Commercial Illustration: Creating a City Postcard with Gouache and Photoshop | Anna Sokolova | Skillshare

Commercial Illustration: Creating a City Postcard with Gouache and Photoshop

Anna Sokolova, Artist, illustrator

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10 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Idea and principles

    • 4. Painting elements

    • 5. Scanning and working with outlines

    • 6. Coloring

    • 7. Adding textures

    • 8. Setting the type and file for print

    • 9. Creating your own artwork

    • 10. Final thoughts

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About This Class


In this class I'll take you through my step-by-step process to create a commercial illustration for a Berlin postcard.

We’ll combine two worlds of physical and digital to create a soulful authentic product, like using traditional gouache paint to add an artistic feel to our work. The technique combines hand-drawn textures with Photoshop resulting in a wonderful print-ready postcard that can be used as merchandise or as a gift.

By the end of this class you’ll learn some important principles of commercial illustration and incorporate them in your own work. Both advanced and beginner creatives can benefit from this class!

And don’t forget about  ! CONTEST ! Create and post your city postcard before MAY 15th and the lucky winner will get a small printed edition of his artwork.





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Anna Sokolova

Artist, illustrator

Anna Sokolova is a Berlin-based illustrator, designer and art director.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, she produced commercial art projects while attending Peter The Great Polytechnic University. After graduating with a major in Publishing, she returned to the university for an advanced degree in design.

Anna has over ten years of design and illustration experience working for clients in America, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Russia, ...

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