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Communication, leadership and trust

Andrea Reibmayr, Learn to trust yourself and others

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6 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction Communication Skill Share

    • Styles of Communication

    • Vision and Values

    • Dialogue

    • Storytelling

    • Acknowledgment


About This Class

This class highlights the foundational skills required in communication for a leader to create, build and maintain trust. Everyone is a leader. You don’t have to have a title to be a leader. These teachings are for everyone. First, we all must lead ourselves. Be a great person.

Being aware of how we communicate verbally and non-verbally is key for Trust Leadership and for reducing conflict. When you speak from the heart and are authentic, as a leader you will be more successful in achieving results and employee engagement. Communicating to others their value is also important

Everyone also deals with trust and how to create, maintain and make it stronger in our relationships.

 Students will be able to understand the different styles of communication and access external resources to continue exploring communication and trust. Creating a personal vision and values statement for a leader is key to understand themselves and that they can tell their story to others. Telling others your story of your leadership vision and values allows you the opportunity to create trust. When we are clear on our own vision then we can better navigate creating a shared vision.





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Andrea Reibmayr

Learn to trust yourself and others

Hello, I'm Andrea.

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