Companion Class: Make Your Own Hardcover for a Journal | Samantha Lane | Skillshare

Companion Class: Make Your Own Hardcover for a Journal

Samantha Lane, Artist

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6 Videos (38m)
    • Welcome

    • Materials

    • Prepare the Board

    • Attach the Outside Cover

    • Attach the Inside Cover

    • Gallery and Project


About This Class

In my first Skillshare class, Create Your Own Journal: Repurpose a Vintage Book, I showed you how to re-purpose the cover of a vintage book to house your own custom made journal.

In this companion class I show you how to make your own professional looking hardcover from scratch, using book board and your choice of cover paper. 

Once your hardcover is complete, review the lessons in 'Create Your Own Journal' to finish binding your new hardcover journal.

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Just the class I was looking for. Thank you, Samantha. You made the process clear and easy. I feel confident I can move into books with spines now.
Lovely class & neat project ideas. I've been wanting to learn this binding method. Can't wait to get started!
Marcy Coate

Crafter & Digital Designer

Great tip on covering the corners with PVA when using paper! I've only ever made books using fabric so this will be helpful. Can't wait to see your sewn binding class. I'll post a project hopefully by weeks end :)
Ally Perrigoue

Creative Naturalist





Samantha Lane


Journals are such an essential tool in the creative process. They're a necessary place to test ideas, free write, plan, experiment, and play. I want to show everyone just how rewarding it can be to make your own journals using new or re-purposed materials so that YOU have the skill set to customize your one-of-a-kind journals based on your own aesthetic preferences.

If you're new to bookbinding, start with Create Your Own Journal: Easy Traveler's Notebook. This is a fun, rewarding proj...

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