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Common Words to Master using Modern Calligraphy

teacher avatar Nicki Traikos, Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Welcome to mastering common words in modern calligraphy

    • 2. Greetings

    • 3. Wedding

    • 4. Celebrations, holidays

    • 5. Business

    • 6. Feel good words

    • 7. Thank you!

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About This Class

Hey there! I have a confession to make... when I planned this class, I expected it to be a quick one to show you how to master lettering some of the more common words that I get asked about!! However, as I was recording, I demonstrated lots of little tips with respect to how to balance lettering the words and creating different styles with each word.  These little tips will help you with your lettering style in general and I didn't want to edit them out!

Sooooo, this has become a FULL class where I will share with you how to letter and master some of the most common words that I get asked about at my in-person workshops!  I've chosen a few of those key words that come up in special occasions, celebrations, greetings and even in business!  There are a few words that didn't make the class, but am happy to create a follow-up class if there are words that you'd like to have me teach and demonstrate! Comment in the class discussion with your request!

Perhaps you are lettering or designing greeting cards and want fresh references for Happy Birthday!  You are getting married and want to address your invitation envelopes and need a bit of practice.  Maybe you are a business owner and want to try to create your own lettering for your website to give it a personal touch. 

Whatever your goal is, my goal with this class is to show you a few ways to letter and master common words in modern calligraphy style lettering!

This class is for everyone who is looking to grow their modern calligraphy lettering skills.  If you are new to modern calligraphy, I recommend you look at one of my introduction classes where you will be taught ALL my tips and tricks for how to use your tools and how to form letters properly!

What you'll need for this class is your lettering tools of choice and time for practice!

I use a dip pen and ink for this class as it's my first choice and go-to for most of my lettering jobs.  You can choose you own personal favorite tool and following along with me as I demonstrate and talk about the common words and how to vary them and practice them.

Your project for this class is really easy! Simply letter one of the words that I demonstrate and share a photo in the gallery.  Easy right!??

Click enrol and join me as I help you master lettering some common words and build your modern calligraphy lettering skills along side me.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nicki Traikos

Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor


First of all, welcome to Skillshare! I've been a student of this amazing platform for years and have learned valuable, new skills, and techniques that I use in my current creative business to this day!!

I love all things watercolor & modern calligraphy lettering related.  I work in a variety of mediums such as; watercolor, guache and acrylics, to designing patterns, working on commissions & even create tattoo designs! 

A little fun fact?!

I started my creative home based business,  life i design when I was 40 and haven't looked back!  This creative business of mine, has allowed me to stay at home to raise my kids into the independent teenagers that they are today!!  It's never too late to try, to do, and to... See full profile

