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Competitive Research System 2018 - How To Analyze Your Competitors

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Meet & Greet

    • 2. How Our Competitive Research System Works

    • 3. How To Research Your Competitors - Introduction

    • 4. This Excel Spreadsheet Will Transform Your Business

    • 5. Three Ways To Identify Your Competitors

    • 6. SEMrush - Our Secret Weapon

    • 7. How To Use SEMrush For Free

    • 8. How To Determine Site Traffic With SimilarWeb

    • 9. Why You Have To Create Benchmarks

    • 10. How To Analyze Your Competitors - Introduction

    • 11. Analysis #1 - General Audit

    • 12. Analysis #2 - Content Audit

    • 13. Analysis #3 - Social Media Audit

    • 14. Analysis #4 - Email Marketing Audit

    • 15. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Your competitors are the best case study in the world. If you want to grow your business, you need to learn from their strengths & weaknesses.

At least that’s what the most successful and fastest-growing businesses do: they study their competition.

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Discover A Simple Way To Analyze Your Competitors

  • Simple strategy to identify your competitors in less than 5 minutes
  • Analyze your competition like a business analyst & consultant
  • Perform strategy audits

Contents & Overview

This course will reveal to you a proven & tested way to research your competition like a professional marketing consultant.

After giving you a brief introduction to our simple & intuitive research process, we’ll cover how to research your competitors.

These lessons include how to set up an Excel spreadsheet to have all your data in your place, three ways to identify your competitors and how to use the No. #1 competitive research tool for free.

Next, we’ll cover how to create four different types of audits: general audit, content audit, social media audit & email marketing audit.

We also included templates that will help you understand the content, social media & growth strategy of your competitors with ease.

