Communications Planning Crash Course

Julian Cole, Head of Comms Planning at BBDO NY

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10 Videos (2h 5m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction to a Crash Course in Comms Planning

    • What is Comms Planning

    • Comms Planning in a Creative Agency

    • Client Information

    • Consumer Journey Research Tools

    • General Thoughts

    • Mapping the journey

    • KPIs

    • Channel Analysis


Project Description

Create a Consumer Journey for your Brand/Product of choice

Introduction to Crash Course in Comms Planning

  1. Choose a brand for your project

    For the project module of this assignment, choose a brand that you are familiar with, it could be a client you are working on, the last brand you bought or your favorite brand. Create a Project folder on the website and add the name and cover image for the brand

What is Communications Planning

  1. Watch video

    Watch video

Comms Planning in a Creative Agency

  1. Watch video

    Watch video

Client Information

  1. Add background information for the brand

    Add 2 to 3 links that help to add texture to the brand that you have chosen. These links could be about the target market, the company website, any industry research that has been done, sales report, google search trends. Anything that will help create a picture for the consumer journey.

Consumer Journey Research Tools

  1. Consumer Barometer results

    Use the Consumer Barometer and the Google Consumer Journey tool and add the findings to your project page. Also add any other links that you have found to research that helps explain the consumer journey for this brand

Consumer Journey General Thoughts

  1. Plot your brand on the FCB Grid

    Plot your brand on the FCB grid and then add a write up or a graph of where that brand sits and why?

Mapping the Journey

  1. Create a Consumer Journey Map

    Create a consumer journey for your desired brand, upload it to slideshare or somewhere online where the class can view it. Add the link to your Project and add anything additional notes that might help explain the map.

Metrics for Success

  1. Watch video

    Watch video

Channel Analysis

  1. Watch video

    Watch video

Additional Resources