefect drag and drop this in the Cherokee bar in order that we can use this buttons we need to goto file build settings and here we need to choose a platform for mobile devices. So I is or android. I will Truth. You know us. If you have an entryway device, then you need to shoes off course android And then once which platform? No, we can continue with the movement coat. Let's go to the movement tank script. That's gift is a bit more structure. I give this comment. The first few lines of courts are for the keyboard control and did. What comes no is for the move by buttons. Weaver. Great. The float. Expel you. We will set this toe. Cross platform input manager dot Got excess for re center. Let's import the name space off the cross platform Input Miniature. Let's import the name. Space River right click Resolve using standard assets, not cross platform input. No, we need the same for another radio that's called us Rival you and don't get excess. Let's set this toe critical, and what we are doing here is following. So the new and single stick control button returns values from minus one toe one, depending on Enbridge direction of reporters, for example. If we pull it is buttoned up, then this will return one. When we put a stone, then minus one and the same for horizontal. That means we safe in the floats really use from minus one toe. One. Therefore, we can create no new Victor's free movement. New Rector three. We were centers toe expel you zero and y value. So the new Richter's free stands for the X right and centre valuables from the transformed position off this game object here. That means we are only changing the X and that values and from this game object. We also need access to the Richard body. Let's safe the rigid body in our beef. Get component. Richard Buddy. Let's exist with the low kitty function there we say movement. Seven floors. You can change seven. Float when you want to make this faster or slower. No, let's say X value. It's not the euro and why will you is not zero then we want to execute following. So if this line off coat re basically saying whenever we used his rustic what think will face the direction that we want toe move, sitting, let's test the movement. Then it's easier to understand this start game, and as you can see, we have ah, full movement, depending on in which direction we want to move the thing. We also need a shoe button. For this, we can use John Button. Let's name this in fire button text. We can change as well in the name off the button handler. I will name fire. No, let's go to the think shooting script. Important the name space for the mobile buttons. And here we need a small adaptation. That's right, your to parenthesis is, and then we can say Earl, Cross platform in Port Manager. Don't get button flail. So this returns through envy. Click. The fire button means if you click this baseball or the fire button, then we can shoot. I had this more mistake. We need additionally parentheses for the space bar or position button. And finally, we can test us with two clients, but now, oh, our second client and will be a mobile device across the connection toe. The photon server should also work, for example, with an iPhone. Therefore, ever make the fast build and run with ex coat, I shall fear my team and I click play. The second client you can see here is my iPhone. No, I start also Cline's. And as you can see, the connection to the focus over and mobile buttons are working, and in the next video we will do following. As you can see when we killed the other thing, then nothing more happens. Soldiers I want to change, for example, by making this toe an endless game 30. Gameplay Modification: As I already said in the last video, we will modify our game. No, especially when one thing is killed. Then I also run toe, destroy the other thing and then we will start a timer, for example, three to run. Go After that, we can play a new round. Let's stop first, I want to create the timer. Let's go on the canvas. Right click you. I text named the text New game text. This takes we have timer placed us in the middle, changed the phones and dis ice so this will be our time. A 321 go. Let's create the logic for the time off. Go to the network manager. A script. First off, let's create a new area game object playoffs and this area. We were safe. All the tanks. Then I will need a private booth Game started is forced or if this 1,000,000,000 we will ask for the current status. We also need references, toe text, take stove and text takes tells as our and at last text new game takes. This is the time off and the stop message. We need access to the text from the game object. New game text. So the logic for the endless game we were right in the update message. We were safe. All the players from the room in the playoffs area. We need to give the take player to our think Goto the think and truth play attic the player take should be there by default for immunity. No, we will ask Is players don't length equals two? Then we will set the bullion game started toe true course. When we have two things in the room, then the game has started. No, we can ask if game started is true. So if he has two players in the room and this player stood, length is smaller or equals one means if the game has started and is the tank has been destroyed, then we can start a form. We set a temporary into try to zero and as long as the Inter tra I smaller than the number off the tanks in the room, the inter jar should increase plus one the cross. No, we can destroy oils. The remaining things roof destroy oil players summarized. If only renting is left in the room. That means Renzi, other think, has been destroyed then we want to destroy also the other thing. So when all things have been destroyed, then we want to start a new round. We can start a new round of the protein stock, a routine stop. New groaned. That's great to call routine. And we need to set the bullion back toe fault and the Coubertin we can create knows time off. We need access to the text and people set