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1. Welcome to mastering common words in modern calligraphy: Hi, there I am, Nikki Trickles of life I design Welcome to my quick class of how to master some common words using a modern clicker fee style lettering. So if you're looking to expand your new lettering skill and maybe growing it to use it for a specific goal, whether you're getting married and want to do your wedding invitations or envelopes, perhaps your graphic designer and want to add some hand written elements to your designs, I'll be showing you some of the most common words that I asked about often and lettering them in real time, giving you a few examples as we go so that you can also master those words and have a little bit more practice. So this class is great for anyone who has some lettering experience. If you're new to lettering your modern clicker fee, go ahead and look at my intro to modern calligraphy class or brush lettering class. In those classes, I will share all of my tips and tricks with you for how to control the pen, how to use the ink and how to even form the alphabet in this class I'll be demonstrating, using My Dependent Inc um, it's just might go to. I used a small brush pens as well as watercolor brushes, but I really do love the Dependent Inc experience. But you can go ahead and follow along with whatever tools you choose to work with with this class. So your student project for this class is really Show me your practice. So pick a salutation or a common word that I use in my examples and go ahead and letter it and post a picture of it to the student gallery. I'd love to see what you're working on. So I hope you join me in this quick class as I show you how to master some of those common words that I get asked about all the time and grow your modern calligraphy practice. 2. Greetings: So let's get started with our practice. I have my Borden and Riley translucent paper here to use with my knee Koji nip and just my speed ball straight pen. I have my jar of ink, paper towels and my water. Just her prints off my name When it starts to get a bit Comey, let's get started with some common greetings. Why don't we even just start with greetings as our first word? So what I want you to think about is what your goal is. So maybe you're writing, um, the word greetings, because you're designing some invitations for a wedding. Or maybe you're writing a formal note to a business client. Um, with this dip N, I am able to create some just really elegant lettering as I write the word greeting. Okay, that's nice. Flowy. I've gone ahead and joined where my G and my army, I can let her them together. If I choose, I can lift my pet at this point to join the to ease lived in my Pentagon may be creating a bit of space so that I can elongate the word, finish it with a tail if I wanted it to look less formal than I can. Go ahead and maybe drop the swell of the G, create a less expressive upper swell of the Are there a great again creating more angular and movement with my lettering and using the tales to do that? Perhaps I'll drop the teeth, won't join it to anything and create less of a swirl and again just being more expressive with my, uh, n and spacing as well. So my modern clicker fee style letter and you can see as I'm lettering I'm actually elongating the spacing in between the words and changing up the style. I don't want you to feel like there is one way of lettering. So again, when I look at calligraphy that is very structured and balanced, everything is on the same line. It still can be an interesting and pretty finish, but I feel like it's a little bit boring. So look at how this feels where it's all on the same line, and it's all very balanced versus how something more expressive feels you'll notice when you start to use your lettering Really incredible of a tail. I'm with various projects that the style will dictate the feel of the finished project. So again, if something is a little bit more playful, it will feel less formal and will be received differently. Then something that is a little more structured and formal looking. So again, depending on whatever your gold is about, there's gonna put the ass hair. Um, go ahead and play around with the different styles and see what kind of feeling you get from each one. Okay, so again, I'll walk you through the word Greetings released slowly will create a little bit of a tail , maybe a smaller, um, she a little bit more expressive, and I'll even vary the size of the ease will create a biggie here. Little one kind of like that t just dangling on its own for cross it later. Depending on how I feel, I got really expressive. You will make this one a little bit bigger and to sit a bit higher and then play with That s okay. So again, I think that was my favorite. Um, you know, sometimes it's hard to record and write words at the same time and think about style. So anyway, we do our best, right? But I'm really feeling this. Greetings. So look at how many times I lettered it and how many times it took me toe letter it until I got to something. Let I actually feel like I enjoyed, like, I would love to see what that looks like digitized. But remember that you don't have to join each letter, create some space, allow for a bit of personality. Um, letters can dangle and hang on their own, as long as it makes sense aesthetically. So when you look at the word, it feels like it flows. Still, this feels really cohesive to me still, Um, and I really love how that turned out. So play around with what letters? You'll join how to create some variation within the words. So again, double letters make one bigger than the