By the time you complete this training, you’ll be able to research your competitors like a professional and be able to take the necessary steps to massively grow your business!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Meet & Greet: Hey there, Patrick here. And I like to welcome you on behalf of my partner Sandra Kits to a brand new training called Competitive Analysis Boot Camp. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence in this training Cule Discover how to do a competitive analysis to grow your business. I believe that our competitors are the best case study in the world. We can learn a lot from them by evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service. And because knowing who you're up against, something every business should be aware off. We created this training because it's the only way to create better products. Kraft batter content or improve your social media and email marketing strategy. So you have to do a competitive analysis if you're really serious about growing your business. So let's get started And hey, I'll see you in the first lesson 2. How Our Competitive Research System Works: the process of doing a competitive analysis is pretty simple and straightforward. The first step is to identify the current and potential competition will do this by creating a simple list, which includes virtually every business that is competing with you. Step Number two is about analysing your competitors strength and weaknesses from different angles. We'll perform different types of audits and answer specific questions to find the right answers. Cool thing about Step two is that we included actionable templates that will guide you through the process, So that's a short recap. The first step is about making a list of your competition, and step Number two is about analysing your competitors from different perspectives. 3. How To Research Your Competitors - Introduction: So Step number one is about making a list off your competition. It's really important that you spend a little bit of time in this tasks because really will work with that list, right? We will really identify or competitors. We'll put them on the list. We will have all the competitors in one place and based on that list will perform different audits. So the better you researcher competitors, the better results you will get later down the road and no ovaries. There's actually two tools that you will use to identify your competitors. Both of them are actually my favorite tools because you can do so much different stuff with it. And, well, I'm really looking forward to the first part. So let's get started with Step number one in the next video. 4. This Excel Spreadsheet Will Transform Your Business: The first big question is how this such a research she'd really looked like. Well, it looks just like this. So let's see. I want you build a social media marketing block or just a block on marketing. Then I would basically create a list of all the competitors in the marketing space a list of all the brands, all the websites that are pretty popular on the Web. And it looks just like this. So in the United States, we have Adweek, hap Spot, social Media Examiner, quick sprout kiss metrics, social media today and so on. I don't care what nature in whether you're in the dating weight loss niche or in the pet niche dog niche. Really, I don't care what you sell, what service you render, no matter what nature in your spreadsheet should look just like this. You have one column with all the websites, with all the competitors that have some sort of online property, like a website. So you put all of that into one column, and then there is a second column with the monthly visits. So you want to know how many visits, how many hits each and every website gets this is really important because well, obviously not analyze. All of your competitors will only take a look at the most successful ones because we assume that if a website is receiving a lot of traffic consistently, then they were doing something right. Otherwise, people wouldn't coming back. Hope that makes sense. So again create the very simple spreadsheet to conduce with Google docks. Or you can just use Microsoft Axel Great two columns, one with all the websites and then the monthly visits. And well, the big question is, how do you actually identify your competitors, right? And how do you actually identify how much traffic thes websites receive? Well, there's something else show you in the next video and will really focus on How do you create a list of competitors how to research them like a professional marketing agency? 5. Three Ways To Identify Your Competitors: Now, how do you identify your competitors? How do you research your competition? There are basically four ways to do it. The 1st 1 is pretty simple and straightforward. You use Google so you try and test keyword combinations like the name of your niche, Let's say Social media Marketing and the key word biggest website or the name of your image and the keywords. Biggest blocks. Top locks of filleted programs. Pretty cool keyword because the biggest players usually have an affiliate program and you will find them immediately. And then the niche that you're in and the key worked for him, right? So this is no rocket science. You have to do it manually. May take a couple of minutes to do it, but it's a pretty cool way to really come up with thousands or maybe even hundreds of websites that are active within your niche market. And that reached the certain significance. Then you can use Facebook groups trying to find relevant groups in your niche market and joined the conversation, so just try to get approved. It's a close group and then simply asking very simple questions like, Hey, guys, I'm need you this group here and I want to learn more about That's a social media marketing . What resource is do you use? What websites do you read or what blocks do you read regularly? Who are the influencers that you follow? Don't forget that people are very helpful inside Facebook groups. So if you just joined the group and if you ask a very simple question like, Hey, I need some help. Can you help me out? I want to learn more about a specific topic. Where should I go? People will help you. They start telling you, check a digital marketer. They're pretty amazing. Check out social media Examiner, check out Hap spot. Also, there were software is pretty amazing. So really, you will get lots of responses and then you can just take notes on the websites of resource is that these people recommend he can do the very same thing with firms right to start a new threat and asked the very same question. You can even reach out youth forum admin if they were helpful. And last but not least, there is a tool called ECM rush. It's in my opinion, the most amazing tool out there. It's also the number one competitive analysis tool, and I'll actually show you in the next video how to use that tool because it makes everything so much easier. Basically, you can. It can replace the other three ways of identifying your competitors because it can't just do so much, and it literally takes just a couple of clicks to find tons of competitors in your niche market. So I'm totally love with ASEAN Russia, and you should also use it. And that's why I created a special lesson that will walk you through this tool and show you how to use it to identify competitors in your niche market. So stay tuned, and I'll see you in the next video. 