this to three. Then people rate one second refer you to return new red for seconds, one float and the same for the other numbers. - And no, we can instantly ate the things new into the game for 40 network dot Instant yet and the name Tink. Here we do something different. We will set a new victor's free Renda mix 00 Kryptonian identity. So an unchanged rotation now you can see is a random X's red does because we need to create a new radio. We will set XTO random value Griffin Trend a mix e Kurds random that range that Frene miners 40 and plus 40. This will return number between minus 40 and plus 40. Let's testis here I have a second client from my iPhone. It's more mistake I can see here. We have the problem that we can't click the stock in. Button the course a layer off the new game text over the start game button. We need to fix this for No. Two testes. I disabled the text and no, I can click the button. Let's kill the other. Think the time has started? 321 go and the tour tanks are spawning in random positions. We have another display problem here because river neurons, we don't reset the health text and slider. Let's fix this tour mistakes. The first problem is easy to fix. Go to the new game text and just moved us over the moody player button. Then the layoffs. The text is under some. Would you play a button? Then let's go back to the network manager. A script here. We need to reset the take stuff. Let's access to the text and fraud text Health as our Zenovich said the take stuff. So text toe me 100% and takes health as our to other 100% 31. Augmented Reality & Multiplayer Theory: okay, before we will connect. Knows what you play again. Riffs E augmented reality part. I want to show you Hold this will broke in Syria for Did I also made a smaller trying We have here over two players want to play the thinking. So before they can place a multiplayer game, they need to trade a plane and then they need to initialize their gaming map on that plane . And this is basically the important part you across addressed. Looks like as both player. We're playing against each other in augmented reality. Actually, the only have multiplayer part I'm ready will play. You can imagine the augmented reality part like a background image, and that hasn't something to do with the money playoff. 32. Setting up the AR-Scene: Now we will combine the augmented reality part with multiplayer part Let's go in the unity our air interface under examples opened. The simple RFC marks the directional light ZR air route and hit queue parent Hopi them and go back to the multiplayer Think game scene. Right click Paste Z leads the old camera across. We will replace the camera with the new augmented reality camera and so leads the old directional light, though under Hit You Parent and delete Hit Cube as well because we built, reckon dropped the complete environment under as the hit Q Parent under Environment at a new component to the place on Planes, Script and Trick and Rubs E and Raymond on the object to place game object and scales the whole environment. Don't 0.3 is a good value. Let's start the scene and click on the plane. And as you can see, with just a few clicks, we can adapt the whole gaming map to the Plains and augmented reality. This is actually the important part we need to do here because no, both player can displays a map in the really rude 33. "PLACE MAP" & "PLACE MAP NEW" Buttons: so no river do following. I will assure you this in practice. Grifters video As soon we can detect planes in augmented reality, we have here Displacement button. So first we need toe place, the gaming map. And then when we click this button, all of future points and planes will be a destroyed the position off the map. We can't change anymore. We only can change the position if he clicks the other new button place new and for step. We will start to see a new when we click the stock in button. Then we can play against the other player in or commended relative duplicate Moody Player button. Let's name them place, game, object and text. I will rename Toe Placement and the other button to place new the multiplayer button and place new button we will set to false by default because first we want toe place the map fix, and only then we want to start a new game. So let's great place map script. Drop this under scripts. Open this right leg edit script. We need the name Space Unity engine Thought you are you for the buttons. Let's set up the references was a button public button stuck in button, Public button place, game, object button and place. New button set up the connections Multiplayer. On start came Button Place came Object Button. On Place came Object and Place New one place New Button We Need to Stop Message and the Update message. No, let's write public void on click place Game Object. The public is important across. We want access to the buttons. No, from outside off the script. Let's go through the place Game, object button. You can see here on click Click on the plus and no, we need to search the game. Object on that. We can find the place map script we just created. This is, uh, canvas. No, we can choose a place map script and under the placement script, we can find the message on click Place came object. That means whenever we clicks a place game, object button, then we can execute the following. Read the new Rabel planes. This will be an area because we will say game object. Don't find game objects. Roof. Take playing. Take So in this area will save all the planes we can find an augmented reality. We need to create the tech for the plains. Let's go to the our air route. Under playing precept, we can find the plane And so every bill crates a plane take and take It's a plus, safe and truth Then you take and no, we need the exact same for the particles. So we need access to all future points we can find in the scene. The game object Don't find game objects with take particle Take we need to create the steak is very click on the point cloud particles Prefect the cross we want to do here following