other. May get slightly different from the others that it breaks up the word and it's less boring . Okay, so I think greetings is a really nice word to begin with, and we'll go ahead and do a few more. Thank you. Hello, etcetera. Ok, let's work with hello. I left to work with, um, lower case letters. I'm not one to worry too much about technical grammar on what things should be. So I think maybe Capital H at the beginning of hello versus a lower case, we'll show you may be an option for the upper case. I just kind of like to have fun and do my own thing again. It's not formal. If I am working on a wedding invitation, I will capitalize the names of the bride and groom, and any time I need to add a capital, I will go ahead and do that. But I wouldn't worry too much about feeling like you have to at an upper case at the beginning of a word again. I'm just playing around as I'm treading with you here. But those air different ways that you can let her the word Hello again. Double letters tend to be a little bit more challenging, so creating any type of variation. So it's maybe do this one again, where I'm just exaggerating that loop and maybe we'll follow from the way the H lives without this world at the top, and then we'll create a completely different fields that looks a little bit jagged. Let's do one more time, so just a little ease double L. So I finished one off, just honestly angle. And this one will join to Theo to create a little bit more flow. So again, with your double letters, make sure you vary them slightly. If you feel like you want to add that upper swell or not, it's totally up to you. Play around with your own personal style and see what starts to feel good as your lettering . Okay, one more time. Space again. I'm not joining for the word. Hello. Okay, so again, play around with it until you get to a point where you're feeling like your style is suiting. So for this next one, let's work on the word. Thank you. Feel like thank you is something that we letter often and need to practice for personal use as well as business you. So I'm just intuitively thinking about how how I would let her that if I was writing a thank you note. Perhaps it's the inside of the card. If I wanted it to be a little less. I'm writing really big here too. But just have fun. Let your arm move. Let the movement be expressive and have fun with how large and how small the letters are next to each other. So even if you wanted to do where it's a little bit town again more expressive, however your style is. But this gives you a nice breakdown of different ways that you can write the word things. Okay, next, let's practice warmest. So you're signing on your personal note with the word warmest. That's one way of lettering it. So again, making sure that you join. So sometimes I like to create a more balanced W. Here it created a little bit more character and personality by making it. I'm not so balanced. I can't even draw that tail of the art to join the M. But play around with where you can break up the letters again. Don't feel like everything needs to join. Maybe instead of a long, expressive T will do a shorter one. Here came and there's some letters, of course, that, um, joined to one another more easily make more sense. So here I have to create a little bit of a tail so that I've got something to anchor that a onto. But the A can go right into the are change. The way that art looks a little bit and again exaggerating that tail. So I've got something to join that M I want you okay. And creating the tail. There you go. That's warmest and even best wishes. So if you want to choose, maybe and your note with best wishes a very simple way of writing best wishes you want it to look less formal. Perhaps even though I'm using a dip pen, I tend to reach for a depend when I want lettering to look a little bit more elegant. It doesn't have to. This, I feel, is a more casual version of this. Even though I'm using the same tool I can play around with dropping your upper swells and lower swells. Um, disconnecting your lettering a little bit, but still have it be expressive. So nice. Thick downward strokes for that monarch, Click of freestyle and nice than upward strokes as well. Okay, maybe one more time. So I can just exaggerating the tail. I'm not even forming the letters perfectly so that it gives you a different feel. So see how this one's a little bit more formal, a little bit more elegant. This one feels a bit more casual, relaxed. We haven't joined, and this one even more so feels more stylized. So depending on what your goal is, for whatever you're writing, there's different ways that you can change the, um feel of it just by the style of your lettering. Okay, so last for this part of our greetings is just love. Love is a word that has really fun toe letter because of the variation of the letters there . So the L in the O can quite easily flow into one another. I can create a very expressive, bubbly and flowy word love that might not be your style. Maybe something less cash or less formal. I can even do something that's a little bit more interesting as well with disconnecting the L, creating a little bit more of an expressive Oh, um, this'll one. We'll bury it even more. Maybe not the Lupus do you want? It is a fun word to practice. Okay, So, again, depending on what your goal is, you can have something that's very Mormon friendly and that kind of flowy style or something that's maybe a little bit more harder to read, but I feel like has a cooler vibe more unique 3. Wedding: Okay, let's move on to some wedding words. How about we start with wedding, actually, and you can play around with the under