Comic Style Light & Shadow Made Easy | K Michael Russell | Skillshare

Comic Style Light & Shadow Made Easy

K Michael Russell, pro colorist & instructor

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22 Lessons (2h 50m)
    • 1. Digital Color: Light & Shadow Made Easy!

    • 2. Course introduction

    • 3. About the instructor

    • 4. Tools

    • 5. Let's clarify some terms

    • 6. Rendering direct light

    • 7. Transitions between light & shadow

    • 8. Choosing light colors

    • 9. Examples of direct lighting

    • 10. Creating highlights & speculars

    • 11. Surface texture matters

    • 12. Creating indirect/bounce/ambient lighting

    • 13. Lighting reference examples

    • 14. What is a terminator?

    • 15. Painting ambient occlusion

    • 16. Subsurface scattering

    • 17. The Fresnel Effect

    • 18. Final exercise - Part I

    • 19. Final exercise - Part II

    • 20. Final exercise - Part III

    • 21. Bonus lesson - More "punch"

    • 22. Conclusion

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About This Class

This in-depth, step-by-step class will teach you how & where to add highlights and shadows to line art in real-time! I’ll show you how to analyze the shapes of the forms in your drawings and correctly start thinking in three dimensions instead of two. We’ll be using the same techniques that I’ve used in my professional work in over 80 issues as a comic book colorist.

You’ll learn:

  • How to layer multiple types of lighting to create a stunning final image.
  • Simple ways to think about your lighting colors.
  • When to use harder and softer edges when rendering.
  • How to edit your rendering colors to completely change the tone of a piece.

Whether you are looking to color just for fun or for work, this course will teach you time-saving techniques and shortcuts that will allow you to create rich and beautiful colors.

In additions to the hours of video lessons, the course also includes:

  • Full resolution, layered PSD files of the exercises for practice.
  • Layered PSD files from my professional work to study.

Work at your own pace! There's no need to rush, since there's no time limits.

I've created hundreds of hours of tutorials and taught thousands of students worldwide. You can expect top notch video & audio quality throughout.

These lessons feature Photoshop CC and Procreate. You can use any art application that includes layers and blending modes. Some examples would include Clip Studio Paint, ArtStudio Pro, Krita, Sketchbook Pro, and Medibang to name a few.

NOTE: This course does assume that you understand the very basics of using your preferred art app like using the brush tools, layers, etc. 

So join me! I hope to see you there, and I'd love to help you down the path to becoming a great colorist!