as soon we click the placement button We want to destroy all planes and particles from the scene Of course, Then we want to fix the map on one position The easiest rate toe destroy All off them is river for each loop for each raw plain and planes for each weevil looked through the plains area Antrel safeties in plain because now we can say destroy plane. So if that we will destroy all planes and we saved in the planes every and to say we can do for the particles for each particle in particulates and destroy every single particle. Let's test us in the unity at it war. Place the map. You can see here in the scene the particles and planes, and when we click the placement button, we destroy them. But this is not enough. The cross With dead logic, we will destroy the planes and particles only once. It's the our interface tricks, new planes or particles. Then we can see them again. Therefore, you also need to destroy the scripts, which are responsible for creating new particles and planes. Soldiers, scripts which are responsible for that are the are airport lot visualize er and the Our airplane Richard Riser. Let's open them toe the lead. The script. We need the exact name off the class. Copy is a class. Let's set here reference toe the class and it was the our airplane original Isar Private are airplane fertilizer, and we also need the name space for the our air interface. Hope it does, and using unity are interface. Let's access to the class roof game object. Don't find our air route. This is the game object that holds the scripts and from the game objects a component our air point cloud visualize er the same for the our airplane Breathalyzer and at last became destroys it list. Let's test us again. So if you click the placement but no, then both trips showed the lead. And as you can see it does this brooking. Finally, we need the logic that is responsible and for excess ing toothy as our buttons pull the place new button a bit. Don't because we need toe display both button at the same time. This able to stock in Button and the place new button by default and enable only the place came Object parking. If the collector placement button, then we will enable the start game button. We're starting button not came object Dot said Active True and the place game Object button . We will disable with dot com object dots, addictive fault and place. New button. We will also set to true we need a new message in order to start a new scene. Let's name this on Click place. New Go under us a place New buttons under the button script. She was the canvas and the message re just grated on Click Place. New and here we will load the scene. New rift seen Manager the load Multiplayer Think game. Let's import the name space, right Click resolved using unity Engine dot seen management and envy Testes place new. You can see everything is loading new so everything for that logic is working. Let's go to the place on plane script. This is under the environment game object. Across here we have the problem. And when we click the place game object button and if the main camera isn't a forward direction through the plane at this time, and then we will make a new rake house and we will position the whole map complete new. But we can prevent this problem as following. Let's important the name space using unity engine dot event systems and in the if condition , we will also ask if not even system dot current dot this pointer over game object. It means people only make new recast when we are not over the button so we can click the place new button with all positioning on the map, complete new and not a small modification. Let's go to the start game script. Let's sit here a reference to the place new button. Of course, we need toe disable to place new button. When we clicked the stock in button as arise, we would see the place you button during the whole game. Therefore, let's set us to falls and said the connection to the button. 34. ARShadowPlane & Modifications: No, we need some modifications across Ren V. Start the game, then you can see the think is too big. Let's fix this. No go under Resource is and under the Tink, let's make the skate toe 0.5 That's also addressed the fourth, for example. 50. And go to the bullet and change your the scale as well. This is much better, but no, the think is too fast. Goto the Movement Tank script. Let's make the speed toe a public float movement speed and set us toe seven. And let's set up the movement here from outside off the script, for example. Toe one. Okay, I think this is a good speed. Let's replace the current plane on Does the environment Plane? Let's disable this type in the search bar shuttle plane Prefect Does the our airplane from the air kit Reckon drop this and Ozzy environment make the size bigger. As you can see, this plane is invisible. We only can see the shadows entry also need to give our environment of Fulton View at Component 40 view on observe components we need to drink and drop the environment across. We want toe ascent knows the data from the position off the map toe all clients, and it's also customized. The shuttles go under the direction of light. Here, you can see all the perimeters that are responsible for the shadow. I think this year looks good. If you want, you can use the settings. Another modification we need in the network manager. A script across the range size is too big. No, you can set us, for example, toe minus five and plus five. Let's also change the viral. You terrible storms, the things new with the value zero. It can happen that we will spawns a tank under the plane across when he placed the map in augmented reality, we can also have values under zero. Therefore, that centers to a fixed point from the gaming map. For example, it's 1.1 dot transformed dot position thought. Why make the same for the set radio? Finally, let's test us in augmented reality and on our PC client, because this should work no as well I have. Here's a recording from my iPhone. So in augmented reality and if he starting all both