turns of the W. Okay, that's kind of playful, a little bit flowy. Let's go ahead and make it more interesting. So again, creating not tails t more varied. And then that lower swell of the G will match the upper swell of the de pace. We wanted something maybe a little bit more formal, but again that she kind of got in the way. See, I'm exaggerating the tales to extend the word out a little bit one more time. It's kind of interesting. So again, play around with the balance of the letters to see how you can create a little bit more interest. So how about the words Join us? Just playing around with the formation. Can't really read that one. That's tried one more time, So maybe you're even entertaining. I want to create some fun invitations on balance, out under swell for the lower swell of that J coming, maybe us. It's very simply pretty. All right, joining or maybe you're invited. It's kind of fun. You're and then maybe and bite it can be no more playful. I don't have a lot of major swells happening, so keep that a little bit more simple again so that you could see it on one line. And if there is a word that you see that you want to practice more of, go ahead and press pause. I did and re watch it rewatch how a letter it a few times practicing along with me, even pause it so that you have the visual and couldn't follow alone. So that's your invited. I feel like I need to do it just one more time. I just want to create a little bit of interest. I feel like it's still not bouncy enough. We didn't think about that, d what I'm gonna do with it to make sure that it flows with the rest of the work there. Okay, so that's your invited couple, Mr and Miss. It's That is one that I think anyone can use. Whether you're addressing envelopes for an invitation or just mailing something out, you can have a lot of fun with the line. Mr. And Mrs Don't know if I love that. So I've just really extended that beginning Teoh Mr and Mrs there I tried again. This time I'm gonna make that first hump larger and maybe even joined and create more Angled A little bit of an ampersand again looking at my bigger, huh? You didn't feel natural. So see how I stopped and got a little bit. Take it. Try it again. Because the first time you kind of just playing at playing with the feel of it. Second time your hands been there already. Your brain is kind of remembering where it needs to go, and it feels a little bit smoother and more expressive. There's Mr Maybe We spell out heavy with my think there. And Mrs Mr Mrs was try really flowy and pretty. We'll keep the spacing really tight now do a capital t You just see that could make it look different. See how that changes a swell a little bit more flowing and bouncy and formal looking. So is there some fun examples of Mr and Mrs So again thinking about our wedding theme? How about cheers? Can, Even if you're not do anything wedding related. This could be a fun word to add to maybe a celebration in between fashion, it's OK, a little bit more Atran. That's kind of feels like it's hanging there. It's not connected. Everything else here see, is connected. Let's try that again. Don't make one e, Like the Archer will have to do is create a little bit of a tail and hook that on somehow that feels good because I feel like the sea in the HR close together. So it feels again a little bit more stylized and cool looking gun. If we wanted it to be a little bit more bubbly like that. Cheers. Lying Irizarry that Mr Mrs Line and extend the tail a little bit there. Kind of like how that feels really playing around with They're worried there So again just feels a little bit more fun. Flowy, bubbly, tight. Let's do a few more for our wedding theme. Maybe you want to letter the word bride so again you're working on invitations. So let's to an uppercase p for this one here, so I won't connect it, But otherwise I would normally go right into the are. But for this example, I'm gonna go ahead and have a disconnect. But maybe I'll bring it t here can that feels really flowy, playful? Let's go ahead and connect the beach. The I see my lettering is very tight, close together and rounded. That's not your style. What could spread it out slightly by again, extending our tails, making it a little bit more angular like that one. Or if you don't want to use an upper taste, be go ahead and use smaller, bringing a mimic. The upper swell of the be here against make sure flows and keeping all of my lower letter is very tight. Contain That's pride. Let's go ahead and do grown again to mimic the's styles. Here. It's gonna go ahead and make that second. Oh, larger, you make more formal group again. If you wanted something a little bit more casual and less formal, so depending again on what the project is and what the feel of your project is, um, it will dictate the type of lettering or the style you can see. There's a variety of styles here, ready just on this page. Let's go ahead and do two more. How about how about Welcome again? I feel like that is a word we would let her for different occasions, not just for weddings. That's nice. And casuals take my time. Join that E. I'm taking a break, getting a feel for style that's coming out sort of intuitive. I'm not really looking at anything other than my list of words that I want to show you and because I don't have a project in mind, I'm really just making sure I am going with the flow, creating something that's a little bit playful. But when you have a theme in mind, whether it's a brief from a client or your own project, it's a lot easier to figure out what type of style of lettering you want to use like that. But I didn't attach the old properly. Let's go ahead