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    • Using Stories to Share Ideas and Engage Audiences


About This Class

This is class is part of Skillshare's Creativity & Innovation series.

A crucial step in the creative process is communicating the ideas you've generated. Whether to friends, teammates, clients, or investors, you'll need others to understand what you're proposing and get them as excited about it as you are.

We believe the most effective way to communicate, share, and build enthusiasm for an idea is to frame it as a story. In this short class, we'll explore why stories are so effective, the common elements of all great stories, and 3 steps for turning any idea into an unforgettable story of your own.

You'll never share an idea the same way again.

Let's get started.

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Clear and concise introduction to storytelling, made me feel inspired to start writing.





Alyssa Demirjian

Content & Education at Skillshare

Welcome! I'm a writer, instructional designer, and producer here at Skillshare. I work with teachers to help identify, structure, and communicate their stories and skills in engaging and inspiring ways.

Previously, I edited college texts and anthologies at Macmillan Higher Education. I'm also a graduate of the University Professors Program at Boston University, a program dedicated to interdisciplinary and self-directed education. I focused on philosophy, politics, and (occasionally) economics.

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