clients, you can see all too. Things are suborning and all functionalities are working 35. Demo - Car App: No, we look raids a kayak First, I want to demonstrate you holders will look like in practice. First, we need to create future points. And on that future points, we will automatically generate planes. We are also working here for CR air focused career. So if we detect a plane, then CRF focused career shows us where we can place the car. Furthermore, we have ah place car button. If he clicked a place car button, then we will destroy all future points and planes and then we can't change the position off the car anymore. We will also display color buttons if the color buttons we can change the color off the car . And we have here to Fort Buttons from the car, hassett and fifties buttons, and we can make light effects and stuff like that. 36. Download Car & Setting up the ARFocus Square: Let's go in the unity. Our Air Interface folder under examples simple are s ing A copy is a hit Q parent for other hit testing and let's go ruin ZR air Focus. Christine the course. This will be the default. See? And I'm for a walk. Pace hit you parent runs ing I want to change in the place on planes Script opened this here I want to delete the event system that we use for other Multiply again because now, with the focus career we can exact C members were under a forward direction to the blame. Therefore, we only need to move the camera a bit to the site when we want toe klik the place call button safe descript I click your play in order to shake if you have some eros. No, this is not the case. The hit cube is working. Therefore, let's don't not know the car from the essence store. This is the car I want to download. You can find us by typing in the search bar sports car and free only if you're preface some other cause. Then you can also use them off course. The procedure for the logic will be the same. So if you want, then don't load and import the car breaking drops a new folder under assets. Let's go into the before it seemed from the car. As you can see, we have here by default a lot off buttons. If we click them, then we have here different light effect. So let's copy the car. Let's go back to ZR air Focus. Crap Scene Pacers under the hit Cube parent at the cars, a place on plane script trick and drop the car on the object to place and leads the old cube. Let's test the scene, but the car is too big. That changed size from the car, for example, toe to this much personal. 37. Place-Car Logic: No. We will create the logic and brandy clicks place car button that we can destroy all planes and future points. Therefore, first we need to great the place. Car button. We need a new canvas, right? Like you. I canvas Zen's a button right leg. You are button place car. The text will be also place car changed, a fund that changed the color and the isle for a bit and dis ice. - No , we can create the script for the logic. I will at the script with Canvas Place, car script, the logic for that we have already done in the multi player game. Therefore, let's go to scripts, placement, script and Kobe is a whole quote here. The name spaces we need as well the first button we don't need, Um here is ah currently break it. Missing anti leads the stock in button and place. New button. We also don't need raids. The reference to was a button and let's go to the our air route. Click on the plane Prefect because here's the plane tick is missing and therefore it this and the same for other particular prefab. Go to the place cart button under as a button script for Unity. Click the Plus Schuster canvas because on the Kendra's is descript under the Place CASS script and there's a method on click Place came Object. This showed retinal. Let's testes first we can place the car on the plane if he hit No, the place car. But then we destroys the planes in the future point. Another thing we need to modify its toe. The need the our air focused career across. If you have positioned the car, then we don't want to see the air focused career anymore. Go to the place car script. Let's delete the whole our air focused career game object, destroy game object would find the game. Object is the focal. Scram. I'm here. We need toe. It's the parenthesis. 38. Color-Buttons in AR: Okay, so we will create the buttons in order to change the color off the car. Let's go under the canvas and let's great is the buttons for no disabled place. Car button. First, we need a new panel. Right click. You. I panel. Let's go in the scene view under two D in order to change the size off the panel, Um, I disabled the lights from so know that scale the panel and I'm not of panel and we were great. Know all the buttons, right? Like you I. But if this will be the yellow one, delete the text and change the image from the button toe not to size. Toe 65 65. Hit old and click the left window changed the color to yellow. We need more buttons. Green writ. Blake positioned him. Um, let's add a blue button. I think this looks good. No, let's change all the other colors. Screen writ, Blake and proof. No, let's create the logic for the colors. Go under the canvas at a component. A new script. Name this said Carlos. Script. Drop the script under the scripts folder. Okay, here we work rate for every single color a new public message. So in order to excess ing toe all the buttons public, Freud said Yellow. Copy this. We need five methods, said Queen. Said. Rent, said Blake. And it lasts, said Blue. No go under the buttons, the buttons, script and truth. The message for everything of button No. We need access to all the components and off the car where we can change the color possibility Hope we can do this is as following We can access toe all the measuring the Ross off the car by creating a new area public mesh Bernero I named this objects so no, we will save all the measurement of us off the car in objects. Let's do this. Let's go to the spa Car ready? Here. You can see no one knew Area objects. Refer Size zero First we need the measure under