and take that one more time, so I'm creating a little bit of a tail. There we go, hoping to connect that l to it. I like that expressive upper overturn on that M there looks great, and taste of those are the most popular words for a wedding celebration and next awful to you. A few business words 4. Celebrations, holidays: So next up, let's work on some celebrations and holidays. So let's start with the word celebration. Actually, it's a long one, but a fun one, because there are lots of variations we can play around with. Did you celebrate? Can writing really big here. Okay. So because we have lots of letters that can be joined independently and can hang, could even play with the upper swells. I feel like celebrate is a really fun one to play around with. So I'm gonna exaggerate my tails a little bit and maybe drop joining the letters. Okay, Interesting. Don't love it. But again, we're playing around with different ways that we can letter it. So that's maybe try a variation. I think that works better. And practicing common words or words that you're working on, the best way to do it is just repetition. See what it is that you like to see how you can change and vary the word and go from there . Okay. Again, If something is a little bit more flowy flourish, she it will change the vibe of that word. And you have to think about the intention that you are maybe creating with that word on the feeling as well. Okay, so this is a little bit more flowy. Of course it's bouncy. Um, and this, I feel, is a little bit more. Maybe modern and edgy. Try celebration. But I think here it's a long word. So give yourself time and space. So you want to be able to move across the paper and always sort of work with the flow of the word as well. OK, so make sure that things are balanced and, um, work well together in the line, especially when words are longer. So there is more room for you to create a little bit of expressive style. But again, make sure that will flows. I really like this last one here, um, and think that that's that's a neat 12 work with whether it's a greeting card again or an invitation like that one would look what did next. Let's work on happy holidays. So again, I tend to be less formal, and we'll start with the lower case H. And I feel like I was gonna cross or adopt the P, and I feel like, um, happy is a word that we use often whether it's happy birthday. Probably should have joined there. Okay, we're just warming up with happy holidays. Yes. So whether it's happy birthday or happy holidays, I feel like the word happy is one that we use often. So again, looking at the capital H, If you wanted to do something that's a little more casual, feel free one version or if you wanted to make it completely casual, go ahead and cross lower. So cross your h higher, cross it lower and see how it changes the feel for that letter. I was trying not to do that little swirl with this one, but it obviously wants to come out. Do we want maybe just a lower there? I'm kind of liking that. Let's try it. One more try. Yes, that's just my personal habits. You create that little interesting bit there. Don't love that. That was very forced. It obviously looks a little bit more. Fourth, it's to you something. He's gonna be a little bit bigger. That was not bad again. I tend to let her the word happy with your birth the same way smaller p as our second p, the car liking how that feels instead of holidays. That's two birthday again because I did expressive upper swells. Even extend that there. Go ahead and continue that with the rest of the word for balance. And again repeat that in your lower swell here with the Y, we'll just do a slight cross with the tea, so it fits into that space there. Hey, that's birthday. Let's do holidays again. It's I didn't love that one trying these letters fairly largely. So I am running out of ink you to be able to see that on the camera holidays. More duration for you can something a little bit, maybe cooler, more modern. That looks kind of neat. We could even do. Let's tuck in happy here. That lies in the way. Anyway. I really like the look of that one. That one's fine. Let's try birthday again. So again, I'm at the bottom of my she here, which isn't very comfortable. Want to make sure that your upper arm, the entire four arm, is resting on the paper at the same level? Oops. I'm talking and trying to spoke birthday. Not happening. We'll try that again. Can we go? Not gonna join those letters. Even I'm not going to join these purposely. But I want the h and the D to join so that it feels a little bit more cohesive with the beginning of that word. And then have these two last letters join? Okay, some Senate over that with you. So these two letters have joined. I've dropped joining these ones here, but I feel like it needs to come back together and create a little bit more flow. I might even re do this one more time just so I can get that a and why to look a little bit more expressive. I kind of feel like it has potential, this style, but is a little bit boring to me. So that see what we can do to change it up So we'll keep the being the I together. Maybe they are all bring it down here. That looks a little bit more interesting. And then I'll drop that t. So here you can see everything is on the same line. I think that's why it feels a little bit boring to me. Um, and here will change this up a little bit. Not sure, but that's swell, but we'll see how it works so and then again creating a little bit more interest there. So because the are was pretty expressive. If I had more room, I would make that. Why even more expressive there, too? Okay, so that's birthday. Come up New