6. SEMrush - Our Secret Weapon: in this video. I want to show you how to use ECM Rush to find mawr competitors. So the first step is goatee. ECM rushed dot com Open an account. And well, as he rushes a keyword analytics tool, a Domain Analytics tool, you can analyze lots of stuff with it. So, like bat wings advertising, spend, um, email and analytics display advertising video advertising. You can compare domains. You can do keywords analysis like phrase match related keywords, lots of stuff. But all of that isn't really relevant for you. So if you want to use as have rushed to find more competitors, if you're not happy with the results you got in Google or if you're looking for a simpler and easier way than here's how it works, pick one of the biggest player said You identified like social media examiner in the social media marketing space. Okay, hit, enter. So what ECM Russia is doing now is pulling lots of data about social media examiner. Right? So we see the organic search paid surge back, Ling's display advertising and so much more information. All of that is not relevant, though, if you want to find more competitors and here's what he have to do. So enter one of the biggest competitors in your niche market should be one of the top five competitors. Then click on organic Search and on competitors. Perfect. What SCM rushed It now is displaying organic competitors based on common keywords and a few other different factors. So what you can do is basically going through these competitors you're checking out of there. If they match your brand of they match your niche and then you can just include them in your list. So I think there are, like 3214 behind. Competitors obviously don't have to take a look at all of them. I would go through yeah, the first page, at least so you would have, like, additional 50 competitors and really have just just check of these links here. It can happen that some of them are not your competitors because you know the keywords, maybe in common that they're just doing something else. But it's still a fantastic way to find tons of competitors. And if you want to keep that data here, all you have to do is to hit the export button and then you can export the data in an axle sheet process is pretty simple. Pick one competitor. At least that's pretty huge entry into the search board. Hit entered. Then select the option competitors and take out which competitors that get this plate here , based on common keywords and a few other factors. Match your niche or your brand or the products and services that you sell and render. So include these. You are else these domains into your list. You can do it manually by checking out each and every of them. Or we can simply export. Um, these results here into an Excel sheet and well, then just go thru axle street and check whether those domains that you identified are really a diary. Competitors off your business As you can see ECM Russia's pretty cool. It's one of the most advanced tools out there, and it will make your life so much easier. So go ahead and check it out. I'm sure you will absolutely fall in love with this amazing tool. And then the next video. I actually got a surprise for you because I asked him Russia's pay to its pretty expensive . It's more than $100 a month. But there's a way how you can access it for free and how it works, how he can test drive this tool for free without having to pay a single cent. This is something that I'll show you and the next big. You got a little surprise for use. I hope you're looking forward to it. 7. How To Use SEMrush For Free: so yours a little surprise. ECM. A rash is a paid troll, and it's not cheap. If you want to use it, you have to pay about $80 a month. But I arranged a special deal for you with guys of as him Rush. And if you check out the following link, then you can use sm a rash for 40 days for free. Exactly. You don't have to pay a single cent for it. And the cool thing is that, well, you can cancel the subscription after 14 days. Or you can keep it if you're really in love with the tool or you just used to 12 for 14 days and you do all the competitive research that that you have to do so you don't have to pay $80 to use as him rush. There's actually also no free trial available. Their websites. If you go to ask him, rushed up. Come, you will not see this option, right, So if you're interested, if you really want to use as him Russian, if you want to use as a morass for free on, I seem you really want that they go to www dot bay dream dash media dot com slash ECM rush . Okay, so check out this link than open an account, and, well, you can use as him rush for 40 days for free. I hope that's something you will be happy about. So check it out and open an account before moving on with this training. 8. How To Determine Site Traffic With SimilarWeb: The next big question is, how do you determine how much traffic a website receives? Well, there is a tool called similar weapon. Go to similar wept at common. It's a 100% free tool that you can use to get insides for any website or app. So let's say there's um yeah, let's pick social media examiners socially. The Examiner is on my list, and they want to understand how much traffic social media examiner gets on average every month. So what I would do is just go to similar web dot com than just copy paste the U R L of social media examiner and hit the search button. Then you've got to wait a couple of seconds and boom, here we go. So we have tons of information about social media examine examiner that we get with similar wept like, you know, overview and you know where the traffic is coming from, then the traffic sources. So here, for example, we see that more than 50% of search traffic we have referring websites yet then, at some information about the search traffic social traffics over example, we see 64% of the traffic coming from Facebook. We have