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Comping Minor Rock & Blues Songs

Scott Perry, Author of Creative On Purpose

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3 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro to Class & Your Guitar Guide

    • 2. Minor 7th Chord Grips & Application

    • 3. B Minor Blues Changes in 2 Positions


About This Class

An EZ Guide to a Professional Approach to Rock & Blues Guitar Comping

Class 2 - Comping Minor Rock & Blues Songs

In this short class (three 6 minute vids!), I'll show you:

  • two easy to finger minor 7th chord grips that will allow you to play in any minor key.
  • how to play changes similar to Bill Wither's Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone with a slow rock feel.
  • how to play changes similar to B. B. King's The Thrill Is Gone with a slow blues or funk groove.

This class is perfect for beginners and advancing students can go further by enrolling in the previous class on dominant 7th grips and the follow up courses that teach other Freddie Green grips including major 6th.

Freddie Green was the long-time rhythm guitarist of the Count Basie Orchestra and pioneered a simple, but effective set of chord grips and strumming pattern that helped make the Basie's rhythm section the envy of every band of that era.





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Scott Perry

Author of Creative On Purpose

Scott Perry, author of Creative On Purpose, is a husband, father, teacher, and musician from Floyd, VA USA.

Scott inspires creative people like you to achieve their potential as artists. This requires developing your craft with intention and delivering work that matters to those that need it. Scott's done this as a successful musician and teacher for over 30 years.

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