Year. I feel like with the holidays, we tend to be right greeting parts a little more often. Find a reason to send a hand written note to family. There's New Year. Very casual again. I'm all about casual using lower case, but let's play around with doing upper case for the beginning, that's see that again. Changing the variation. I've tightened the letters a little bit and made them join. So that's again changed that. And that may be you were here. Just see how it's to connect it there. It's a new year. How about staying on the holiday theme? Just the word joy. It's a to practice here again. The word choice. Do it again because I feel like the why just didn't cut. So even changing the way the white ends there, perhaps something that's a little bit more modern again, not completely closing that. Oh, they're so that's joy. You know what people even tried to join those lower swells. Sorry. One more time and see how that looks. That's really nice. Well, then, if you wanted to, you could even extend tails there to extend the word out a little bit. Really? Like that one playful. 5. Business: Okay, so last up figure Weaken, Do a few words for a business. Let's human right out the word business. So I often amusing hand lettering for social media posts. If I want to share a quote, maybe that is inspiring. Think of how we can write business and a different way. And then thinking about my temple s is that's kind of fun. And then I feel like I need to extend the eso to match that. Be there. Business. Okay, so maybe we're having a sale. And I want to advertise that if you wanted something a little bit more casual again with a dip pen, instinctively, I feel like you can get a little bit more formal with it. But with practice, you can change the feel that you're creating with the chip pan their sale again. Or if we wanted to create again. I really expressive lettering style. Do you held different feels depending on just even changing up One letter. So really, this is similar to a guest. This version here but just changing that s makes it feel completely different. Now, how about follow us? So there's a lot of upper swells in the word follow. I feel like we could do it. Multiple ways which will play around with here for you. There is one way. So if I wanted to extend, I probably won't go heavier on that part of follow and then us again. You can even play around with something like that. Okay, How about if we just wanted a simpler F? Maybe you're using it for your website. Something a little would be hard to treat. Maybe. Try that one again. Let's continue it. So you know, I got a little heavy with the ink here. Maybe we'll across the Pacific higher. I almost wanted to be a bit more casual. Does that look her to read? No problem. We can go ahead and close them off here. Kind of like the potential of this one, But I don't feel like I'm quite there yet. Here we go. That's much better. So see, it took me a few times to get a feel for the flow of the letters. So it felt again a little bit hard until I did it over and over again. And now, even with this one, I probably will be able to letter it a little bit easier because I understand how the letters flow together. So even if you wanted to do this part using, um, just a pencil or a pen versus a lettering tool. Go for it. Okay, that's follow us. So perhaps you want someone to, um, follow your block. That's two words. Law was gonna do what to say next. But I kind of feel like maybe you're creating some custom headers people to the blawg. That's kind of fun. Or maybe we'll use lower case K with shorter words. Tend to try to figure out how to elongate hm. Create a little bit of interest. Connect all of these together to see what that looks like. Filling in the space there. My pen grabbed a little bit. I'm going quickly, and sometimes that happens there for week, something that's a little bit again, casual, that see how it changes, really, depending on how much flourish we have, how much bounce there is in the word again with shorter words we want to think of. Maybe you're promoting something that's new. Think of different ways that you can create a little bit of flow and bounce when you're lettering them where you can break up the letters as well. Maybe I want to extend it so that I can direct you to look at something. Hey, the shop. Maybe there's an aspect a power, Mr Graham, where we want to create some interesting highlight images and people to follow her plug, maybe shot as well as check out What's that? One has potential. Don't love it. But it has potential. I can connect those two to make my, oh bounce a little bit. And I like how the P was extended and I feel like this has to go up a little bit. Still not there 100%. But you try it one more time. Maybe just a simple P like that. Okay. And again, that's change the beginning of shop. That's kind of fun and playful. A swell. Okay. And last one that's too upset. Okay, can getting a feel for the letters maybe want to extend it out a little bit and create a little bit more looks? Don't that beat to make it look really formal? I don't know when you would use a more formal style for your site, but maybe it suits your business for an event planner. Perhaps it's a really nice way that you let her website, or maybe you build websites and want Teoh attract a certain type of business and want to have it look cool and modern and with depend. That's why I like using a depend. You can still create a variety and style of letters. Um, just by using that tool gets but Messi as always. But there you go. So those are some common business words that I get asked about constantly and again. You composite at this point, use the sheet for reference and then practiced over and over again before you go on to the next one. So next I'll be covering just some popular words. They get estimate all the time that make are related to a specific theme. But I think again are ones that are great to master. 