been for about display advertising audience interest in a lot more. So are so. All of that data is not relevant if you do have very basic comparative research or if you really want to understand how much traffic a website receives, So the only thing you want to take a look at is this action here. So we see that the total visits are three point 5,000,004 generally, 2016 always take a look at the last month or the current month, then the time inside is one minute and 21 seconds. On average, page views are 11.37 and the average in the bounce rate is 80.42%. So all you really have to do is to put this number here interest spreadsheets. So it's 3.5 million monthly visits, and what I did here is just entering the number 3.5 million, right? Well, it's going to be a little bit of work, especially if you have, like 106 competitors listed. But if you're really serious about about doing that, you have to do it. It will probably take you like half a Knauer to, um, pull the data from, like 100 competitors, but you will really do it once, and then you can just come back to that research, eat and really decide what competitors you want to take a closer look at. So it's real important to do that. Unfortunately, there is no tool that I can give you that will fill in all the information for you. Just with a single click, you have to do it manually, but again, similar weapons, a tool that's very easy to use. Just copy paste. U R L Write down the amount of monthly visits and your once that closer to understand the strengths and weaknesses off her competitors to grow your business faster. 9. Why You Have To Create Benchmarks: great once you've done this exercise and you identified like 30 40 50 maybe even 100 competitors. And you also defined the monthly visits than it's time to prepare for the second step, and that is analyzing your competitors now. What we'll do is an in depth analysis. Will do you social media audit, an email audit and a general on it. If we would do with, like, 100 competitors, we would just go crazy, right? And it's also not necessary to really dive deep into each and every competitor er, and analyze that competitors from different angles. It would simply take too long. So what we will do is really focus on the 20 biggest competitors and you an in depth analysis, just foot, really just focusing 100% of them, really trying to understand whether 20 biggest players in Newmarket do now. If you're lazy, do it with the top 10 at least, But the top 20 something I recommend because you won't get a lot off data that is statistically significant. So you you want to grab the 20 biggest competitors and then create a separate spreadsheet would just like a benchmark spreadsheet right so just copy pays to 20 biggest guys in your market and we'll actually perform audits for each and every business and website hope that makes sense, right? So really focus on the 20 biggest guys. If you perform an audit, so what should you do with the rest? While you definitely shouldn't abandon them? What I recommend is and that's something you should. You have the end of the entire auditing process going through these websites and see what's special about them, right? Just really take some random notes on what you like, what you dislike about these websites, whether strength is and whether weaknesses are. You can also take notes on the products that they sell, and also what is their unique proposition value. So really just dedicating like five minutes to each website and try to get some more ideas and inspiration for your business for your website. See what they're doing based on the research results that you got for the top 20 competitors. So it's like a mini version of the actual audit that you will do, but it's more random. It's not superstructure. It's really just open the separate spreadsheet or a word Doc and take notes on what you liked about Post Planner, for example, what you didn't like about them. What's passionate about them or what you liked about Jeff Boulis is the personal branding. Is it the content? What's what is really striking? So this is the basic process focused on the 20 guys first and then focus on the rest later down the road at the end of the entire auditing process. There is one more thing I want to point out, and if you are not going for the US market, then you would obviously perform a competitive analysis of, well, all the competition inside that market you're going for. So let's say I want to go for the German market. So I want to build a German social media marketing block. It would make sense that I check out the competitors in the German market so I would do everything that I talked about earlier for Germany, instead off the United States. The process basically doesn't change, but I would also do a competitive analysis for the U. S. Market, so it's kind of a double competitive analysis. Big question is, why am I doing that? Well, the reason is that in, like, 99% of the cases, the competitors in the U. S. Market or the most advanced once in terms of marketing content and products. So what you're basically doing is taking a look at your you ask competition, even though you will not compete with these guys directly, you can still learn a lot from them, see what they're doing, and then just compare your competition in the United States to your actual target audience , for example, the German competitive landscape. And then you won't see like, Where is the United States competition? And where's the German competition? What can they learn from the United States or the competitors in the United States to get more competitive advantage in the German market? And if you take a look at well, multimillion dollar businesses in the German landscape, like Rocket Internet, what these guys were doing is just copying what works in the United States. So they take a look at what's working in the United States, and they do the very same thing in Germany. It works so again, if you're not going for the United States market but, for example, for the Russian market. The bare minimum is to do a competitive analysis for the Russian market and see who are the competitors in that specific market segment. And, if you want to take it one step further, which had any recommended staying a second competitive analysis for the United States and trying to understand where the market is and what you can learn from these guys. Generally speaking, the United States competition is more advanced than any other competition in other markets , so you can really get a huge competitive advantage if you do that second competitive analysis. 