Communicate to Connect: People Skills for Interviews and Other Important Meetings | Christopher J. | Skillshare

Communicate to Connect: People Skills for Interviews and Other Important Meetings

Christopher J., Team leadership and communication coach

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6 Videos (27m)
    • Communicate and Connect - Introduction

    • Your eyes are the windows to your soul

    • Hello. Is there anybody out there?

    • Shaking hands - be there for them

    • The real rule of touch

    • Being present: empathetic listening


About This Class

Is it possible to set-up a meeting such as an interview so that the interviewer(s) is interested in you even before the interview process has begun. It is and this class identifies five simple interpersonal skills enabling you to connect with people who are important to you. The backdrop is an interview but the communication practices work in any situation. This class is ideal for interviewees, team leaders, team members, client and customer facing staff, and those looking to increase sales. You will learn: How to connect with others quickly How to establish trust and rapport How to listen empathetically





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Christopher J.

Team leadership and communication coach

I specialise in leadership and communication skills that enable executive, operational, and client-facing teams to innovate, perform, and deliver.

Since 2007, I have trained and coached hundreds of financial professionals in personal leadership and communication, and I speak at and lead City of London workshops, seminars, and conferences.

I contribute frequently to London's Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment's (CISI) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) semin...

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