6. Feel good words: Okay, So for this last group of words thes air ones that I get asked about often that again aren't related to a specific theme other than to me, they're kind of like feel good words. So things, uh, words, for instance, like belief. Okay, So if you're journaling, are working on lettering, A quote Oops. Jacket A little bit. Um, the word believe comes up often. So again, if we wanted to do lower case and then spread them out slightly, it doesn't feel as bouncy as I'm lettering. But again, it's a different style. There's believe again for you wanted Teoh. Maybe not include those swells. I'm taking a break when you're using a dip pen gives you an opportunity to reduce your pen and then also think about where you want to go. Next. That's believe. Let's move on to hope can shorter word. It's going to see how I can play around with making it interesting. Maybe even changing how expressive it becomes. Let's try that again. E won't create lower swell there. That's nice. It feels different. Let's do one more okay, and one more time for that one, because it did feel like it was disconnected. Do it for here. So again, Big upper swell a lower overturn. Here we go. That felt a bit better. So you can see how many times can write it over. And then once you get a style that you like, write it again and again so that you can get that practice in and create that muscle memory . Let's go on, Teoh have a blessed can, Lots of swirls, which is nice. See if we can tone down the swirls a little bit. I'm gonna go ahead and mimic that upper swell and the d so that it ties in together, even though I dropped it in the Blessed trying to avoid the piece is a little messy there, but how and then we detach the s is and I make it a little bit higher in a different shape again just to break up how the word looks and create a little bit of interest. And I'm not gonna create an effort swell in my d Well hasn't mimic that l there so again see how completely different that looks and feels for the word blessed. Another B word Funny, so many on this pace. How about beautiful again. I feel like it's a long word. Can be one that's a little bit monotonous. So with the e and you together, I really don't have anything to break it up until we get to the T. And I feel like the F is a letter that we can play around with quite a bit, really. Extend that the cross of the tea. So it's pretty good. Let's try it again. Maybe something a little bit more modern and deal and I say modern and that the swells to me, um, feel a little bit more traditional. Keep that. Yes, you can follow along with me there again. And these down strokes feel a little bit more purposeful and powerful if you can see how it starts off thin and then ends up thicker. But I really like that, actually. How that turned out. Let's do one more, Um, what type of B should you she just a printed be Maisy, But again, you want to make sure that it's still vegetables. I'm going toe make that more look more of like a E versus A C. Maybe it will connect Oh, three of those, but disconnect that part again. You don't know how. Um ah, word will look until you actually go into lettering it So it's the word beautiful. So I wanted to do great folks. I feel like that's the last on this list of words that come up often. You will keep that there's you've got it for reference. As you're practicing so grateful, Let's see how that feels. So I'm writing really large kind of going with the feeling of the word and letting my whole arm move so I can see how the letters I'm look together. But so I get a feel for the flow and just making it playful. You connect, that feels a little more connected. Let's connect all the letters together because we can. Oh, I spelled it wrong. Never. Mom cross That hurt happened. I could have written the word great, but let's stick to grateful because I'm working so large I feel like I need Teoh Free tip. Let's go here region my pen often, but a nice one, actually. Great falls fun word in that there's lots of playfulness. Let's just connect those two and I'm gonna mimic that really large. There were swell and my F and exaggerated and then finish it off with I've got a tail here that's finishing off with a nice to and grateful and I did cross through. So let's cross just above I feel for that. And then if you don't like the way that that's connected, then you can go ahead and bring it up a little bit there, too. Okay, that's it. So those are all of the words. I think what I'll do is I will take a photo of these pages and put them in the class so that you've got them for reference, and you can copy and have them as you're practicing your common words. 7. Thank you!: So I hope you enjoyed that quick class and were able to get some practice in and learn how to master some of the common words that I get asked about all the time. I'd love to see your student project. So please just upload an image with some of your practice words. Or perhaps you have a project in mind. I would love to see a photo of that. So go ahead and follow me so that you can be notified of my next class, which will show you how to digitize your lettering. And we'll take you through the process of decisions that I make along the way when I'm working on a letter project. So have fun with your practice. Go ahead and make time for those common words. Master them and I will see you in my next class.