10. How To Analyze Your Competitors - Introduction: perfect. By now, you should have created a list of all of your competitors to businesses, the website you're competing against. Now we'll take a look at your competitors from different perspectives from different angles , right? So we'll do different types of audits taking a closer look at these social media strategy contents, graduate e email marketing strategy off your competitors and then really identify their strengths and weaknesses and learn from them again. Your competitors air the best case study in the world, but you can only learn from them if you ask specific questions. If you really focus on the most important factors that determine whether a business is successful or not. And that's why we also included lots of pretty cold templates in the following videos, which will really guide you through the entire process and make sure that you get very precise that you really ask the right questions so you get the correct answers. Let's get started and hate. Let's do the first type of audit, and we'll do that in the next video 11. Analysis #1 - General Audit: the first type of audit we'll perform is a general audit. So what I will do is taking a look at my top competitors and really trying to understand their mission statement the problems they solve the outcome, the promise, the solutions they provide the products and services see offer and how much they charge for those products and services. I want to understand their target audience. Their U S P. Strengths, weaknesses and income screams. Right? So this is what we'll take a look at. And here is a sample off a general other that I perform for digital marketer. Digital Marketer is a pre public big player in the marketing space. This is their website, right? So you can take a look at it and compare it to the actual general audit. And well, here's how it's structured. Um, we have some general metrics, like of the company named Digital Marketer LLC, the website, your L and the monthly amount of visitors 2.8 million again. Use the data inside your research heat or just check out similar weapon to get that kind of number here, then you want to understand their mission statement. So they say we want to double the growth of 10,000 businesses by 2020 right? Every company, every business has a different mission statement. But if you check of the about how section which kind of every website has, then you will see there mission statements. So really try to understand their vision. A key problem solved. Well, they sold three problems. Lack of traffic, lack of engagement like of conversions. And you actually see that once you land on their home page and they ask you, which do you want to boost? Today? I want to drive more traffic, going to boost conversions. I want to increase engagement, right? So these are the problems that they sold. This is also their promised outcome. And while the question is how do they solve these problems, whether their solutions Well, first of all, they have a great block. They have a podcast serious. They have events and the half products like the digital marketing lap, which is a membership and certification courses. Right. So you really want to understand what is the content strategy? What, whether the product your competitors offers in order in order to solve these problems, products and services write them down. Well, we have the digital marketer lap with $38 a month and then certification plan certification courses and the charge about $475. He could go even more in depth and list those courses right here. Target audience. Pretty clear. Business owners, marketing professionals, agencies again. Check out the about US section to understand on this part here. Or just check out their content. The Block articles right? Who are the people? The address, then the unique selling proposition. Why do they stand out? And this is a really important section. You really want to understand what is special about your competitors? Well, there are three things We practice what we preach, right? They're not claiming to know how marketing works. They have a number of successful businesses, and they really practice what they preach. Then the layout of digital marketer. It's simple. It's It has a simple structure. It's very user friendly. Safe. You check a digital marketer. It's just a really pretty cool website, right? So you know immediately, um, where to click How it works. Pretty cool, then personal branding. Well, the had of digital marketers, Ryan, die so they didn't go for a corporate branding. Ryan dies, built this company around himself, which is great. Then there springs. What can you learn from them? Whether they doing great. First of all, the published high quality content on a regular basis, the showcase social proof say if you click on, um, if you had hit their home page, you see going over for Engine 50 fellow marketers 646,000 subscribers, 1 to 31,000 Facebook fans and so on. So they really show that we have a big following, then it's simple, right? It's It's a simple Leo. The structure is simple. If you go to their side, you see immediately. Okay, I want to drive traffic. And when Cuba's conversions, I want to increase engagement pretty cool, um, than the digital marketing lap the execution plans. So if you would check out their products, then you would see that their membership has execution plans. Actionable little plans that sold for a specific problem and then they have scalable senales follows. So they structured their business in the way that can be scared very easily. They have trip why products core offers and profit meant to maximize. Er's pretty cool. So really strings or just some points that, um, that that you should write down and things that you can really learn from your competitors . Weakness is, Well, I don't know if that's a weakness. Probably it's just surprising strategy. But I imagine that more low budget products, more $7 products would probably help to increase conversions and and the revenue. But probably there's a reason why they're not offering so many low budget products and then the income streams. You really want to understand how they generate money, right? Where's how do the generate revenue? First of all, we have the products digital marketer, lap certification courses, events, affiliate sales via email than the offers, some agency services and, um, podcast sponsorships. So they get actually painted. They mentioned the name of a company in their podcast. This is how we general odd it looks like. So just go ahead and perform a general audit for your competitors. Now 12. Analysis #2 - Content Audit: The next type of audit we want to perform is a content audit, so we want to understand the contents. Graduate. For competitors, there are a number