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About This Class

This class will cover the basics of using 3rd Party Applications with Squarespace.

We'll take a look at Google Adsense, Analytics, Drift, and MailChimp. These are perfect, free tools, to get you started on taking your Squarespace customisations even further.

I hope you enjoy this class!





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Kerim Hudson

Printmaker & Social Media Marketer

Hey there! 

By day I work as a Social Media Marketing manager for a variety of companies in a variety of industries: Hospitality, Fanpages, and more. I do all sorts of things for them that I love, such as blog writing, newsletters, and handling social pages.

By night, I'm a printmaker-in-learning, working mainly with relief printmaking techniques. You can see my work on my website.

I've just started offering courses on here and would love your thoughts and feedback. ...

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