all over the body. Let's go under the body. As you can see here, these are all the components off that we can change the cologne. Oh, we need access to some more mesh. Renderers, open the body. We need the engine hood. Is there frank interruptus on the objects? Every the front what we need. Lift or and right door. Okay, Does this everything we need? Enables the lights and let's go back to the script. Let's delete the stop message. No, we need access toe Every single measure General, we can use the for loop was for each roof. No, I will use the form. Great. The temporary into try Are you setters to zero? And this long? I smaller than the numbers off. See objects array. We will increase I plus one riff See index, we can exist. Noto Every single measurement Wrong we can say dot material dot color equals a new color. He really needs a perimeters And four yellow sold the RGB callus. Let's Google all the values type in Google Unity color RGB and click the first link here We have all the values we need. We need yellow. Copy this No, we can copy is a for loop and we can to exact the same for the other colors. We need the RGB values for it for creating Blue and Blake chafe the script. And let's sectors. Okay, we have an arrow make a double click on the arrow message. Crazy Aero is because we have here afloat. We need to add S Place the car and let's click the buttons. Okay, when we click Yellow, green, red elect on blue And finally, let's create the logic in orderto display the color buttons and the place car button at right time A neighbor place car by default and disabled. Connor Penance. Let's add the logic under the place cast script opened the place Car script. We needs a popular game object Carlos panel If he clicks the on click place game Object button. Then people said the colors panel toe. True in orderto enable this with game object dots addictive. True. Set the connection to the color panel. And finally, let's test everything. Place the car, the planes and the future. Points are gun, and every buttons are working as very and as you can see. If he understand how we can modify the basic scenes, um, off the rare interface, then we can create our EPS in really short time 39. Demo - Helicopter App: in this lecture, we work. Read this helicopter. I have fear a small demo. In general. This is a Michaelis. Yep. Because we are not working here with future points or plain detection. As soon we will start the game. The positions. A helicopter on a fixed place. For the more we can control the helicopter with you, I buttons. 40. Download Helicopter & Setting up the ARInterface-Scene: So first, let's download the helicopter. Go in the store. Hell, he cooked the and free only if you're scroll a bit. Don't you can see here the military take helicopter. This is for free. Download and import. The helicopter drink interrupts a new folder under desserts. No, let's go under the unity. A rare interface under examples for this EP people used simple are s ing press. Let's delete the Random Cube. Go to the helicopter Prefab drinking dropped this in the Iraqi bar Let's change the position. Let's click play. As you can see, we have here default animation and therefore we don't need to create this. I also attached to a script tourist video Don't know the script and importance and the essence photo. This is a full control script for the helicopter drink interruptus on the gunship pre fip. We also need to read our helicopter Richard body as a rice. The helicopter script will not broke and set the mess toe Trenti and no Goto Stand out essence to pre Phipps and take the mobile, that single stick controI button. And at this to the scene they changed the name off the jump button lift up button and also the text lift up and go to the button handler named this lift up. We need exact its name because in the helicopter script we are accessing to the button riffs cross platform in Port Manager about the script I will not talk about in detail. No, but if you're interesting and hold this is working, then I recommend toe unity helicopter control because about this topic and there are already a lot off the tour. It's really good explanations. Let's test us and see Eddie Tour and the control script is working. 41. ARPlane & Boxcollider: Let's continue with a few modifications. Press off all our things. The helicopter is too slow. If you want to change the speed, then you can go to the movement helicopter script and we can change the movement. Forward speed. Let's make this to public in order to change the value from outside. Let's set this, for example. Toe 400. No, we need an invisible plane in order to assimilate the crone in the real world as a shadow plane. Prefab is perfect for this at this to the scene. No. We need to change position that when we starts up, that's a helicopter. Stands right on this plane. We need toe decrease vie value for that and that my plane looks Blake. This is just back from my unity. EDI Tor the cross. When I change to the scene view, everything looks normal. No, the helicopter needs box collider as arise helicopter can't interact with circle lighter off the plane. When we start the game, then we can see the box. Kaleida doesn't interact with the plane Collider. Let's fix this. Okay? This is because Box Collider is by default under the collider off the plane, The lead box collider and go under the gun trip and leads a missile. And now let's at the box collide on you and lift up the helicopter, but and groaned is looking. But let's customize the box collider. I'm headed Collider and make this event hyo. So what does this good? 42. Modifications: This is the last video for the helicopter. No, we need some modifications and disabled er Airport club, visualize er and see our airplane Visualize er across. This will be Michaelis up and two needs the complete game objected. Que permanent aunt lids customized buttons, for example, the lift up button that changes the for. And let's increase this and the height off, Sir Joystick until it's also change here, the far value.