of questions that we have to ask first. For example, our social media following chair buttons included on the website. Yes, Do they organized the content on their block with tax that dino topics? Yes, they do that. Can readers learn who the writer of the block continous t established greater trust in authority? Yep. When the reader comes to the block is for a long post or previews or a handful of their most recent content to promote greater viewership. Yes, they do. All of that. And then the condoms. Reggie. Well, do they have a block? Yes. If you would have a competitor that doesn't have a block, that would be the first thing that you should do in order to get gain a competitive advantage over him. How often do they block? Well? Digital markets were blocked around 100 times a year. The average amount of articles they publish a month was eight the last three months. He published eight articles in December, 10 in General Re and nine in February. So just really go to the block section and check out the dates. And now from the published content, what is the percentage of guest post, while about 25% again just check out a few block articles? And what does the block category structure? Well, they're very consistent. It's traffic engagement and conversions. Then you want to understand what kind of content assets they focus on. So they focus on block posts, the post about eight block posts a month. They focus on an audio Pote podcast theme, the published four podcasts a month, then case studies, which they incorporate into block articles. Infographics again. They incorporate those into block articles, and they have a newsletter. They send about four emails related to content by to block posts a week. And other than that, they have swipe falls and templates like Facebook ads, white clouds or social media smartphones to capture elites. Right, So you really want to go to only content. Your competitors offering thes are the most common contact content types, and you really want to check whether they focus on a specific type of content and how often they release content. This will tell you how often you will have to publish content, um, to gain a competitive advantage or what kind of condom times were really great. Or if you see that your competitors don't focus on Webinars at all. Well, maybe this is something you should try, then the content quality. Here we focus on the quantity and the type of condoms. You were really one of Ferguson quality. How well does it fit the needs, passions and pains of their target audience? 1 to 10. So it's a clearer 10. They have outstanding content. To enter that question, you would just have to read a few articles and listen to their podcast podcast. What is the level of the content? Beginner, Intermediate advanced. Here it's beginner and intermediate. What tone off? What turned you they adopt in the content? Well, it's both is their content, mostly short or lung. They go for long form content, which is great because the longer your article is the theme or content, the more shares he will actually get. The longer your article is, the more shares you will get is ther constant, structured in the readable way or day, making use of bullets bold headings and number lists. Yes, they do that again. Just checked with a number of block articles that they have published on the website. Is there imagery custom? Eight. Yes, it's custom made. What overall rating, which you give to the content. Well, it's just a clear 10 their condoms pretty much outstanding. And then we have a conclusion. What can you learn from them? What patterns have you seen emerge from their content? Well, they focus along firm content. They work a lot with case studies, and they share lots of practical information right then, whether their strengths, its case studies and maybe I should add that they're very consistent. So they published a block article every Wednesday and Friday, whether their weaknesses, frankly, I didn't find a single weakness, something I would do differently. What makes her Contin unique? It's a practical value to readability, and it's a writing style, right? So they're condoms really outstanding. But you want to understand why, and then you can give that content and overall rating off 10. So again, with the conclusion here, really focus on specific points right then at the end, he just want to dry conclusion something you can learn from that competitors. So if I wanted to build a new business or improved my current business, this is what I would probably do focus more along from Condon on case studies on practical information. 13. Analysis #3 - Social Media Audit: time to move on. Let's focus on the social media strategy for competitors. So again, let's take a look at digital marketer. First of all, you want to understand the social media profiles to use social media channels they use. So here to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you want to enter the name the euro, l and the audience size. So your the half 180,000 people on Facebook following them, 24.7000 on Twitter and 14.8000 on YouTube, then some platform specific questions. Do they have a fan page? Yes, they have one. What APS widgets do they use? Well, I haven't found any Absar widgets that they use on their fan page. How often do they, um, post per day? Well, there's a easy way to find that out. And actually the following questions. It's a tune called like allies or dot coms. If you go to like Analyzer, you can copy, paste any fan page and like allies or will show you a number of data and, like a Leiser, will show you some data for free page information page performance post by the page post by others And also what? What? They could improve what you can learn from them. Right. So what I did is just grabbing the Facebook your l off my competitor of digital marketer Copy. Pasting it into like Leiser and Paul cures a data that I can use to answer that question so that one of the question was, How often do they post per day? 1.69 times? So it would just grab that amount and paste it in here. People talking about this 3626 than the engagement rate is to about 2% right? Like Leiser tells me that as well likes comments and shares proposed 124. If you scroll down, then you will see this section your likes Commons shares per post 124 and the average. Which is okay, then what type of condoms do they post? Images? 