Common Words to Master using Modern Calligraphy | Nicki Traikos | Skillshare

Common Words to Master using Modern Calligraphy

Nicki Traikos, Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor

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7 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Welcome to mastering common words in modern calligraphy

    • 2. Greetings

    • 3. Wedding

    • 4. Celebrations, holidays

    • 5. Business

    • 6. Feel good words

    • 7. Thank you!


About This Class

Hey there! I have a confession to make... when I planned this class, I expected it to be a quick one to show you how to master lettering some of the more common words that I get asked about!! However, as I was recording, I demonstrated lots of little tips with respect to how to balance lettering the words and creating different styles with each word.  These little tips will help you with your lettering style in general and I didn't want to edit them out!

Sooooo, this has become a FULL class where I will share with you how to letter and master some of the most common words that I get asked about at my in-person workshops!  I've chosen a few of those key words that come up in special occasions, celebrations, greetings and even in business!  There are a few words that didn't make the class, but am happy to create a follow-up class if there are words that you'd like to have me teach and demonstrate! Comment in the class discussion with your request!

Perhaps you are lettering or designing greeting cards and want fresh references for Happy Birthday!  You are getting married and want to address your invitation envelopes and need a bit of practice.  Maybe you are a business owner and want to try to create your own lettering for your website to give it a personal touch. 

Whatever your goal is, my goal with this class is to show you a few ways to letter and master common words in modern calligraphy style lettering!

This class is for everyone who is looking to grow their modern calligraphy lettering skills.  If you are new to modern calligraphy, I recommend you look at one of my introduction classes where you will be taught ALL my tips and tricks for how to use your tools and how to form letters properly!

What you'll need for this class is your lettering tools of choice and time for practice!

I use a dip pen and ink for this class as it's my first choice and go-to for most of my lettering jobs.  You can choose you own personal favorite tool and following along with me as I demonstrate and talk about the common words and how to vary them and practice them.

Your project for this class is really easy! Simply letter one of the words that I demonstrate and share a photo in the gallery.  Easy right!??

Click enrol and join me as I help you master lettering some common words and build your modern calligraphy lettering skills along side me.