8.3% video, 8.3% of status updates 83.3%. Again, the post per type tells you that information. Then what does the average post length 100 to 500 characters? What kind of post Get the highest engagement block articles. Well, you just want to take a look at the fan page and see what people really love to engage with . Is her imagery custom? Eight. Yes, they use custom made images. What topics are frequently discussed? Well, just take a look at the post or everything they posted during the past. Um 34 weeks and you will see in case of digital marketer. They like to focus on social media marketing, Facebook ads, YouTube, Twitter. What percentage of their content is curated? About 25% of third party content. What comprises the majority of their posts? Will they just linked to the block post? That is what they do in 90% of the cases. Let's move on Twitter. How often do they post per day? About 20 times. Just take a look at the Twitter profile and see how often how active they are on Twitter. And do they retweet posts? Yes, about four times a day. Then somewhere, General Metrics is to Brendan Consistency. You want to take a look at their YouTube, Twitter, Facebook channel or any other channel that your competitors using and you want to see if their branding is consistent, right? If the logos everywhere the same, the time and cover is the same. Um, if there any significant differences in the way how the approach their audience. In case of digital marketer, the branding is consistent. Can visitors get an accurate sense of their personality and branding? Yes. Do they have a visible social media strategy? Yes, well, they focus regularly. They know what they're doing. So it's not like they post five times in February and then 30 times in March. No, they know what they do. They have a strict schedule, and they stick to it. How often do they sell on social media? Well, about 10% of their opposed or promotional do their run contest regularly. Nope, I haven't seen any. How engaging is their content? Well, unsocial me gets seven. And again, if you take a look at localizer, the engagement rate is pretty low, right? So that's not super engaging. Um, how well does it fit the needs, passions and pains of their target audience? You're hearing this attempt what kind of post get the most likes shares and Commons will block articles that they post and that failing to get a lot of shares, Likes and Commons. And what's a sir voice and formal or corporate? Well, it's a pretty nice mixture of both. Then the conclusion again. What can you learn after taking a look at the social media strategy of your competitors? Well, first of all, what patterns have you seen emerge from their content? Well, what? I have seen this a high amount of tweets, and it's consistent posting and branding rights of their very active on Twitter. This is something can learn from them and the post very consistently. So whenever they release an article, they just post it whether their strengths will definitely the custom made images, and they're consistent branding. If you take a look at their fan page or Twitter, it's it's really consistent, right? There are no differences in branding, so they're layout is very professional. I really like it. And the audience of digital marketers seems to like that, too. Whether are their weaknesses? What can you do better? Well, as we figured out before their engagement rates is pretty low and the lack of entertaining content, they should also post more images. So when you want to improve your social media strategies, first of all, learned from the strength of that competitors. But if you see the engagement rate is low, for example, or there is no entertaining content whatsoever, this is something you should focus on, right? What makes her content unique years, the consistent branding right and also their consistent posting on Facebook and Twitter. And while I would give an overall rating to their social media strategy, um, I would give them an eight reason is that? Well, their engagement rate is pretty low, and I'm liking some entertaining condom here. But besides that, they're doing a great jump. So what do you have to do now is to grab this template and perform a social media audit by taking a closer look at your top competitors. 14. Analysis #4 - Email Marketing Audit: The last type of audit you should perform is a so called email audit. So go through your competitors and check out whether they have an opt in field on the website. You can check out all of them, or at least the top 10 or top 20 competitors in your niche market. Super early in case of social media Examiner All I would do is just checking out the website and, well, once you land on their website, you see enough infield here, actually, even an upped in pop up on the accent pub up. So I would just create a new account, a research email account and then opt in to the email lists of my competitors. And the reason is pretty obvious. I want to understand that. Want to reverse engineer their email strategy? Now you can reach thons of books on email marketing. You can buy thousands of courses on email marketing and, well, I'm not saying you shouldn't know how email marketing works, but your competitors are the best case study. This is a simple trick, I know. But if you opt into the email list of your competitors, you see what works you see what mailing frequency works. You see, what are the affiliate products? They recommend you see how often they send out promotional emails. How are they? Structure? So if you focus on the big guys, you can be pretty damn sure that he tested lots of things. And if they send out emails in a certain frequency, emails that have a certain length that have a certain angle, that Steph just works other why they would do something different right? Otherwise, they wouldn't be out there for years and months and be successful businesses. So again, go through the list of your top tempt of 20 competitors, crave the new email account, opt into their email list and then wait a couple of days until you start getting emails. So once you want to improve for email strategy your email marketing strategy, check out the emails. The auto responder sequences off your competitors. See there are some differences. See if there are. If the altar responders sequences have something in common and based on that, you can improve your email marketing strategy or create an email marketing strategy that works from scratch 15. Congratulations!: Congratulations. You made it until the end of this training. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit on what you just learned. We covered virtually everything you need to know to analyze your competitors. Start deploying my tips and strategies today and hey, in KCF. Any question or you get stuck, then feel free to reach out. We're here to help you and real answer all of your questions. So Hey, good luck. Take action to they keep me updated on your progress. Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.